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Best attractions in Limassol: Top 30

The sights of Limassol are so numerous that we have decided to devote a separate review to them. If you are going to organize an unforgettable trip to the hospitable Cypriot city, our rating of what to see in Limassol should certainly help you to do so.

What to see in Limassol first?

In our opinion, every tourist should see such interesting places of Limassol as:

1. The ancient city of Kourion

Classic ruins of the ancient cultural center of the XII century BC in Kourion

The remains of an ancient city near Limassol. Today the area is equipped with an archaeological park with various ancient objects. For example, with a restored theater, on the stage of which are given weekly performances in Greek. In addition, visitors to Curion are invited to explore the surviving mosaics, the ruins of the baths and the early Christian basilica. The site is equipped for the visit of tourists: there are cafes and toilets. If you are interested in the most popular excursions in Limassol, you should definitely visit Kourion.

2. The Ancient City of Amathus

Great ruins of the ancient city of Amathus

Several thousand years ago, the ancient city of Amathus was the main place of worship of the goddess Aphrodite. After the advent of Christianity, the area became desolate as it lost its religious purpose. The buildings were dismantled for building materials. At the end of the 19th century, archaeological excavations were carried out which revealed an early Christian basilica, amphitheater, city walls, temple and bazaar. The remains of Amathus are on the top of a hill from which there is a wonderful panorama of the sea and the Cypriot city.

3. The Sanctuary of Apollo Gilatos

The remains of the columns and half-destroyed walls of one of the most important sanctuaries of ancient Cyprus

A temple complex which in former times served as a place for the worship of Apollo as God. Nowadays there are several ancient archeological specimens: the monument, the columns, the stairs, the portico and the walls of the temple. The reviews of the tourists visiting this place are invariably rapturous.

4. Limassol Marina

Panorama of the prestigious city district Limassol Marina

Marina is an elite residential area of the city with its own cultural and entertainment infrastructure. The area is packed with trendy boutiques and chic restaurants, expensive high-rises and cottages. It also has the best hotels in Limassol and a port, hosting giant yachts. Date of opening - 2014.

Official website:

5. Molos promenade and Sculpture Park

A general view of the Molos promenade in Limassol
The "ring" composition with the ball inside on Limassol promenade Catauggie

The length of Molos is from the zoo to the Old Port. The promenade is known for its exotic appearance with sculpture groups, trimmed green lawns and rows of palm trees. There are several playgrounds and sports fields. Tourists and residents are offered the services of bicycle rentals. On the territory of Molosa there is an original outdoor gallery. The sculpture park consists of two dozen objects created by both local and foreign masters.

Check out the beautiful places of Limassol in this great video!

6. Galactica Play Center and Luna Park

Open-air attractions in the Luna Park

Don’t know what to visit in Limassol with the whole family? Go to Galaxy. The complex has everything you need to entertain children and adults: areas for sports, playgrounds, cafes with desserts and ice cream, a race track with swinging ships, a rope town, inflatable slides and mazes. All in all there are more than 3 dozen rooms with video games and about 80 attractions for all tastes and ages.

Official website:

7. Fasouri Watermania Waterpark

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark in Limassol Peter Clarke

What to see in Limassol in 1 day? A huge water park of a hundred thousand squares. It will take you at least a day to get around all the playgrounds, rides, pools and waterslides, to visit restaurants and cafes. Older people will be interested in additional services, such as massage.

Официальный сайт:

8. Zoo

Flamingo Zoo in Limassol

The zoo is located in the city park. Not so long ago it underwent an extensive reconstruction, thanks to which the number of inhabitants increased and the living conditions were significantly improved. By the way, the largest residents are funny pygmy hippos. The landscaped area is equipped not only with spacious cages and aviaries, but also a playground.

Official website:

9. Sparti Platres Adventure Park

The first forest rope adventure park in Cyprus

A rope park for those who like to have fun and excitement in the fresh air. The complex has over 80 different obstacles designed for visitors from 3 years old. Adult guests will be interested in a high-speed zip-line, which carries a speed of 60 km/hour.

Official website:

10. Municipal Park

Children's Train in Limassol Municipal Park

The square has its own amphitheater in which various performances are regularly held, a monument to Pushkin, a cafe, a botanical garden, play areas and a small zoo. It is in the municipal park that many mass events of the city are held: festivals, marathons and all kinds of calendar celebrations. A wonderful option for where to go in Limassol to relax surrounded by nature.

Official website:

11. Petra tou Romiou Beach

A small stone beach surrounded by rocks

According to ancient Greek history, the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the waters on this very beach. The small shoreline is surrounded by rocks and covered with stones. The locals assure that lovers who take a dip here will be happy for the rest of their lives. And if you take a bath during the full moon, you can get eternal beauty and youth.

12. Dasudi Beach

Dasoudi Beach is a flat shoreline of about 1.5 kilometers long

The natural attractions of Limassol are as numerous as those created by man. As an example, the beach of Dasoudi, surrounded by eucalyptus trees, which give the air a healing aroma. The coastline is furnished to the highest class: convenient paths lead to the water, there are playgrounds for children, parking for adults and areas for sports games.

13. Ladies Mile Beach

Further to the port, the beach of Dam Mile Beach is lined with pebbles

When listing the best attractions of Limassol, one cannot help but mention this shoreline. It starts from the airbase and continues to the port. In the area you can find changing cabins and showers, sun loungers and umbrellas, cafes and restaurants. There are several “wild” areas. The beach is covered with soft sand, the entrance to the sea is shallow and safe.

14. Courion Beach

A paved and unpaved parking lot at the entrance of Kourion Beach against a background of rocky cliffs

A kilometer long beach, whose nature is protected. Tourist infrastructure is almost completely absent here. There is only one restaurant with excellent cuisine. Experienced guides in Limassol recommend Kourion because its square has amazingly beautiful views. Especially in the evening.

15. Governor’s Beach

The seascape of Governor's Beach

There are several small coves on the picturesque rocky coastline. The landmark gets its name from one of the governors of Cyprus, who regularly visits this beach. The crystal clear sea and excellent climate create ideal conditions for recreation and swimming.

16. KEO Winery

KEO Winery is one of the largest wineries on the island of Cyprus GOC53
Tasting of KEO products at the end of the free tour of the winery

The opening date of the winery is 1929. Now it is one of the largest wineries of the island, it is included in all the lists of “main attractions of Cyprus“. The assortment of the producer is represented by liqueurs and cognacs, non-alcoholic products, canned fruits and vegetables. During a tour of the factory, you can buy any of these products at a cost without intermediary markup.

Official website:

17. Cyprus Wine Museum in Erimi

Signboard at the entrance to the Cyprus Wine Museum in Erimi

The museum complex was opened in a small village near the city over 17 years ago. The collections with exhibits about Cypriot wine, its storage and production are in a private mansion. The list of specimens also includes all kinds of wine vessels and containers.

Official website:

18. Limassol Castle

Medieval Limassol Castle in the historic center of Limassol

A Byzantine palace with a rich history. It has more than once managed to hold off attacks by Egyptian and Genoese armies. In the 16th century the castle was strengthened, and later its lower levels were turned into a prison. Now inside is a museum complex with ancient ceramic exhibits, weapons samples, coins and other artifacts.

19. Kolossi Castle

The donjon or the main tower of Kolossi Castle

In the 13th century Richard the Lionheart played his wedding in this castle. Subsequently, the building was used as a defensive fortress and protected from constant attacks of enemies. Now only ruins, a well and a courtyard of a characteristic rectangular shape are left of Kolossi. However, telling about the main attractions in Limassol briefly, it is impossible not to mention it.

20. Museum of the carob tree

The equipment for processing the fruits of the carob tree at the Carob Museum in Limassol

The collection of exhibits is small, however, really interesting. All the specimens are, in one way or another, related to the carob tree growing on the island. In former times, the fruit of the tree was used as animal feed, creating fillings for baked goods, and making honey from the sweet juice. Now they are also used by locals everywhere.

Attractions in Limassol: what else to visit in Limassol?

If those Limassol attractions, photos with names and descriptions of which we have now given, you have already visited, do not get upset. Your trip will be exciting and informative if you take into account our recommendations:

21. Folk Art Museum

Cypriot folk costumes at the Folk Art Museum Catlemur

The date of opening of the complex is 1985. The items on display are crafts and art from the 19th and 20th centuries. You can learn more about the trade, society, and cultural traditions of the whole island.

Official website:

22. Historical and Classic Car Museum

Rarities of the Museum of Historical and Classic Cars Andrew Bone

The area of the museum is about one thousand squares. The exhibits are motorcycles and cars created in different eras and in different states of the world. The basis for the opening of the complex was the collection of Cypriot Mavropoulos. The most ancient example is a Ford of the early 20th century. It, as well as other retro cars, can be rented.

Official website:

23. Limassol Archaeological Museum

The Besa Statue (center) at the Limassol Archaeological Museum Catlemur

The collection contains artifacts found by archaeologists while working around the city: coins, jewels, tombstones made of marble, ancient statuettes and statues.

Official website:

24. The Cathedral of Agia Napa

Facade of the main Orthodox church of Limassol Hajotthu

An Orthodox church from the early 20th century. If you compare it with cathedrals in our country, the facade seems modest and laconic: the dome and the facade are decorated with paintings of scenes from the Bible. But the interiors are spacious and colorful, with beautiful stained glass windows.

25. Monastery of St. George Alamanou

Fountain in the courtyard of Saint George Alamanou Monastery among flowers and greenery

The founding date is the 12th century. Originally, only male monks lived in the temple. However, later (in the mid-20th century) all the work on the reconstruction of the architectural monument of history and religion was carried out by Orthodox nuns. At present about 20 women live in the monastery. In the square of the monastery there is a spring with holy water - access to it is open to all comers. The nuns sell handmade souvenirs and homemade sweets, and the local shop sells icons and books on Orthodoxy.

26. St. Nicholas Cat Convent

Maintained courtyard of St. Nicholas convent in Cyprus Glen Bowman
The dream of the full masters of St. Nicholas Cat Convent

According to legend, St. Helena, visiting the island in the 4th century, instructed them to bring several hundred cats from Egypt (the animals were supposed to fight snakes). Tailed ones took root in the temple, and live here to this day. There are at least a hundred cats and cats on the blooming territory of the monastery, and only six nuns. Guests can donate cat food or meat to the complex. There is an olive grove nearby the temple.

27. Shelter for donkeys

The shelter is home to many well-groomed and contented donkeys

The date of creation of the unusual attraction is 1994 (founded by a charity organization). It should be reminded that the Cypriots use donkeys both as “passenger transport” and for cargo transportation. However, gradually the services of the animals are no longer needed and they are left on the streets. Homeless donkeys have a place in this shelter.

Official website:

28. Omodos Village

Omodos is a traditional village in the Troodos Mountains

An ancient settlement that came into being during the Byzantine period. The current name was given to the site in the Middle Ages. The site is known for its unique wines (literally all inhabitants of the village take part in the production of drinks). Every year there is a wine festival. You should also visit Omodos for the folk art exhibition and museum of Byzantine icons.

29. Oleastro olive park & museum

The olive oil press

Themed park complex with a museum dedicated to olive oil. Its exhibits also include containers carved in sandstone and monoliths. Olive trees, rosemary, thyme and other national spice herbs grow on the grounds.

Official website:

30. Wine Festival

Sirtaki dance in a huge wooden vat with grapes at the wine festival Leonid Mamchenkov
Free and unlimited tasting of various wines at the festival Ivan C

The first wine festival in the city took place in 1961. Since then, it has attracted not only Cypriots but also foreign visitors. An incredibly cheerful atmosphere reigns at the festival, national wines and mouth-watering traditional Cypriot dishes are offered everywhere.

The sights of Limassol are worth seeing for every Cypriot visitor. They will make your vacation rich and exciting. Read also about Larnaca attractions and be inspired for your further travels in Cyprus.

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