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Best attractions in England: Top 25

The sights of England are so numerous and varied that you should make a schedule for visiting and seeing them in advance. Especially if your trip will not last a long time. Let’s find out what to see in England is a must.

What to see in England first?

Experienced guides in England recommend visiting at least 15-20 main monuments of history, culture and architecture in the country. Their ranking always includes the following attractions in England:

1. Windsor Castle

External view of Windsor Castle

We begin our review with the stronghold and residence of the British monarchs, perched on a hill in the Thames Valley, for a reason. It was erected in 1070, and today is considered the most romantic building of the country. Moreover, the size of Windsor Castle, 580 m by 165 m, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest castle in the world. If you don’t know what to see in England in 1 day, go here - you won’t be disappointed.

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2. London’s Big Ben

The Big Ben Clock Tower in London

As you plan your trip and explore England’s top attractions, don’t forget the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, created over 150 years ago. The memorial clock proclaims the state’s most important events: the arrival of the New Year, the Minutes of Silence, etc. Until recently, it was Big Ben that had the largest clock face on earth - no photo or description can convey all the grandeur of London’s main symbol.

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3. Lake District National Park

Nature of Lake District National Park

The natural attractions of England are no less interesting than the man-made masterpieces of the country. The park, founded in 1951, is a case in point. Its total area is 885 square miles. The Lake District is famous for its superb panoramic views and blooming countryside, mountain and lake landscapes. Nature here is so unpredictable that it can show all 4 seasons in a single day.

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4. Hyde Park

Hyde Park bird's eye view

Few places of interest in England are as rich in attractions as the royal Hyde Park. There’s the famous Orators’ Corner, the animal cemetery, the memorial to Princess Diana, the Wellington Museum, the statue of Achilles - you can go on and on. The park regularly hosts popular festivals, large-scale celebrations, and political rallies.

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5. Hadrian’s Wall

Adrian's Wall or Hadrian's Wall is a defensive structure of ancient Rome

This historic landmark in England is 117 km long. It was built in 122-128 years by the Romans to defend against the Brigantes and Picts. About 15 years ago, a hiking trail was opened along the defensive structure for tourists. Reviews of travelers claim that a walk along the rampart will be of interest not only to lovers of history and natural beauty, but also to a person with any other preference for recreation.

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Feel the atmosphere of England in this beautiful video!

6. British Museum

The main entrance of the British Museum

If your list of things to visit in England does not include the oldest and one of the largest museums in the world, you are visiting the country for nothing. The British Museum, located in London, is the second most visited art museum, behind only the Louvre. All tours in England are sure to start or end here. You’ll see both mysterious exhibits and the most ancient artifacts, as well as the most famous objects of history you’ve heard about since childhood.

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7. The Eden Project

The Eden Project's hexagonal domes

Recommendations from local flora and fauna lovers are sure to bring you to this botanical garden. It is located in the county of Cornwall, and is especially known for its unique greenhouse (the geodesic domes have gathered plants from all over the world under them).

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8. Yorkshire Valleys National Park

The spectacular landscape of Yorkshire Valleys National Park

Even a brief description of this attraction in England arouses interest: charming villages and towns, waterfalls and valleys ideal for hiking, cave systems open to the public (within park boundaries), rivers and stone fences, endless heathlands and lush green pastures on which cattle and sheep walk.

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9. The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Stone Figure at the Lost Gardens of Heligan

A huge botanical garden with unique stone figures and exotic plants. It was also included in the list of “England’s best attractions” for its original woven wire people “greeting” guests throughout the grounds, its own “jungle,” flower and vegetable gardens.

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10. Leeds Castle

Lake in front of medieval Leeds Castle

Every tourist should see with his own eyes the most beautiful medieval structure, located on the lake islands near the river Len. At one time it was used as a residence of the royal family. It contains the bedrooms of Catherine of Aragon and Lady Baillie, the banqueting hall of King Henry the Eighth, and the library of Master Boudin.

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11. Westminster Abbey

North façade of Westminster Abbey

Gothic church in Westminster, erected between 1245 and 1745. If you’re pondering what to visit in England right now, you’re unlikely to get into this abbey - the number of tourists here is always high. The church attracts attention both by its majestic appearance and by its displays: weapons of original appearance, paintings, rare documents and ancient folios.

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12. Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium Panorama Ed Webster

On international soccer match days, when all the hotels in England are occupied by “game number one” fans, this stadium with its red stands is seen by the whole world. The national team trains here as well as hosting Champions League matches. The date of foundation of the new stadium (the old one was demolished back in 2003) was 2007.

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13. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace and Flower Park

The official residence of Elizabeth the Second (Queen of England) in London. Fans of this attraction in England compare it to a small town. It has its own movie theater, discotheque, several sports clubs, bar, hospital, post offices and police. Three miles of red carpets and 600 rooms, including parade rooms, are serviced daily by more than 700 employees. You should also buy your ticket in advance.

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14. Tower Bridge

View of Tower Bridge from the side

Partly swinging, partly suspended neo-Gothic style bridge over the Thames, located close to the Tower. Another symbol of Britain, illuminated at night by hundreds of lights. From the bridge you can watch unhurried ships and take memorable photos.

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15. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is the ruins of a monumental structure on the Salbury Plain

The UNESCO-listed megalithic stone structure or “stone circle” is called a huge stone enigma. The landmark consists of 5 arches pointing to the sides of the world, 30 blocks and 82 megaliths. In the central part is a 6-ton altar.

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Attractions in England: what else to visit in England?

16. Shambles Street in York

Shambles Street in York is full of quirky stores Jinx McCombs

Now you know where to go in England above all else. However, do not limit your sightseeing program only to these sights. You will be no less interested, for example, in Shambles Street in York. It is one of the top 10 most beautiful shopping streets in the world, and it is worth to visit it not only for fans of shopping.

17. Stratford-upon-Avon

A street in the English town of Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of W. Shakespeare. The small town offers national restaurants and pubs with simple and inexpensive but delicious food. The popular Mop Fair is held in the center of town.

18. London Eye

The London Eye Ferris Wheel

Want to see all of London at once? Take a ride on Europe’s largest Ferris wheel called the London Eye. To do this you need to go to the south bank of the Thames in the Lambeth district.

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19. The Tower

Walls of the medieval fortress Tower of London

The Tower is the historic center of England’s capital city and a fortress on the north bank of the Thames. Long a prison and repository for the treasures of the English monarchs, the Tower is today a magnificent architectural monument. Buy a ticket for an evening tour, and you might find yourself among those who see ghosts here. Legend has it that Sir Walter Raleigh (the navigator) and Anne Boleyn strolling with her head in her right hand can be found here. Don’t worry - you’ll be escorted on tours by guards.

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20. Albert Dock in Liverpool

Albert Dock in Liverpool is an art space and entertainment area

Liverpool’s Albert Dock, built entirely in cast iron, brick and stone (no wood), was the first enclosed dock in the world. It now hosts the annual Great Ships Festival, with sound, laser, and light multimedia shows on the water.

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21. Madame Tussauds Museum in London

Madame Tussauds Museum in London's Marylebone district self-made

Along with Big Ben, the real symbol of London and the whole of Great Britain is the Madame Tussauds wax gallery, a museum with a human face, or more precisely, with a thousand faces represented in all the branches of the famous museum. This institution was founded back in the 19th century by the famous female sculptor Marie Tussauds. Her passion for creating wax figures was her life’s work, and the first works were put on public display in 1835, the same time when the antique museum was opened. Half a century later the collection moved to another building in Marylebone where it remains to this day. In the exposition found a place for sculptures of actors, politicians, musicians, athletes, writers, members of the royal dynasty, movie characters and other famous personalities. History buffs should visit the two halls devoted specifically to Napoleon, and science buffs should see realistic figures of figures of science. Each year, the number of visitors to Madame Tussauds is about 3 million!

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22. London’s National Gallery

London National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London Roman Boed

The 1839 National Gallery, located in London’s Trafalgar Square, is one of the largest art galleries in the kingdom. In its spacious halls are arranged in chronological order countless masterpieces of fine art with titles totaling more than 2 thousand. Here visitors can trace the entire history of Western European painting from the 12th to the 20th century. Among the exhibits are works by court artists of British kings, collections of Venetian masters, Italian and Spanish creators, French, German and Flemish painters. The gallery has a large collection of Rembrandt’s works, reflecting his entire life. Rubens is no less well represented, especially in paintings from his later period. London gallery gives its visitors the opportunity not only to see famous paintings, but also to learn how to create their own creations - master classes on painting techniques are regularly held there.

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23. Rochester Castle

View of Rochester Castle from the doors of Rochester Cathedral on the east bank of the Medway River Hugh Llewelyn

Rochester Castle is perhaps Britain’s most emblematic landmark, a true symbol of England and its pride. The fortress with nearly a thousand years of history is located in the county of Kent, half an hour drive from London. In those years the main goal of the castle construction was to block the way of invaders to the English capital, and it should be said, the powerful stone construction coped with this task completely, despite numerous sieges. And even after numerous restorations the majestic castle preserved its original look, and today it is a vivid example of Norman architecture. Throughout its history, the castle has inspired the writer Dickens, the painter Turner, its first floor was used as storage rooms, the second floor was inhabited by the commandant, the third by the master and his entourage. Fragments of the thick fortress walls can be seen around the castle, and the 38-meter donjon tower is one of the best-preserved monuments of the Middle Ages.

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24. Canterbury Cathedral

Facade of Canterbury Cathedral's 15th century Gothic style Canterbury Antony McCallum
Chorus of Canterbury Cathedral standing in front of Trinity Chapel Diliff

London is a veritable treasure trove of Britain, full of architectural masterpieces, trendy clubs and other tidbits for the tourist. But what is there to see in England besides London? Among the first places worth seeing is Canterbury Cathedral, dating back to 603, located in the ancient city of Canterbury in the southeastern part of the country. Unfortunately, the original appearance of the cathedral has not remained - it was destroyed by fire in the 12th century, but in the process of reconstruction a magnificent Gothic building was erected with attached Trinity Chapel, where relics of killed Archbishop Thomas Becket are kept. The colorful stained glass windows of the 12th and 13th centuries, with biblical scenes, which can be seen in the west window, are of particular value in the cathedral. The cathedral’s choir is in the Early Gothic style, and its attached chapels hold relics, including the St. Augustine’s Chair, on which the ordination of archbishops takes place, and the Crown of Bracket, dropped from the archbishop’s head at the time of his assassination.

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25. Sherwood Forest

The picturesque landscape of Sherwood Forest near Clemston

The county of Nottinghamshire is home to a mysterious forest that is steeped in legend. Not only adult tourists go to Sherwood Forest, but also those who are looking for the sights of England for children - the spirit of adventure lures the youngest travelers to this place. According to folk ballads, it was in this forest that the brave Robin Hood pondered his plans - here, in an ancient oak tree, the so-called headquarters of the hero was located. Today, everyone can see the giant giant tree called “Major Oak”. Since half a century the territories of this park are protected and in demand as a popular recreation area. Every year this reserve is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists: flora lovers can make original gifts in the form of acorns from the Major Oak, and fans of holidays - to visit a major festival, which is held here in summer, with theatrical performances, circus performances and shows.

To summarize

It is impossible to answer unambiguously and briefly the question of what to see in England should be a must-see. This country is ready to offer a lot of fascinating and interesting sights for every visitor. Therefore, plan a tour itinerary taking into account your own preferences in advance.

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