Best attractions in Rimini: Top 26

If you are interested in the most important and famous attractions of Rimini, just study our ranking. In a random order, we have placed those objects that every tourist should see. We have taken into account the recommendations and reviews of experienced guides when compiling our “what to see in Rimini” overview.

What to see in Rimini first?

If you do not know what to visit in Rimini first of all, start your journey through the city with a visit to such sights:

1. Amphitheatre

Ruins of an ancient theater from the 2nd century AD in Rimini Claudio CASADEI

Date of construction of the historical and architectural masterpiece - 2nd century AD. The ancient Roman arena was used for gladiatorial contests and battles. According to scholars, it had a capacity of 12,000 visitors. For many years the site served as a reliable defensive structure for the city. However, like many other landmarks in Rimini, it suffered a lot and was almost destroyed in WWII.

2. Piazza Cavour

The monument to Pope Paul V and the facades of the ancient buildings in Piazza Cavour GuidoRN

Guides in Rimini advise visiting this square above all for those whose trip to the city will be short. It is here that many key historical and cultural monuments are located: the Palaces of the Commons, the Starosta and Arengo, the public theater and the 18th-century fish market. A weekly flea market is organized on the square, where you can buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, household items - both new and rarities at a fairly affordable price.

3. Three Martyrs’ Square and the Clock Tower

The tall clock tower of the 16th century in the Three Martyrs' Square Sailko

The Piazza of the Three Martyrs is located in the central part of the city and is famous for its many landmarks, such as the Clock Tower and the Brioli Castle. The former is considered the true symbol of the square. The exquisite tower with its astrological clock is made of brick and richly decorated with forging. When visiting the square, be sure to visit its central podium. Once upon a time it was the oratory of Juri Caesar himself. The centurion appealed to the morale of his soldiers before important battles.

4. The Arch of Emperor Augustus

The Arch of Augustus in the Middle Ages served as the southern city gate in the fortress wall Sailko

Despite its rather ordinary appearance, this structure has incredible historical value. It was created over 2,000 years ago. It is named after Caesar’s son Augustus Octavian. By the way, the inscription on the attic allows us to learn about this fact. It is also known that originally the arch was decorated with a sculpture, on which the emperor was leading the horses. Now it is adorned by the stone merlons of several turrets. The current purpose of the object is to separate the carriageway from the pedestrian area.

5. Bridge of Tiberius

The five-arch ancient Roman bridge of Tiberius over the Marecchia River

The image of the bridge can be seen on the coat of arms of the city. Many landmarks in Italy were destroyed in WWII. It Tiberius managed to become the only and most ancient bridge of the country to survive the war years (all other structures were destroyed). The age of the sight - more than 2,000 years. There are a lot of legends about it. For example, it is believed that lovers who hold hands and walk across the bridge, will not part until the end of life. In addition, on the railing in several places you can see a mark in the shape of a hoof. Such a “mark” gave Tiberius another name - the Devil’s Bridge. Researchers have found out that the “mark” is nothing more than a mark left by a fixing tool during the construction of the structure.

Be sure to watch this beautiful video about Rimini!

6. City Fountain “Bump”

The marble fir cone on top of the Pigna Fountain in Piazza Cavour in Rimini Diego Baglieri

The name of the landmark was chosen because of its unusual shape. The author of the fountain was Giovanni Carrara (Italian architect of the 14th century). In an earlier era, the spring had an important practical purpose: it was the only fresh water spring in Rimini.

7. Castel Sismondo

The strong walls with watchtowers of Castel Sismondo in Rimini Sailko

The construction of the palace lasted 15 years (the beginning of the work was in the 16th century). Previously, its square-shaped towers had bronze cannons and its strong walls were surrounded by muir. Until our time have survived unique ancient interiors with frescoes and paintings. If you don’t know what to see in Rimini in 1 day, but are fascinated by architecture and antiquities, come here.

8. Gambalunga Palace and Library

Halls of Italy's oldest public library in the building of Gambalunga Palace Ivan Ciappelloni

А. Gambalunga gave Rimini both his beautiful castle and his library. Visitors to the palace are invited to see the original furnishings, paintings and other everyday objects and decorations in the halls of the 17th and 18th centuries. It will be interesting to see volumes of books, graduals, codices, manuscripts and other treasures of the local library.

9. Tempio Malatestiano

The wide marble facade of Tempio Malatestiano or the Church of San Francesco in Rimini Flying Russian

Where should you go in Rimini? To this medieval church building. Another name for the landmark is the Church of San Francesco. The Gothic building was built for the Pandolfo family. The clergy rebelled against the erection of the house because it did not have a single cross on it. However, the construction was still carried out, but not finished due to lack of funding. Many years have passed but the construction is still incomplete: the dome and part of the central façade are missing. Inside the Tempio the ashes of Pandolfo are kept.

10. Church of St. Augustine

Inside the Church of St. Augustine in Rimini Sailko

An architectural jewel of the city, included in any “best attractions of Rimini” list. It was created by the hermits of St. Augustine back in the 13th century. The style is Romanesque-Gothic. The façade of the majestic building is made of stone and brick, decorated with bas-reliefs, stucco and a portal with semi-columns. The height of the bell tower of the temple is more than 50 meters, making it a lighthouse for the ships entering the port.

11. City Museum

The archaeological department of the City Museum of Rimini in the premises of the former cellar of the monastery sailko

Date of opening - 1977. There are about 40 rooms in the complex, plus galleries on specific archaeological subjects. There is also an extensive collection of paintings occupying two levels of the house. The works of art belong to the 15-20 centuries. Visiting the museum, you can also see sculptures, ceramics and frescoes. If you are interested in the most informative tours of Rimini, a visit here is a must.

Official website: http://www.museicom

12. “Surgeon’s House”

Archeological complex under a glass dome in Piazza Ferrari Diego Baglieri
The mosaic "Orpheus surrounded by animals" in the "Surgeon's House" in Piazza Ferrari Diego Baglieri

An extraordinary archaeological complex, more than seven hundred squares in size. In the 3rd century it was almost completely destroyed by fire. In the 1990s, while improving the park area, the remains of an ancient building were discovered, along with bronze dishes, mortars, plaster objects, surgeon’s tools, mosaics and many other artefacts. The building includes a corridor, patient rooms and living quarters. The house is now enclosed by a dome of glass, and is open for tourists to view.

13. National Motorcycle Museum

Rare models of the Museum of Motorcycle History in Rimini

Date of opening - 1993. The collections contain several hundred motorcycles of all kinds, from foreign to Italian. The models are both sports and regular city models. Also the museum complex includes a library with tens of thousands of unique publications devoted to motorcycles and the history of their development.

14. Park “Italy in miniature”

Panorama of the territory of Park "Italy in Miniature" in Rimini N i c o l a
St. Peter's Square and Cathedral in Rome in Italy in Miniature Park

Want to see all Italy’s attractions in one go? Then go to the park, which has 270 figures of the most famous architectural masterpieces in the scale of 1 to 25. The entire area is divided into zones, the largest of which is on the theme of Venice. There is a Grand Canal in the park, offering boat rides. In addition to the Italian monuments of architecture, there are significant objects of other states - the mountains of the Alps, covered with snow, the Eiffel Tower, etc. You can walk around the complex on foot or take a mini-train around it. Outdoor restaurants and a variety of attractions are open.

Official website: https://www.italiainminiatura

15. Fiabilandia amusement park

Entrance to Fiabilandia Amusement Park in Rimini Michele1978rimini

What are the interesting places in Rimini to visit with the whole family? This is an ancient complex that began its work half a century ago. The entertainment center has four sectors with their own themes. Adults and young guests are offered rides on a pirate ship, passing through mazes, visiting magic workshops and Indian settlement. Local cafes and restaurants serve treats of national Italian cuisine.

16. Dolphinarium

A great dolphin show with jumps, exercises, games at the Dolphinarium Rimini Štolfa

A large center that gives daily shows with dolphins and seals. After the performances, guests can go to the halls with thematic exhibitions and observe sea creatures in their natural habitat.

17. Aviation Park Museum

Russian airplane in the open air at the Museum of Aviation in Italy Alexander Beltyukov


The date of opening of the complex, which is about a hundred thousand squares, is 1995. The exposition includes fifty planes arranged on kilometer-long walkways. Aircraft are collected from around the world, and at one time were used for military purposes. The museum’s collections also include decorations and medals, photographs of famous and little-known pilots.

Official website: https://www.museoaviazione

18. Federico Fellini Museum

The Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival karel leermans

The Museum of Federico Fellini, winner of five Academy Awards and the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, is located in the building where Fellini was born and lived until his adulthood. In the collections is everything related to the talented director’s life - his books, film costumes, photographs and awards.

Official website: http://federicofellini.

19. Amusement park “Mirabilandia”

Huge number of attractions for adults and children in Mirabilandia Park Viaggio Routard

A huge entertainment center designed for both children and adults. The territory of the complex is 850 thousand square meters, and a hundred of them are allotted for the water park (to get there you first have to pass the zone with rides). The rides are of different levels, including extreme ones. For the youngest visitors there are mazes and swings, fountains and playgrounds.

Official website: https://www.mirabilandia

20. Skypark Amusement Park

Suspended paths between the trees for children
Special walls for climbers to train

An outdoor sports and entertainment complex located in the mountains of Monte Aquilone. There are 14 obstacle courses. The simplest routes are designed for kids 3-5 years old.

Attractions in Rimini: What else can I do in Rimini?

We are sure that those sights of Rimini, photos with names and descriptions of which you have now seen in this review, were interesting for you. In addition to them, your attention deserves:

21. Parco Federico Fellini

Fountain of four horses in original illumination in Federico Fellini Park Marco della pasqua

The great filmmaker Fellini was born and died in Rimini. That is why the city park was named after the legendary master. The park is loved by tourists and locals alike. One of the local attractions is the fountain “Four Horses”, built at the end of the 20th century.

22. Rimini Ferris Wheel

The big Ferris wheel at night on the Levantine promenade in Rimini Biello di Biella

The huge panoramic wheel sits on the coast at the city’s port. It is 60 meters high and was built 18 years ago. If you want to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Rimini and its promenade, you will not find a better option for a vacation.

23. Beaches of Rimini

View of the 15-kilometer long sandy beach of Rimini from the Ferris wheel Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinna

The beach lines are in various corners of the city, and are famous for their cleanliness. There is everything you need for a relaxing pastime: playgrounds, outdoor restaurants, and showers. In addition, the city beaches are constantly organized large-scale celebrations and festivals.

24. Borgo San Giuliano

The Amarcord motorcycle racer is a drawing of a character from Federico Fellini's film Albino Di Lieto

For several centuries, Borgo was only a not very prosperous area of the city. However, after Fellini began vacationing here, the squares and alleys changed. After the famous director died, the local houses were renovated, decorating the balconies with flowers and the facades with beautiful frescoes - muralis from Fellini’s films. The modern neighborhood is popular - there is always a peculiar atmosphere of fun and prosperity. Many of the best hotels in Rimini are also located here.

25. San Leo Fortress

The monumental San Leo fortress of the mid-11th century on a high green mountain Vvirgola
Exhibits of the exhibition Instruments of Torture in the San Leo Fortress Museum Dino
World War II-era firearms and automatic weapons in San Leo Fortress Diego Baglieri

A historical site, famous, for example, for the fact that it was here that Count Cagliostro died, or that the first buildings were built by slaves of ancient Rome. Now there is a museum in the fortress.

Official site: http://www.san-leo

26. Tenuta del Monsignore Winery

The colorful landscape of the vineyards is a sight in Italy

Tenuta del Monsignore winery. A family-owned winery that has been in operation since the early 17th century. In addition to incredible wines, here you can buy and taste honey, olive oil, carbonated drinks.

We have told you about the main attractions of Rimini in brief. If possible, take a look at each of them - you won’t be disappointed. Read also about attractions of Bologna and be inspired for your further trip to Italy.

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