Best attractions in Valencia: Top 20

If you are planning a tour of Valencia, you are in for a busy time. What places to visit and what to see in Valencia first? We have compiled a ranking of places, including the most interesting sights in Valencia.

What to see in Valencia first

If you are tired of the rush of big cities, a vacation in Spain is a great solution. Valencia is great for visiting with children, it is interesting to rest here for travelers of different ages.

So, where to go in Valencia tourists:

1. City of science and art

A top view of the City of Science and Art in Valencia

A gem of architecture and a fascinating place. If you want to venture into the future, be sure to visit the township. The architects were able to uniquely combine their vision of the space ers of the future and animal skeletons. The town is divided into separate parts and consists of the Science Museum, Oceanographic Park, Planetarium, Umbrakle Botanical Garden, Sofia Palace of Arts and Agora Center.

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If you do not know what to see in Valencia in 1 day, feel free to go there. A lot of positive emotions and stunning sea views are guaranteed. To get acquainted with the interactive ambitious project of the architects, cognitive and entertainment complex, plan to spend a whole day.

2. Serranos Gate

Medieval fortress gates and towers of Torres de Cerranos

The main attractions of Valencia are represented by striking architectural objects. The city gates are bearers of a long fascinating history. They were erected back at the end of the 14th century, and from the 16th century and for 4 centuries were used as a prison.

The stone structure stands on the site of defensive structures from Roman times. It admires its monumentality, noble lines and power. The prototype of the gate was used as a Catalan monastery. From the high towers you can enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the city.

3. The Cuart Gate

The majestic towers of Cuart Gate Hans Hillewaert

The sights of Valencia reflect the history of the city. The fortified entrance gate leads to the historic part of Valencia. In ancient times, they were part of the local wall, the remains of which are located near the towers.

The gate was originally built as a military facility. After the demolition of the wall, they were given a new purpose, becoming a women’s prison.

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4. City Hall Square

Fountain in a small green square with trees and flowers in City Hall Square

One of the most impressive central squares of the city and, as reviews indicate, a favorite place of tourists, locals.

The square is surrounded by large-scale structures with exquisite architectural execution. There are three complexes on the landmark of Valencia at once: the municipal building, the commercial assembly, and the central post office. In the heart of the city is a fountain.

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5. Queen’s Square

The Queen's Square is located in the heart of the Old City

The square is considered an important historical site of the city. It is home to the best restaurants and the famous shrine, the Cathedral. There is a holy cup - Jesus himself drank from it. The Miguelet Tower on the square is the highest point in the city. It offers an amazing panorama.

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Check out the magnificent views of Valencia in this beautiful video!

6. Valencia Cathedral

Western façade of the cathedral with the Apostolic Gates in the Plaza de Santa Virgen in Valencia

Wears the title of the city’s central cathedral. It is believed that Christ took communion at the Last Supper from the agate Grail cup, which is kept there. The church has recognized it as a real shrine. The cathedral is also famous for its Goya paintings and museum. The shrine’s bell tower can be climbed by all tourists who wish to do so.

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7. Shrine of the Virgin Mary the Protector of the Disadvantaged

Church of Our Lady Protector of the Deprived in the center of the Old City on the Square of Our Lady

The modern attractions of Valencia are represented by a multitude of holy sites. The Shrine of the Protector of the Deprived is a holy place for the locals. It houses the image of the patroness of the Blessed Virgin. Residents believe that she keeps the city from disease, trouble.

The erection landmarks of Spain lasted from 1652 to 1666. The statue of Our Lady was originally represented by a reclining figure, so it is slightly tilted forward. She was placed on the coffins of the dead, which meant protection, patronage.

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8. Church of St. Catalina

The bell tower of the Church of St. Catalina HombreDHojalata

The architectural monument stands on the site of an ancient Arab mosque. The Christian history of the structure begins along with the Christian history of the city. During its existence, the temple has changed its styles several times. On tour in Valencia you will see an impressive architectural ensemble reflecting the many fashions that were present in the dominance of the various eras of the city.

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9. St. Johns Church

The Church of the Saints Johns (St. Juans) is one of the buildings in the Market Square Juan Mayordomo

The shrine is located opposite the Silk Exchange. The original Gothic building has been restored many times in its history and today combines features from different eras. It has an interesting history. In the past there was an Arabian mosque. The fascinating interior, which was handled by a court painter, is striking and impressive. The shrine is painted with frescoes depicting saints.

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10. Dos Aguas Marquis Palace

The palace's magnificent facades, decorated with carved alabaster Dorieo

Interesting places in Valencia include the palaces of noblemen. The palace was built for a noble family of Valencia and is on the list of the most popular places and main architectural monuments in the Baroque style.

The structure acquired its modern appearance after 1740, when it underwent a major reconstruction. Today it houses the National Pottery Museum.

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11. Generalidad Palace

Generalidad Palace is an example of Valencia's civil architecture Anual

The coolness and silence of the government palace surprises tourists who enter here for the first time from the bustling square.

These structures were erected for the city government more than half a century ago. The sights of Valencia beckon with mystery, enigma and are considered a true masterpiece, despite the fact that one of the towers of the palace is destroyed.

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12. Valencia Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is one of Valencia's most important and famous museums

The architectural site was erected in the middle of the 17th century. Originally it was used as an educational institution for the clergy. Here any tourist has an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the city, household items, furniture, architectural findings. Much of Valencia’s collection is devoted to the works of Spanish artists.

13. Lonja de la Ceda (silk exchange)

The building of the Lonja de la Seda silk exchange in the Market Square area

When planning a trip and what to visit in Valencia, be sure to include this place on your list. Centuries ago, silk was traded in this area. Today it reflects the strength of the outlets of a bygone era. It is listed by UNESCO as a vivid reflection of the Gothic of late times.

The Silk Exchange was built between 1482 and 1548. It is a unique reflection of the Gothic architecture and the prosperity of a large-scale trading center in the Middle Ages. Today it is presented in the form of a museum, which attracts ancient decoration, unique execution.

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14. Northern station

The square in front of the Valencia Northern Railway Station

The railway station is a fascinating architectural monument. The spectacular structure is made in the Art Nouveau style. A trip to the city and acquaintance with the tourist center begins with this object.

Station north, the main station of Valencia - the names of the same landmark. Rarely where a train station is an authentic architectural object, but here it is exactly the case.

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15. Plaza de Toros (bullfighting arena)

The architecture of the Plaza de Toros recalls the Roman Coliseum

A popular place for entertainment, recreation for many tourists. Here is a massive national celebration of bullfighting, which conveys the national spirit of the country. In a large arena for centuries visitors get a lot of adrenaline and vivid emotions.

Bullfighting gathers thousands of people. An incredible spectacle will be the most memorable of holidays.

Valencia sights: what else to see in Valencia

What else is there to see in Valencia? You can hire an escort - guides in Valencia will advise and show you what to see in Valencia. If you decide to act on your own, you are guaranteed a lot of emotions and vivid impressions.

16. Central Market

Entrance to the Central Market building through three rounded arches

Wears the title of the largest covered food market in Europe. It is located near the Silk Exchange. It uniquely combines the features of ancient architecture and local coloring, expressed in stained glass, panoramic windows with original decorations. There is a very large assortment of fresh products from all over the world. You can buy exotic goods, all kinds of food, as well as souvenirs only until lunch. The colorful place is good just to walk around and look at the shop windows.

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17. Columbus Market

The colorful façade of Columbus or Columbus Market on a sunny day

In the old days, the market was considered an ordinary Spanish bazaar and an architectural masterpiece of national importance. Since 2003 it has been a large-scale shopping and entertainment center. On its territory there are entertainment complexes, boutiques and much more. Every day, locals and tourists stroll through the huge, beautiful state square.

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18. Biopark

The Equatorial Africa Zone in Valencia Biopark

If you don’t know what to visit in Valencia with kids, put this place on your list. The interactive zoo has no bars between guests and animals except at times when safety is required. The interesting design of the zoo masks any barriers, giving the impression of being in the natural habitat of the pets. A variety of fauna live here - elephants, rhinos, gorillas and many others.

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19. Turia River Gardens

One of the areas of the Turia River Gardens next to the City of Science and Art

Here you’ll find fountains, fascinating paths, soccer fields. It’s all in the middle of the river Turia, in its former riverbed, which was moved 3 kilometres away from the city in the middle of the last century. This happened in 1957 after a flood.

The gardens extend through the entire city. A great place for sports, walking, reading books.

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20. Albufera Nature Park

Boat trip on the freshwater lake of the Albufera Reserve

A fascinating reserve with many different waterfowl, and one of photographers’ favorite spots. The word “Albufera” translates to “little sea.” The name accurately describes the place. Interestingly, many birds are not afraid of tourists at all and fly very close to them.

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Valencia is a compact city. Many hotels in Valencia are in the old town, so tourists can walk to most attractions without much effort. The city has a metro and cab service. Holidays in Valencia are multifaceted, it is interesting just to walk around, enjoy the interesting objects, sunshine, cleanliness.

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