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Best attractions in UAE: Top 30

What to see in the UAE? Among the huge number of objects of architecture, art and nature it is necessary to allocate some sights of the UAE. They can not be ignored by tourists. Among this list are both man-made and natural objects, places of entertainment, recreation and relaxation.

What to see in the UAE first of all

Given the number of interesting places, excursions to the UAE can be very diverse: exciting, exotic, fun, educational, mystical, etc. Travelers are left to choose what they like and can afford, but whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed!

1. Burj Khalifa (Dubai)

Panorama of the city with Burj Khalifa in the center

What is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about attractions in the UAE? Of course, the grandiose Burj Khalifa. This building was originally planned as the tallest in the world, its height was kept secret until the end, so that it could be adjusted in case a higher building was designed. The height of this truly enormous skyscraper is 828 meters (163 floors), 196 meters taller than the Shanghai Tower, which is 632 meters tall.

At the time of its design the building was named Burj Dubai, but it was later renamed in honor of the President of the United Arab Emirates.

Inside this huge building in addition to the hotel are apartments, a huge number of shopping centers and offices. The highest observation deck is located at a height of 472 m. The air inside the Dubai Tower, in addition to cooling, is additionally flavored. Not far from the skyscraper there are the world’s tallest singing fountains, which are an unusually beautiful sight.

If you want to visit the observation deck on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, tickets must be purchased in advance to save time and money.

Official website:

2. The Palm Islands (Dubai)

The artificial archipelago of the Palm Islands

The Palm Islands can rightfully be considered the eighth wonder of the world. Of all that has been built by man, only this artificial archipelago and the Great Wall of China are visible from space. This place is a business center, today it is the center of tourism of the entire Persian Gulf.

The archipelago is made up of three sights in the UAE - the islands, which in appearance are date palms. This plant is especially revered in Islam. The largest of the artificial islands is the Palm Deira Island, the Palm Jebel Ali and Jumeirah are a bit more modest in size. Following the terminology, the Palms would be more correct to call the peninsulas, as they are connected to the shoreline by their “trunks. The crown of each island is the crescent, a symbol of the Islamic religion. The islands are protected from the water by barrier reefs on which are carved quotations from the poems of the Sheikh of Dubai.

You can always find an activity to your liking in the Palm Islands: you can go scuba diving, yachting or windsurfing. Stunning architectural structures such as the underwater bridge, Aquaventure water park and the famous Atlantis Hotel complete the picture.

The monorail is a must-see for a low-altitude tour of Palm Jumeirah. You are waiting for a stunning experience, and when asked by friends what to visit in the UAE, you can safely answer - the Palm Islands.

3. Golden Market (Dubai)

Golden Market Items

In addition to being the city of the future, Dubai is also the leading city for gold sales in the world. Millions of tourists flock here to see the famous Dubai Gold Market live, not to mention businessmen and avid shopaholics. Get to this place with the help of Dubai guides or you can drive there yourself using the local transport.

The total area of this market is amazing and by the number of jewelry sold it surpasses any of the gold markets in the world. If you approach the purchase of jewelry wisely and know the current prices of gold, you can save a significant amount. The main thing is to be sure to haggle with the sellers. There is no need to be afraid of fraud, because all the jewelry items are thoroughly checked.

The range of gold jewelry is huge, there is jewelry for every taste: from small delicate rings to massive heavy pendants. Aside from gold, you can also find silver jewelry, diamonds, pearls and other semi-precious and precious stones. At the Gold Market, you can buy unique pieces by famous brands. If you decide to buy a copy of the original jewelry, you can be sure that it will be of very high quality.

4. Singing Fountains (Dubai)

Singing Fountains - a composition of water light and music

The singing fountains in Dubai are a symbol of the wealth and prosperity of the country. Located in the center of a swimming pool area of 12 hectares. The pool is decorated with mosaics and located next to the Burj Khalifa - the highest skyscraper. The reservoir is illuminated by a huge number of spotlights. The height of the jet during a performance reaches 150 meters. Such power is provided by the water cannons, which emit a sound like a shot.

The cannons, pumps and music are controlled by the program, which was developed specially for the creation of the fountain. Around the entire pool are powerful acoustic systems. They accompany the dance of water with different songs in Arabic and English. In total, about 20 songs are performed during the day without repeats. Only at the very beginning of the performance there is a song in honor of the capital.

Attractions in the UAE are characterized by a huge financial investment. Singing fountains are no exception. The spectacular project cost $217 million, and this is the most expensive fountain in the world. It is not called “the 8th wonder of the world” for nothing - the energy of water, light and music make you forget everything and dissolve completely in the astonishingly beautiful spectacle.

Official website:

5. Wild Wadi Waterpark (Dubai)

Wild Wadi River-like waterpark

What to see in the UAE, besides the already world-famous attractions? Wild Wadi Waterpark, which is located in Jumeirah in Dubai, fully answers the question.

Area of the water park is 5 hectares. Technical equipment is the most modern, which is why the institution is considered one of the most expensive in the world.

The park is designed like the Wadi River, which flows among the mountain cliffs. All attractions have their own legend associated with the adventures of Sinbad. There are 24 rides in total. They are connected by different water slides, the length of which is more than one and a half kilometers.

Particularly notable are the following attractions:

  • The slide is 33 meters high. Going down it, you can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour.
  • The complex in the form of a tube, which includes 8 slides.
  • Riding on rafts.
  • A pond with a low water level. Here is an imitation of a sunken ship with various slides, swings and fountains. It is designed for the youngest visitors.
  • Swimming pools for beginner surfers with artificial wave.

Water temperature is a comfortable 28 degrees. On the territory of the water park there is a well-developed catering infrastructure. Everything you need for swimming can be purchased on the spot. The park is equipped with a modern water purification system. Around the perimeter are constantly on duty more than 50 lifeguards.

Official website:

Feel the atmosphere of the UAE in this beautiful video!

6. Al Jahili Fortress (Al Ain)

External view of the Old Fort

A wartime monument, the Al Jahili Fortress is an example of Arab architecture. It was erected at the end of the 19th century. It is located in the central part of Al Ain, surrounded by a park. You should pay special attention to this remarkable sight in the UAE.

The fortress was built by the order of Sheikh Al Nahyan. It was intended to defend the city and to give shelter to the citizens in the period of internecine strife. The palace also served as a resting place for the sheikh and his family. In its original form, the fortress had a watchtower and a fort in the shape of a square. Now the appearance has undergone some changes, but the Old Fort has been almost completely preserved.

The tower consists of four tiers. The first two are open to the public. In the western part of the fort are the soldiers’ barracks. These buildings are among the new ones. In one of the barracks is an exhibition hall with photographic works by Wilfrid Thesiger. The Arabs have a deep respect for this Englishman with a complicated fate, who loved Arabia and the mores of the Bedouins. He is also famous for his research during his countless travels.

Excursions to Al Ain begin with the fortress and the park around it. There are palm trees, fountains, and playgrounds on its territory. All this allows you to relax in the midst of calm and tranquility.

7. Park of flowers in Al-Ain (Al-Ain)

Copy of the Eiffel Tower in a flower park

Not far from Dubai there is a “piece of paradise” - a large flower park with amazing compositions of fresh flowers brought from around the world.

For tourists, the attractions of the UAE are an endless stream, but such a park of flowers in the world is the only one. Among the desert terrain is a man-made stream with a closed circuit, which feeds all these unique compositions with unusual flowers from hanging containers. The park is famous for the path with arches in the shape of large hearts, twined with flowers. Amorous couples make their wishes here. The variety of colors does not irritate the eye, but only pleases.

At the center of all this flower splendor is a twelve-meter copy of the Eiffel Tower, collected from a thousand (or maybe much more) flowers. In the evening, it is illuminated, so that this beauty was visible from afar. Words cannot convey the fragrance that soars and fragrances in the park. Flowers are chosen so that when one blooms, in the same place others open. Admission for tourists is free.

8. Sheikh Zayd Mosque (Abu Dhabi)

White Sheikh Zayd Mosque

The most famous and majestic mosque in Abu Dhabi was named as a sign of respect and love for the UAE’s first president. Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan started its construction, but did not finish it in time. His tomb was installed in the mosque after it was completed.

The Great Mosque of Zayd is a combination of several Arab architectural styles. It is made of white stone and decorated with gold and is not just a religious building. It is necessarily recalled when looking for what attractions in the UAE to visit - not only Muslims, but also non-Muslims and just tourists are allowed to enter the Zayd Mosque.

The mosque occupies a large area - about 12 hectares. The majestic structure, exquisite architecture and the sheen of gold attracts those who wonder what to visit in the UAE. Domes, many columns, four minarets over a hundred meters high, the entire complex, surrounded by flowering gardens, is perfectly visible from every bridge stretching from Abu Dhabi to the mainland (the city itself is located on islands). The Great Mosque of Zayd on golden sand looks enchanting against the background of sunrise or sunset.

The interior decoration is also only gold and white polished stone, which is unusual for Arabic architecture. The only exceptions are the inlaid precious stones and some ceramic details. These were used to decorate the president’s tomb.

Official website:

9. Al Jazeera Park (Sharjah)

The best family park in the country

Not only is there something to see in the UAE, but also where to relax with all the swagger! Al Jazeera Park is the best family park in the entire country. But there is one exception - on Tuesdays, men are not allowed to enter, only women and children of all ages can have fun.

In the park you will find everything that your soul desires. Various attractions for children and adults - pools, small waterfalls, bowling, trampolines. But the most interesting thing is the railroad, laid throughout the park. You can see all the interesting places at once.

A special place in the park is the Ferris wheel, where you can view the entire park, as in the palm of your hand. For children in the park is created a mini-zoo, where you can see the wild animals, whose habitat is located in this country. Floral avenues resembling bright oriental carpets will not leave women indifferent. Men can have a good time riding around the lagoon on small boats. If you feel like a bite to eat, there are many cafes offering national dishes.

Especially good to walk in the park in the evening, when the multi-colored lighting creates a unique perception of the surrounding landscape. This impression you will keep for a long time.

10. Jebel Hafit Mountain (Al Ain)

Scenery of the ancient Mount Jebel Hafit

In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, near Al Ain, the summit of Jebel Hafit rises regally, reaching a height of 1,163 meters. The winds blowing over millions of years have created a network of unique caves, attracting thousands of tourists.

You can get to the top of the mountain by a winding road, which ends near the castle of the local governor and a five-star hotel - Mercure Grand. It is from here, from the observation deck, you can get a unique view of the foot of the mountain, where there is another attraction - an oasis for tourists “Green Mubazarrah”. Here visitors are offered a variety of entertainment, from riding Arabian horses to the water park. Those who want to improve their health can swim in the pool with healing water from the hot springs.

During the construction of the observation deck workers discovered the remains of ancient sea creatures, the age of which is about 700 million years. After this finding, scientists were able to speculate that the waves of the ancient sea once rolled on this spot.

All these sights of the UAE, created by nature and the local population, have made Mount Jebel Hafit an attractive and unforgettable vacation spot for millions of tourists.

UAE sights: what else to see while in the Emirates

It can be difficult to independently choose where to go, and even more so to organize a trip with the local realities, but here guides in the UAE are always ready to help. With them you will learn much more than if you travel alone, though even without a companion, the country will seem amazing and will remain in memory forever! Let us tell you a few more options for where to go.

11. Jumeirah (Dubai)

The architectural beauty and elegance of the Jumeirah Mosque

If you ask what to visit in the UAE, you will definitely be advised the Jumeirah Mosque located in the center of Dubai, close to the zoo, a modern structure built in medieval tradition. In the center of this white stone building is a huge dome, supported by numerous columns and flanked by two majestic minarets. Among religious constructions the mosque is considered the largest building - it can hold more than 1300 people at a time, and was honored to be depicted on one of the local banknotes of 500 dirhams.

The UAE is a multicultural country that strives to establish close ties with all cultural groups, so in order to promote Islam, people of different faiths were allowed to enter the mosque for the first time. Regular tours of this UAE landmark tell visitors about the history of Islam, the rules of communication with Allah and the meaning of prayer. Children under the age of 5 are forbidden to bring, and all others who wish may visit the temple, first wearing clothes that cover the naked parts of the body and take off their shoes before entering.

In the twilight hours the mosque is particularly fascinating with its majestic beauty and elegant outlines of architectural forms.

12. Al Mamzar Park (Dubai)

Al Mamzar Park Beach Oasis

When planning what to see in the UAE, be sure to visit Al Mamzar Park. This grandiose entertainment center, the construction of which cost 14 million euros, with numerous beaches and swimming pools, occupies almost the entire area of the artificial peninsula, the size of 100 hectares, located on the border of Dubai and Sharjah.

Almost all of the beaches are located on the shores of the Persian Gulf and only one, attracting many fans of water extreme sports, goes into the strait on the other side of the peninsula. Here there is all the beach infrastructure necessary for a good holiday - locker rooms, showers, retail outlets and equipped lifeguard stations.

Another attraction is greenery, occupying more than half of the park. The variety of plants is striking - hundreds of palm and coconut trees, numerous flowerbeds.

Among this oasis are swimming pools, for the use of which you have to pay a fee. For the outdoorsmen, there is a wide range of activities, from skateboarding and rollerblading courts to soccer and basketball courts.

The most important attraction in the UAE, Al Mamzar Park can be visited without restrictions on any day of the week except Wednesday as only women and young children will be allowed in.

13. Historical and Ethnographic Village in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi City)

The Village Gate in Abu Dhabi

The capital of the Arab Emirates is one of the most developed cities in the world, but Abu Dhabi preserves the memory of its past carefully and carefully. Once it was an ordinary village on the shores of the Persian Gulf. And in 1997, appeared the historical and ethnic center, recreating those times. A real desert village in the middle of the city is now considered one of the most important landmarks of the country.

All the main historical attractions of the UAE are collected in this place. Houses are built from date palm, coral limestone or clay. Employees on site produce handicrafts using ancient techniques. You can see firsthand how the work was created by potters, weavers or blacksmiths. To refresh tourists are served tortillas made according to ancient Bedouin recipes.

The Archaeological Museum displays gold jewelry and weapons. Museum of Pearl Fishers offers a tour of different types of boats of all times.

To fully immerse yourself in the culture of the country, you should watch performances of ethnic musicians and dancers. A great family vacation is a camel ride. Sometimes there is falconry, an occupation of the chiefs.

14. Aquarium at the Dubai Mall (Dubai City)

Life of sea creatures at Dubai Mall Aquarium

Many people have heard of the world’s largest mall in the world, but not everyone knows that it is where the largest aquarium on the globe is located. When looking for something to see in the UAE, it is definitely worth a look here. The entrance is located on the first floor.

The dimensions of the aquarium are 51x20x11 meters. There are more than thirty thousand species of marine life. 400 of them are sharks and rays. To hold such a mass of water and strong marine animals, the walls are 75 cm thick.

You can view the animals from inside and outside. For the first option, you can try diving in the cage, equipped with flippers, mask and snorkel. The pleasure time is 30 minutes. Not everyone will choose this extreme option. Many prefer 15 minutes in a boat with a transparent bottom. There is an opportunity to feed the animals. Capacity - 10 passengers. You can just walk among the riot of sea life. For this purpose it is enough to pass a tunnel through an aquarium. Its length is 48m. Divers can frolic with sharks. For beginners the training is carried out.

On the third floor there is an underwater zoo, representing three zones - the ocean, the rain forest and the rocks. Depending on your choice, you can observe the life of the respective inhabitants. There are huge crocodiles, colorful tree frogs, creepy but cute piranhas, cute penguins, lazy seals and more.

Official website:

15. Ski Dubai (Dubai City)

Snow slopes under the roof of the Ski Dubai complex

Can a year-round ski resort appear in the middle of the desert? Anything is possible in the Arab Emirates. The only one of its kind, it awaits holidaymakers in the Mall of Emirates.

The snow pistes under the roof occupy 25 000 square meters and can accommodate about 1 500 people in a single day. This winter is artificially created, but that does not stop the residents and visitors of the desert from rejoicing when they can at least for an hour plunge into the winter cold. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have skis with you, because the rental shops will provide you with all the necessary equipment, including warm clothing.

There are 5 slopes of different difficulty levels and a separate track for snowboarders. Newcomers will find it particularly convenient, as you can work out in special groups or pay for the services of a separate trainer. Group recruitment is based on the level of initial training.

There is an activity for kids in “Polar Bear Club”, where cheerful animators will occupy mind and body of little tomboys. And tired of entertainment tourists are provided with comfort in a small cafe. Wrapped in a plaid near the fireplace, you can watch out the window for the games of snowballs. There is a separate menu for children. Hungry athletes can have a snack on the terrace in the middle of the slope.

16. Bastakia District (Dubai)

Classical Arabian architecture in the old Bastakia District in Dubai

The status of the best city in the UAE is worthy of Dubai, the center of one of the Emirates, a true oasis created by man in the vast deserts. And among the forest of high-rise ultra-modern buildings of the city still lives its unique life historical district of Bastakiya. The history of the neighborhood goes back to the end of the 19th century when pearl fishermen settled here. In the second half of the last century some of the buildings of that period were demolished; however, the rest have been preserved. The buildings are characterized by wind towers, which function as houses cooling in the heat of the day. It was believed that the more such constructions in the house, the more wealthy the family lived there. The main part of the buildings of the old district is decorated in Arabic style and skillfully restored retaining their original beauty.

Official website:

17. Ferrari World Theme Park (Abu Dhabi)

The indoor Ferrari World theme park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE Aziz J.Hayat

The Emirates love to create the best of everything, and Ferrari World Park in Abu Dhabi is one striking example. This unusually shaped structure, created in 2010, is the largest theme park in the world, located in a building. Its area is 22 thousand square meters, and the dome has a height of 45 meters. The complex is entirely devoted to the legendary Formula 1 racing and everything that has anything to do with it. The park’s main finit - impressive spectacles, which visitors get, studying the bright decoration of the complex and looking at interesting cars. But besides this, there are also rides, from visiting which you can get a charge of bright emotions. For example, here you can take an extreme roller coaster ride at 200 km/h, fly up in a special capsule or fly in a pilot’s cabin.

Official website:

18. Museum “Louvre Abu Dhabi”

The east facade of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Museum Wikiemirati

Cultural attractions of the UAE have also found their place in the expanses of the Emirates - for example, the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, which although it bears the name of the Parisian institution, it is not a subdivision of it. The partner in this project was the Union of French Museums, which lent exhibits. But perhaps the main exhibit is the building itself, consisting of 55 structures united under a single openwork dome with a diameter of 180 meters made of multi-layer aluminum structures. This extraordinary dome deserves special attention: all of its 8 layers are decorated in the form of patterned ornaments that let light through and leave different drawings on the walls and floor. The museum’s 23 galleries are presented in chronological order - artistic creations from prehistoric to contemporary art are exhibited here.

Official website:

19. Motiongate Park (Dubai)

Huge entertainment area at Motiongate Park in Dubai DPR 2016
Attractions at Motiongate Entertainment Park in Dubai Jeremy Thompson

A kind of Dubai replica of the world-famous Disneyland has become the largest entertainment park dedicated to beloved children’s movies and cartoons. It is a wonderful place for family recreation with children, divided into a number of thematic zones and decorated on the basis of famous Hollywood best-sellers. Here you can find attractions of different themes - Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and other cartoons. In the park you can visit and fabulous Smurf houses, and playgrounds, where you can participate in the collection of berries and visit the Smurf village, and the whole Smurf show. There is also an entertainment zone based on two acclaimed movies - “Step Up” and “The Hunger Games”, and the main zone, where there is a real movie set and you can see the real process of making movies, and become the main character of the mini-movie.

Official website:

20. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall at the foot of the famous Burj Khalifa Tower
Inside the world's largest shopping mall - Dubai Mall

Fans of shopping rush to Dubai for many reasons. Firstly, it is a huge number of stores, supermarkets, malls, which you will not find very often. Secondly, the country boasts very favorable prices - the fact that Dubai is an open port with low import duties. Thirdly, the high level of service allows each store visitor to feel like the most important person. Among the most famous shopping centers is a huge shopping mall Dubai Mall, the area of which is equal to the area of 50 soccer fields. It is located in an upscale neighborhood next to the tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. In addition to exploring the 1200 stores, you can have fun here - for example, visit a computer game park, a children’s town “Kidzania”, a giant aquarium or an ice rink.

Official website:

21. Capital Gate skyscraper (Abu Dhabi)

160-meter skyscraper Capital Gate in UAE FritzDaCat

If we consider the most modern and extraordinary sights of the UAE, the presentation will not do without a structure, analogues of which are not to be found anywhere else in the world. This is the 160-meter skyscraper Capital Gate, which is unique not because of its height, but because of its angle of inclination - 18 degrees. This is the largest angle of inclination of any structure in the world - for example, it exceeds the slope of the Leaning Tower of Pisa by four times. Another feature of the skyscraper is the design of its facade - it is covered with seven hundred glass panels mounted on a steel “skeleton”. For more strangeness the developers have given the glasses the shape of cut diamonds, and each of such glass constructions weighs 5 tons. On the lower 18 floors of the unusual building are offices, and above are rooms of one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

22. The Sail Hotel (Burj el Arab)

The Sail Hotel (Burj el Arab) stands in the sea on an artificial island

The list of the world’s most amazing structures is joined by another unique creation in Dubai - the Burj el Arab Hotel, which has become a true symbol of the city. This luxurious hotel in the form of a sailboat sail is included in the list of the most expensive hotels in the world. Its level of service is so high and impeccable that many sources refer to the Burj el Arab as a seven-star hotel - in fact, officially it belongs to the category of five-star deluxe hotels. As an example, the list of hotel services includes helicopter transportation from the airport, 4 swimming pools, 2-story rooms, a team of butlers, a private beach, relaxation treatments at the local spa, etc. The hotel’s interior is based on contrasts of blue and white and an abundance of gilded decorations. Its lobby breaks all world records - its height is 180 meters.

Official website:

23. Emirates Palace Hotel

5-star Emirates Palace Hotel surrounded by green lawns and gardens
The Emirates Palace Hotel on the Persian Gulf in the UAE

The UAE residents’ love of luxury is unprecedented - another luxury hotel is located in Abu Dhabi on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The adjoining 1.3 km long private beach offers a magnificent view of the bay, which also belongs to the hotel. The building itself is more like a palace than a hotel - its luxurious facade is decorated in the traditional Arabian style, and the interior rooms are richly decorated with marble details, mosaic of glass, gold and silver - a surprising contrast to the modern technical equipment. The hotel has 14 restaurants with a huge selection of the most exquisite dishes, operate two large swimming pools, spa center with a full range of services, children’s club. The hotel-palace is surrounded by numerous palm trees, dozens of fountains, and in the evening fascinating illumination lights up the whole territory.

Official website:

24. Atlantis The Palm

The Atlantis The Palm resort complex on the artificial island of Palma Jumeirah in Dubai

The Persian Gulf in the UAE harbors another Arabian treasure in its coastal waters - the man-made Palm Island. It is the world’s largest artificial island, its outline resembling a palm tree. This is where one of the luxury hotels of the Emirates, Atlantis The Palm, is located. The unique location of the hotel rooms allows absolutely all vacationers to contemplate the magnificent sea expanses. Everyone staying in this complex has unlimited access to the underwater world museum with tens of thousands of sea creatures, as well as to the exciting Aquaventure water amusement park. In addition, you can visit the dolphinarium and swim with dolphins, “communicate” with sea lions at the observation center, and finally, relax and have fun on the cleanest organized beach.

Official site:

25. Sheikh Said’s Palace House

The late 19th century Sheikh Saeed Palace is a historical landmark of the UAE

One of the few historical buildings in the UAE, Sheikh Saeed Palace was built in the late 19th century right on the coast where the Ruler could watch the ships passing by. The building, decorated in the best traditions of Arabic architecture, is impressive monumental. Its powerful walls are made of coral covered with a layer of lime - this wall material allowed to keep coolness inside the premises on the hottest days. Complementing the air-conditioning system in the house are corner wind towers. Today, the palace houses within its walls a famous museum, the expositions of which are devoted to the history of Dubai. For example, there are rooms devoted to the extraction of pearls, the history of the Maktoum dynasty, the life of the Bedouins and the beginning of the oil era.

26. Al Fahidi Fort (Dubai)

Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest surviving architectural structure in downtown Dubai

Al Fahidi Fort is regarded as one of the oldest buildings in Dubai. It was built in the late 18th century with a mixture of coral, clay and shell, and its purpose was to protect the city from enemy attacks from the sea. Later the fortress housed a prison, stored weapons, and only many years later it was decided to open a historical museum in these walls. Today the exhibitions of the national museum are devoted to the fate of the country and its rich history. The collections include everyday items of daily life of the Bedouins, merchants and pearl fishermen who lived on the territory of the UAE for thousands of years. There are displays devoted to traditional music, the pearl-mining process and the everyday life of fishermen. Vast dungeons of the fortress are equipped with the latest technology, and all tours of the museum take place in an interactive mode.

27. Al Husn Fort (Abu Dhabi)

North East Tower of Fort Al Husn Aeroid
Fort Al Husn against the backdrop of Abu Dhabi city skyscrapers Aeroid

Abu Dhabi also keeps interesting places related to the history of the state. For instance, the oldest structure, the White Fort, or Al Husn Palace, was erected in the early 17th century and served as the starting point in the formation of the emirate. Originally erected as a defensive fortification, the fort eventually began to serve as a living archive, and within its walls appeared a museum of UAE history. For a long time the fort served as the residence of the rulers of Abu Dhabi. The reconstruction of the structure was carried out in the 70-80’s of last century, and only in 2007 it became part of the museum complex and opened its doors to the public. Today, this building houses the Cultural Foundation of the country, a depository of documents, a library, and a book fair and film festival held annually in March.

Official website:

28. Sir Bani Yas Island

Panorama of Sir Bani Yas Island Ismail.alghussein

The best sandy beaches in the UAE and a variety of recreational opportunities are concentrated on the extraordinary Sir Bani Yas Island. It is located in the Persian Gulf, 250 kilometers from the coast, and its land is home to an incredible variety of plants and fauna. It’s hard to believe that once there were only rocks and sand - about 40 years ago started the “green” project, as a result of which the lifeless land of the island transformed into a place of paradise. The main attraction of the island is the Arabian Wildlife Park. So today on the island you can relax in many ways - for example, take part in a safari, spend a day on one of the beautiful beaches, visit archaeological sites, where they discover objects that are several thousand years old, as well as relax in one of the luxury hotels.

29. Spice Market (Dubai City)

Traditional Spice Market in Deira (Dubai) Stzeman

Exploring the sights of the UAE on the map, you can also see that right in the center of Dubai is located spice market. This colorful place has its own unique flavor of exoticism: an incredible abundance of spices, packed in bags, affects the richness of scents and dazzles with a variety of colors. But contrary to the name, not only spices are sold here, but also all kinds of herbs, roots, dried fruits, tea, handmade souvenirs and even carpets. Despite the atmosphere of the market, the sellers are very competent and friendly - they are always ready to tell in detail about the features and uses of each of the spices, and in the bidding, they easily make concessions, sometimes conceding two or even three times the original price, especially if you buy a large amount of spices.

30. Al Qasba Canal (Sharjah)

Dancing fountains near the Eye of the Emirates on Al Qasba Quay in Sharjah Farrah Zakir
The Al Qasba Canal Quay is a favorite entertainment spot in Sharjah Dr. Norbert Heidenbluth

When considering what to see in Sharjah, be sure to check out the family-friendly Al Qasba Canal. It is a great area for hiking with plenty of entertainment, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, sports fields and other attractions. Working 9D-cinema, on the wall of one of the buildings are projected light shows, beating singing fountains with unusual lighting. Along the canal stretching along the pedestrian zone walks are organized on traditional boats - arbahs, which are very popular in the Emirates. From the water you can admire the picturesque panoramas of the local waterfront and the entire city. Perhaps the main attraction of this area is the 60-meter Ferris wheel, which offers the most spectacular views of Sharjah and the surrounding area. Read also about Jordan’s best sightseeings and get inspired for your next trip to the Arab countries!