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Best attractions in Poland: Top 28

Poland is one of the countries with a rich history, it has always attracted a lot of monuments and picturesque landscapes. Today you will learn about the sights of Poland, what this country can be remembered for. It is better to plan a trip in advance. Especially it concerns what to see in Poland.

What to see in Poland in the first place?

It is a country with hospitable and friendly people, which makes you want to visit it even more. Let’s move on to the main thing, what is so beautiful to see in the state, located in the central part of the European continent?

1. Warsaw Old Town

Architecture of Warsaw Old Town

It is worth starting your journey around the country with the historical district of its official capital. It is represented by a market square with plenty of stores, cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes and colors. A positive feature of this landmark in Poland is the richness of the area with monuments of medieval architecture. It is interesting to know that the Old Town was founded back in the XIII century, it was originally surrounded by an earthen rampart, later replaced by brick walls. Do not forget to take a camera to take lots of beautiful pictures.

2. Castle Marienburg

Castle Marienburg is the residence of the Teutonic Order crusaders

Among the main attractions of the country is the “nest” of the German Knights. The brick hulk of this castle stands on the bank of the river Nogat, 80 km from the border with the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation. Its history started 700 years ago when the residence of Teutons was officially moved from Venice to Marienburg. The fortress was repeatedly rebuilt and decorated. In 1945 the castle was badly damaged, but after the Second World War it was rebuilt literally from scratch. Now there is a museum within the walls of the building, there are interesting weapons collections, amber ornaments, armor.

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3. Tatra

The mountain slopes of the Tatras

This is the name of the mountain system of the Carpathians, the highest point of which reaches 2499 m. This place attracts tourists not only by heights within the 1800-2500 m, but also by glacial cirques, mountain lakes in large numbers, deep valleys. Rating of this attraction in Poland is estimated as high, all because there is also a ski resort known as Zakopane. From the capital you can get here by train. The Tatras are also famous for the caves, of which there are many.

4. Cracow old town

The Cloth Row Trading Building in the Old Town of Krakow

If you are planning a trip to Krakow, start with the Old Town, all roads from which lead to the market square. It is a “front room”, where locals and visitors alike are used to gather. Krakow is proud of its square, as it is considered one of the largest in Europe, covering 200*200m. A trip to the Old Town is worthwhile because the market ensemble has preserved in detail the layout of the times when trade was carried out with the whole of Europe.

5. Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle is the royal castle on Wawel Hill

This is one of the best sights in Krakow, represented by a large pedestrian area. Attention is immediately attracted by a strange sculpture in the form of a dragon. On its background, tourists love to take pictures, and there is a whole legend associated with it. The castle overlooks the Vistula River and stands on a hill. The area attracts a lot of flowers, there are parades in honor of May 1 and not only. Entrance to the castle is free, but if you want to visit the underground tombs, climb the bell tower or go to the royal chambers, you have to pay a fee.

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6. Wooden churches of southern Lesser Poland

Wooden church in Dybno Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Interesting places are in the south and east of Malopolska province, there is a whole group of historically valuable from an architectural point of view churches made of natural wood. Most of them have a log cabin look and some represent different architectural styles. The buildings fit perfectly into the picturesque mountain landscape. From the description of this attraction in Poland you can learn that it is on the list of UNESCO.

Feel the atmosphere of Poland in this beautiful video!

7. Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Auschwitz

State Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Auschwitz

Everyone knows that there were three Nazi concentration camps in a Polish town during World War II. In Auschwitz there is a museum dedicated to this subject. It reminds us that hundreds of thousands of people died here at the time. 90% of them were Jews brought from various countries of occupied Europe. More than a million people were exterminated during the concentration camp period. When you enter this museum, it is impossible to remain indifferent. This attraction in Poland has displays of items that were taken by the Nazis from the victims.

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8. Old Town in Gdansk

The Moltawa Riverfront in the Old Town of Gdansk

What to see in Poland? The oldest part of the settlement of Gdansk deserves attention. When World War II broke out a huge number of buildings were damaged, and some turned into a pile of rubble. Only a few buildings were saved. After the end of hostilities the architecture was restored in accordance with the view of the 13th-17th centuries. Where to go in Poland first of all? Of course, the old town. It is decorated with many colorful buildings, some of them decorated with drawings, carvings on wood, sculptural decorations. The view of the ancient center of Europe always leaves a vivid impression.

9. Masuria Lake District

Panorama of Masurian Lake District

This landmark of Poland is among the most beautiful, from the beauty of the local nature tourists come to admire. Masuria is a historical and ethnographic region in the northern part of the country. In this region there are about 4 thousand lakes, most of which are connected by canals and rivers. The total area of the Masuria is about 1700 km². Here you can go sailing, kayaking.

10. Statue of Christ the King

The imposing statue of Christ the King

This landmark in Poland is among the modern ones, it was inaugurated in 2010. A unique feature of the statue is that it is the tallest in the world (36 m). Before it appeared as such a famous statue in Rio. If you drive on the highway in the direction of Swebodzin, the figure of Christ with outstretched arms is clearly visible. The idea for the monument belongs to Canon Sylvester Zawadzki. Guides in Poland consider it their duty to show the statue of Christ to tourists.

Attractions in Poland: what else to visit in Poland?

A trip to the described country will certainly be interesting. It contains just a huge number of historically significant places, worthy of attention. What to see in Poland, when it seems that you have already seen everything?

11. The salt mine in Wieliczka

The central altar of St. Kinga Chapel in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

There is another Polish attraction 30 minutes away from the royal capital city of Kraków. It is a small town of only 20 thousand people. Its uniqueness lies in the presence of salt mines. They were formed naturally, many years ago, there was a large water space. Excursions in Poland in this area are conducted regularly, tourists are shown the places where salt was once mined.

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12. Slowinski National Park

Scenery of the Slowinski National Park

Wondering what to visit in Poland? Head to the town of Leba, which has an interesting place in the form of a park area in the central part of the Polish coast. It was founded in order to preserve the natural beauty of the area. Meadows, a system of lakes, seaside forests and unique in its kind dunes were also in need of protection. Reviews about this place are full of admiration, the park has picturesque lakes, in which the sea water enters during heavy storms. The tourist infrastructure here is rated as well developed.

13. Wilanuva palace

The Majestic Royal Wilanów Palace

Do you want to see Poland’s most important landmark? Welcome to the palace, located on the southeastern outskirts of Warsaw. It is made in Baroque style, and it is surrounded by a garden that Poles are proud of. The residence for the rulers was built at the end of the seventeenth century, and during its existence it was rebuilt several times. It was in the walls of the palace was opened one of the first art museums in the country, it happened in 1805, and at the initiative of Potocki S.K..

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14. Wroclaw Cathedral

View of the Catholic Cathedral of John the Baptist

Moving on. What to see in Poland not to regret? A beautiful and majestic Gothic building with neo-Gothic elements deserves attention. On Sobornji Island it is the fourth church, the first one being erected back in the 10th century. It had a 25-meter long nave. The modern version of Wroclaw Cathedral looks like a three-nave basilica with several entrances. This place is among those that can be seen in Poland in 1 day. The cathedral is located in the central part of Wroclaw, between the botanical garden and the river.

15. Zakopane

Town of Zakopane among the snowy Tatra Mountains

A lot of positive recommendations have a city located in the far south of the country. It is considered one of the largest centers of winter sports. For the lovers of skiing there are easy and gentle slopes, and difficult and steep ones. The difference in elevation reaches up to 930 m in some places. What to see in Poland, you ask? You should go to Zakopane, where there are 10 ski centers.

16. Bialowieza Forest

Fauna of Bialowieza National Park

This is the largest corner of the relict primeval lowland forest. It used to grow all over Europe, but gradually it was cut down. The trees have survived only in the Bialowieza region in Poland and Belarus. Pushcha is considered one of the most valuable objects of nature, which is under the “protection” of UNESCO. The peculiarity of the national park is the richness and variety of vegetation. It is home to numerous animals, most of which are included in the Red Book.

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17. Lazienki Park

The palace on the water in the Royal Lazienki Park

In the heart of the Polish capital there is a unique and very beautiful park area. The park was created back in the XVII century, it was originally planned to be a nature reserve. There are not many animals here, the attention is attracted by squirrels and peacocks. The sights of the park include the Palace on the water, the White House, the Roman theater, the Egyptian castle and more. They all have their own interesting history.

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18. The old part of Zamosc

Fort in the Old Town of Zamosc

The settlement itself came about by the idea and desire of one man, who was the crown chancellor. His name was Jan Zamoyski, and he wanted to have his own residence, which would be worthy of his high position. The result was a unique architectural ensemble, which includes a large number of masterpieces of historical and cultural significance. By the way, there are no problems with hotels in Poland, whichever direction you choose, you will find apartments everywhere, as long as you take care of booking in advance.

19. Churches of Peace

Facade of the Holy Trinity Peace Church in Świdnica

What to see in Poland that is interesting and not quite usual? Some cities in the country have wooden sacral buildings that are considered to be the largest in Europe. A little more than 15 years ago they were included in the list of UNESCO. There is the Church of Peace in Javor, in Świdnica, in Glogów. Each has its own interesting history. They not only hold services, but also organize excursions.

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20. Architectural and park complex Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

The Kalwaria-Zebrzydowska Monastic Complex is a pilgrimage center in Poland

In this city there is an interesting religious complex, which has the form of a building made in the spirit of Mannerism. The surrounding area has a park and several gardens. The multifunctional complex was built in the seventeenth century, namely, during the Catholic Church-political movement in Europe, when numerous religious buildings were “created” in memory of Calvary.

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21. Muskau Park

New Palace in Muskau Park

The uniqueness of this attraction is that it is located on the territory of several countries at once. It was laid out in 1815, the order was issued by the Prussian aristocrat Prince Hermann. He always wanted to have a personal garden that would look like a natural landscape. With a lot of effort, he was able to translate the dream into reality, the results are enjoyed by modern people. In order to hide the artificial origin of the large garden, a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and more were used.

22. Xeongj Castle

The beautiful and monumental Ksionrz Castle

What to see in Poland? If you have the opportunity, do not miss the beautiful and one of the largest castles in Europe, this place is very significant for Poles. Its peculiarity is that it is surrounded by beech forests, in which there are thickets of rhododendrons. The castle is situated not far from Walbrzych on a rocky promontory surrounded by a natural ravine. In order to return the castle to its former splendor, it is currently being systematically restored, repaired inside.

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23. Bieszczady National Park

Spaces of Bieszczadzki National Park

In terms of its size it ranks third in the ranking of national park areas. There are 23 of them in the country. Bieszczady is located in Podkarpackie Voivodeship, namely in the southeastern part. Today the area of the park zone is 292 km², it includes the highest points of the massif called Bieszczady. 80% of the park is represented by forests, where there are a huge number of plants, mosses, fungi and lichens. There are also many animals, interesting species of birds, it is not surprising that the place is very popular among tourists.

24. Moszna castle

Moszna Castle- a fascinating seventeenth-century structure

It is not quite an ordinary palace, because it resembles a theatrical set. Just think, the structure includes 99 towers. The view is admired not only by children but also by adults. It is interesting to know that the beautiful castle has never performed a defensive function during all its existence. This is the reason for the lack of interest in it by foreign conquerors, which allowed it to remain unscathed. Moszno Castle is a real “cocktail” of styles. Its facade is Baroque, the wing on the east side is Neo-Gothic, and the western part corresponds to the classic Neo-Renaissance style.

25. Yasnaya Gora

Catholic Monastery of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa Aneta Lazurek

It is the main shrine of Poland. The monastery keeps the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, also the patroness of the country. This place belongs to the number of popular pilgrimage sites, there are many myths and facts about it. What to see in Poland, namely on the territory of Jasna Gora? Attention should be paid to the towering powerful bastions, the main temple and chapel. Of particular interest is the Knights’ Hall, which used to host receptions for guests of honor. Another complex of buildings includes sacristies, libraries with ancient printed editions and more.

26. The Old Town in Torun

Medieval Old Town in Torun

It is worth noting that this Polish landmark is on the List of National Treasure. The ancient part of the city is special in that it preserves unique monuments of architecture. It is separated by a moat and river, no exception are the city walls, which have survived only partially. The Old Town was enlarged at one time and now has Old Town Square in its central part, a former monastery in the northwest, and the Marriage Church in the southwest. During the Swedish siege, the described part of town suffered heavily, then a large number of buildings were burned, destroyed. Only after 1945 began extensive renovation work. Today, the Old Town is deservedly considered the pearl of Torun.

27. Old Powonzki

The Old Powonzki is a famous necropolis in Warsaw Krzysztof Belczynski

It is a cemetery where famous figures of Polish history and culture are buried. A large part of it is devoted to war graves, victims of wars of the 19th and 20th centuries. Located in Warsaw, it is interesting because some tombstones are true works of art. It is especially beautiful on the night of All Saints’ Day. On October 31st a large number of people come to the cemetery to pay their respects to the fallen, and to do this they light a huge number of candles on the graves.

28. The Mountain of Crosses Grabarka

Wooden pilgrim crosses on the Holy Mountain of Grabarka

The place with the interesting name is considered a holy place, pilgrims come from all over the world to worship there. On the days of major church festivals there is a procession of the Cross. This is the name of the event, when a large number of believers walk on foot. Sometimes the distance from the settlement to the mountain reaches 100 km, all this time people are carrying heavy wooden crosses. This custom has been alive for 200 years. The mountain got its name because on its summit in the woods each pilgrim leaves his cross, which there have already gathered in large numbers.

As you can see, the sights on the territory of the described country is really a lot, which is why tours to this destination are very popular. Experienced travelers recommend planning a trip in advance, so as not to lose sight of all the most interesting, significant. The most popular cities among tourists are Gdansk, Krakow, the capital. What’s interesting about them was mentioned at the beginning. Whichever destination you choose, everywhere you will be impressed by the unforgettable atmosphere.

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