Best attractions in Lichtenstein: Top 10

Few tourists know about the attractions in Liechtenstein, although in fact there are many. When planning a trip, it is worth knowing in advance what to see in Liechtenstein, so as not to miss the best options and to allocate time rationally.

It is equally important to decide whether you will explore the interesting places on your own or with a guide. Guides in Liechtenstein are a must for those who are coming here for the first time or have very little time to see the main attractions of the country. We offer you an overview of the top rated attractions among travelers - read the descriptions and see the photos to make a final decision where to go.

What to see first in Liechtenstein

No matter how luxurious the hotels in Liechtenstein are, the most fascinating part begins after the tourist leaves them to take a closer look at the local monuments and natural wonders. There are more than enough options for what to see in Liechtenstein, but to learn more about them, it’s worth hiring a qualified guide.

Here are a few recommendations of what to visit in Liechtenstein is a must:

1. Vaduz Cathedral (St. Florin’s Cathedral)

Vaduz Cathedral (St. Florin's Cathedral)

Vaduz Cathedral (St. Florin’s Cathedral) is a place where you can feel the true spirit of the Middle Ages and admire the unusual architecture. The building was designed in neo-Gothic style by renowned European architect Friedrich von Schmidt. The spire that dominates the church catches your eye immediately, but inside there is also much that is fascinating. The most impressive features are the majestic stone stairway, the sculptures of the Virgin Mary and the burial places of the local dukes. It will also be interesting for those who are interested in what to visit in Liechtenstein to get closer to nature, because the temple is surrounded by forest and stands on a hill, so you can admire the magnificent mountain peaks.

2. Stadle street

Stadle Street User:Noebu

When sightseeing in Liechtenstein, you can’t ignore this striking place in the heart of the capital. Dozens of cafés, restaurants and stores await you, as does the City Assembly, with its striking sculptures. If you feel like it, you can visit the Postal Museum, while the main museum of the country and English House are just a few steps away. This is an ancient building, where the famous German poet Goethe once lived and which since the moment of construction was used as a shopping area and offices. At every step the tourists are welcomed by amazing sculptures and there is a joyful atmosphere.

3. Vaduz Town Hall

Ratusha Vaduz Hans G. Oberlack

A majestic rectangular building with a gabled roof and a tower annex, made in medieval style and decorated on the outside with the coat of arms of the city municipality and inside with images of members of the princely family from 1712 to the present day. In addition to the town hall itself the nearby square, which was reconstructed in 2006, is definitely worth a visit.

4. Government House

Government House in Vaduz

When exploring the sights of Liechtenstein, don’t miss this building, which stands out from the rest thanks to its festively decorated facade. Warm browns and beiges prevail in the decoration, and the neo-baroque decor elements add luxury to both the exterior and the interior. The building is interesting because it was the first central heating system that was installed here. Definitely worth paying attention to innovative at the time of construction (early 20th century) technical solutions.

5. Gutenberg Castle

View of Gutenberg Castle

A trip to this prosperous country would not be ideal without a visit to the ancient castle, built in the 13th century on a hill surrounded by Alpine peaks. It was originally intended to be an outpost for the invading barons of the Frauenburg lands, but later came into the possession of the Habsburgs. During its long history, the palace complex has been destroyed and reconstructed more than once. Travelers are attracted here not only by the ancient architecture and the preserved interior, but also by the fact that at the end of the 15th century it was visited by the Roman Emperor Maximilian the First.

Liechtenstein sights: what else to see in Liechtenstein

As you can see, excursions in Liechtenstein are sure to be fascinating and informative, especially if you have a chaperone by your side. We continue to get acquainted with the best sights of Liechtenstein according to the reviews of tourists.

6. Vaduz Castle

Medieval Vaduz Castle William John Gauthier

For a long period of time (since its construction in the late 15th and early 16th centuries) the castle complex was the property of the aristocratic Werdenberg-Sargans family. Later it was used as an official residence of the ruling princely family (since 1938), so you can get inside only on the Independence Day of the Principality (August 15). If you are lucky, the first place to see is St. Anne’s Chapel with its ancient altar in the Gothic style.

Official website:

7. Liechtenstein State Museum

Lichtenstein State Museum Bahnfrend

An ideal place for a closer acquaintance with the history, everyday life and traditions of Liechtenstein. Tourists will be interested both in regular exhibitions about the culture and nature of the Principality, as well as in all kinds of special exhibitions. You should come here to see the weapons of the Middle Ages, works of famous Flemish painters (there are more than 1.5 thousand of them), ceramic dishes, furniture and handmade carpets.

Official website: http://www.landesmuseum

8. Liechtenstein Museum of Art

Facade of the Liechtenstein Art Museum böhringer friedrich

Many tourists are looking for an option of where to go in Liechtenstein to get closer to the art of the modern masters, and a visit to the national museum does nothing but help solve this problem. It was built by the extravagant design of G. Delego and M. Morgan and visually resembles a black concrete cube. With all its questionable aesthetic appeal (it is included in the rating of the ugliest buildings in the world!) inside visitors expect stunning installations, sculptures and paintings.

Official website: https://www.kunstmuseum

9. Liechtenstein Postal Museum

The building of the Principality of Liechtenstein Post Museum in Vaduz JoachimKohlerBremen
Exhibits - stamp vending machines Julo

A true paradise not only for philatelists, but also for all those who are interested in the history of the state as depicted in the stamps. Here you will see a variety of stamps issued since 1912, engraving equipment, and documentation of how the postage industry developed in the principality.

Official website: http://www.landesmuseum

10. Three Sisters Mountain (Dry Schwestern)

View from the Three Sisters to the Rhine Valley Brannerrene

The sights of Liechtenstein are not limited to ancient churches and museums, there is also something to do outdoors. If you have a free day, you can spend it in the Alps, or rather on a mountain on the border with Austria. What makes it special is the presence of three peaks, the maximum height of which exceeds 2 km above sea level. There are different routes for sightseeing tourist attractions, which include the rock Reticon and the castle with a chapel in the Gothic style, including those that are designed for fans of rock climbing.

Now you know the most popular places among travelers, so choosing what to see in Liechtenstein in 1 day or more will not be a problem. Most often people come here for a weekend, but the attractions here are also enough for a fascinating vacation for one or two weeks. The main thing is to first note the attractions that you would like to see in Liechtenstein, make an approximate itinerary and hire a good guide.

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