Best attractions in Dubai: Top 30

The many sights in Dubai are endless to see. For your convenience, we have compiled a detailed overview of what to see in Dubai. Take advantage of our recommendations, and your trip will be unforgettable and informative.

What’s the first thing to see in Dubai?

Even ordinary hotels in Dubai can be compared to architectural works of modern art. But your trip to this famous Emirate will be incomplete if you forgo visiting such places and sites as:

1. Burj Khalifa Tower

The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is located in the Downtown area of Dubai

Every tourist coming to Dubai should definitely take the high-speed elevator to the top of this famous skyscraper. The stalagmite-shaped building rises to a height of 828 meters. Often the Burj Khalifa is called the “city in the clouds. On its many floors there are shopping centers and restaurants, a three-level parking lot, luxury offices and a giant hotel, about 900 residential apartments. The 124th and 148th floors have observation decks that absolutely all guides in Dubai recommend visiting.

Official website: http://www.burjkhalifa

2. Music Fountain Dubai

Night performance of a color-music fountain surrounded by the skyscrapers of Dubai

Nearby the main attraction of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa Tower, is a fantastic composition of water, sound and light. Located on the artificial lake, a luxurious fountain gives performances every day from 6 pm to 11 pm. Bright animated shows with modern and classical music are interspersed with periods of silence. But even during the interlude, the splashes and streams of water continue to dance and sparkle.

Official website:

3. Palm Islands

Palm Jumeirah is a large island within the Palm Islands Archipelago

Archipelago of three palm islands, each shaped like this exotic tree. For the arrangement of the unique archipelago has been spent more than $ 7 million. At the “tops” of palm islands are numerous buildings with penthouses and villas with individual access to the sea - you can rent them. “Trunks” of the islands serve as a site for hotels, malls, park complexes, office centers and yacht clubs. If you do not know where to go in Dubai, but dream to enjoy the luxury of a hot Emirate, sunbathing and swimming in the sea, go to one of the palm islands.

4. The Emirate Towers

The Emirati Towers are skyscrapers connected by a shopping gallery

What to see in Dubai in 1 day? Of course, its legendary 54 and 56-story towers. The twin skyscrapers are connected to each other, and rise up from a terraced platform made up of circles and triangular shapes. They are ringed by large roads. The original forms of the high-rise buildings made the complex famous.

5. Dubai Marina

View of the Dubai Marina area, located on the shores of the artificial bay

Another great option of what to visit in Dubai for lovers of luxury. A fashionable neighborhood with a marina, modern skyscrapers, snow-white cruise ships, its own department store, subway stations and streetcar lines.

Official website:

Check out the wonderful views of Dubai in this fascinating video!

6. Atlantis The Palm Resort Complex

Atlantis The Palm Resort Complex - Sightseeing in Dubai Atlantis The Palm Resort Complex on the artificial island of Palma Jumeirah

A colossal complex erected on the artificial island of The Palm, which we have already mentioned above. It is decorated with exquisite Arabian spires and vaults, huge arches. In the building “Atlantis The Palm” is located more than 1,500 rooms, including VIP-guests. Visitors can swim with dolphins at the local dolphinarium, feed sharks in the lagoon, buy a ticket to the fantastic attractions of Aquaventure water park, to make a jump from a giant height - the number of attractions will impress even the most discerning tourist. Reviews not only children but also adults about rest here are extremely enthusiastic.

Official site: https://www.atlantisthepalm

7. Hotel Parus

The luxurious Hotel Sail or Burj el Arab in a prestigious location, on the Jumeirah Beach

Why did we include the hotel in our “Best Sights in Dubai” review? Because it is a “calling card” of the Arab Emirates. The high-rise building in the form of a sail can be seen from literally every district of the city. In the apartments and suites, usually stay selebrities and top leaders of different countries of the world.

Official website:

8. Dubai Mall

Huge 4-level waterfall that is illuminated in different colors at Dubai Mall Steven Byles

The largest mall in the world, included in every “top attractions in the UAE“ ranking. Let’s briefly list its tourist facilities: entertainment centers for children and adults, an aquarium (the largest in the world), restaurants, cafes, boutiques and supermarkets, an underwater zoo, an outdoor area offering fashionable denim items and accessories, a huge movie theater and an ice rink.

Official website:

9. The Aquarium at the Dubai Mall

Visitors watch the life of sea creatures in the aquarium of Dubai Mall

What interesting places to visit in Dubai with children? A giant aquarium with several thousand underwater plants and sea creatures, with many extreme and entertaining activities, from feeding stingrays to swimming with sharks. The glazed tank, whose illumination simulates the change of the time of day, has a volume of several tons of water.

Official website: https://thedubaiaquarium.

10. Ski Dubai Ski Complex

Park entertainment and ski complex under the roof of Timo Tervo

On the slopes with elevators are equipped with ledges for climbing, tracks for fans of tobogganing, skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Climbing height is about 70 meters.

Official site: https://www.theplaymania

11. Mall of Emirates

There are over 500 stores on three levels of Mall of Emirates mall, where you can do any shopping

The second largest shopping mall in the city. The main feature is the indoor ski center, unique not only for the Emirates, but for the whole earth. There are also hypermarkets, trendy boutiques, an aquarium, restaurants, foot courts, children’s playgrounds, etc.

Official website:

12. Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located on the lower level of the Atlantis Hotel Jeremy Thompson

Few excursions in Dubai are as beloved by couples with children as a visit to this aquarium. Despite its modest size, Lost Chambers has a rich collection of exotic sea creatures and plants. The design of the water tank is in the style of an old submerged town: it has its own streets and houses.

Official website:

13. Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark is an outdoor water park with a pool and water slides Saudi

A paradise for lovers of relaxing on artificial waves and for fans of extreme sports. It includes over 30 slides, rides and tunnels for guests of all ages.

Official website:

14. Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark with unique rides is located within the Atlantis Hotel skhakirov

Another famous water complex, which should be visited by the whole family, is located on the island-palm. The 42-acre area is devoted to rides and slides, entertainment areas for kids and adults, and its own well-equipped beach line with snow-white sand.

Official website: https://www.atlantisthepalm

15. Dolphinarium

Dolphin show at Dubai Dolphinarium

If you’ve always dreamed of swimming with dolphins or seeing a sea lion show, come here. The 5 thousand square meters area also has multimedia rooms for kids, a cafe, a photo studio, a souvenir shop, and a 5D movie theater.

16. Gold Market

An assortment of gold jewelry in the Gold Market

Let’s just say that more than 10 tons of gold is traded within this relatively small bazaar (about 300 stores) - a world record. Precious products are made by the best jewelers in the world. The quality of products - at a high level.

Official website:

17. Spices market

The largest selection of spices at Spice Souk Market in Dubai

At the colorful old bazaar you can buy not only any spices and spices, dairy and meat products, cereals, teas and sweets, but also traditional Arabic products.

18. Bastakia district

The Bastakia District with typical stone houses decorated with wood and plaster

The oldest quarter of the city, located on the shores of the Creek. It attracts tourists with buildings unusual for Europeans: traditional Arabian cottages and wind towers.

19. Sheikh Said’s Palace House

The Sheikh Saeed Palace is located by the Dubai Creek

A two-level gallery of rooms and halls surrounds the inner courtyard of the luxurious palace house with its windmills and arched openings. For the most part, the museum’s rooms feature photographs of Aboriginal life before the oil and tourist boom. There are wonderful views of the Persian Gulf.

20. Jumeirah Mosque

Stylized in the architectural style of the Fatimid era, the Jumeirah Mosque seanmcne

Millions of Muslims and visitors from all over the world come here every year. It is the tourist, educational, and religious center of the UAE. Interesting for travelers is both the facade of the building and the interior of the many halls.

Official website: http://www.cultures.

Sightseeing in Dubai: what else to visit in Dubai?

We have told about the main attractions of Dubai briefly. However, there are many more amazing places in this hot city, which you should visit by all means. Let’s continue to give recommendations to inquisitive tourists:

21. Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Cooperation Center

Guests at Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Cooperation Center Krista

The best place to visit for those tourists who are interested in Islam. If you choose the right time to visit, you can hear the call to evening prayer. Be sure to ask someone to take you to the roof of the building - it offers wonderful panoramic views.

22. Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum or Al Fahidi Fortress is one of the oldest buildings in the city

The attraction is set in an ancient fort built of shell rock and coated with clay. At one time the building was a prison, barracks and residence of the rulers of the UAE. Today its vast halls recreate with amazing precision the desert and seascapes, date plantations, markets and Arabian houses.

23. Dubai Opera

Futuristic facade of Dubai Opera against the cityscape

The country’s main cultural center, with a seating capacity of 2,000. Theater and ballet companies, symphony orchestras and opera artists from all over the world hold their performances here. The building itself is shaped like a dhow - an Arabian ship. Themes of the sea and water can be seen both in the interior and the exterior of the opera house. In the improvised stern (the rear part of the building) there is a foyer and parking for cabs and private cars. The “bow” of the building features the main stage with an orchestra pit and auditorium.

Official website:

24. Flower Park

The buildings, the walls of which are lined with living flowers, in the Dubai Miracle Garden flower park

You won’t see such an impressive number of plants and flowers in any other park complex on Earth. There are about 110 million living plant organisms in an area of more than 7 hectares. This wonderful place will charm you with its unique flowerbeds, sculptures made in the form of animals, peacocks, the Burj Khalifa Tower, a giant clock. The fragrance of the flower park also evokes many rave reviews.

Official website:

25. Zabil Park

Zabeel Park is located near the Emirates Towers

An oasis of greenery with fountains and shady areas was created to entertain and relax tourists and locals. On its well-kept square is the Stargathe complex with playgrounds for children of all ages, ATV and catamaran rentals, a small field for playing soccer. The park is divided into two parts by a busy highway. However, you will not hear the noise of cars here: at any time of day the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. Convenient pedestrian bridges are provided for safe movement through different parts of Zabil.

Official website:

26. Jumeirah Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach Park, created by the skillful hands of landscapers

Visit this beach park and swim in the waters of the Persian Gulf. The landscaped beach area has aristocratic lawns and picturesque gardens, playgrounds and barbecue areas. The atmosphere is calm and moody for a leisurely beach vacation.

Official website:

27. Kite Beach

Kite Beach is famous for strong winds, so it is popular with kitesurfers

We recommend a visit to Kite Beach for those who want to fly a kite into the clouds or surf. The beach is famous for its winds, for which it is especially appreciated by fans of “boards” of various kinds. There are cafes with different cuisines of the world, an outdoor gym, beach soccer and volleyball courts, sapboard, kayak and kayak rentals, changing cabins and a skatepark. Of particular interest are mass festivals of kite flying in the sky.

28. Marina Beach

Marina Beach is a resort paradise in the luxury district of Dubai Marina

Another luxurious vacationer’s paradise with lounge chairs, the clearest water and red-hot soft sand. You’ll swim and sunbathe, sip cocktails and have fun against a backdrop of high-rises, restaurants and posh hotels on your back. To visit Marina Beach, you’ll have to traverse a park with barbecue areas and playgrounds, gazebos and benches, shady alleys and paths.

29. Meydan Hippodrome

Horse Racing at Meydan Hippodrome at the Meydan City Complex Dan Heap

It took more than $3 billion to renovate this large-scale racetrack in 2010. The result is a marina, a more than 550-seat IMAX movie theater, a 5-star hotel, stables, and the racetrack itself with grandstands. Admission is free to all comers.

Official website: http://www.meydan.

30. Dubai Desert Reserve

Landscape Dubai Desert Reserve

Every year, tens of thousands of visitors to the UAE visit this major conservation area. Wildlife lovers can book safaris, tours and eco-tours through the Arabian Desert. On 225 square kilometers live bustards, oryx antelope, and other exotic animals and birds, many of which are on the verge of extinction. You can take an off-road jeep for a ride through the protected area. Equally popular are camel rides across the sand dunes. You can enjoy the view of indescribable sunsets and magical oases, the emerald sky and beautiful undulating sands.

Official website:

We hope that our Dubai attractions, photos with names and descriptions of which you have now seen, will interest you as well. Abu Dhabi is another city in the UAE that is definitely worth a visit. Read our review article about Abu Dhabi attractions and get inspired for your next trip to the Emirates.

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