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Best attractions in Bali: Top 30

Bali’s attractions are so numerous and varied that even the experienced tourist will look at them with undisguised surprise and delight. Read our article to the end and you will know what to see in Bali. Our review is designed for people with different preferences and interests.

What to see first in Bali

Bali’s main attractions are scattered all over the island. So be prepared for your sightseeing trip to be not only entertaining but also long.

Experienced Bali guides recommend the following natural beauties, architectural and historical monuments as a must-see:

1. Ubud City

Ubud City Center Michelle Maria

Few sights in Bali are as mysterious and romantic as the famous center of music, dance, crafts and fine arts called Ubud. This place rightly bears the name of the pearl of Indonesia, and is ready to delight its guests with numerous souvenir shops and organic cafes, waterfalls and holy springs, temples, parks and museums. If a trip to the island you are interested in the opportunity to learn the secrets of yoga or try the healing massage, Ubud you should visit.

2. Monkey Forest in Ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud

Talking about the best sights in Bali, we can’t help but talk about the area covered with large trees, lush bushes and impenetrable thickets. However, it is interesting not only because of the greenery, but also because of the huge number of macaques living here. And also unique stone sculptures and temples. Feedback from tourists suggest that the primates are not afraid of people and gladly take pictures with them.

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3. Waterbom Bali Waterpark

The attraction at Waterbom Bali Waterpark

Many attractions in Indonesia are for adults only. However, this wonderful place will surprise vacationers of all ages. Buy a ticket for one or more days, and the water park of 4 hectares offers you a sea of entertainment - from rides and pools to a volleyball court and a climbing wall.

Official website:

4. Wujung Water Palace

View from the observation deck of the Taman Ujung Water Palace

The most beautiful structure of the island is also on the list of “Bali’s most interesting places”. Every bush of the palace grounds is carefully trimmed and groomed. From the top of the park grounds you have an amazing view of the ocean and the water pools of Ujung itself. The palace was built as a residence for the Karangasem royal family. Today, everyone can visit it for walks, photo shoots, and weddings.

5. Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Not sinking stones and statues in the pond of Tirta Gangga Water Palace

If you’re tired of a beach vacation, while considering affordable excursions in Bali, check out this site of three luxurious palace complexes. Even the most detailed description cannot convey all the grandeur of the statues of demons and gods located here, the beauty of the fountains and carp ponds, the splendor of the flowering garden, picturesque alleys and exquisite bridges.

Be sure to check out this beautiful video about Bali!

6. Agung Rai Art Museum

One of the four halls of the Agung Rai Art Museum Mario Manalu

Not sure what to see in Bali in 1 day? Come to Ubud and buy a ticket to this art museum. You can see the best works of painters and craftsmen from Bali and other Indonesian regions. The exhibitions have paintings by foreign artists created by them on the island. Many of the paintings here are unique.

Official website:

7. Neka Museum

The Neka Art Museum in Ubud agapelover4u

A must-see place for those who don’t know what to see in Bali. This is where the most valuable collection of art on the entire island is located. You can understand the Indonesian culture and learn a lot of interesting information about the traditions and life of the locals.

Official website:

8. Pasifika Museum

Picture at the Pasifika Museum in Nusa Dua sbamueller

Want to see the variety of cultural artifacts of the Pacific and Asian states? Then now you know what to visit in Bali. You will be able to join the world of art of the Pacific region. The museum is located in one of the most elite and expensive resorts in Indonesia and the world - Nusa Dua. The compositions are represented by paintings, sculptures, masks, and other such attributes. In total, the museum has more than 600 works of art in 11 galleries.

Official website:

9. Rice Terraces of Jatiluvi

Rawns over the vast Jatiluvi Rice Terraces

A natural kaleidoscope - over 300 hectares of black, red and white rice varieties, all kinds of vegetables, bananas, coffee and coconuts grow on the site. The terraces themselves are built in the shape of stairs. The local land is still plowed by buffalo. For tourists are equipped with viewing platforms. Dreaming of a unique photo? Then you are here. There are Angseri hot springs in convenient proximity to the terraces.

10. Pura Besakih Temple

Architecture of the Pura Besakih Temple Complex

“The “ancestor” of all temples and the main shrine of Bali invariably tops the ranking of the most visited architectural monuments. The complex is represented by more than twenty separate temples stretching toward the Gugung Agung volcano. The greenery and moss covering the buildings create a sense of fairy tale in the atmosphere.

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11. Pura Tanah Lot Temple

"The Temple of the Land that is in the Sea" or Pura Tanah Lot Temple

This cultural symbol of the country is located on a rock in the sea. Tourists it attracts, among other things, because to walk through the temple complexes are allowed without wearing the national Balinese clothing. At the entrance you will be greeted by a statue in a sarong.

12. Uluwatu Temple

Stunning views of the ocean and Uluwatu Temple

The mysterious shrine is built on the edge of an abyss. It is a unique place, even if we do not forget that we are talking about the attractions of Bali - unique and mysterious. During the daytime vacationers enjoy the views of the sea and watch the monkeys play, in the evening they watch the dance of Kechak.

13. Gunung Kawi Temple

The royal tombs and ancient Hindu temple of Gunung Kawi Saranabhi

A grandiose structure and the oldest Hindu cave temple on the island. It’s not easy to get to this Bali landmark - there are 300 steps leading up to it.

Official site:

14. Tirta Empul Temple

The pool with fountains of holy water with healing properties at Tirta Empul Temple

The date of construction is 926 AD. In addition to the ancient temple itself, there is a sacred spring whose pools are open also to tourists. You can feel the life-giving power of the holy water.

15. Bratan Lake and Pura Ulun Danu Temple

Pura Ulun Danu Temple on the shores of the sacred Lake Bratan

An architectural complex erected on the western shore of a beautiful body of water, surrounded by mountains and emerald green forests, hovering in the clouds. Local residents assure that a dip in the crystal lake waters can give yourself youth and longevity. Their recommendations do not go unheeded by vacationers.

Official site:

16. Bat Cave - Goa Lavah

The gate to the Goa Lavah cave temple

You won’t find any bats in the Goa Lavah Temple itself. But their countless hordes live in a huge cave nearby. If you come here at sunset, you can see how these sacred animals of the island thousands of night hunting. Such sights of Bali make the holiday really bright and memorable.

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17. Elephant Cave - Goa Gaja

Demon's head above the entrance of the Elephant Cave

A magical place in Ubud, which in former years served as a sanctuary for meditation and residence of monks. The huge area of the complex immersed in the greenery, the cave itself is hollowed out of solid rock and decorated the outside of the unique carvings. According to legend, the attraction was named after Ganesha, the revered Hindu god. He is known to be depicted as a man with the head of an elephant. The relic is also worth visiting because the natives still organize here the traditional festive ceremonies and perform national Balinese rituals.

18. Bali Bird Park

Bright tropical birds at the Bird and Reptile Park in Bali

At the sanctuary, you can experience more than 250 species of birds living (mostly) in free environments rather than cages and aviaries. The area covers several hectares. In addition to the abode of birds, the reserve is a plant park (about 2 thousand species).

19. Bali Elephant Park

The Elephant Park in Bali

There are over 30 elephants of endangered species in a well-maintained area of twenty hectares. There are adults as well as baby elephants. Like some hotels in Bali, the park is located in the middle of the jungle. You can not only feed the local pets, but also ride them, watch a show and even bathe them.

Official website:

20. Safari and Marine Park

Public favorites are the lions and tigers from Bali Safari and Marine Park Walter Lim

The goal of this Bali attraction is to bring all kinds of entertainment in one place. The area of the marine park complex is incredibly huge. Don’t know what to visit in Bali? National cuisine restaurants, traditional Balinese theater, water park or an area with amusement rides? Come here and it will all be offered to you at the same time. But most importantly, the park area is set aside for living exotic animals (more than 50 species from Indonesia, India and Africa) in the local conditions. During the safari you will be able to get acquainted with their life and habits in close proximity. Animal areas: aquariums, sectors for herbivores, elephants, tigers, cheetahs and leopards, bird area, reptile area (Komodo Island).

Official website:

We have told you only about what you should visit in Bali. If you have free time left, continue to explore the unique sights of this island.

Bali sights: what else is there to see in Bali?

Where to go in Bali if you have an extra hour or day on vacation? We recommend the following options for you:

21. Bali Barat Nature Reserve

Transparent waters at Bali Barat Nature Reserve

Tourists are encouraged to take a boat ride on the bay through the coastal mangrove forests and enjoy views of the unspoiled tropics. Although much of the national park is closed to travelers, a visit to this northwestern part of the island, with its savannah and flat, mountain and rainforest, will not disappoint.

22. Batur volcano

Panorama of Batur Volcano

The active volcano is over 1.7 thousand meters high. From its rifts constantly comes scalding steam, on which you can fry bananas or boil eggs. Unforgettable emotion is the view of the mountains and Lake Batur, opening at sunset. At the foot of the volcano is also a legendary thermal springs, where you can relax after climbing the world-famous mountain.

23. Agung Volcano

The Majestic Volcano of Agung

Sacred stratovolcano, which is the highest point of Bali. Its last activity was recorded in 2017. The summit of Agung is partly hidden in the clouds - a more beautiful and majestic sight you won’t see anywhere else. To conquer the mountain, the height of 3142 meters, it is recommended with local guides.

24. Sekumpool Falls

The breathtaking beauty of Sekumpul Falls

The tallest (about 75 meters) and most beautiful waterfall of the island, opened to the public only in 2010. On the way to it you will see the rice terraces. There are also gazebos here for a short rest. By the way, the way to the attraction is through the jungle.

Official website:

25. Tegenungang Falls

Tegenungan Falls, surrounded by cliffs and bright greenery

You can swim in the cool waters and get original photos. The waterfall is small, but the trail to it is quiet and beautiful, the descent by steps is not long. Near Tegenungan there is a parking lot. For travelers with children, this is the best option.

Official website:

26. Munduk Falls

Munduk Falls is one of the most powerful in Bali

Along the way you will notice several coffee plantations and thickets of spices. One of the advantages of Munduk is the small number of guests. If you want to feel a complete unity with nature, go here.

27. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach Shoreline

This beach is called cosmic or Martian for its bottom covered in volcanic rock. Surfing waves, snow-white sand, varungi overlooking the ocean - for recreation and, for the most part, surfing, it has everything you need.

28. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach Line

A three-kilometer sandy line with light yellow sand is arranged for families and romantic couples, and “ordinary” fans of luxury holidays. No beach parties, street masseurs or vendors are waiting for you here - everywhere is clean and comfortable. Available entertainment: snorkeling, flyboarding, visiting museums and restaurants, tea ceremonies, etc.

29. Pandava Beach

Read red umbrellas on the first part of Pandawa Beach

Fine white sand, stunning cliffs and turquoise sea. One of the key features is an excellent infrastructure. There is secure parking for motorcycles and cars, showers and toilets, cafes and sun loungers with umbrellas. You can rent a gazebo for meditation and solitude, or a kayak to conquer the water element.

30. Artist’s Trail

Artists Trail scenery

A popular hiking route, lasting several hours (hiking). You can lie down in the stalks of dense grass, enjoying the silence and harmony with nature. The trail stretches between two rivers along the ridge of Champuan Hill. A spa and cafe await you at the end of the trail. The best time to visit is in the dawn hours.

Any sightseeing in Bali can amaze you with its beauty and originality. Combine a tour of the sacred sites with a tour of the natural wonders and you’ll have the most fulfilling and memorable vacation possible.