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Best attractions in Tbilisi: Top 27

After reading this review, you will learn about the best attractions in Tbilisi - architectural and historical monuments, entertainment centers and natural masterpieces. We will tell you about all that every tourist should see in Tbilisi.

What to see in Tbilisi first?

In compiling our “places of interest in Tbilisi” rating, we considered reviews and recommendations from hospitable locals, travelers and experienced guides. In our general opinion, your trip to this hospitable city should definitely include a trip to the following sites:

1. Narikala Fortress

View of Narikala Fortress with St. Nicholas Church on Mount Mtatsminda in Tbilisi

The most ancient architectural monument of the Georgian capital. The date of construction is not reliably known, but it is established that in the 4th century the fortress already existed. It got its present appearance in 1827: the city authorities had reconstructed the ancient fortification, badly damaged by the earthquake. Tbilisi sights such as the Narikala fortress can be visited for free. From the upper level of the building opens incredible panoramas.

2. Tbilisi Old Town

Historical part of Tbilisi, built in the XII century at the foot of Mtatsminda

What must every visitor of the city visit in Tbilisi? Its “heart” with small winding cobblestone streets and ancient houses. Here you can touch and feel the true spirit of Georgian history.

3. Rustaveli Avenue

The most parade street in Tbilisi George Nikoladze

The central street, which guides in Tbilisi advise to walk by all means. Here are numerous cultural and architectural attractions of the capital: the Kavsheti Temple, the Shota Rustaveli cinema, the State Parliament and the Vorontsov Palace. Here you can also find the best hotels in Tbilisi, such as the Marriott (took over the majestic building of the former Majestic Hotel).

4. Tsminda Sameba complex

The Holy Trinity Cathedral on the territory of Tsminda Sameba Complex on St. Elijah Hill in Tbilisi

The date of construction of the cathedral, which belongs to the Orthodox Church of Georgia, is 1995. Most of the financial resources for the creation of the temple were donated by volunteers. As part of the modern complex: a beautiful cathedral, the residence of the patriarch, a seminary and a monastery for parishioners.

5. Zion Cathedral

The Zion Cathedral on the bank of the river Kura in Tbilisi

Located in Old Tbilisi, and perfectly visible from any side of the capital. The main value of the cathedral is the cross of St. Nino, created from a vine and intertwined with the hair of the great martyr. The saint brought the Christian faith to Georgia with this cross.

Watch spectacular views of Tbilisi in this beautiful video!

6. Metehi temple

Bronze equestrian statue of the founder of Tbilisi Vakhtang Gorgasali on the rock ledge of Metekhi Temple

The building is located in the central part of the city, on the cliff face. The date of construction is the 13th century. During its long history the church has been destroyed and reconstructed several times. Now it is in the form in which it was reconstructed in the 16th century. It’s a striking example of Georgian temple architecture - without extra decorations and with laconic forms. If you do not know what to see in Tbilisi in 1 day, but are passionate about history and architecture, come here.

7. Church of Anchikhati

Basilica Anchiskhati (Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary) 6th century AD in Old Tbilisi

Date of construction - 6th century. This is one of the oldest temples in the country that has survived to our time. During the reign of Soviet power, the church was converted into a museum complex and art workshop. Today, there are stored ancient icons, and the famous Georgian choir gives its performances.

8. Necropolis on Mount Mtatsminda

Pantheon of writers and public figures of Georgia on the slope of Mount Mtatsminda

This is the burial place for the most influential and famous people of the state: artists, national heroes, poets, scientists. Here lie the ashes of Gamsakhurdia, the first president of Georgia. The necropolis was founded on the 100th anniversary of Griboyedov’s death in 1929.

9. Monument to the Mother of Kartli

Monument of Mother Kartli on top of Sololaki Hill Daibo Taku

The monument is 20 meters high and is located near the fortress. It was erected on the day of the celebration of the 1.5-thousandth anniversary of the Georgian capital. The monument symbolizes the readiness of Tbilisi to repel attacks of enemies: a sword in one hand of the Mother of Georgia and to welcome friends in peace: a cup of wine in the other hand.

10. Monument “History of Georgia”

Great memorial "History of Georgia" by Z. Tsereteli on the Tbilisi Sea mischvalente

The majestic composition is included in all the lists of “main sights of Georgia“. Tsereteli worked on it for almost two decades. Each of the 16 huge columns of the monument tells its own legend related to the legends of the Bible or the history of the state. In addition, the complex includes: statues of sages, a temple and the cross of St. Nino.

11. Freedom Square and Monument

City buildings and the statue of St. George on Freedom Square in Tbilisi

The formation of the square began in the 19th century. During the Soviet Union period the former buildings were demolished and the area received a new look. The modern square attracts attention with its numerous government and administrative institutions. In addition, in our rating “the best sights of Tbilisi” it is included because of the 30-meter monument (the composition of the statue of St. George and a tall column).

12. Monument to the heroes of the film Mimino

The sculptural group of the heroes of the film "Mimino" Divot

Another great masterpiece of the legendary Tsereteli. The monument was created by the sculptor 7 years ago - originally it was supposed to decorate the capital of Russia. The purpose of the sculptural group is to demonstrate friendly relations between Russia, Armenia and Georgia (according to the head of the city at the monument’s unveiling).

13. Flea market near the Dry Bridge

Variety of goods at flea market at Dry bridge in Tbilisi shankar s.

Where to go in Tbilisi for fans of shopping and good shopping? To the local flea market, especially appreciated by lovers of art and antiques. It offers a variety of small items. But among them you can find and buy “for a penny” real rarities. Popular tourist items: candlesticks, antique coins, national ornaments with enamel, records.

14. Georgian Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Paliashvili

Central entrance to Georgian Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Paliashvili on Rustaveli Avenue henribergius

The first building of the opera was built back in the 19th century, focusing on the best stages of Europe. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed it. The current mansion, considered today the center of culture in Tbilisi, also has a solid and remarkable appearance. The best performers and ballet troupes of the country give their performances here.

Official website:

15. Georgian National Museum

Exhibition in one of the halls of the Georgian National Museum Mostafameraji

Even if you are not a fan of walking around museums, you should definitely visit this complex. In the spacious exhibition halls are unique and varied specimens: human skulls, objects from the Soviet occupation, rifles, clothing, ancient coins and bills, jewelry, jugs, etc. Not all tours in Tbilisi are as fascinating as a guided tour of this building. You will learn many interesting facts about the history of the city and all of Georgia.

Official website:

16. Niko Pirosmani Museum

The Roe by the Stream - a painting by the outstanding Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani Francisco Anzola

The famous self-taught painter from Georgia, Nikolai Pirosmanishvili, became famous throughout the world for his creations in the spirit of primitivism. So it’s not surprising that the local authorities decided to organize a whole museum in his honor. A complex with 16 works of the master was opened in 1982. In addition to the works of Niko himself, canvases by other painters are exhibited here.

17. The Rizo Gabriadze Marionette Theater

The theater tower with a clock at the Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater on one of the streets of Old Tbilisi

One of the capital’s most visited theaters strikes you with its beauty inside and out. Twice a day a free mini-performance is given on the tower of the building. In addition, every hour an angel with golden wings strikes the bell here. Let’s say right away that it is quite difficult to buy a ticket here - you should book it in advance, at least a couple of weeks before your visit to Tbilisi.

Official site:

18. Puppet Museum

Antique 19th century European dolls at the Doll Museum

Date of opening - 1937. The project was organized by T. Tumanishvili, a writer for children. For about 15 years the complex did not work, but in 2008 it reopened its doors with an updated and expanded collection of dolls from around the world.

Official website:

19. Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum

Megrelian "Sayalabo House" of the 19th century at the Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum in the open air Kris Duda

The attraction is located near Turtle Lake, so it is a favorite of tourists and locals. In the vast museum area, you can look at Georgian household items and their former national homes. In addition, guests are invited to taste the real local wine, and buy samples they like.

Official site:

20. Sulfur Baths (Abanotubani)

The entrance to the Royal Baths on Grishashvili Street in Abanotubani in downtown Tbilisi Marcin Konsek

The sulfur springs were in the area even before the city was created. According to one legend, a prince of Georgia shot a bird that fell into these springs and boiled there. This gave the area the name “Tbilisi” (i.e. warm). Everyone is welcome to visit the baths - there are public and individual springs. If you have no desire to enjoy the water procedures, it is worth coming here for a walk through the domes.

Official website:

Tbilisi sights: what else to visit in Tbilisi?

We have told you about the main attractions of Tbilisi briefly. However, the list of fascinating places and sites of the capital does not come to an end here:

21. Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Arched bridge over the waterfall on the territory of the Tbilisi Botanical Garden

There are about 3.5 thousand unique and popular plants in a fairly impressive area. The cost of a visit is minimal. After visiting the botanical garden, you can go to the nearby Narikala fortress.

Official site:

22. Turtle lake

Turtle Lake is a popular vacation spot on the northern slope of Mount Mtatsminda

Despite the fact that the size of the spring is small, guests at the lake are always numerous. The reservoir attracts visitors by the surrounding dense forest, play and sports grounds, jogging paths, cafes and a beach. It is possible to rent a catamaran. Directly to the natural attraction leads a catamaran road.

23. Rike Park

View of Rike Park from the Peace Bridge on the left bank of the Kura River in Tbilisi

One of the city’s most beautiful park areas. The area is well equipped: there are benches and benches, fountains and asphalt paths. A cable car offers a ride to the botanical garden and the Narikala fortress.

24. Tbilisi funicular railway

The funicular car connects the center of Tbilisi with the upper park on Mount Mtatsminda Jonathan Cardy

Using the funicular, you can arrive at the Mtatsminda entertainment complex in a short time. On the way you can observe incredible panoramas of the Georgian capital. In addition, you will see the Temple of St. David and the Pantheon of Writers. The way back can also be done by cable car or on foot - there is a well-trodden path that leads to the central part of Tbilisi.

25. Bombora Amusement and Attraction Park

The character of the Georgian fairy tale Bombora at the entrance to the amusement park Kober
Bombora Amusement and Attractions Park is decorated in fantasy style DDohler

Children’s entertainment center, which should be visited by the whole family. You do not need to pay to enter the complex, you can freely walk around the territory. However, please note that the rides themselves are offered for a fee. The attractions, named after the fairy tale character, are open all year round. But during the winter months, some rides do not run. However, a beautiful ice rink appears. A cozy cafe called the Funicular is open on the grounds - you can see the beauty of the whole town from its large windows.

Official website:

26. Cableway

View of the old rooftops of the city and the Kura River from the top platform of the cable car - Sololaki Hill

For locals, the cable car is an operative and comfortable way to get around various corners of Tbilisi. Despite the fact that the duration of the structure is short, it always has enough guests. The lower part of the road is Rike Park. It should be noted that in the capital is organized by a common system of payment in public transport - a special card, which you will buy for a trip on the canal, you can also use in the local subway.

27. Peace Bridge

The modern steel and glass pedestrian Peace Bridge over the Kura River in Tbilisi Alexxx Malev

The central architectural value of the Georgian capital. You can see its image on many local souvenirs. Large-scale transparent construction unites new districts of the city and Old Tbilisi. In the evening hours it is illuminated by three tens of thousands of lamps. An interesting point: with the help of Morse code, these bulbs transmit a message with all elements of the Mendeleev table that are in the human body.

We hope that the sights of Tbilisi, photos with names and descriptions of which we have now presented to you, have aroused your interest. If possible, visit them for sure.

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