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Best attractions in Budva: Top 15

Not sure what to see in Budva? Then read our review to the end. We will give you useful recommendations and tell you about the most impressive and memorable sights of Budva.

What to see first in Budva

If you want to organize an unforgettable sightseeing trip, guides in Budva will help you with that. If, however, you intend to forego the services of escorts, pay attention to the following noteworthy sites:

1. Old town

The medieval atmosphere of the stone winding streets of Old Town

Few attractions in Montenegro can boast a history as rich and lasting as the “heart” of the Montenegrin city. You will be transported to the world of Mediterranean and Venetian architecture. At one time the Old Town was on an island, but later it was connected to the mainland by turning it into a sandy peninsula. On a tour of this Budva landmark, you can enjoy the view of charming old buildings with tiled red roofs. And also visit numerous museums and temples of Stari grad surrounded by thick fortress walls.

2. Citadel

The Citadel or Budva medieval fortress of St. Mary on the Adriatic Sea Adam Jones

The former fortress of St. Mary, and the main monument of the city’s history. You will be able to take wonderful photos against the background of dilapidated walls, thanks to which this trip will be remembered for many years to come. What to visit in Budva if you get hungry? Also the citadel: here you can order a delicious lunch or a hearty dinner in its restaurant, and eat right at the table at the top of the cliff.

Official website:

3. Sculpture “Dancer of Budva”

The sculpture of a dancing girl in a graceful pose against the background of Old Budva Sergei Narukov

A graceful and beautiful sculpture depicting a gymnast. We included it in our rating, also because the locals assure: touch the girl and make a wish and it will surely come true. This landmark of Budva has another purpose - it symbolizes love.

4. Mogren Beach

Mogren Beach in a picturesque bay with clean and clear water

Our list of things to visit in Budva would not be complete without the famous Montenegrin beach. In fact, we are talking about two separate small beaches covered with sand and fine pebbles (the territories are separated by a picturesque rock). Access to the second beach (Mogren 2) is through a cave. Inside the cave there are beautiful wooden bridges, on which every tourist considers it his duty to take a photo.

5. Aquapark Budva

Water activities for children at Aquapark Budva

Not so long ago numerous excursions in Budva added a new tourist facility - the water park, located at the top of Toplis Mountain. On the territory of more than 41.5 thousand square meters there is a free parking lot, a photo studio, a souvenir shop, cafes for children, bars for adults, a huge restaurant with panoramic windows through which you can watch the city and the Riviera, and the most important - more than 50 attractions for children of all ages, pools, water slides of various levels of complexity. Where to go in Budva, if you want to relax and have fun? Now you know.

Official website:

Feel the atmosphere of Budva in this beautiful video!

6. City Museum Budva

Exhibits of Budva City Museum Sailko

Not sure what to see in Budva and fascinated by history? Come to this four-story museum and you’ll see collections spanning from the 5th century BC to the present century. Many of the exhibits are from the Byzantine, Roman and even later eras. There are artifacts of Hellenistic period, burial urns made of glass, stone plates, representing ancient writing - the quantity and type of exposition can pleasantly surprise even a demanding connoisseur of cultural values and traditions.

7. Budva library

The Budva Library is located in the Old Town in the Citadel Nick Savchenko

Located in the historic center of the city, the building holds over 60,000 prints - one of the richest collections of books in the entire country. Speaking of interesting places in Budva, this library could be put at the top of the list: it is located in a ruined fortress and resembles a magic palace. Instead of the traditional library interior you will find luxurious ruby leather armchairs, chic desks and glass cupboards with old volumes.

8. St. John the Baptist Cathedral

The spire of the tower of St. John the Baptist Cathedral is visible from any part of the city

The majestic structure with the vaulted roof, as well as many other top attractions in Budva, is made in the Gothic style. Its high bell tower can be seen from literally every corner of the city. In earlier times this temple complex served as the residence of bishop. The rich interior of the medieval cathedral is complemented by its ascetic facade. The valuable library with extremely rare documents, manuscripts and printed books, paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, the figure of John the Baptist, made in mosaic technique of Murano glass.

9. Church of the Holy Trinity

The facade of the Church of the Holy Trinity is lined with stones in rows of white and red

A relatively young church, erected in the early 19th century. Talking briefly about the main attractions of Budva to the Russians, local guides always mention this cathedral, because one of the mosaics at the entrance is in the form of a reproduction of a painting by Rublev. Note, too, that the rather modest facade with stones and a large dome is “compensated” by the rich interior.

10. The Monastery of Pomaine

The Podmaine Monastic Complex or Podostrog on the northern outskirts of Budva

A stone temple, in the history of which there have been both heroic moments and tragic events. The Orthodox structure has been attacked and looted more than once. The exact year of its founding is unknown. In 1995, the restoration work was started. Now the monastery is a functioning monastery of male monks. In addition, cultural and religious events are regularly held there.

We have told only about a small part of the attractions of the city. If after visiting them you still have some free time, pay a visit to other interesting places.

Budva sights: what else to visit in Budva

Tourists who do not wish to return to hotels in Budva and want to continue their excursion vacation, we advise to see also such sights:

11. Kosmac Fortress

Austrian structure of XIX century - Kosmac Fortress

Powerful building from the 1st World War. If you do not know what to see in Budva in 1 day, come here. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings from the bird’s-eye view. You can get to the fortress by buying a ticket for the cable car.

12. Mogren fortress

Ruins of a defensive fortification to defend Budva

The building is only partially preserved; some architectural elements are still abandoned and in ruins. The complex is located near the beach of the same name. You can reach it by walking through a woodland. Unfortunately, there are no excursions to the ancient site. Therefore, to get acquainted and get to it you need to do it on your own. However, the reviews of travelers say that such efforts more than pay off with impressions.

13. Top Hill Club

Top Hill is one of the biggest discos in Montenegro Daisy Hynes

At 1 a.m., all nightclubs in the city close, except for this huge entertainment venue. The pompous club-bar is located at the top of the mountain. The giant dance floor is right out in the open. Several times a week the most famous artists of the country and world-famous DJs perform in “Top Hill”. The interior is represented by a stage, a fountain, small but numerous tables, a VIP-zone with sofas and bars.

Official website:

14. St. Nicholas Island

View of the small uninhabited island of St. Nicholas Bratislav

The island of St. Nicholas is opposite Budva in Budva Bay (the sections are connected by a sand embankment). The locals call this island Hawaii. The fact is that its beaches are as beautiful and landscaped as the beaches on the islands of the Pacific. During the tourist season, you can get to the island by boat. The duration of a pleasant walk on the water will be no more than 5 minutes. The entrance to the island is free at all times of the year.

15. The resort of Sveti Stefan

The beach of beautiful pink sand at Sveti Stefan Resort

Entrance to the resort (an entire island) is available only to those staying at the Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel. However, you can also get in if you reserve a table at the restaurant in advance. We drew your attention to this resort because it is the most chic and expensive in Montenegro. In the past, it was a fishermen’s village. Today it is a tourist paradise with Mediterranean restaurants, natural parks, museums, a large water park and clubs. It is believed that every building in Sveti Stefan is an architectural monument of history, characteristic of a particular era.

We hope that our review about attractions of Budva with names and descriptions, will allow you to spend time in this hospitable city bright, fun and exciting.

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