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Best attractions in Vienna: Top 30

If you want to see all the most important and significant sights in Vienna, you should hire an experienced guide. If you decide not to use a guide, you will learn what to see in Vienna first of all from our article.

What to see in Vienna first

Guides in Vienna are rarely without many clients. Since many of Austria’s best attractions are located precisely in the country’s capital. If your trip will be unaccompanied, see first of all the sights of Vienna such as:

1. Hofburg Palace

The former city residence of the imperial family, the Hofburg Palace

A trip to the imperial residence leaves an indelible impression. It is believed that such sights of Vienna - the embodiment of the entire history of the Austrian state. The territory is represented not only by 19 palaces from various epochs and dozens of buildings of other character, but also by magnificent parks, walk through which every tourist will be able to enjoy. Some of the halls of the medieval castle serve to this day as the official residence of the president of the republic.

Official website:

2. Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace surrounded by a huge landscaped park

This Vienna landmark has been awarded the title of the most beautiful palace and park ensemble in Europe. It is also the largest building in the Austrian Baroque style. There are numerous facilities on the territory of the complex - fountains, green labyrinths, botanical garden and an ancient zoo (also the oldest in Europe). Don’t know what to see in Vienna in a day with the kids? This is the place to go. No description or photo can capture the beauty of Schönbrunn.

Official site: https://www.schoenbrunn.

3. Belvedere

View of the Upper Belvedere building and the palace park

If you’re curious about where the current heads of state reside, go see this Vienna landmark. The other name Belvedere, given to it by the locals, is the Austrian Versailles. You can visit the unique gallery of sculptures and paintings. Inside the castle, the original interior with inimitable wall paintings, statues, frescoes, and stucco bas-reliefs is preserved. Belvedere is included in the list of “best sights in Vienna” for those who are fond of history and art. The adjoining territory of enormous size is represented by a giant three-tiered park, a waterfall, pools, wrought iron gates, decorated statues and stables.

Official website:

4. Vienna city hall

Facade of Vienna City Hall

Allocate a whole day to visit this Vienna landmark. And you can see it from afar - it’s more than a hundred meters high and can be seen from almost every corner of the city. The Town Hall presents more than 800 different events (concerts, festivals, shows) every year - read the list of events well in advance. Maybe your Vienna tours will coincide with a party? Another plus: on the way to the Town Hall you can see the main sights of Vienna: the Federal Theater, the National University, the Parliament and the State Opera.

Official website:

5. The building of the Austrian Parliament

The building of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna

The meeting place of the Federal and National Councils of the country. The building is styled like an ancient temple in the spirit of the Greek Renaissance. Under the ramp of the legendary Theophilus Hansen you can find a fountain and a sculpture of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of wisdom. We recommend such interesting places in Vienna to connoisseurs of architecture.

Official website:

6. Vienna Opera

The Vienna State Opera is the symbol of musical Vienna

The guide recommendations and tourist reviews we used in compiling this review point to a must-see local opera. We included it in our ranking not only because it is the largest opera house in the state. But also because premieres of some of the greatest works of our time take place here on a regular basis. If you’re not interested in the performances themselves, buy a ticket for a tour of the theater - you can, among other things, go backstage and see the entire building with a guide.

Official website:

7. Vienna Philharmonic

The Vienna Philharmonic building at night

We continue to talk about the “musical” attractions of Vienna. The Philharmonic Orchestra, which performs iconic works by Mozart, Strauss or Beethoven, is called the best orchestra not only in the country, but also in the world. New Year’s Eve performances are broadcast on national television. The 1,740-seat concert hall never goes unfilled. The architecture of the facade and the interior of the old house are also noteworthy.

Official website:

8. Royal Burgtheater

The Royal Burgtheater is Austria's oldest dramatic theater on Ringstrasse

An ancient theater adjacent to the Town Hall. There are guided tours through the snow-white building. You can explore the galleries with portraits of local actors, sculptures and other works of art. Or you can buy a ticket and attend one of the performances.

Official website:

9. Lichtenstein Palace

Parade facade of the magnificent Liechtenstein Palace-Museum

The modern complex, which combines a garden palace and a city palace, contains displays of paintings from the private Lichtenstein collection and paintings from the Biedermeier period. By booking a guided tour (prior arrangement required), you can stroll through the sumptuously decorated state rooms and admire the walls decorated with natural silk, parquet made from the finest woods, and stucco ceilings. The Lichtenstein Palace will amaze you with Michael Thonet’s famous furnishings, vases and dishes from the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, and fine engravings.

Official website:

10. Lichtenstein Castle

The strong walls of Lichtenstein Castle on the edge of the Vienna Woods

The building, whose architecture will take you back to the fairy tale of knights, is set in a beautiful forest. The date of construction of the medieval landmark is 1135.

Official website:

11. Kreuzenstein Castle

Kreuzenstein Castle in a picturesque location on a high cliff

Another medieval building that you should see with your own eyes. You can observe it during a personal visit or by watching the film “The Time of the Witches”.

Official site:

12. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral is a majestic 14th-century Gothic structure

Catholic symbol of the state. In the temple still sits the archbishop of the capital. If you’re interested in the panorama of the city, climb to the top of the tower. If you’ve already been to the observation deck, enjoy the interior decoration and Gothic architecture of the cathedral, built back in 1340.

Official website:

13. St. Peter’s Church

One of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Vienna is St. Peter's Church

A sumptuous Baroque building built by order of Emperor Leopold the First. The church, designed by outstanding Italian masters, is open to the public daily. Today it is the largest religious building in the Christian world. In the square in front of it you can listen to the speeches of the Pope. Among the relics inside are the spear of Longinus, which pierced the crucified Christ, and the remains of St. John Chrysostom.

14. Votivkirche Church

Green Square and Votivkirche Church (Church of the Vow)

Another Roman Catholic church in neo-Gothic style, erected close to the national university. We recommend this cathedral for a visit to all those who do not know where to go in Vienna, but are fond of architectural monuments. By the way, the church is active. Entrance to it is open to all comers, even during masses, services and other cultural and religious events.

15. Karlskirche

The sculptural group "Vaults of the Hill" in the oval basin in front of the Karlskirche Church

The church, over 70 meters high, is famous for its beautiful columns, its interior with painted walls, altars and vaults, and its giant dome, visible from afar. The complex has pavilions and a portico with a triangular pediment in the Greek style. The main building has elements of Islamic, Byzantine, Roman, and ancient Greek architecture.

16. Vienna City Park

Monument to Johann Strauss in Vienna's City Park

What to visit in Vienna after a long walk around the city? Ancient and spacious park with sculptures, rose bushes (more than 400 varieties of roses), a beautiful pond, winding paths and all kinds of trees. This huge ornamental garden has areas for honeymooners and children, and regularly hosts entertainers and outdoor concerts.

Official website:

17. Mozart House Museum

Entrance to the Mozart House Museum in downtown Vienna Joe Ross

It was here that the famous composer created his work “The Marriage of Figaro” and lived for more than three years. The museum displays his personal belongings and reproduces the original setting. You can learn about the life of the genius and the conditions under which Mozart created his masterpieces.

Official website:

18. Hundertwasser House

The absence of straight lines either inside or on the facade of the Hundertwasser House

One of the most unusual buildings in the capital, and you don’t have to pay to see it. The façade, created by the famous Austrian artist, is decorated with all the colors of the rainbow. Today in this house there are apartments and offices, stores and playrooms. There are common and private terraces, a winter garden with numerous shrubs and trees.

Official website:

19. Cafe Zacher

The doors of Café Sacher are open to all comers shinji_w

What to visit in Vienna if you want to indulge in national cuisine? The world-famous Zacher Café, where you can enjoy delicious coffee and cake with the same name. This place is located in an old expensive hotel. The interior and the atmosphere corresponds to the high status of the Zacher brand: marble, expensive upholstered furniture, red upholstery on the walls, chandeliers of Bohemian crystal and mirrors everywhere.

Official website:

20. Ringstrasse

Tramways on Ringstrasse

What to see in Vienna for free? This beautiful boulevard is home to the most important monuments, parks and palaces, the Parliament and the opera house, the history museum and the art history museum. You will also find the most luxurious hotels in Vienna here.

If you have some free time, devote it to those monuments of culture and history that we will talk about below.

Vienna sights: what else to see in Vienna

If possible, include in your sightseeing itinerary a visit to such fascinating sights as:

21. Albertina Gallery

The Albertina Art Gallery is located in the center of Vienna

An art gallery with more than 65,000 drawings and about one million graphic prints. There are masterpieces for all tastes in the exhibitions, both for fans of modern art and for connoisseurs of late Gothic art.

Official website:

22. Sigmund Freud Museum

Museum of the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud Prince Roy

Work and living quarters (including the psychologist’s business office) and a huge library with 35,000 volumes of books devoted to psychoanalysis, work supplies, Freud’s personal belongings, and items from the ancient collection - you will see all this inside the museum.

Official website:

23. Art history museum and natural history museum

The picturesque square between the Art History Museum and the Natural History Museum

The Museum of Art History is opposite the Natural History Museum in a completely identical building with the same sculptural groups, stucco, arched windows and columns. The buildings are separated by a beautiful green park with paths, statues, and fountains.

Official website:

24. Leopold Museum

The Leopold Museum is located in the Museum Quarter of the capital city Mister No

A unique place with thousands of Austrian Art Nouveau and Expressionist works. The simple, minimalist building, finished in white shell rock, is shaped like a parallelepiped.

Official website: https://www.leopoldmuseum

25. Danube Tower

View from the Danube River to the Danube Tower in Vienna

A high-rise with an observation deck located in the Danube Park. The view of the city panorama from the observation deck is 80 kilometers.

Official website:

26. Lunatic tower

Patalogical Museum or Tower of Fools in a circular five-story building

The museum, set up in a cylindrical building, is part of the Museum of Natural History. In former years, the tower served as a sanitarium for the mentally ill. Local exhibits include human brains, dissected bodies, and alcoholized babies. In all, there are approximately 4,000 exhibits of this nature in the tower.

27. Vienna Woods

A charming autumn landscape of the Vienna Woods

The beauty of nature will captivate you. You can sunbathe on open lawns in full bloom, pick mushrooms and berries, look at the landscape from viewing platforms, and visit a small café. At one time, the Vienna Woods were particularly beloved by Freud and Kafka. You can finish your walk with a visit to the nearby arched monastery.

28. Prater Park

Park Prater is a favorite vacation spot of Viennese families with children

A recreation area and public park with 250 different attractions (including the Ferris Wheel). There are large-scale public walks, arranged bicycle paths, and landscaped areas for quiet picnics.

Official website:

29. Sea house

One of the many sea creatures of the Sea House Vienna Tauralbus

The complex has a zoo, a terrarium and an oceanarium, a café and an observation deck overlooking the capital. Tens of thousands of exotic animals live in near-natural conditions on the territory of 3.5 thousand square meters. On the upper floors are arranged expositions, telling the history of the creation and use of the tower in wartime.

Official website:

30. Schönbrunn Zoo

Figure animal in the Schönbrunn Zoo

The current number of inhabitants is 8,500 (approximately 700 species of animals). Each individual barrier (all tiered) has its own pool and its own resting cabins for the animals. On an area of more than 17 hectares is a lake for waterfowl. In the central one-story pavilion, the imperial family of Franz Stephan, the founder of the zoo, used to dine. Bears, lions, penguins, harbor seals - the list of “locals” is endless.

Official website:

We hope you’ll be able to choose the sights in Vienna that best suit your interests and tastes. The capital of Austria will not leave you indifferent. Read also about the best sights of Innsbruck and get inspired for your further journey around Austria.

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