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Best attractions in Chile: Top 23

The sights of Chile are considered very interesting and unusual, which is due to the large length of the country, a variety of climatic zones. In terms of nature, it is unique because in the landscapes there are mountains covered with snow, as well as deserts and plains with dense forests. What to see in Chile? There is not much to say in a nutshell. This topic should be the subject of a separate article.

What is the first thing to see in Chile?

The country boasts the highest quality roads, an extensive network of railways, as well as convenient air links. This means that whichever Chilean attraction you decide to see, getting to your destination won’t be difficult.

1. Andean Christ

The majestic statue is a symbol of well-being and tranquility on the Bermejo Pass

The monument is in honor of the Redeemer of Man, and has been for more than 100 years in the territory that divides Chile and Argentina. Once upon a time a war almost broke out between these states, for a long time they could not define their borders. The end of the conflict was the grand opening of the majestic monument, which brought together inhabitants of the two states, which resulted in the signing of an amicable agreement. If you don’t know what to see in Chile, you can start with the statue of the Andean Christ.

2. Valle de la Luna

The bizarre landscape of the Moon Valley

Around the city of San Pedro, this place is one of the most popular among tourists. It is an accumulation of sand mixed with rocks and salts. Over thousands of years, the winds and masses of water have been polishing it all up, resulting in something shimmering with all kinds of colors and textures. Why is the valley so named? Because it bears a striking resemblance to the surface of the celestial body of the moon. The valley’s breathtaking scenery is a sight to behold. The highlight are dry lakes, salt-covered rocks, slopes of rocks, playing in the sunlight. The cliffs, which change their shape about a thousand times a day, deserve special attention. When asked what to see in Chile, the answer is simple: visit the valley of the moon.

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3. Easter Island

The Moa stone icons on Easter Island

It is 3,514 km distant from the mainland, and is known for the stretch of land by stone statues made of compressed ash. They are displayed along the shore with their eyes pointed into the ocean. The gaze of the statues is eerie, yet mesmerizing at the same time. It is still a mystery how the 10-meter-high idols got there. Studies have shown that the moai were made in quarries in the central part of the island. A trip to Easter Island will in any case be fascinating, interesting. Every year there is a big holiday there.

4. City of Santiago

The modern high-rise buildings of the city of Santiago

This is another place that is really worth visiting in Chile. The settlement is considered the capital of the described state, founded in 1541 by the conquistadors. Santiago is pleasant to be in, because its streets are perfectly clean. It is noteworthy that the old houses, decorated in a colonial style, look good with modern buildings in the form of skyscrapers. And the backdrop is simply fascinating, the majestic snow-covered Andes. What to see in Chile, specifically in the capital? To get acquainted with the city, it makes sense to visit museums and palaces. But to appreciate all the available attractions, one day will not be enough, because the history and culture of the whole country are collected in the city.

5. San Cristobal Hill

The San Cristobal Hill Cableway

This is one of Chile’s main landmarks and is located in North Santiago. Once you get to the top of the hill, you can visit the observatory, admire the statue of the Virgin Mary, and see with your own eyes part of the sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception. A bird’s-eye view of Santiago is best taken from the observation deck. The image of the unknown world is represented by small houses with orange roofs, snow-white cathedrals. Characterized by winding streets, palm trees, tropical plants. Where to go in Chile, staying on the San Cristobal Hill? It is worth a walk in the botanical garden, visit the wine museum and the zoo, which is home to flamingos, real giraffes, meerkats.

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Feel the atmosphere of Chile in this beautiful video!

6. Lauca National Park

Volcanoes and Lake Chungara in Lauca National Park Alberto ....

The name means “water grass” in the Aymara language. The park was established in 1970 on the basis of the Forest Reserve of the same name. The total area exceeds 137 thousand hectares. What is in the park zone? It is represented by endless steppes, the foothills of the Cordillera ridge, as well as the plateau of the same name as the famous lake, Titicaca. In 1981, this landmark of Chile was included in the list of UNESCO. If you consider the recommendations of seasoned tourists, in the water areas surrounding the national park, you can pitch a tent and meet a wonderful sunrise. In the surrounding area there is the historical monument of Tambo de Chungara, which is a kind of checkpoint. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk the streets of the small town of Parinacota and explore the caves at the base of the rocky slopes. This Chilean attraction contains much more to see.

7. Chiloe Island Churches

The bright facade of the wooden church of St. Francis on the island of Chiloe

The piece of land is located in Patagonia, specifically off the southern coast of Chile in contact with the Pacific Ocean. It has a unique historical monument displaying eighteenth- and nineteenth-century architecture. Catholic churches in the area were built by the Spaniards in order to convert the local population to Christianity. The buildings show us the European Middle Ages and at the same time the culture of the local Indians. Most importantly, they were all built without the use of nails. A trip to Chiloé Island will be interesting.

8. Magdalena Island

The old Magdalena Island lighthouse and Magellanic Penguin colony

This Chilean landmark is world famous because of the huge number of penguins that inhabit a small piece of land. It is located in the Magellan Strait. The island is inhabited only by penguins, so the only structure there is an old lighthouse. Throughout its territory are laid hiking trails, fenced with ropes. If you dreamed to take a photo with a real penguin, then you have to go to the island of Magdalena.

9. City of Valparaiso

Colorful buildings on the hills of the city of Valparaiso

This settlement is the main port of the state. It is located in the bay of the same name, which is surrounded on all sides by mountains. In their reviews, many tourists note that their acquaintance with the city leaves the most vivid impressions, because it is the “keeper” of the inexpressible spirit of antiquity. Of the attractions in the city there is the Sotomayor Square, a monument-mausoleum dedicated to Captain Arturo Prat. The museums and the building of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs also attract attention. On the promenade of Muel Pratt you can buy souvenirs, grab something at a snack bar or eat a full meal at one of the highly rated restaurants.

10. Sewell Miner Township

Abandoned Sewell Mining Township Pablo Viojo

Today the settlement is uninhabited, located in the Chilean mountains, not far from the capital. At one time the mining settlement was used all year round, and now it is considered a World Heritage Site. The houses were built of wood, and the finished structures were painted in bright colors. The architecture was made on the model of the 19th century, only in some buildings is traced modernism. What to see in Chile in 1 day? Go to a mining town located on the slopes of the Andes. By the way, it was founded in 1904 for the purpose of copper mining.

11. Viña del Mar Botanical Garden

Green area of Viña del Mar Botanical Garden Nereidas

It is not just a landmark in Chile, but a great place to relax, to reconnect with nature. There are constant works aimed at preserving the flora of the south-central part of the country. The garden has a total area of 395 hectares and has a park of 32 hectares. There you can admire more than 280 varieties of trees, a huge collection of plants, of which there are more than 1170 species. The garden is one of the best attractions, because in addition to visual pleasure, you can have a picnic, for which there are specially equipped places. Various events, including outdoor concerts, are often held on its grounds.

12. Pumalin Nature Park

Pumalin Nature Park Landscape

It is one of the few nature reserves located in the state being described. The local infrastructure is rated as well developed. This can be seen in the presence of hiking trails, the functioning of the information center, and the camping facilities. If you use the services of guides in Chile, you can learn the history of the appearance and development of the natural park. The local nature is wild and unspoiled, but in spite of this, on the territory of the park area there are farms, cheese factories, honey production. For tourists there are small stores, there is even a restaurant and a tent camp.

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13. Ojos del Salado Volcano

Snow cover of Ojos del Salado Volcano sergejf

It is considered the highest on earth, with its summit rising to the heavens at 6,893 meters. The last eruption of the volcano dates back more than a thousand years. When a small ash eruption occurred in 1993, it was “reclassified” as active. This landmark in Chile has several other records. It is the highest point in the country, and it also has the highest lake on Earth. A permanent snow cap does not form on the top. The first to climb the volcano were Polish climbers, and on the way up they found several sacrificial altars. This suggests that this was a sacred mountain for the ancient Americans.

14. Humberston and Santa Laura

Hamberston and Santa Laura ghost towns

Today, these are distressed saltpeter developments located in the north of the country. In 2005, a decision was made to include them in the UNESCO list. The plants are located in the Atacama desert. The enterprises went bankrupt during the Great Depression, the event occurred in 1929. The main reason was the development of ammonia synthesis. Excursions to Chile on the subject of abandoned factories are often organized.

15. Torres del Paine National Park

Lovely corner of Torres del Paine National Park

It is remarkable for its incredibly beautiful mountain scenery that is unparalleled around the world. Just look at the famous peaks of Patagonia, which are often seen in advertising brochures, and even on the covers of books. Torres del Paine is one of the main attractions not only because of its mountains. You can also see rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, and lakes. All over the world this place is deservedly considered the most beautiful, unique. There are flora and fauna untouched by human activity, which can not fail to impress. Where to go in Chile, being in the Torres del Paine Park? The famous peaks “Los Cuernos” and “Las Torres” are worth paying attention to. Their shape is modeled by the force of the wind, the movement of the glaciers.

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16. San Rafael Glacier

The ice river flowing into the San Rafael Sea Lagoon

This landmark in Chile is one of the main ones of natural origin. The mass of ice of atmospheric origin has an area of 170 km² and the wall is up to 70 m high. It is part of the Northern Patagonian Ice Field, which was once formed around the San Valentín mountain peak. If you’re hungry for interesting sites, then the glacier is the place to go. This is a great opportunity to get a closer look at the cold blocks with their bizarre shapes.

17. Pukon City

City of Pucón and its surroundings

This place is considered the capital of active tourism. The locality itself cannot be called large, however, it has a lake, a volcano and offers a wide variety of active sports. Do not know what to see in Chile? Do you think you have seen everything? You would be wrong. The city of Pucón is noted for its inspiring natural energy. It was founded back in 1883 to be used as a military fort, specifically to protect the eastern borders of the state. When the first hotel appeared on the territory of the settlement, it began to attract even more tourists. You can get there by boat from Villarric (a town nearby). Pukon is an ideal place for those who love fishing, admiring the beautiful scenery.

18. Lake District

A land of lakes and volcanoes unparalleled in its beauty

Another name for a landmark in Chile is “The Seven Lakes.” As has become clear, we are talking about a whole system of reservoirs of different sizes. The most popular are those around which there are picturesque towns. In the area of the lake region offers a lot of interesting activities. One can choose rafting or fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, and even yachting. Nearby is a ski resort Pukon. The description says that there are 9 elevators and 20 slopes for skiing. There are no problems with the rental of special equipment.

Sightseeing in Chile: what else can I do in Chile?

The first were described sights of Chile, which should be seen on a mandatory basis. And now let’s look at what to see in Chile, if the vacation is not over yet.

19. La Portada Natural Monument

A unique arch created by nature

Refers to the number of naturally formed, is under state protection. The monument has the form of an arch 43 m high, 23 m wide, 70 m long. Its base is represented by black andesite stone, and sedimentary rocks are noted around it. Even experienced guides in Chile cannot tell the exact age of the fossils, there is speculation that it ranges from 2-35 million years old.

20. Elka Valley

Green vineyards in the Elqui Valley

Considered the birthplace of the grape brandy pisco, it is a well-known Chilean drink. Its unique composition involves mixing lime juice, sugar, and egg. Covered with vineyards, the valley is located along the river of the same name. You can stay in neighboring communities, and if you like starry skies overhead, then you can camp.

21. Portillo ski resort

Slopes of Portillo Ski Resort

What to see in Chile for true snow lovers, laid-back vacationers? A great option is a resort nestled on the shores of a picturesque lake. Keep in mind that the ski resort there lasts from mid-June to October.

22. City of Puerto Varas

City of Puerto Varas and Lake Llanquihue with the Andes and Calbuco volcano as a backdrop

It is worth a walk to admire the magnificent views of the Osorno volcano, the colonial style houses. It is a great place for fishermen, river rafting and horseback riding.

23. The arm of the desert

Giant Hand "Mano de Desierto" in the Atacama Desert

Represents a sculpture in Chile’s Atacama Desert, symbolizing the vulnerability, loneliness and helplessness of man in the sands. When deciding to go to the desert, make sure you have everything you need (water, food, sunscreen).

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