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Best attractions in Andalusia

Andalusia is a community of eight provinces in the south of Spain with a rich ancient history and many incredibly beautiful and interesting places. Many tourists confidently assert that by seeing the sights of Andalusia you can really get to know Spain. Indeed, a huge number of beautiful monuments, museums, castles, located in the eight provinces of the southern part of the Spanish state, reflect in detail the interesting local culture and history. For example, here is an opportunity to get acquainted with the masterpieces of local architecture, which are located in Cordoba and Seville.

City of Olvera in Andalusia Tomás Fano

The Alhambra is Andalusia’s most famous landmark

One of the most famous sights in Andalusia, which you can easily find on any map or guidebook to Spain is the Alhambra Palace, built in the 14th century. The size and beauty of this unique architectural masterpiece will not leave any visitor indifferent to this tourist attraction. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful monument of ancient Moorish rule in the Pyrenees. The Alhambra, which means “red castle”, is located on a hill that is near the bank of the Darro River, so the castle rises epically over the city. Despite all attempts by the Spanish to influence the structure, the Alhambra remains in any case a benchmark of Islamic culture.

The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Andalusia Robert Bovington

The castle has quite a number of courtyards, fountains, passages of incredible beauty that create a picturesque view, so it is these areas that are loved by many tourists to create great photos. Tourists are also attracted to the interior of the structure, made in the most beautiful Islamic style with the use of wood carvings and stone. Today, the Alhambra is the most visited site in Spain. Each component of the palace complex is more beautiful than the other. These include the Mexuar, which used to be a building for audiences and chapels, the Myrtle Court, the Lion’s Court, and a myriad of other halls. Looking at the photos and descriptions of this attraction of Andalusia in the web, you will not remain indifferent to such beautiful places.

Fountain of Lions in Alhambra in Granada, Andalucia LANOEL

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Mesquita, a landmark in Andalusia with an interesting history

Back in the 13th century, one of the largest mosques in the world at the time, the Mesquita was named the Catholic Church, due to the victory of the Reconquista. A lot of interesting historical facts are connected with this place, so those who are interested in medieval facts should definitely visit the Córdoba Mosque. It is desirable to use the services of a guide, because it will allow you to learn more about the mass of historical events that once took place in this place.

Mesquita or Cordoba Cathedral Mosque Emilio Garcia

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What to see in Andalusia: museums

Museo Federico Garcia Lorca

When visiting the southern provinces of the Spanish Autonomous Community, it is worth visiting its museums. One such place is the museum of Federico Garcia Lorca. This is one of the most famous and prominent personalities of Granada. Here you can see paintings, manuscripts, photographs and many other authentic documents of Federico Lorca and other, no less prominent personalities of the era. You can also find paintings by the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

Bronze Bust of Garcia Lorca Spencer Means

When visiting the Federico Garcia Lorca Museum, you should not neglect to also visit the Manuel de Falla Museum. He was a little-known but very talented musician who lived in Granada. The house where Manuel de Falla lived allows every tourist to enjoy the real atmosphere of the time and get acquainted with the musician’s personal belongings, furnishings and musical instruments.

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Museum of the Alhambra

Also not to be left out is the Museum of the Alhambra, which was once located in the possessions of Carlos V. Here you can see a variety of collectibles that belonged to the time of the Moorish civilization, the Nasrid dynasty.

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Facade of the Casa de los Tiros Museum Pattiz

House of Shots Museum

If you want to experience the Renaissance, you should not pass by the Casa de Arrows museum. This palace with its history and architecture goes back to the distant 16th century. The museum takes its name from the muskets of barrels that protrude from its facade, giving the palace a magnificent and breathtaking appearance. Impressively, statues of Mercury, Hector, Hercules, and many other famous faces can be seen on the facade of the building. However, the palace’s exterior is not all that can catch your attention. Inside you will be intrigued by portraits of Catholic monarchs (Ferdinand, Isabella and many others). The golden hall, better known as the Cuadra Dorada, always draws the attention of tourists. It has this name due to the fact that the hall is decorated with letters and portraits made of pure gold. You can also find here an array of different photographs, engravings and century-old lithographs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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The Golden Square at the Casa de los Tiros Museum in Granada Javi Guerra Hernando

Torre del Oro

A special structure here that you definitely can’t pass by is the Torre del Oro, or as it’s also called the Golden Tower. This structure is located in Seville and is its main symbol. The Golden Tower is located near the Guadalquivir River, which means it offers an incredibly spectacular and picturesque view. The historical role of this structure is that the Torre del Oro served as a protective structure of the territory of the city. The tower is presented as a polyhedral structure with a wide main tier, and also has two additional tiers - small towers and a third tier made in the form of a cylindrical lantern with a dome on top.

Tower of Gold (Torre del Oro) in Seville CarlosVdeHabsburgo

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Torre del Mar is one of the best places to vacation in Andalusia

The promenade in Torre del Mar in Andalucia Hombre1896

Torre del Mar is one of the towns that represent the attractions of Andalusia, which beckons tourists with its subtropical climatic conditions as well as the conditions for relaxation. Many tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful climate throughout the year. Arriving here, you can see a huge expanse of sandy beaches that are equipped with everything you need to make your vacation as comfortable and unforgettable as possible. For tourists there is a wonderful option to walk to the marina of Caleta de Vélez, where you can take great photos and get a lot of pleasant impressions. There are plenty of supermarkets, bars, restaurants, clubs and many other places where you can actively and cheerfully spend your leisure time. There is also an opportunity to buy souvenirs and gifts at the summer market, located on the beach.

Beach volleyball in Torre del Mar in Andalucia Tyk

The main places that Torre del Mar boasts are, of course, the immense sandy beaches. The long promenade has a magnificent view, especially in the evening and at night. If you want to relax between long excursions and trips, then Torre del Mar is a great option for a stopover.

Unknown natural attractions of Andalusia

Sand Beach in Torre del Mar in Andalusia Josemanuel

In addition to a mass of historic sites and immense beaches, Andalusia is rich in the best, but unfortunately unknown, natural sights. For example, the largest park in the area covers an area of 75,000 hectares. The nature here is indescribably beautiful, evokes a lot of pleasant emotions and a sense of deep relaxation. Local rivers, lakes and marshes give the parks a beautiful look. Also diverse and magnificent local flora and fauna, as due to the suitable climate here flies a huge number of different species of birds. Also do not be surprised if you find a wild bull, deer, lynx or fallow deer, because here it is familiar to all the inhabitants. Areas of parks here under strict protection, so to enjoy the beautiful view, it is worth buying a trip with a guide and enjoy the beautiful places of nature.

Nature of Andalusia

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