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Best attractions in Bamberg

Do you want to get to know the German mentality? Go to Bavaria, especially to Bamberg, without any doubts! This land is the leader in the tourism industry of the country. Stunning landscapes, rich history, well-developed infrastructure and much more convince many vacationers to choose Bamberg. If you have chosen Bamberg as a city for your trip and do not know what to see in Bamberg, then especially for you we have compiled a list of popular places of this city, which included the most interesting sights of Bamberg. Let’s take a look at the iconic places, a visit to which will not leave you indifferent.

View of St. Michael's Abbey in Bamberg

What to see first in Bamberg

Since the distinctive architecture miraculously survived the war and the city center belongs to the heritage of all mankind, you won’t find a single airport in the immediate vicinity. The rumble of planes and crowds of tourists does not threaten the enjoyment of your vacation.

The waterfront of the "Little Venice" in Bamberg

The neat and tidy streets are designed for leisurely strolls and observation of beautiful nature. The center of the city is situated on the river Regnitz, so the locals lovingly call it “Little Venice”. You can’t find a better place for evening promenade and socializing with friends, or for summer sports, true relaxation.

The Old Town Hall in Bamberg

Note the town hall, located in the historic center. The cute building has a very unusual appearance and is picturesquely located by the river.

Official website:

The Old Houses of Bamberg

A characteristic feature of the city is that you won’t find a tourist frenzy here compared to the seaside resorts and other attractions in Germany. At any time of year you can look forward to relaxing in the historic and incredibly beautiful backstreets of Bamberg.

Gourmet map: gastronomic traditions and the best places to eat

Brewery - Klosterbrau Restaurant Bernt Rostad

The statistics say that Bamberg has the highest beer consumption of all the states. Germany’s favorite beverage has a long history and is a source of pride for the city’s outstanding brewmasters. Today there are eight breweries in the city that serve this heady beverage daily. It is worth trying:

  • Rauchbier;
  • Bock-bier;
  • Ubier.

You won’t find them in any other federal states. These varieties are deservedly considered hallmarks of the city, each with its own unique recipe. Take a look at Bamberg’s beautiful places in this great video!

Not only to taste the legendary drink, but also to try the traditional dishes the Schlenkerla brewery offers. For many people Germany is associated with meat delicacies, in particular sausages and frankfurters. It is not necessary to break this tradition, because these dishes will really please even the most demanding gourmet.

Bamberg Beer Pan Vladislav Bezrukov

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In the city you won’t get bored with the seasonal festivals, which gather many inquisitive visitors and promise new interesting acquaintances. If you’re on vacation in high summer, be sure to check out the wine festival that starts in July. For five days, you can sample regional varieties of Dionysus and mingle with wine lovers from around the world.

Film buffs should plan a holiday in February: the Short Film Festival presents the best works from nearby countries.

Bamberg at Night Berthold Werner

Nightlife lovers will also appreciate the variety of clubs and the many cafes that will keep you busy.

Classic leisure: The best sights in Bamberg

For all those who try to discover a lot of new and interesting things, Bamberg cordially offers this opportunity. A wide variety of museums on various topics suits the most diverse visitors with different hobbies.

Villa Concordia - Museum in Bamberg

Official website:

Many guides in Bamberg recommend that visitors visit this place. Missionary Museum or Beer Museum - lovers of atypical cultural monuments will have to choose between such alternatives. You are unlikely to find something similar in other countries, so skipping such places is strongly not recommended.

Missionary house among the lush greenery Ermell

Official website:

Geierswerth Palace offers the opportunity to experience the life of nobility of bygone centuries and to see all the charm of the ancestral mansions. Luxurious nearby views enhance the exquisite architecture of this cultural monument very harmoniously.

Do you prefer the theatrical arts? Pay a visit to the classical Hoffmann Theater, the extraordinary Shadow Theater or the Brentano Theater, the smallest theater in Germany. The variety of repertoire will delight you.

The main entrance of the Hoffmann Theater Bamberg GertGrer

Of course, to really enjoy this type of leisure activity, it’s worth expanding your German language skills. So you will not only discover a lot of advantages for yourself, but also make your stay as comfortable as possible and do away with the need for an interpreter.

Sculptures in the Rose Garden in Bamberg Daniel H

Tips for visitors

Before you travel, it is important to consider a few practical tips that have made the trip easier for many tourists:

  • Before you leave, take care to have your local currency, the euro.
  • If you smoke, carefully familiarize yourself with the legislation of the selected territory. There may be fines for its violation.
  • Do not be afraid of the high cost of goods - as Bamberg does not belong to the metropolitan areas, the rates there are quite loyal in all stores.
  • Be careful with the choice of souvenirs. If you want to bring beer, be sure to pack it inside your suitcase - German airlines have extremely strict procedures.
  • As already mentioned, knowledge of German is important, but most people in the local population have a fairly good command of English. They do not have trouble telling you the way, they are friendly and helpful, and treat tourists well.
  • You can stay in both luxury hotels and modest hostels, as the city is perfect for visitors of all income levels.
Bamberg Panorama

All in all, that’s all you need for an unforgettable time in this city on the hills. Don’t forget your good mood - the sights are extraordinarily beautiful and will make you come back to Bamberg again and again for more. Read also about sights of Bremen and get inspired for your next trip to Germany.

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