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Best attractions in Nha Trang: Top 20

Our review will briefly tell you about the main attractions in Nha Trang. In compiling our rating of what to see in Nha Trang every tourist should see, we have taken into account travelers’ reviews and recommendations of Vietnam guides.

What to see in Nha Trang first

Listing all the interesting places in Nha Trang could be endlessly long. Therefore, we bring to your attention only the best attractions of Nha Trang, with which your trip will be truly memorable and informative:

1. Long Son Pagoda

14-meter white stone statue of the Sitting Buddha on a lotus flower at the foot of Trai Tui Mountain

The guides in Nha Trang usually recommend visiting the White Buddha Temple to start exploring the city. The date of creation (and restoration) of the landmark is the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries. In front of the pagoda is a square with well-kept flowerbeds and stelae obelisks made of stone. Go up to the temple, you can overcome about 150 steps. The way to the top, which towers a 14-meter Buddha in white, you can also do on a bike. Behind the statue there is an entrance to the temple. The Long Son complex also includes a beautiful bell tower with a large bell inside.

2. Suoi Do Pagoda

Suoi Do Pagoda and green surroundings in Nha Trang

The temple is located on a hill outside the city limits. Prepare for the fact that your trip and the further hike to the pagoda (including the ascent up the hill) will be quite long. But it is necessary to see such sights in Nha Trang. From the top you can look at the verdant area of the city, the slopes and endless rice fields.

3. Nha Trang Cathedral

Statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus in the outer courtyard of Nha Trang Cathedral vinhtantran
Multicolored stained glass windows inside Nha Trang Cathedral Hoangvantoanajc

The building is located in the central part of the city on a small slope. The construction work was carried out at a time when the state was a French colony - in the mid-20th century. You can go up to the temple by stairs. Before entering the cathedral you can see the statues of St. Mary and Jesus. The interior decoration is represented by beautiful glass stained glass windows and numerous benches made of wood. Several hundred worshippers may be present in the temple at one time.

4. The cable car to Hong Che Island

Great seascape from the cable car cabins from Nha Trang coast to Hong Che Island

The metal structure connects the city shore with Hong Che Island, which is home to the famous Wineperl entertainment complex. The length of the cable car, in the evening illuminated by colored lights, - more than three kilometers. Journey over the waters lasts about 12 minutes, enough to take great pictures, look at the islands and the shores of Nha Trang.

5. Chi Nguyen Oceanarium

The Chi Nguyen Oceanarium building in the shape of a pirate ship on the shore of a picturesque bay Bruce Tuten
A view of marine life through the glass tunnel of Chi Nguyen Oceanarium Newone

A great option of what to visit in Nha Trang with the whole family. The building is shaped like a ship docked on the coast. The Maritime Museum was opened thanks to a local wealthy fisherman - he allocated the necessary funding from his own budget. The complex consists of several separate artificial ponds. One area holds the predatory inhabitants of the seas and oceans, while the other two areas hold exotic fish and “calm” inhabitants of the waters. Visitors to the Aquarium are allowed to feed the fish. Aquariums are arranged on several levels of the building along the ship’s decks.

Check out the beautiful spots in Nha Trang in this great video!

6. Wynperl Amusement Park

Visitors at the fantastic Winperl Amusement Park on Hong Che Winperl Island in Nha Trang
A water slide system for children and adults at Winperl Amusement Park

If you don’t know where to go in Nha Trang with kids, come to this famous amusement park. On the territory there is an equipped beach, water park with various water attractions, oceanarium, dolphinarium, area with slot machines. As we said, you can get to Winperl by cable car.

Official website:

7. Lotus Tower

A structure in the shape of a flower of delicate pink petals on Nha Trang's waterfront

What to see in Nha Trang in 1 day for fans of modern architecture? The building, made in the form of a lotus flower, which is a real decoration of the waterfront of the city. Previously, in its place was a memorial complex. In the tower is an exhibition center with permanent and temporary exhibitions on various topics.

8. Alexander Jersen museum

Letters, commemorative medal of the French bacteriologist scientist at the Alexander Jersen Museum Walej

The complex is located on the grounds of the research center established in the late 18th century by Jersen. Note that many educational institutions and streets in Nha Trang are named after the scientist who devoted himself to the study of deadly bacteria. The exhibition simulates the working environment of the researcher’s office. Among the specimens are Jersen’s tools, personal belongings and literature.

9. Institute of Oceanography

A giant-sized whale skeleton at the Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute Lưu Ly

The staff of the institute, founded in 1920, is busy studying the sea. The institution is home to an oceanarium with aquariums housing exotic fish, giant turtles, sharks and stingrays. On the second floor of the maritime museum there are rooms with stuffed aquatic animals. Part of the collection of exhibits is in the ponds outside and part is inside the complex.

Official website:

10. Dien Khan Citadel

The preserved front gate and part of the walls of the old 18th century Dien Khang Citadel Vinhtantran

The estimated date of the construction of the defensive structure is the 18th century. Marble and brick were used to build the fortress. Currently, only a small part of the citadel survived, including dilapidated walls and gates. But they remain in a rather dilapidated “historical” state. The object suffered from the actions of the French army.

11. Young Bay Eco-Park

Giant tree with ribbons of Ragla people at Yang Bay Eco-National Park in Nha Trang

A trip to this wonderful natural complex is recommended by all guides in Nha Trang. The park is located an hour away from the city. Guests have all kinds of activities available, from cockfighting and pig races to listening to the music of the Raglay tribe, feeding alligators and ostrich rides. There are several waterfalls within Young Bay Park.

Official website:

12. Ba Ho Falls

One of the three levels of Ba Ho Waterfall in the tropical jungle of middle Vietnam

The natural attraction is located near Zoclet Beach. The path to it is quite difficult, and runs among the mountains. As part of Ba HoBa Ho, there are several waterfalls. Many travelers explore only the first one, as the remaining two are in the distance.

13. Hong Mun Island

The unique natural landscape of Hong Mun Island Nguyen Hung Vu

The reserve island is a huge success among snorkeling enthusiasts. Because the waters surrounding it are crystal clear and the shores are strewn with numerous reefs of coral. Rocks with underwater caves (Madonna Rock) are considered the ideal spots for those who want to dive on the bottom. The local fauna is rich and varied: there are starfish and seahorses, clownfish and octopuses. You can get to the island by renting a boat. The best weather conditions for diving fans - from May to September.

14. Monkey Island

A monkey on the beach at the Monkey Island

This amazing island is on all the “top attractions in Vietnam“ lists. It is a couple of dozen kilometers from the center of Nha Trang, and in former years served as the site of a scientific center for the study of monkeys. Due to the fact that the center belonged to the Soviet authorities, it officially ceased to exist after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many primates were removed from the island, while others escaped to the local forest. At present, there are about one and a half thousand animals living in natural conditions on the territory of this nature reserve. Their guests should be extremely careful: as the animals are not afraid of people, and are happy to snatch their bags, smartphones and other items. It is not easy to return the loot. To visit the reserve is also worth for the park with amusement rides, beach, landscaped garden and circus oriental (do not buy additional tickets, their price is included in the price of tickets for recreation on the island). Hydro scooter and boat rentals are available. You can get to your destination by ferry.

Official website:

15. I-Resort complex

A top view of the I-Resort Complex in Nha Trang

The city’s famous mud cure clinic offers its guests a variety of health and beauty treatments. The services are offered in packages. A visit to the I-Resort can be recommended to all who are tired of the usual beach vacation. There are especially many visitors here in cloudy weather. Since the resort includes several pools with heated water, the main of which is in the form of a beach line with white sand.

Official website:

Nha Trang attractions: what else to visit in Nha Trang?

If you’ve already seen all those Nha Trang attractions, photos with names and descriptions of which we’ve included in this review, don’t feel bad. The list of fascinating places does not come to an end:

16. Hong Khoi Salt Plantations

Salt miners in the early morning at Hong Khoi Salt Plantations

The plantations, located near Zoklet Beach (and 50 km. from the city), are salt mined on an industrial scale. The fields are flooded with salty seawater, which evaporates in a couple of days, leaving behind only white crystals. The salt collected in the early morning hours is sent for processing. At the height of the day, no work is done to collect it, as the “daytime” crystals are considered unusable.

17. Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang city beach stretches for several kilometers along the sea line

The length of the beach line is several kilometers. You can sunbathe and swim here for free. But if you want to use umbrellas or deck chairs, still have to pay for them. There is a stone embankment along the coastline. After visiting all excursions in Nha Trang, come here to relax and unwind. The beach is visited and crowded.

18. Zoklet Beach

Thanks to the gentle descent and shallow sea depth, Zoquelet Beach is suitable for holidays with children

One of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Nha Trang. It is located fifty kilometers from the city in its northern part. You can get to Zoquelet not only by bicycle or cab, but also by public transportation. The area is famous for its magnificent scenery. The waters are crystal clear and transparent. Recommend rest here for those who want to spend time in peace and quiet. And also for tourists with children: the depth is small, the descent into the sea is gentle.

19. The Cham Towers of Po Nagar

The Cham Towers Po Nagar in the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang on Mount La Lao

Book best hotels in Nha Trang in advance. But you can buy a tour to these Buddhist and Hindu temples after arrival in the city. The construction of the towers lasted from the 7th century to the 12th century. In those years, when there was still a great country of Chams. Only four structures have survived to this day. Keep in mind that Po Nagar is a sacred site for the Vietnamese and an active temple. You should behave accordingly. Visitors with bare shoulders and knees will be given gray robes at the entrance to the towers.

Official website:

20. Cape Hon Chong

The Hong Chong Stone Garden is a popular tourist attraction in Nha Trang City, Vietnam

The attraction is located in the north of the city. Hong Chong is covered with stones of all shapes and sizes. Often these stones create original figures against which tourists love to be photographed. Local souvenir shops offer commemorative paintings made of pebbles. At sunset and dawn, the cape offers an incredible view of the waters of the South China Sea.

We have told you about the main attractions of Nha Trang in brief. You can learn more interesting information about them from the guides. Read also about Sightseeings of Hanoi and get inspired for your next trip in Vietnam.

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