Best attractions in Luxembourg: Top 23

The sights of Luxembourg can be seen even in a couple of days, because it is a tiny state. But at the same time, these days you will spend so rich, getting a lot of positive emotions and learning a lot of interesting things that, leaving the hospitable country, will forever keep in memory bright and warm memories of the trip. The only thing tourists should definitely do before the trip is to make a small plan of what to see in Luxembourg, so you can save time upon arrival and immediately plunge into the fascinating world of fabulously interesting places, and believe me, there are many of them.

What to see first in Luxembourg

Excursions in Luxembourg are fascinating and varied, the locals cherish the heritage of their ancestors and protect every historical and architectural monument. Going to this wonderful country, you can independently make a route to get acquainted with it, and a small rating of the best sights, complete with descriptions and colorful photos, which is based on the reviews of those who have already had a rest here, will help you to do it.

1. Old quarters and fortifications in Luxemburg

Luxembourg, old city panorama Nikilux

The capital of this “dwarf” and very beautiful state is only today among the safest cities in the world, but it was not always like this. Throughout its history, the city has been constantly attacked, devastated, destroyed and rebuilt. The thing is that historically it was a strategically important point, fought over by the French, Spaniards, Prussians and Austrians, because it was located just on the trade route between France and Germany. So a small castle, built in the X century by Count Siegfried, first turned into a flourishing settlement, and then - in a well fortified fortress that can withstand any attack and became the second for impregnability, after Gibraltar. Since 1994, the ancient quarters and fortifications are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, becoming the main attraction of the state. The visitor can enjoy impressive views from the wall of the fortification and then visit the famous casemates of Bock.

2. Berg Castle

The Grand Duke's Castle in Colmar-Berg PlayMistyForMe

It is officially the main residence of the Grand Dukes and is located in the small town of Colmar-Berg, surrounded by picturesque surroundings. To the great regret of tourists, this historic monument, which first appeared on this site in the XV century, is closed to tourists, because at the moment the Grand Ducal family lives here.

3. Place Guillaume II

Panorama of Guillaume II Square Sergey Ashmarin

This is the “heart” of the city, a place that is traditionally included in the list of places to go in Luxembourg. The central square is very beautiful and pedestrianized, is located in the historic part of the capital and offers tourists great historical monuments: the old city hall, the cathedral of Luxembourg, a monument to Duke Wilhelm II. A few steps away, the elegant palace, now the seat of the head of state.

4. Moselle valley

Scape of the Moselle River Valley

This site is called the “jewel” of a region famous for winemaking, and it is in its valley that the most luxurious wines, prized all over the world (Pinot Noir, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris) are produced. Tour guides in Luxembourg always recommend tourists to walk the “Wine trail,” along which there are many distilleries, wine cellars and tasting rooms.

5. The Monument of the Golden Lady

The Monument of the Golden Lady Cayambe

This is one of the most revered monuments in the capital and is a tribute to the victims of three wars, two world wars and the Korean War. The gold statue of a woman is 21 meters high, the lady holds a wreath over two male figures - the body of a fallen soldier and a comrade bent over him in deep mourning. The monument deserves special attention.

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Check out the gorgeous views of Luxembourg in this beautiful video!

6. The town and castle of Vianden

View of Castle Vianden

All recommendations about what to visit in Luxembourg point to this most beautiful structure in Europe. At one time it was visited by Elizabeth II, the picturesque town was beloved by Victor Hugo, and its greatest value is the local castle, built in XI-XIV century, which not so long ago was restored and welcomes tourists.

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7. Merveilleux Park

The Fairy Figure in Park Merveilleux in the City of Luxembourg MMFE

To make your trip even more exciting and varied, be sure to check out this amusement park, especially if you have children with you. It will pleasantly surprise you with a beautiful area, a variety of attractions for children, will please you with a miniature railroad and a small zoo. You can find it near Bettambour.

8. Mamer Castle

Mamer Castle on Independence Square Ipigott at English Wikipedia

This unique historical and architectural ensemble, consisting of four interesting structures, can be found on a trip to the municipality of Mamer. The castle, which dates back to the 10th century, welcomes guests in the center of the town, on Independence Square.

9. Bridge of Adolphe

Adolphus Bridge

The majestic stone but rather graceful structure that connects the Upper and Lower Towns is rightly called the capital’s “calling card” and one of Luxembourg’s finest landmarks. Its construction began in 1900 by Grand Duke Adolphe and was finished in only three years with the largest stone bridge in the world at the time. The scale of the construction is impressive even today. The structure is magnificent both during the day and in the evening (when its curves spectacularly illuminated illumination).

Official site: https://www.luxembourg-city

10. Luxembourg Switzerland

Luxembourg Switzerland corner

If you are attracted to more than just architecture, and when going to an amazing country, you are also looking for something to see in Luxembourg to enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes, then be sure to head east - to Luxembourg Switzerland. Picturesque rivers, marvelous nature, rocks, formed of sandstone since the glacial period, do not leave anyone indifferent, and a visit to the ancient town of Echternach will be a wonderful end of the walk.

11. Museum of streetcars and buses in Luxemburg

Exhibits of the Luxembourg streetcar and bus museum Smiley.toerist

This place will certainly appeal to lovers of original and unusual museums, the likes of which are absent in absolutely all cities of the world. Here you will find a unique collection of public transport of different years. A horse carriage, old buses, pioneer streetcar cars which have undergone a good restoration, samples of fare tickets and service uniforms for drivers, unique photographs - thanks to all this you will learn a lot of new things and get a lot of positive emotions.

12. Larochette

The town of Larochette

This small ancient town is nestled between picturesque rocky slopes, on one of them awaits you an ancient castle, built back in the XI century. For several centuries von Fels family lived here, until the castle was destroyed by fire. Larochette remained empty for a long time, but today one of the oldest structures has been restored and invites visitors to plunge into the world of life of medieval feudal lords.

13. Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg

Facade of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg

This is one of Luxembourg’s most famous landmarks and is referred to in many guidebooks as the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame. The majestic seventeenth-century structure is late Gothic style, but it does not look morose, as it is richly decorated with architectural elements typical of the Renaissance. Three towers crown the cathedral, one of them with a bell tower. The unusual combination of absolutely different styles gives the building a special charm and external enchantment, but at the same time it is impossible not to be impressed by the internal magnificent decoration of the cathedral: columns with arabesques as decorations, colorful stained-glass windows, sculptures, neo-gothic confessionals. In the crypt of Notre Dame the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg were buried, the entrance to the tomb is “guarded” by a pair of bronze lions. The main value of the cathedral is the miraculous icon of Our Lady - the Comforter of Sorrows.

Official website: https://www.visitluxembourg

14. The village and castle of Valferdange

Castle Valferdange in downtown Luxembourg Ipigott

With time to spare and considering what to visit in Luxembourg, consider the small town of Valferdange. Here you will find a castle of the same name with a very interesting history. William I originally built it as a stud farm, and planned to develop the breeding of pedigree horses here. William II, the duke’s son and heir, later turned the castle into a magnificent royal residence. It is also worth taking the time to visit the Roman villa.

15. The Casemates of Bock

Casemats Bock in the thickness of Le Bock rock

Even if you’re short on time and looking for something to see in Luxembourg in 1 day, be sure to include the Casemates, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Fund, in your sightseeing program. The seventeenth-century structure is a seventeen-kilometer-long tunnels and chambers cut into the rock of Le Bock. The tour will introduce you to the caves, archaeological crypts with unique finds, and the unexpected “exit” from the rock at a height of one hundred meters will show the city in all its beauty from a bird’s-eye view.

Official website: https://www.luxembourg-city

16. The Three Acorns Fortress

Entrance to the Fortress of the Three Acorns

This is one of the most attractive historical sites located in the capital. The three towers are part of a fort erected to defend the city in 1732. This is all that remains of what was once a powerful monumental structure. Today the fortress is open for tourists and invites to visit the Thungen Museum with an interesting exposition devoted to the history of the city.

17. Hauts-sur National Park

Panorama of the Haut-Sur National Park Nikilux

This is a piece of wilderness that has “crept” into the heart of Europe. It is located near Esling and was created relatively recently, in 1999, but already ranks among the best attractions of Luxembourg. It is both a nature reserve and a place where you can plunge into the atmosphere of the old days (the abandoned chapels and mills contribute to that). There is beautiful nature, a lake with clear water, rare plants, animals, a reservoir (where water sports are practiced) - a great place to relax.

18. The resort of Mondorf-les-Bains

The Orangery and French Garden in the Spa Park in Montdorf Christian Ries

This small town in the southeast of the country attracts with its mineral springs, known all over the world for their healing power. There is a mild climate, thermal waters at a temperature of 25 degrees, which help in the treatment of rheumatism and a number of diseases.

Luxembourg sights: what else to see in Luxembourg

Now that you know exactly which Luxembourg sights to see for sure, you can consider backup options in case you have some free time left. This amazing country, though tiny, is rich in historical and architectural monuments from different centuries.

19. Beaufort Castle

The majestic walls of Beaufort Castle

In the small eastern town of Beaufort, a historically significant structure awaits you, built back in the 11th century as a fortress, which over time became a powerful defensive fortification. The central tower has been preserved and offers a splendid view of the surroundings, and tourists can explore the famous Beaufort Prison, with its eerie torture chamber.

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20. Palace of the Grand Dukes

The Palace of the Grand Dukes

This magnificent building, the appearance of which today fascinates tourists and visitors to the city, is the official residence of the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg, designed for audiences and meetings of delegations at state level, was erected back in 1572. The building first changed hands and had various uses (city hall, governor’s mansion) but was made into a permanent official residence by the last Duke Adolphe of Nassau. The interior of the palace is constantly updated and maintained to modern standards of comfort.

Official website: https://www.visitluxembourg

21. Echternach Abbey

Panorama of Echternach Abbey Nikilux

History buffs should definitely visit the country’s oldest city, famous for the abbey, which was founded back in the 7th century by the Benedictine Willibrord. Although the Germans destroyed the abbey during the Second World War, the people of Luxembourg restored it and today it welcomes visitors.

22. Butterfly Garden in Grevenmacher

One of the 50 species of butterflies in Grevenmacher Laura Wolf

An amazing garden is buried in lush greenery and lush tropical flowers, waiting for nature lovers in the winemaker’s town on the Moselle River. Here you can see about a hundred exotic species of butterflies, as well as “meet” with chameleons, turtles. Walking will leave a lasting impression.

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23. Burscheid Castle

Burscheid Castle is the largest castle in Luxembourg

This unique Luxembourg landmark is situated on a hill in the small village of Esch sur Sur, near the town of Ettelbroek. The interesting construction, dating from the X century, has a triangular shape, its longest side stretches for 150 meters, and the area of the territory - 12 thousand square meters. On the territory of Burscheid Castle there is a palace Stolzemburger, which today hosts various cultural events.

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Now you know exactly all the most interesting and unusual tourist sites of this amazing country, which means that your trip will be unforgettable. All that is left - choose a place to stay, but do not worry, hotels in Luxembourg will also please you and the variety and quality of accommodation. And one more thing - if you are coming here for the first time, you can hire a professional guide who will familiarize you better with all the local historical monuments and architectural masterpieces.

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