Best attractions in Bremen: Top 20

If you don’t know what to see in Bremen, use our tip sheet. We’ll tell you about the most important and fascinating sights in Bremen right now.

What to see first in Bremen

Talking about the sights of Bremen can be endlessly long. That is why, if possible, your trip should take place with an experienced chaperone. If you do decide to visit excursions in Bremen on your own, consider our recommendations:

1. Bremen Town Hall

The Bremen Town Hall, where the city authorities sit

You should go to see this landmark in Bremen, if only because it is on the UNESCO list. The two-story building, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is a symbol of the city. It is made in the magnificent traditions of the Renaissance. If you are lucky enough to walk through the magnificent halls of the town hall, you will meet the mayors, who often come out to greet guests and talk to them.

Official website: https://www.rathaus.bremen.

2. Market Square

A top view of Market Square

Take a walk around the market square and you will no longer have the question of what to see in Bremen in 1 day. Here is a brief list of interesting sights and monuments: Neptune Fountain, Citizens’ Garden, Bremen Musicians, Stock Exchange and Chamber of Commerce, the Gothic Shrine of Our Lady, the famous Schuttingstrasse and Bottcherstrasse, and the Pillar of Shame. If the cultural and historical attractions of Bremen don’t interest you, head to Bremer Ratskeller, the oldest wine cellar not only in the city, but also in the country.

Official website:

3. Bottcherstrasse

Robinson Crusoe's house (left) and the Atlantis house on Bottcherstrasse Jurgen Howaldt

The length of this landmark in Bremen is one hundred meters. There are in total 7 buildings here, and each of these houses is an architectural masterpiece in the original style of “brick expressionism”. One example is a cottage, the facade of which is decorated with three dozen porcelain bells. At certain hours they emit a melodious ringing.

4. Schnor District

Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century buildings in the district of Schnor

What will be interesting to see in Bremen for both adults and children? The medieval city center with its tiny souvenir shops, cozy restaurants, and miniature houses. Even the hotels in Bremen, opened in Schnor, look as if they were made for midgets. There are pots of flowers along the streets. Flowers also adorn the windows of each building.

Official website: http://www.bremen-s

5. Statue of Roland

The Statue of Roland is a symbol of the struggle for freedom

The epic knight, baring his sword, can be seen in the market square. As we said, every tourist should visit this square. The date of construction of the ancient statue is 1404.

Check out the beautiful views of Bremen in this breathtaking video!

6. Sculpture “The Town Musicians of Bremen”

A bronze statue of the "Bremen Musicians" near the Town Hall

The work of Bremen sculptor Christa Baumgärtel. We included this sculpture in our review of “Bremen’s Best Sights” because legend has it’s ability to grant cherished wishes. Pick up the bronze donkey by both front paws or rub its nose and wish for everything you dream of.

7. St. Peter’s Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral in night illumination

UNESCO-listed site. Guides in Bremen recommend it as a must-see for at least two reasons: the first is the temple’s convenient location on the market square for tourists, and the second is the centuries-old history of this famous German landmark (the building began construction in the 9th century).

8. Universeum Science Center

Universum Science Center on the campus of the University of Bremen

What to visit in Bremen for adults and children with a passion for science and technology? This huge center with more than 250 interactive exhibits. You will learn (see and hear) about many unusual and important phenomena in the cosmos, on our planet and even in the human body. They will tell you about the Theory of Big Bang and the origin of the Earth, about the laws of physics and mathematics, about the nature of tornadoes and earthquakes. All guests can personally participate in any experiment. Not only can you take pictures and touch the exhibits, but you must. This is one of the most educational attractions in the city. The building of the science center imitates a huge whale.

Official website: https://universum-bremen

9. Schutting Chamber of Commerce

The Schutting Chamber of Commerce is the center of Bremen merchants Godewind (talk)

This time we will talk about where to go in Bremen for lovers of architecture and gastronomic delicacies. The Chamber of Commerce building serves as the center of merchants to this day. Inside is, among other things, a museum of the merchant community. The house has a chic portal, sumptuous staircase and modern facade. If you get hungry, you can visit the historic restaurant located in the basement of the chamber. Reviews of the food served here are most positive.

10. The House with Bells

30 porcelain bells hang between the two gables of the building

In listing the main attractions of Bremen, we have already mentioned this house briefly. The first chime of Meissen’s porcelain bells rang more than 80 years ago. Now you can hear it three times a day (January-March) or hourly (the main thing is that your trip or walk to the house was from 12 noon to 6 pm).

11. GOP Theater-Variety

Interior of the GOP Theatre-Varieté

A spacious hall with many tables and a stage, illuminated by red spotlights, becomes the venue for extraordinary theatrical performances. Almost always in the show there are circus elements: there are dancers and illusionists in bright costumes, acrobats and aerial gymnasts. During all the performances the audience is allowed to eat and drink. You should visit this theater if only because it managed to achieve international recognition.

12. Ubersee Museum

Facade of the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History JoachimKohlerBremen

Come to this extraordinary museum and you will visit the South and North Americas, Oceania, Africa and Asia at the same time. All exhibits are devoted to the ethnography and natural history of these five parts of the Earth: you will learn about their cultural traditions, nature, everyday life and trade. Living plants and extraordinary dioramas should be seen by people of all ages. By the way, the building itself is a protected cultural monument.

Official website: http://www.uebersee-

13. Bremen Art Gallery

The Bremen Art Gallery in an old building located on the Bremen ramparts

Continuing to talk about interesting places in Bremen, we can’t forget about the city art museum, established back in 1823. A number of paintings and other works of art presented here date back to the 14th century. However, quite a few modern masterpieces of painting by the greatest artists of our days are also here. It should be noted that the modern expositions change regularly, so a second visit to the museum may also be an interesting and vivid event.

14. Fouquet Museum

Entrance to the Focke Museum in Bremen Jurgen Howaldt

The attraction, represented by several buildings, is located in a beautiful park, surrounded by whimsical sculpture groups and green vegetation. The museum’s collections will tell you about the history of the city and how its citizens lived centuries ago. The exhibits are reconstructions of buildings and individual rooms with furnishings and furnishings from different times.

15. Paula Moderson-Becker Museum

The Paula Moderson-Becker Museum Terrace in a 16th century Renaissance mansion Godewind (talk)

Chic stucco, elegant brickwork, lace metal balconies, sculptures at the entrance - the appearance of the stunningly beautiful building will not leave you indifferent. The museum is dedicated to the paintings of P. Becker - the famous German artist. Inside you can see most of her works of art - canvases, etchings and drawings. In order to go up to the halls, you will have to pass an irregularly shaped staircase, as if curved between brick walls.

Official website: https://www.museen-boettcherstrasse

If you have any free time left, continue to learn about Bremen’s cultural heritage and have fun on the best excursions we recommend.

Bremen sights: what else to visit in Bremen?

If you like our recommendations, read on for the must-see things to visit in Bremen:

16. The Mill on the rampart

The landscaped square around the Mill on the rampart

This long-preserved and fairy-tale-like windmill sits in the middle of a park area. There is a lake nearby, and the four-level building is surrounded by lush greenery. Inside the mill there is a small restaurant Kaffee Mhle, which also has an air of magic. You can order a buffet and try national treats: asparagus cream soup, chocolate dessert with mint and strawberries, buns with perch and herbs.

17. Valentine’s Submarine Bunker

Panorama of Valentin Submarine Bunker Olliku

The largest building site created by the efforts of Nazi German prisoners brought to the site from various countries around the world. The size of the structure is truly impressive - it has been bombed many times, but even direct hits could not do any visible damage to it. Entrance for tourists is open as part of the tours.

Official website: http://www.denkort-bunker-valentin

18. Rhododendron Park

Lovely corner of Rhododendron Park

The largest natural center of the country and a unique representative of park landscape art for all of Europe. If you are a lover of nature and plants, you should come here at any time of year. The best time for a visit is from April to June - when rhododendrons are in bloom (and there are more than a thousand and a half different species). The vast territory is divided into thematic sections. For example, in the Azalea Landscape Park there are numerous species of this plant, plus centuries-old oaks and beeches.

19. Burgerpark

Burgerpark originated in the 20th century around a luxurious five-star hotel

A visit to this place is recommended for those travelers who want to relax, have a quiet or fun time within the city. The park hosts concerts, shows, festivals and other entertainment events. The area of the green island is over two hundred hectares. Here you can try national or European cuisine in local restaurants, sit on the lawn with a book in hand or ride a bike on the bicycle paths. Other possible options for recreation: playing mini-golf and visiting a small zoo. By the way, you can rent rollers or bikes here.

20. Schlachte Embankment

The Schlachte Embankment is a city promenade on the site of the old port

A favorite stroll spot for locals and visitors to the city. On 600 meters of the square you can see restaurants and stores, a giant beer garden for 5 thousand visitors. But the main attractions are not that, and the buildings built in different architectural styles - from modern art nouveau to rococo of the 17th century. There are also models of all kinds of ships, such as copies of Admiral Nelson’s frigate and R. Von Bremen’s 14th-century sailing ship.

Official website: http://www.schlachte

Our Bremen sights photos with names and descriptions are able to thrill even the seasoned tourist. We are sure that they will definitely arouse your interest as well. See also Landmarks of Hannover and be inspired on your future journey to Germany.

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