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Best attractions in Ho Chi Minh City: Top 22

The outstanding attractions in Ho Chi Minh City are represented by a huge complex of modern skyscrapers as well as the priceless cultural heritage of the country. A selection of the best and most visited places in Vietnam will help you determine what to see in Ho Chi Minh City.

What to see in Ho Chi Minh City first?

A truly legendary city with a rich and unique historical past. As the largest city in the country, Ho Chi Minh City embodies the vibrant and outstanding elements of Eastern culture.

1. Quti Tunnels

Quti Tunnels have become a popular tourist attraction nowadays
Soldier demonstrates the entrance to Quti Tunnels

If you are tormented by the question of where to go in Ho Chi Minh City, the first thing you should do is visit the legendary Kuti Tunnels, as tours in Ho Chi Minh City always include a visit to them. These places were used by the Viet Cong in the 20th century as hiding places from enemy fire during military operations against American troops. In addition, the cunning underground passages, up to 150 m long, were used in stealth attacks against the Americans.

Official website:

2. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Saigon

The beautiful and majestic Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City's Paris Commune Square

Evidence of the French presence in the city led to the erection of Ho Chi Minh City’s main attraction, Notre Dame de Saigon Cathedral. This amazing place attracts tourists because of the incompatibility of the appearance of the cathedral with the surrounding elements of the city. The classic form of the French cathedral looks unusual against the background of Eastern nature and architecture.

3. Viewpoint of the Bitexco Tower

Bitexco Tower Lookout Tri Nguyen
The view of Ho Chi Minh City in clear weather from the Bitexco Tower Lookout

The financial tower in the central district of the city is definitely something to see in Ho Chi Minh City. The skyscraper, which belongs to the company of the same name, is equipped with a stunning observation deck and helipad. Impressive size and mind-boggling height are the characteristics of this amazing place. Reviews of the Saigon Skydeck observation deck say that the view from the 49th floor of the building is incredible, as it creates a full 360-degree view.

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4. People’s Committee Building

Bronze statue of Ho Chi Minh in a small park in front of the People's Committee Building in Ho Chi Minh City

An experienced tourist is sure to visit the astonishingly beautiful People’s Committee Building, an example of unique French colonial-era architecture. The building with its ornate façade and brightly colored roof tiles is in the Baroque style. Streams of curious tourists flock to this place to feel the spirit of legendary Paris in a corner of Southeast Asia.

5. Central Post Office

Facade of the Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City
Interior of Ho Chi Minh City Central Post Office Prenn

Sightseeing in Vietnam are, in one way or another, remnants of local life during the French colonization period. In the question “what to see in Ho Chi Minh City in 1 day?”, you should give preference to this place, because the Cathedral of Our Lady of Saigon, which we already know, is located very close by. Locals as well as guides in Ho Chi Minh City no doubt know that the post office was designed by the world famous French engineer Gustave Eiffel.

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6. Reunification Palace

Fountain in front of the Reunification Palace building surrounded by gardens in the historic part of Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City’s main landmarks are briefly characterized as a huge cultural legacy of French colonial rule. The Reunification Palace or Palace of Independence was erected back in 1868. Throughout its existence, the palace was the residence of many local rulers. Once the palace was destroyed, but it was rebuilt, thanks to the efforts of the local authorities.

7. The Opera House

White stone statues at the entrance of the elegant Ho Chi Minh City Opera House Dennis Jarvis

The list of “Ho Chi Minh City’s Best Sights” is completed by the not unknown opera house from the time of French domination. A huge beautiful building in the colonial style, it attracts tourists with its stunning appearance. At night in the additional lighting the opera house casts a unique light orange hue. Many cultural events are held in the building: musical concerts, plays, ballets and much more.

Official website:

8. Puppet theater on the water

Traditional Vietnamese water puppet shows in Ho Chi Minh City
The wooden puppets that participate in the Water Puppet Theater performance

The attractions in Ho Chi Minh City are divided into French and Vietnamese. The Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater has a unique feature: for thousands of years, almost nothing has changed in the productions and plot. The characters and figures play the same uncomplicated roles and plots. Visually, the performance is beautiful: the elaborately carved wooden figures seem to float on the water and form a single picture.

9. Vinh Nghiem Pagoda

Semi-tower of Vinh Nghiem Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City trungydang
Monks at the Buddha figure inside Vinh Nghiem Pagoda manhai

The largest pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City was built by a Japanese-Vietnamese team of architects in the middle of the 20th century. Modern Japanese architecture is embodied in the exquisite and subtle facets of the structure. The pagoda is named after a legendary Buddhist preacher and is a magnet for many foreign tourists.

Official website:

10. Jade Emperor Pagoda

The Jade Emperor Pagoda is dedicated to the deity Ngoc Hoang Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên

The ruler of heaven, the supreme god Ngoc Hoang, according to his purpose, is the very Jade Emperor in Taoism. In 1909, the Pagoda of the Jade Emperor was erected. According to the traditions of Chinese architecture, special holes were made in the roof of the building for the penetration of sunlight, and the room itself is filled with many candles.

11. Tien Hau Temple

The 18th century Tien Hau Buddhist temple in the Cholon Chinese Quarter in Ho Chi Minh City

The journey of a seasoned and experienced tourist should undoubtedly begin with this iconic place. This is because Tien Haue is the Buddhist goddess of all travelers as well as seafarers. The temple has its own mystical history. Since polytheism is sacred to the Vietnamese, similar pagodas and altars are observed throughout Ho Chi Minh City.

12. Tan Dinh Church

The Tan Dinh Church is bright pink with white openwork in Ho Chi Minh City

French domination brought another example of colonial architecture to Ho Chi Minh City. Tan Dinh is a temple whose construction began in 1880. This church is the most beautiful place in the entire city.

13. War Victims Museum

The planes in front of the main building of the Ho Chi Minh City War Victims Museum WiNG
Military vehicles on the grounds of the Ho Chi Minh City War Victims Museum KenWalker

Vietnam’s tragic past is captured in this legendary site. The museum contains evidence of U.S. military intervention. The original name of the museum in 1975 was: “Home for displaying the war crimes of U.S. imperialism and the puppet government of South Vietnam.” Military equipment, weapons and unexploded ordnance make up the museum’s exhibit.

Official website:

14. Museum of Vietnamese History

Central entrance to the Museum of Vietnamese History in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City’s iconic place attracts not only visiting tourists but also students from local universities. The combined museum contains exhibitions and displays of Vietnamese history from the country’s beginnings to the last imperial Nguyen dynasty.

15. Museum of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Museum exhibit in a colonial-era mansion in Ho Chi Minh City Henk

A trip to Vietnam should include not only visiting secular sites, but also visiting the country’s national and cultural treasures. The outstanding Museum of Fine Arts in Ho Chi Minh City offers tourists to see exhibitions of sculptures, oil paintings, woodblock prints, Vietnamese ceramics, etc.

Official website:

Ho Chi Minh City sights: what else to visit in Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh City sights, photos with names and descriptions are presented above in the text, however, the interesting places of this amazing country and Ho Chi Minh City are not over. We suggest you read the following list of places to visit:

16. Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine

Apothecary mortar for grinding dried herbs into powder is a museum exhibit

A review of this amazing place could be broken up into several large, lengthy articles, but it’s better to see it once. Among the museum exhibits worth mentioning here: a room devoted to the country’s greatest doctors; a room showing the development of traditional medicine in Vietnam; a room with Oriental medicine (Chinese and Korean), etc.

Official website:

17. Ben Thanh Market

Arka clock tower above the main entrance of Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City trungydang
Inside Ben Thanh Market in downtown Ho Chi Minh City Stephan Ridgway

Connoisseurs of rare souvenir jewelry and homewares should definitely visit the huge bustling market in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. The atmosphere of this place as well as the national street food will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the East.

Official website:

18. Tao Dan Park

Dragon of green vegetation in Tao Dan Park in Ho Chi Minh City Diego Delso
Popular vacation spot for citizens and tourists in the middle of the bustling metropolis trungydang

Tao Dan Park is a prime example of a tranquil urban place to relax. Spread over an area of 10 hectares, the park is a great place to enjoy the fresh scent of rare trees as well as a break from the dusty, noisy environment of Ho Chi Minh City. The green area is centrally located, which is a definite advantage during a long and tiring walk.

19. Suoi Tien Amusement Park

Great dragon statue at the entrance of Suoi Tien Amusement Park trungydang
Suoi Tien Amusement Park is a great place for families Genghiskhanviet

Suoi Tien is undoubtedly something that absolutely every tourist must visit in Ho Chi Minh City. The amusement park is not only a center of modern attractions, but also a place where the country’s historical heritage is intertwined with whimsical sculptures of religious themes. This colorful place broadly represents the vibrant color palette of the East.

Official website:

20. Zoo and Botanical Garden

The water body at the Zoo and Botanical Garden in Ho Chi Minh City Daderot
Bonsai Garden with a rich collection of dwarf trees at the Botanical Garden Daderot
The rarest white tiger in Ho Chi Minh City Zoo

While trips to the zoo are quite commonplace for most tourists, visiting Ho Chi Minh City’s botanical garden is the number one priority. The French government and distinguished minds of the 19th century created the legendary botanical garden, which is filled with the rarest species collected at the time.

21. Kaodai Temple Complex

The main temple of Kaodai Complex in Tay Ninh
Ceremony at Kaodai Temple Complex Jonathan Lewis

The Kaodai religion, which was created directly in Vietnam by a native of France, was captured in the construction of a huge temple complex. The scale of the construction, the interior decoration of the amazing view and the colorful ceremonies all make an unforgettable impression.

Official website:

22. Saigon River

The Saigon River is Ho Chi Minh City's main waterway from a bird's eye view

The Vietnamese River, passing through a huge area, will give you a special view of Ho Chi Minh City. See the underside of the city, the life of ordinary people and the nature of the country. In addition, the Saigon River is a passable and frequently used navigable means of transportation. So, it is possible to visit some attractions only by the Saigon River.

Vietnam is an amazing country with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Visiting Ho Chi Minh City will give tourists not only a comfortable stay, as hotels in Ho Chi Minh City are incredibly beautiful, but also an immersion in the rich and immense beauty of the city. Read also about attractions of Nha Trang and get inspired for your further trip in Vietnam.

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