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Best attractions in Brunei: Top 10

In search of an exotic vacation, Brunei is definitely worth considering. Brunei attractions are very diverse, and the mild climate allows tourists to come almost all year round. You will not spend too much time, money and effort to organize a trip, if you find out in advance which places are visited first by guests from other countries. Hotels in Brunei are also by the sea, and along with the traditional options in the 3-5 stars are hotel complexes, allowing a holiday to feel like members of a royal dynasty, surrounded by incredible luxury. But no matter how great the chosen accommodation and beaches are, it is still worth seeing the sights of Brunei, located outside of it. And we offer up-to-date information on what to see in Brunei.

What to see in Brunei first

Note - the key attraction of Brunei is the nature, so far untouched by man and striking in its variety of plant and animal forms. The closest to the local beauty will be in the protected areas, and for connoisseurs of educational recreation there are a lot of museums and mosques. The main part of what to see in Brunei in 1 day, is located in the capital, which leads not only in the number of old buildings, but also the number of hotels, restaurants and souvenir stores.

1. Sultan’s Palace - Istana Nurul Iman

A palace court, accessible to the public once a year de:Benutzer:Chtrede

Sultan’s Palace - Istana Nurul Iman, which rightfully ranks first in size on the planet among the official residences of heads of state. According to rough estimates, at least half a billion dollars were needed to build a palace complex with almost 1.8 thousand rooms, more than two hundred bathrooms and eighteen elevators. But the money was not spent in vain - the building is striking both architectural design and luxurious interior decoration. Deciding what to visit in Brunei, the first item on the agenda for most tourists is this building. However, most of the year the complex is closed to the public - it is open only 3 times a year. If you manage to get inside, you can admire the five huge swimming pools and parking for five thousand cars.

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2. Bandar Seri Begawan City

One of the streets of Bandar-Seri-Begawan City de:Benutzer:Pygmalion

Bandar Seri Begawan is the center of the country, both administratively and economically, as well as culturally. It is here that most of Brunei’s historical sites, luxury hotels, and numerous entertainment venues are located. Besides the metropolis itself, where modern skyscrapers stand next to ancient temple complexes, it makes sense to explore the picturesque hills in the vicinity. Despite its rather modest size, Bandar Seri Begawan seems majestic and fully reflects the well-being of the local population.

3. James Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque

The luxurious style and beauty of James Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque

The James Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque, which cannot be overlooked thanks to its 29 gold-trimmed domes. Their number was not chosen by chance, because it was the twenty-ninth ruler who became Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Muizin. Anyone can go inside and admire the exquisite decoration of the mosque, but you must remember: there is a strict ban on photography and videotaping. Not sure what to see in Brunei to appreciate the splendor of local architecture and wealth of the Sultan? Then you should definitely come here. The temple for Muslims has been functioning for 26 years and its construction is timed to coincide with the ruler’s twenty-fifth birthday.

4. Brunei Museum

The road to the main entrance of the Brunei Museum Kurun~enwiki at English Wikipedia

The Brunei Museum is an attraction in Brunei that is worth checking out for those who like to look at antiquities. The museum collection is huge and consists of household items, weapons, jewelry and things found in shipwrecks. Separate exhibitions are devoted to the oil industry, which helped the country to become one of the most prosperous in the region. The museum is located in the capital and is easily accessible by cab or public transportation.

Brunei Attractions: What else to see in Brunei

If the trip is planned for more than a couple of days, the question of where to go in Brunei becomes especially acute, the main sights have already been seen. Based on the recommendations of those tourists who have already been here, we have prepared descriptions and photos of a few more tourist sites worth seeing.

Read more about what to see in Brunei, if you have extra free time:

5. Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

The Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque and Ceremonial Boat

The Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, a temple erected sixty years ago in the capital, embodies Muslim traditions while featuring quite a lot of modern design ideas. The mosque can be seen from miles away thanks to its 52 meter high dome, which in clear weather reflects the sun’s rays because of its gilded finish. This Brunei landmark looks no less spectacular at night when it is illuminated. There is a wonderful park zone and an artificial lagoon near the building.

Take a look at Brunei's beautiful views in this exciting video!

6. Jerudong Park

Jerudong Park Golf Course Balou46

Jerudong Park is the perfect place for those wondering what to see in Brunei and not get bored. Built in full accordance with the current requirements of lovers of active recreation, this complex includes equipped playgrounds for a variety of games, from golf and polo to carting. Young visitors will also have plenty to keep them occupied, including a theme park with rides.

7. Village on the water Kampung Ayer

Traditional wooden houses on stilts on the Sungai Brunei River

Kampung Ayer Village on the Water - a trip to this village will turn your perception of the country upside down, showing the life of the local people from a different perspective. In fact, this is a whole complex of villages (a total of 28), located not on land but on the water, and there are schools, mosques and all the other attributes of an ordinary city. For the first time in this part of the country began to form villages thousands of years ago, and now Kampung Ayer is a favorite place for foreign tourists.

8. Wasai Kandal Reserve

Lovely corner of Wasai Kandal Reserve in the jungle

In the jungle, though not too far from civilization, Wasai Kandal is a protected nature reserve worth the trip for its tranquility, safety and enjoyment. There are all sorts of trails available to travelers, many of which lead to Ayr-Terjun-Menusop with its beautiful waterfalls and pools where you can swim in hot weather.

9. Ulu-Temburong National Park

Ulu Temburong National Park or "The Green Pearl of Brunei"

Ulu Temburong National Park stretches over a large area with a diverse landscape. In one visit you can visit the 1.8 kilometers high mountain and then watch the animals in their natural environment by going down to the lowlands. If you have at least one day to spare and have to choose what to see in Brunei, the “Green Pearl”, as this park is also called, will be the best option. Occupying about fifty thousand hectares, the Ulu-Temburong strikes with pristine nature, for which we should thank the local authorities, who took care back in 1991 to protect this area.

10. The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Inside The Empire Hotel & Country Club Bernard Spragg. NZ

The Empire Hotel & Country Club is the top-rated hotel in the country by all ratings, attracting an incredibly large area, exquisite decor and integration of cutting-edge technology. Each guest is provided with an electric car for fast and comfortable moving around the territory, and full-fledged relaxation can be provided by trips to the landscaped beach, to the spa or to one of the many pools.

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After reading our review of the best attractions, you’ll know exactly what to see in Brunei to get a closer look at its history, cultural features and natural wonders. But in addition to choosing interesting places to visit during your trip, it’s also worth thinking about a chaperone. Tour guides in Brunei offer their services in hotels, travel agencies and online, with prices varying depending on the intensity and length of the tour. And keep in mind that despite all the modernity of the country, there are followers of Islam, so you need to show respect for their customs. Also read about Bhutan attractions and get inspired for your next trip to Asia!