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Best attractions in Geneva: Top 25

The sights of Geneva should be seen with an experienced guide. If you do not have the opportunity to hire a companion, find out what you should see in Geneva, our review will allow you to find out what you should see in Geneva.

What’s the first thing to see in Geneva?

If you want your trip to be informative and really unforgettable, it is necessary to visit the following sights in Geneva:

1. Palais des Nations

Flag Alley at the Palais des Nations or the UN Palace in the Ariane Park

All matters relating to world politics and the history of mankind are decided here. However, the UN headquarters is not a closed institution at all - any tourist can visit it by booking tours in Geneva. The largest meeting and conference rooms, exhibition rooms with works of world artists are open for viewing, among other things. Pay attention also to the architectural component of the palace complex, as well as its park - the local statues are mostly gifts of the UN from various states.

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2. Ge-Do Fountain

Fountain Ge-Do is a giant jet of water on Lake Geneva

Few places of interest in Geneva draw as much admiration as this ancient and beautiful fountain in the middle of the lake. It is often compared in beauty and grandeur to the Eiffel Tower. Here are just a few features of the legendary spring: the waters play different colors - pink, silver and blue, the unpredictable shape of the water column is never repeated - it changes by sunlight and gusts of wind. If you don’t know what a person of any age should visit in Geneva, go here.

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3. Place du Bourg-de-Four

Piazza Bourg de Four on the left bank of the Rhone River in the historic part of Geneva Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

The social and cultural center of the city, beloved by locals and tourists alike around the world. From the triangular square, lined with polished stones, the streets of the Old World scatter in all directions. In the central part there is a colorful 18th century fountain. Come here for a quiet coffee and a chat with the hospitable locals, to start exploring the many sites nearby, or to walk to the Promenade de la Trey with its longest wooden bench of 120 meters.

4. Wooden Sculpture Broken Chair

Broken Chair - monumental sculpture in the Place des Nations Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

The 12-foot chair with its broken leg weighs more than five and a half tons. The monument is located in the Place des Nations and is a symbol of protest against the use of anti-personnel mines, which at one time affected many civilians in Geneva.

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5. Reformation Wall

The Reformation Wall is a monument of statues and bas-reliefs of prominent figures of the Reformation

The 9-meter-long wall with five-meter-long figures symbolizes the events and tells the story of the main participants in the Protestant Reformation. We included this monument of bas-reliefs and statues in our list of “the best sights in Geneva” for those fascinated by history.

Feel the atmosphere of Geneva in this beautiful video!

6. Grand Theatre de Geneve

The Grand Theatre de Geneve at night

If you are passionate about ballet or opera, your trip should include a visit to the productions of this opera house. The building itself will be of interest to all fans of neoclassicism for its architectural component.

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7. Geneva Museum of Art and History

Geneva Museum of Art and History in a beautiful palace with columns, designed in the spirit of classicism

On an area of 7,000 squares stands a magnificent palace with stone sculptures and columns. At regular exhibitions you can see works by such geniuses as Claude Monet, Renoir and Picasso. This majestic monument of architecture and art is included in any rating of the top museums in the world.

8. Patek Philippe Museum

Patek Philippe Museum building Moumou82

The four-story building houses many exhibits, all of which are all kinds of clocks - Queen Victoria and Tchaikovsky, Wagner and Tolstoy, pocket and wall clocks, precious metals and antiques. Each floor has its own theme. On the first floor you can discover the secrets of the first European movements, and on the fourth you can discover the products of Patek Philippe. Many of the best hotels in Geneva are located near the museum.

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9. Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is located in a small 4-story building Philippe Wagneur

Where to go in Geneva for free? This gigantic museum complex, spread over 10,000 squares. Stuffed animals and birds and dinosaur skeletons await you. In the rooms and corridors you can hear music that sets the mood: rustles and rustles, cries of animals and other sounds of nature. On one of the four levels is an exhibit of minerals of unearthly and terrestrial origin.

10. Ethnographic Museum

New building of the Ethnographic Museum of Geneva Thibaut120094 / CC BY 4.0

Thinking about what to see in Geneva in 1 day, and opting for the Museum of Ethnography, you can see exhibits of more than 1,500 cultures collected from the five continents of the Earth. There are both regular and temporary exhibitions that tell the vivid differences and diversity of the world’s population.

11. Ariana Museum of Ceramics and Glass

The Ariana Museum of Ceramics and Glass in Park with Fountain

A magnificent palace with a cedar garden that all guides in Geneva recommend to visit. There are more than 20,000 objects of glass and ceramics from 20 centuries, as well as paintings, sculptures, collections of numismatics, etc. on display. Rare antique stained glass windows, among others, are on display.

12. Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

The Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is dedicated to the activities of Henri Dunant Paebi

It is located in the headquarters of the organization of the same name. In the collections you can see objects that tell the story of natural disasters and armed confrontations, as well as the role of the CC in history. The objects come from very different eras, from biblical times to modern times. Such important attractions in Switzerland should be visited by every tourist in the country.

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13. Tavel House

The Tavel House - Museum of Geneva History Romano1246

The oldest building in the city, once rebuilt by the Tavel family after a fire. Within the walls of the medieval six-story house are unique exhibits telling the life of its former inhabitants - toys, paintings, kitchen utensils, coins, etc.

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14. Arsenal Building

A valuable exhibit in the Arsenal Building Lional Rajappa

A 14th century building formerly used for grain storage. The building now houses a museum dedicated to the history of Switzerland. Exhibits include weapons, ancient documents and frescoes.

15. Molar Tower

Molar Tower is a low tower of light stone Moumou82

If you want to experience the atmosphere of the Middle Ages while in the central part of modern Geneva, come and see the Molar Tower. The tower was built back in the 16th century and formerly acted as part of the structure of the fortress wall. Today it still bears a fine bas-relief with an allegorical figure of the city.

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16. St. Peter’s Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral is the main religious attraction in Geneva

A religious temple whose building was built in architectural directions of different times. Classicism, Romanesque, Baroque - the majestic cathedral is a true work of architectural stone art. Be sure to buy a ticket and enjoy the incredible beauty of the inner chapel. We also advise you to go up to the observation deck - from here you have a panoramic view of the whole of Geneva. Nearby is the Museum of Archaeology and the Russian Church.

17. Notre Dame Basilica

The majestic Gothic-style Notre Dame Basilica

You can see the Catholic basilica, made of sandstone, completely free of charge not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The interior halls are decorated with sculptures and stained-glass windows. The main pearl of Notre Dame is considered to be the statue of the Virgin Mary. The date of construction of this opulent and majestic basilica with its luxurious interior is the 19th century. Note the opportunity to attend the service (don’t forget the dress code).

18. Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Facade of the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Cross Gfuerst

The only Orthodox church in the city. The building was erected of snow-white stone obtained in the quarries of Switzerland, in a pseudo-Russian architectural style. There are five domes, corbel arches and columns decorating the four side chapel. The interior decoration deserves a separate talk: vaults of blue color are accompanied by golden stars, wall decoration - original ornaments of Byzantium. Under the main dome one can see images of Jesus, evangelists and seraphim. The artists who had a hand in the decoration of the cathedral are the famous D. Benzoni and D. Donati.

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19. Monument to the Duke of Brunswick

The Duke of Brunswick's Monument on Geneva's beautiful Mont Blanc Promenade

The Duke of Brunswick was known for his extravagance as well as his claustrophobia in a severe form. He was so afraid of being buried in a closed coffin in the ground that during his lifetime he gave 20 million francs to build his own mausoleum-shrine, which now stands on the shores of Lake Alpine. The coffin in which the ashes of the nobleman rests is located at a height of 6 meters in a luxurious mausoleum. There is a bronze equestrian monument of the duke and portraits of his family in marble.

20. Geneva Botanical Gardens

The Orangery at the Geneva Botanical Gardens

A garden that travelers from all corners of the world are eager to visit. A full day should be set aside to explore this rare gardening complex. In addition to the huge number of flowers and trees, there is a playground for children and a well-equipped area for recreation. Tourists and locals often have picnics here. You do not need to pay to enter or to see the green oasis.

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Geneva sights: what else is there to see in Geneva?

We have told you about the main sights of Geneva briefly. However, our recommendations don’t end there. Be sure to take the time to see them:

21. Parc des Bastions

Central alley with vacationers in Bastion Park Romano1246

This park is the most popular and most visited in Geneva. Today in the park you can get away from the bustle of the city, admire the flowerbeds and fountains or play chess and table tennis and ride a bicycle. Geneva’s authorities hold annual city events in the park: Music Festival or School Day, photo exhibitions and the Escalade Festival.

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22. The Montblanc Bridge

The Mont Blanc Bridge is a road bridge on the Rhone River A C Moraes

The structure is only 250 meters long. The bridge was built more than 155 years ago. It stretches along the stretch over which the waters of the Rhone flow out of Lake Geneva. The structure connects two parts of Geneva, so it is an area of maximum traffic concentration. The level of air pollution here is also as high as possible. Why, then, would you want to see Mont Blanc? For example, in order to admire the fountain of Lake Geneva from the best possible position.

23. Lake Geneva

Water tour along Lake Geneva

The Leman is famous for its incredibly beautiful waters. Unfortunately, you can swim in them only in July and August (during the rest of the year the water is too cold). But many travelers are attracted here not by the possibility of swimming, and the calm water surface, which can with amazing accuracy reflect the views of snow-covered hills of the Alps, subtropical vegetation and nearby buildings. Even on the hottest summer days, when the air heats up to +35 g. Celsius, there is no stuffiness in the clean air.

24. Flower clock

The Flower Clock of the English Park on the shores of Lake Geneva

One of the city’s most famous landmarks is a giant clock made of flowers and plants of various kinds. The dial is located in the Englischer Garten, and evokes the unfailing delight - the diameter of the clock is more than five meters. But it is not even the size of the clock that is surprising: the hands as well as the plants tell the right time. Flowers grow in a certain order (their biological cycles of life are taken into account), and one by one they bloom.

25. Park La Grange

Rosarium in La Grange Country Park makilica

The park area stretches along the left bank of Lake Geneva. You can admire the beauty of its trees and flowers absolutely free. There are several sculptures of majestic lions and a unique rose garden from 1945. You can relax in the gazebos, stroll along the landscaped paths, look at the fountains, lakes and canals. La Grange’s list of highlights includes century-old trees, including a red chestnut, and the ruins of an ancient villa. During the warm season, several outdoor theaters are open, and a playground is set up for vacationers with children.

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We hope that our attractions in Geneva, photos with names and descriptions of which you have now seen, aroused your interest and you will want to see them with your own eyes. Read also about sights of Zurich and be inspired for your further trip to Switzerland.

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