Best attractions in Yaroslavl: Top 30

If you do not know what sights Yaroslavl every tourist should see as a must-see, study this review carefully. You will learn about what to see in Yaroslavl together with children, with the whole family or traveling alone.

What to see in Yaroslavl in the first place?

In compiling our rating “interesting places in Yaroslavl”, we took into account the reviews and recommendations of experienced guides and tour guides. In our general opinion, to see in the city you should definitely:

1. Volga embankment

Rotonda on the Volga embankment in Yaroslavl

What to see in Yaroslavl in 1 day? This famous historical and cultural landmark. Since its creation in the 17th century, it has been one of the key strategic points - fishermen unloaded their catch here, there was a continuous trade of various products. Improvement of the embankment began by the order of Alexander the First. On the modern territory there are numerous recreation areas and magnificent panoramas of the Volga.

2. Park at the Strelka

City park at Strelka at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl on a sandy spit

Urban green park complex with recreation areas and comfortable paths for leisurely walks. We recommend you to make a trip to this park, for example, to admire the statue of Yaroslav the Wise and the stele with the two-headed eagle.

3. Yaroslavl museum-reserve

Yaroslavl museum-reserve is located on the territory of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery Florstein

As part of the complex: the monastery, scientific library, thematic museums and churches. The museum-reserve exhibits over 350,000 specimens, including church utensils, household items, priceless manuscripts and icons. The date of establishment of the site is 1924.

Official website:

4. Transfiguration cathedral

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral (right) and Church of Yaroslavl wonderworkers (left) in Spassky Monastery

As well as many other sights in Russia, this one is truly ancient. Construction of the cathedral began back in the 1500s. Over the many years of existence, the building has changed its appearance considerably. Only the altar part (east side facade) has the original design - you’ll see narrow window slits and apses of recognizable semicircular shape. Inside the cathedral formerly housed the tomb for the princes of Yaroslavl. Among the treasures preserved these days are the incredibly beautiful frescoes.

Official site:

5. Church of Elijah the Prophet

The seventeenth-century Elijah the Prophet church complex on Sovetskaya Square in Yaroslavl Vakhrushev Vitaly

Architectural masterpiece of the central part of the city. Guides in Yaroslavl like to say that it managed to save both the inner and outer appearance. The five-domed structure has a luxurious exterior - made of carved bricks. Services are held in the church, which anyone can attend.

Official website: http://www.yarmp.yar.

Check out the beautiful views of Yaroslavl in this breathtaking video!

6. Church of John the Baptist in Tolchkovo

The Church of John the Baptist and the 45-meter tall, six-story bell tower in Tolchkovo

The building was created with donations from Yaroslavl residents. Those who couldn’t contribute financially participated in the construction. This church is called one of the most colorful and picturesque in the city. If you are interested in the best sights of Yaroslavl, you should definitely visit it.

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7. Chapel of Our Lady of Kazan

Chapel of Our Lady of Kazan in front of the Holy Gates of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery

A relatively modest object of stone, arranged about 11 years ago. In its appearance, the exquisite tower is reminiscent of the dome of a hipped temple. The chapel is deservedly included in all lists of “the main modern architectural landmarks of Yaroslavl”.

8. Assumption Cathedral

The majestic white walls and golden domes of the Dormition Cathedral in Yaroslavl
Iconostasis of the Dormition Cathedral in Yaroslavl Mortier.Daniel

Date of construction - 13th century. The cathedral is considered a symbol of the fortitude and strength of the city itself. During the long history of existence, the building has not once been subjected to attempts of destruction, many times it has had fires. During the Soviet era, a park was built on the site. The reconstruction was carried out only in the second millennium.

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9. Vlasyevskaya Tower and Znamenskaya Church

Vlasyevskaya Tower and Znamenskaya Church on Volkov Square in Yaroslavl Florstein

The tower is an ancient stone construction of the 17th century, created to defend the city from enemies. In the early years, it had 6 towers, later the structure included a chapel, which gradually became the Church of the Sign. Now the tower and the church are a combined complex, rebuilt at least 5 times.

Official website:

10. Tolga Monastery

Panorama of the Holy Vvedensky Tolgsky Monastery on the left bank of the Volga in Yaroslavl

Date of erection - 1314. The monastic complex includes chapels, a cathedral, and churches. Inside the local Church of the Exaltation of the Cross there is a great Christian shrine - the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. The Tolga Monastery was intended for men (and still is).

Official website:

11. Kazan Female Monastery

View of the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God and the Church of the Intercession in the Kazan Female Convent

Date of erection - 1314. The monastic complex includes chapels, a cathedral and churches. Inside the local Church of the Exaltation of the Cross there is a great Christian shrine - the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. The Tolga Monastery was intended for men (and still is).

Official website: http://казанский-женский-монастырь

12. Metropolitan Chambers

The two-story building of the Metropolitan Chambers of the late 17th century in Yaroslavl Yarartmuseum

Inside the chambers there are numerous icons painted centuries ago. The date of the oldest of them is the 12th century. The collections also include cutlery and wonderful tablecloths. Visit such excursions in Yaroslavl should be with a guide - he will tell the most fascinating facts about the life and way of life of the local population in former times.

Official site:

13. Monument to Yaroslav the Wise

Monument to Yaroslav the Wise on Epiphany Square in the center of Yaroslavl

Another striking example of what to visit in Yaroslavl should every visitor of the city. By the way you can see the monument on the 1-thousand-rouble banknote. The sculptural composition was created in 1993 by Bobovich and Komov. The locals often joke that in the hands of Yaroslav the Wise is a cake.

14. Russian Drama Theater named after F. Volkov

The central facade of the Russian State Academic Drama Theatre named after F. Volkov

An old drama theater, which opened its doors back in the 18th century. Originally, the theater stage was an ordinary barn. A merchant’s son began to hold performances here with friends and acquaintances. Gradually the performances began to attract public interest. The current building of the Drama Theater was built in 1911.

Official website:

15. Volga Tower

The seventeenth-century stone fortification on the right bank of the Volga in Yaroslavl Leonid VlK

City defensive structure made of stone and brick, built in the 17th century. In the 19th century it was joined by a gate and an arsenal storage building. Currently, the Volga Tower has a cafe.

16. Governor’s house and garden

View of the Governor's House from the side of the Governor's Garden in Yaroslavl Yarartmuseum

Even the best hotels in Yaroslavl cannot boast such a majestic view as the Governor’s mansion. The date of construction of the mansion, surrounded by a wonderful garden, is the 19th century. At one time all the emperors of Russia loved to visit here. Now the complex includes an art museum, which exhibits icons, paintings in the style of primitivism and the Russian avant-garde.

Official website:

17. Museum of the history of Yaroslavl

Museum of the history of the city of Yaroslavl in a two-story building of the former manor of merchant V.Ya. Kuznetsov A.Savin

Talking about the main attractions of Yaroslavl briefly, it is necessary to mention the most authentic city museum. It is located in the central part of the metropolis and occupies a historically valuable building of the 19th century.

Official site:

18. Music and Time Museum

Museum "Music and Time" in a small mansion on the embankment of the Volga

The collections include antiques: 20th century gramophones, bells and mini-bells, musical instruments, clockwork, etc. Antiques have been collected at the private museum of illusionist and actor John Mstislavsky for 15 years.

Official website: http://музыкаивремя.рф/

19. Einstein’s Museum of Amusing Sciences

Optical illusion of the Einstein Museum of Amusing Sciences

Where to go in Yaroslavl with a child? To the museum complex, dedicated to the amusing sciences. All the specimens can be actuated, viewed, photographed and taken in hand.

The number of objects exceeds a hundred, and they are all in one way or another related to research and technical mysteries.

Official website:

20. My Favorite Teddy Bear Museum

My Favorite Bear Museum in Yaroslavl Veinarde

A modest complex, the halls of which keep about 7 hundred souvenir and simply toy bears - from different materials and with different sizes. There are giant bears as well as miniature bears. The collection is regularly updated with new exhibits of the characters. Guests are invited to visit a local cafe and drink tea with buns and honey, learn about the history of the famous “clubfoot” - the Olympic Bear, Winnie the Pooh, etc.

Yaroslavl sights: what else to visit in Yaroslavl?

If those sights of Yaroslavl, photos with names and descriptions of which we have now given, you have already seen, pay attention to such objects as:

21. Planetarium of the Tereshkova Center

The V. Tereshkova Cultural and Educational Center Brateevsky

The facility opened eight years ago in a modern and very unusual futuristic building - in the shape of a spaceship. The complex includes a hall with a “starry sky” projector, an astronomy club, 5D attractions, a cafe, an interactive class, and a museum. Scientific meetings and conferences are regularly organized. Buy a ticket to the planetarium and you can join the number of fans and explorers of the space.

Official website:

22. Yaroslavl Circus

Yaroslavl Circus Brateevsky

A real pride of the city’s residents: on the stage they hold exciting and incredible shows, interesting to visitors of all ages. In the circus there are magicians, clowns and gymnasts. In addition to local artists, the most famous troupes from all over Russia and the world come here on tour.

Official site:

23. Yaroslavl Dolphinarium

Spectacular performance with the participation of unique marine animals in the Yaroslavsky Dolphinarium

A spacious entertainment complex with several restaurants and cafes, including one for children, a hotel, playgrounds and attractions, a health center (also for children) and a giant swimming pool. There are two shows a day with dolphins and seals. The heroes of the show are also belugas. After the performances of the “artists” come to an end, everyone can swim together with the tame sea creatures (for a fee) and take great pictures.

Official website:

24. Yaroslavl Zoo

Entrance to the main building of the Yaroslavl Zoo Cherttod

The zoo is located in convenient proximity to the pine forest. Date of opening - 2008. The zoo is loved not only by numerous visitors to the metropolis, but also by local residents. The number of animals living on the area of 120 hectares is over 1600. Such a vast territory was not allotted to the attraction by accident. Each animal species has a separate “living space”, arranged on the principles of their natural habitat. Yaroslavl zoo is one of the largest in our country.

Official site:

25. Demidovsky garden

Demidovsky Pillar in the center of the Demidovsky Garden of Yaroslavl Ghirlandajo

City park area, on which in former times parades and processions were held. The central part of the square is decorated with a column in memory of Demidov. Note that the area was originally landscaped by order and with the money of Vakhrameyev, who held the position of chief of town. But the local population began to call the complex Demidov Garden, in memory of the column located here. 13 years ago the square was completely reconstructed. It is a great place for quiet rest and walks in the fresh air.

26. The Ferris wheel “Golden Ring”

The Ferris Wheel attraction at dusk

The main feature of this wheel is its unusual size - it is one of the highest in the Russian Federation and European countries. The construction is located on the city embankment, and has a height of 22 floors or 65 meters above ground level. For VIP-guests there are cabins of high comfort, and for all other visitors - 30 also quite comfortable cabins with images of the Golden Ring regions. If you dream to look at Yaroslavl from a bird’s-eye view and take some spectacular pictures, you will not find a better place to visit.

27. N.A. Nekrasov museum-reserve “Karabikha”

Museum-Reserve of N.A. Nekrasov in the former Golitsyn manor Karabikha Sergey Sverdlov

The exhibits of the complex tell about the work and life of the great Russian writer Nekrasov. The exhibitions are located in an 18th-century mansion, built at the behest of Golitsyn. At one time the house belonged to the writer himself, afterwards - to the city authorities. 60 years ago it was decided to organize in it a memorial museum, which it is now.

Official site:

28. Bear places of Yaroslavl

Topiary (shrub sculpture) shows the heraldic emblem of Yaroslavl Sergei Galchenkov
In the center of the landscape park there is a multi-meter emblem of Yaroslavl Monedula
Bear sculpture in Yaroslavl Bashin Denis Anatolievich

Bear is the symbol of the city, so in Yaroslavl there are several sculptures depicting a bear. You can also find here Bear Gully and other sights bearing the name of the mighty animal.

29. Arena 2000

View of the universal cultural and entertainment complex "Arena 2000. Lokomotiv"

One of the most comfortable entertainment and sports centers in Europe is located here. The decision to create the complex was taken at the end of the 20th century when Yaroslavl hockey players managed to win the Russian Championship and the former arena could not accommodate all the fans of the popular game. The sports complex is equipped with the latest technology. If you are passionate about hockey, you should definitely go check it out.

Official website:

30. Yaroslavl children’s railroad

Teeplozotive TU10-024 with a passenger train "Severianochka" on Yaroslavl DZhD Kiselyov Danya

Railway construction, which is an exact copy of an ordinary track with stations, cars and trains. Employees of the road - the guys of all ages. Children are invited to monitor the state of the railway line, control the schedule of trains and be responsible for the technical condition of the locomotives. Here you can also visit the Museum of Extraordinary Journeys.

Official site:

Yaroslavl is a welcoming city filled with priceless works of architecture, history and culture. To see it with your own eyes is worth every traveler. Read also about sights of Kazan and get inspired for your further journey around Russia.

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