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Best attractions in Ancona

The ancient city of Ancona (Ancient Greek for “elbow”) was founded as early as 390 BC. The settlement got its name from the elbow-shaped promontory that protected the area, forming a harbor perfectly suited for the construction of a seaport. After almost two and a half centuries, because of its strategic location, the port city became a tidbit for Dalmatia and fell to Caesar, becoming a Roman colony.

Already in the VII century here in considerable numbers settled the southern Slavs, bringing to the atmosphere and architecture of the city its unique flavor. Ancona was at different times the subject of domination by the Popes, the Republic of Venice and the German Emperors, who often laid siege to the city in an attempt to take over the Republic.

Ancient Roman Amphitheatre in Ancona Gep

Beginning in the fifteenth century, Ancona was enlarged by Croats, Bosnians, and residents of Herzegovina fleeing from the Ottoman yoke, who also contributed to the architectural development and culture. Already in 1533, the settlement welcomed several dozens of Marranes (Jews), who with the permission of the Pope established their religious building, the synagogue.

At the time of Napoleon Ancona became a republic, but after his defeat returned to the Papacy, and since 1861 the city became part of the Kingdom of Italy. The city is still under the protectorate of this state, developing as a major seaport, it is the capital of the Marche region and a tourist center.

Staircase of Piazza del Plebiscito in Ancona Diego Baglieri

Numerous photos and descriptions of sights of Ancona in Italy, reviews of tourists who have been to this picturesque and interesting in every way place, do not leave indifferent travelers who seek to feel the absorbing aura of the city and see everything with their own eyes.

What’s remarkable about Ancona

Given Ancona’s rich historical past, there’s plenty to see in Ancona. Architecture, museums, ancient temples and fortresses are sure to be of great interest to both lovers of the past and seekers of new knowledge. The most popular places here are considered such as:

  • The Triumphal Arch of the Roman Emperor Trajan, erected in the early second century AD;
The Arch of the Emperor Trajan in Ancona MarkusMark
  • Museum of Italian, Greek, Roman Antiquities of the Marche region;
  • Pinacotheca - The Greek equivalent of a picture gallery, containing more than a hundred works from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries;
  • Loreto Basilica - a place of worship for numerous Christian pilgrims Santa Casa (Holy House) is an invaluable Catholic shrine whose history began when St. Helena, on a pilgrimage to Nazareth, found the house in which the holy spirit who visited the Virgin Mary, evangelized her of the miraculous birth of her son Jesus. Tradition describes the repeated relocation of the house, which eventually ended up in its present location near Ancona. A basilica was erected around it;
Basilica della Santa Casa in Ancona Carlo Raso

Official website:

  • The Lazaretto, or as it is also called the Mole Vanvitelliana, is a huge pentagonal island building that once served as the quarantine area of the port. The unique structure over its long century managed to be a defensive citadel, a hospital, a factory that produced sugar and tobacco. Today, one part of it offers tourists a variety of exhibitions, the other part of the building itself has become an exhibit, showing the rooms where the newcomers were previously located and warehouses where the brought goods were stored. Here is also organized an original museum of tactile sensations - its exhibits can and should even be touched with your hands.
Mole Vanviteliana of Capodimonte in Ancona Claudio.stanco

There are many sights in the vicinity of Ancona in Italy too, there are many architectural and historical monuments, museums, ancient temples and fortresses, which will also be of interest to tourists.

Feel the atmosphere of Ancona in this beautiful video!

How to get there and where to stay

The province of Marche and its capital has an excellent infrastructure for travel, including almost all types of vehicles:

  • to move around the city there are shuttle buses and traditionally comfortable and prompt 24-hour taxis, it is possible to use a rental bike;
  • Airport - without any problems accepts flights from major airlines. If necessary, you can use the air gate Venice or Bologna;
  • Railroad - the Bologna - Lecce railway passes through the city, but tourists should note that the station has two lines with the index 2, which unknowingly can be confused. Check which line your train leaves from: platform 2 or platform 2Ovest;
  • public transport - intercity bus service is organized in bulk from Piazza Cavour. There are only two exceptions: to Falconara and Portonovo buses leave from the railway station;
  • renting a car is an advantageous option for family travelers, because the rental price is lower than the price of the train ticket for one person. Staying in Ancona, you will not be left indifferent to the proximity of Tuscany and Florence, Venice and Rome, which become even more accessible, with a car at hand. You can arrange the rental directly at the airport;
  • Sea ferry - this mode of transport can be used when traveling to Greece, Croatia and Montenegro.

As for hotels for accommodation, the choice is small, but the quality and wide price range will help to choose the place and service to your liking and purse. Perhaps the only disadvantage of living in the capital of the county is that vacationers have a long way to the sandy beach. In addition to the fact that the city is located on the rocks, its coast is completely built up with port facilities and piers for numerous small ships, boats and yachts. The only beach - concrete platform, to which you have to go down the stairs. Fans of sea and sun are advised to stay near Ancona Torretta, Portonovo, Santa Maria di Badia or the resorts of Senigallia and Gabicce Mare.

Climate and weather conditions

The Mediterranean has a mild climate, which is also characteristic of Ancona. It rarely has short summer rains and the average daily temperature does not drop below 23 degrees Celsius. In winter there’s more rain, but you won’t see sub-zero temperatures on the thermometer - the limit is 3-5 degrees Celsius. The season here lasts from May to September. In the spring the gardens smell of fragrance, the summer is full of fruits, and the velvet season traditionally delights with warmth and sunshine before the dank winter, when the main annual limit of precipitation falls. You can swim in June, and the beach season ends in October, when the summer water temperature of 27-28 degrees drops to only 20-21 degrees.

Cuisine, shopping, entertainment

Panorama of Ancona summer beach vacation Andrea Passoni

As for Italian cuisine, there is hardly a person who has not tried pasta, pizza and risotto in his life. In Ancona these and other various dishes with local color you will be offered by many cafes and restaurants at affordable prices. The tastes of those who prefer the local food to other national cuisines will also be satisfied, for example, there are sushi bars. If you want, and most importantly, if you have the opportunity, you can visit and elite institution with a claim to the status of visitors and refinements of cuisine.

Summer café in the ancient city of Ancona Javier Cuervo

The Italians are especially fond of making and selling wine, and the wide selection of sweets and the famous Italian ice cream will please both children and adults.

The city streets are full of all kinds of stores and stalls, on their shelves you can choose a souvenir that will remind of pleasant moments of travel, or become a gift from a trip for friends or colleagues. There is a lot to choose from for those who like handmade things, in some stores owners open shops, where visitors can make their own souvenirs.

Stall trading in the Ancona square teens4unity

Here you can also bargain for clothes, shoes, and cosmetics by walking through the many boutiques, multi-brand stores, and outlet stores. There are a number of food outlets that have a unique range of products produced in the Marche region. Read also about sights of Puglia and be inspired to travel further in Italy.

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