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Best attractions in Switzerland: Top 20

The sights of Switzerland demonstrate the natural and man-made wealth of the country. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how they all fit into such a small area. Knowing what to see in Switzerland, you will not lose sight of all the most interesting and significant.

What is the first thing to see in Switzerland?

A trip to Switzerland will certainly be remembered for a lifetime, because it is rich in unique architectural monuments, beautiful lakes, mountain ranges. Every medieval town of this country deserves attention. Below is a list of the main attractions of Switzerland.

1. Grossmunster Cathedral

Grossmunster is an ancient monastery and cathedral in Zurich

If you are among the connoisseurs of religious monuments, then you will definitely like the majestic cloister located in the heart of Zurich. It is believed that the cathedral was built in the 9th century, and the place was chosen for a reason. Nearby were discovered at one time the graves of St. Regula and St. Felix. In the description of the site it is said that construction then was delayed, the building was put into operation only in the 12th century. Today, this landmark in Switzerland is among the most visited, in this place tourists get an opportunity to penetrate the centuries-old history of the temple.

2. Firwaldstatter Lake

A beautiful view of Firwaldstatte Lake

What to see in Switzerland? A body of water, the waters of which are washed by 4 cantons at once, deserves attention. Tourists often call it the name of the most popular and largest village on the shore. A trip here will be remembered for its picturesque winding shores. If you describe Firvaldstet lake more precisely, it is worth noting that it consists of 4 basins, which are connected by narrow straits. There is also a basin formed by ancient masses of ice of atmospheric origin, once they descended from the mountains. In the summertime, the water is completely clear and warms up to 20 degrees Celsius.

3. St. Moritz

St. Moritz Nature Corner

What to visit in Switzerland? It is worth getting to know one of the oldest resorts in the world. It is located in the Engadin Valley, and boasts the fact that during the year there are 322 sunny days. This place is among the best attractions, because the most famous ski resort in the country is located here. Every year it attracts representatives of royal dynasties, politicians, billionaires, and show business stars are no exception. From the reviews of the resort you can understand that the cuisine and restaurants there are subject to the whims of the ski elite. Most public eating establishments are located directly on the slopes.

4. Matterhorn

High Mountain Lake and Matterhorn

Continuing to describe places of interest, we would like to focus on one of the most recognizable mountains of the country. The Matterhorn is the symbol of the Alps and is located on the border of two countries. The southern part of the slope “belongs” to Italy and the other three belong to Switzerland. For a long time this hill remained unconquered, because on the steep slopes of the mountain almost did not retain the snow. In 1865 the first ascent was carried out, and at the same time by Italian and British climbers. There is another unpleasant thing about this landmark of Switzerland: the mountain leads the sad statistics, with over 500 people killed on its slopes.

5. Rhine Falls

The rushing waters of the Rhine Falls

Tourists are invited to experience the largest and most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. Visitors are amazed not only by its height (it is 23 m), but also by the volume of falling water. It is especially interesting to watch this natural wonder during the snow melt period, which adds volume to the waterfall. The rating of the attraction is rated as high, because on the hill just above the waterfall there is a medieval castle, and in it a restaurant, hotel and many stores.

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6. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a paradise for water sports

Continuing the topic of attractions in Switzerland. The second largest freshwater lake in all of Central Europe, located on the border of two countries at once, deserves attention. The length of the lake is 73 km and its width in some places reaches 14 km. It was formed presumably 15 thousand years ago, when the glacier of the Rhone melted and descended. The recommendations of this place are very positive, because it has a mild climate, prevailing clean Alpine air. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of subtropics and mountains. There are several attractions close to Lake Geneva, which further increases the interest in this place.

Check out the beautiful places in Switzerland in this great video!

7. Old Town (Zurich)

Medieval buildings on the waterfront of the Old Town of Zurich

Where to go in Switzerland? One of the most intimate and colorful places in the main city of the country should not be missed. Here you can see buildings that date back to the 11th century with your own eyes. They are notable for their painted walls, the presence of a large number of flowers on the windows. When surveying the Old Town in Zurich, pay attention to St. Peter’s Cathedral, which has the largest clock in Europe. Among the city’s main churches is the Fraumuenster. Excursions in Switzerland to the oldest part of Zurich tourists like the fact that here built a huge number of antique, souvenir stores, restaurants. On the shore of the lake is a park with picnic areas, beach and cafes.

8. Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle on the shores of Lake Geneva

Not sure what to visit in Switzerland? Head in the direction of Chillon Castle, which together with its dungeons served as a prison for a certain time. Now the Great Hall, featuring the Savoy coat of arms, has a magnificent ceiling and a fireplace of imposing 15th-century proportions. There is also a festive hall where the ceiling takes the form of an inverted submarine. There is a museum of weapons, armor and pewter dishes. Once in Chillon Castle, don’t forget to visit the spacious Hall of Chivalry and Coat of Arms.

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9. The Great Alech Glacier

The Grand Alech Glacier Canyon

Refers to the natural attractions of Switzerland, and is located on the southern slope of the Bernese Alps. It is remarkable because on the descent into the valley created a canyon, in a way similar to the road made by human hands. The length of the glacier is 24 km in total. Here you will be able to take mesmerizing photos, which will definitely surprise your friends.

10. Ballenberg Open-Air Museum

Open-Air Museums in Ballenberg

Many guides in Switzerland recommend visitors to the country to visit this place. The museum was formed after the locals stopped demolishing the village houses that had fallen into disrepair. The same applies to the stables, outbuildings. In the 70s of the last century, they began to carefully dismantle and rebuild on the site in the open air. At first, there were only 16 exhibits in the museum, but now there are about 100 buildings on an area of 66 hectares, which were collected from different parts of the country. You will learn about the local culture, traditions from the thematic exhibitions.

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11. Gorniergrat Railway

The Horniergrath Railway with the Matterhorn in the background

Why is it among the attractions of Switzerland, you may ask? It’s simple, the railway runs through a very beautiful part of the country. On this road you can climb in 40 minutes to the very top of Mount Gornergrat, and it’s a level of more than 3 thousand meters. What can be seen in Switzerland, if you go by rail? Alpine meadows Riffelalp, a glacier of natural origin Hornergletscher, peak Matterhorn attract attention. Experienced tourists recommend to sit on the right side of the train, then you do not miss the most interesting things. Now the trains run at any time of year, the route includes 5 stops, at any of them you can get off.

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12. Pilatus

The Pilatus Kulm viewpoint and hotel on top of Pilatus

As it has already become clear, many of Switzerland’s attractions are represented by mountain ranges. One of the most interesting for tourists is Pilatus, which attracts attention with its “jagged”, sharp edges, relief, reminiscent of the back of a dragon. tourists are told stories about dragons, a mysterious woman who lives in the cave Shibenloch, which keeps unseen treasures. This place is among those that can be seen in Switzerland in 1 day. You can climb the massif by train, on foot or by cable car.

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13. Zermatt

Lovely scenery of the Zermatt ski resort

It is a year-round resort that is among the most prestigious in the world. Its main attraction is the Matterhorn, described above. For automobile traffic the resort is completely closed, here you can move only by mini-auto, horse-drawn carriages. It offers ample opportunities for skiing, there are many special schools, and even a ski kindergarten. This landmark of Switzerland is ideal for fans of mountain climbing, helicopter flights, squash, curling. And this is not a complete list of activities at the resort.

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14. “The Dying Lion” in Lucerne

The Oval Pond and the "Dying Lion" Monument in Lucerne

The history of this landmark in Switzerland is very touching, with an American writer calling it “the most tragic stone in the world.” In short, a sculpture of a dying lion was once carved into the natural rock in honor of those who died during the storming of the Tuileries Palace. It is depicted pierced with a spear, attempting to cover with itself the coat of arms, which is the symbol of the French royal house.

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15. Capellebrucke

The Kapellbrucke Bridge "Chapel Bridge" and the Wasserturm Tower in Lucerne

Continuing to talk about what to see in Switzerland? Worthy of tourist attention is the bridge, which is a real engineering art that has survived the centuries. In Europe it is the oldest wooden structure connecting the banks of the river Reuss. Through it you can get from the old part of town to the modern one. Be sure to pay attention to the massive stone piers of the bridge, which are the only elements of the structure not made of wood. The most interesting thing: under the roof there are 111 picturesque paintings, by which you can study the history of the state as a whole, the canton and the city.

Attractions in Switzerland: what else to visit in Switzerland?

As it has become clear, the landscape of the state in Western Europe is mostly hilly, mountainous, there is a great variety of fauna and flora. Just so you know, Switzerland belongs to the small number of European countries, not affected by world wars. That is why there are so many sights preserved here.

16. Old Town (Bern)

View of the Old Town of Bern

Since 1983, it has been listed as a UNESCO heritage site. Walking through its streets, you feel as if you are in a medieval state. Not sure what else to see in Switzerland? Go to a place where time has literally stood still, way back in the 13th century. In the old town there is a large number of historical monuments. For example, the clock tower Zitglogge, the bridge at the Lower Gate, the cathedral and not only. With hotels in Switzerland there is no problem, and in whatever part of the state you find yourself, most importantly, take care of booking a room in advance. In the old town you can fully enjoy unhurried walks through the streets, relax in the shade of cozy squares, and in the end, eat delicious cakes from many pastry shops.

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17. Fortifications of Bellinzona

Panoramic view of the Bellinzona Fortresses

We are talking about a whole group of several fortifications located around the settlement. All of them are on the UNESCO list, which means that they are protected. The group consists of three castles and fortress walls. Castelgrande is justly considered the most ancient one, as its history dates back to ancient times. The renovation and strengthening of this structure was constantly taken care of, because for a long time it was the only protection of the city. All three castles are open to tourists.

18. Museum of Art and History in Geneva

Building of the Museum of Art and History in Geneva

It is considered the largest in the country being described. The collections include more than 650,000 exhibits, ranging from paintings to archaeological artifacts. The total area of the museum is 7 thousand square meters. To find this place in Geneva, you can be guided by the Cathedral. The museum itself is located in a beautiful palace, decorated with columns, it is made in the style of classicism. On the roof you can observe stone sculptures. You can see the permanent exhibitions for free, but for temporary collections you have to pay.

19. Titlis

The Engelberg ski resort with Mount Titlis in the background

The mountain is located in the town of Endelberg, known for offering ideal skiing conditions in the wintertime. The pistes for downhill skiing are of the highest quality. In the mountain area will not get bored even for non-skiers. Non-skiers are offered such entertainment as snow tubing, snowshoeing, and horse-drawn carriage rides. A highlight in the town of Endelberg are the World Cup competitions in ski jumping, they are held there regularly. There is always snow on Mount Titlis, because the mountain rises to 3,238 m above sea level.

20. The Rhaetian Railway

The Rhaetian Railway runs through alpine tunnels

Switzerland is rich in man-made wonders of the world, and the Rhaetian Railway is one of them. It is the most important transport route of the country and also crosses the local Alps. The line surprises with the views that open during the movement, but also with the height of some bridges and the curves of the viaducts. The road was built in the early twentieth century.

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Now you know what to see in Switzerland, which means that your trip will be the most interesting, fascinating.

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