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Best attractions in Naples: Top 20

Our review of “sights of Naples” will be of interest even to those who are not yet planning a trip to this wonderful city. We have compiled our rating by taking into account the reviews of experienced tourists and guides. If you do not know what to see in Naples, study our recommendations right now.

What to see first in Naples

Listing all the interesting places in Naples could be endlessly long. You should plan your itinerary according to your free time. In our opinion, the most fascinating excursions in Naples are the following:

1. Vesuvius Volcano

The slopes of the legendary volcano Vesuvius

One of the most famous and formidable volcanoes on the entire earth, born thousands of years ago. Few sights in Naples can match Vesuvius in the number of people interested in them. Each year about 4 million people come to the mouth of the “fire-breathing dragon”. Tourists climb up a path paved with volcanic ash, pumice, and frozen lava (about 30 years ago a local cable car was destroyed by a terrible earthquake). To ease the way for pilgrims, there are benches for resting along the way. All the difficulties of the ascent fully compensated by the incredible views that open from the top of Vesuvius.

2. Pompeii

Pompeii is an open-air museum

An ancient city and archaeological complex once destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius. Over the past few decades a huge restoration work has been carried out, which allowed to restore many of the sites of Pompeii almost to their original state. Note that the famous Temple of Apollo, built in the eighth century BC, is still just a ruin. Just how majestic it was is evident from the remains of the frescoes and the two columns that have survived. Wonderful local monuments that every tourist can see: the House of Faun, the Amphitheatre, the House of Venus and the Thermae. Your trip to Italy will be incomplete if you forego a visit to Pompeii.

Official website:

3. Herculaneum

Ruins of the Ancient City of Herculaneum

Another ancient city that was destroyed by Vesuvius. From its ruins to Torre del Greco stretches the “golden mile,” a path along which rise beautiful 17th-century buildings. In spite of the terrible catastrophe, the ruins still look more or less intact. Excavations are regularly conducted here and allow you to see with your own eyes the life of the Roman people, which was conducted three thousand years ago. Along with Pompeii, Herculaneum is not only included in the “Main attractions of Italy“ rating, but also in the list of UNESCO sites.

4. Piazza del Plebiscito

The royal palace and equestrian statues in Piazza Plebiscito on a cloudy day N i c o l a

The city’s most extensive and famous square, beloved by travelers and locals alike. Here rises the Prefecture Palace, the temple. St. Francis and the Royal Palace. After sightseeing, tourists can relax in the many cozy cafes. Exhibitions, folk artists and music festivals are often held in the Plebiscito.

5. Royal Palace

Room V in the Royal Palace Mentnafunangann

Inside the sumptuous building there are three dozen rooms that retain their original decorations. Most of the rooms are devoted to the National Library, with its rarest papyri and thousands of volumes of books. Be sure to check out the Throne Room and the Hall of Hercules. Experienced guides in Naples will tell you many interesting facts about the treasures kept here.

Check out the beautiful views of Naples in this breathtaking video!

6. San Carlo Opera House

A side view of the San Carlo Opera House from Via San Carlo Armando Mancini

What to visit in Naples for music lovers? This legendary opera, considered the national pride of the whole country. The date of its opening is 1737. The building has enormous dimensions and an equally imposing interior. The number of seats for the audience is 3,000. An interesting point is that only international stars can perform in the San Carlo, performing works in the language of their creation. A tour of the theater is also possible on a 45-minute tour.

7. Umberto I Gallery Passage

Passage Galleria Umberto I is an indoor shopping complex in Naples

Where to go in Naples for shopping lovers? To the main shopping gallery of the city. The structure was built in the 19th century and is actually a complex of covered streets with endless boutiques, restaurants and stores intersecting under a huge glass dome. Given the building’s excellent acoustics, dance and music concerts are often held here.

8. Church of San Francesco di Paola

The Church of St. Francis of Paola in Piazza Referendum (Plebiscita)

The laying of the object began in 1817, but the construction took about 30 years. The interior decoration is represented by numerous sculptures, works of art and frescoes. The central attraction of the temple itself is the stone altar with statues of saints. The facade of the building is decorated with statues of two kings on horses.

9. The Cathedral of St. Januarius

Entrance to the Cathedral of St. Januarius Armando Mancini

A temple that is famous for its uniquely beautiful interior. Of particular interest are the paintings of the hands of Perugino and Luca Giordano. Inside there is an ancient shrine - a vessel with the blood of St. Januarius, which twice a year is shown to the faithful who come here (on these days the solidified liquid takes a liquid form, by the way, the phenomenon has already found a scientific explanation, which caused extreme indignation of the parishioners).

10. San Severo Chapel

Interior of Capella San Severo David Sivyer

The building was decorated by Italy’s most celebrated sculptors and painters. The main relic is a statue of Christ in marble. Other tombstones and sculptural compositions, such as the Divine Love, Generosity, etc., are also world famous. Being inside the chapel, its guests forget their problems and think about eternal life.

Official website:

11. The Religious Complex of Santa Chiara

The courtyard of the Santa Chiara Religious Complex Velvet

A Neo-Gothic and Baroque convent in which the remains of St. Clara of Assisi, as well as members of the royal family and rulers of Italy, are interred. The date of construction is 1340. The complex includes a temple, majolica, and a monastery museum. Wedding ceremonies are still held in the main building. Locals believe that couples who get married here will live together happily ever after.

12. Capodimonte Museum

Exhibition at the Capodimonte Museum Mentnafunangann

One of the most important museum complexes in Europe. The spacious halls contain the best paintings of such famous Italian masters as Bellini, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and many others. In addition to contemplating artistic creations, museum guests can tour the apartments of kings. Including a unique Chinese room with its rare porcelain decorations.

Official website:

13. Archaeological Museum of Naples

Athena at the Archaeological Museum of Naples Elliott Brown

Exhibits include ancient coins and jewelry, unique frescoes and mosaics, stone and marble sculptural groups, ivory, precious metal and glass objects, and artifacts from ancient Roman cities.

Official website:

14. Castel Sant’Elmo

The strong walls of Castel Sant'Elmo Lalupa

The 14th-century fortress rises on the highest point in Naples, on top of Mount Vomero. In the 17th century it was converted into a prison. The modern building is equipped with an observation deck and allows a view of Vesuvius, the seaport and the historic part of the city. A funicular operates to climb the hill.

15. Castel del Ovo

Castel del Ovo is a medieval fortress on the island of Megarida in the Tyrrhenian Sea

It is situated on a small island, and is a cluster of towers created at different times. Castel del Ovo was also used as a prison, and formerly to house courtiers and the king. Today there are guided tours of its halls and the surrounding area. If you are interested in the best sights in Naples with a rich history, go here. You will learn the wonderful legend of the Egg, which gave its name to the castle.

Naples sights: what else to visit in Naples?

We have told you about the main attractions of Naples briefly. However, the list of interesting places in the city does not come to an end here. Be sure to find time to see such monuments of culture and history as:

16. Castel Nuovo

The marble triumphal arch of Alfonso V at the New Castle in Naples

Construction of this trapezoidal fortress with its imposing round-shaped corner towers took more than five years (starting date 1279). The tops of the 55-meter high towers have battlements. The castle is surrounded by moats, the entrance is decorated with a marble portal with bas-reliefs and sculptures.

Official website:

17. Royal Palace at Caserta

Cascade of fountains in front of the northern facade of the Royal Palace of Caserta User:Gallardo

The country residence of the kings, erected in the 18th century. The Royal Palace of Madrid was taken as a model for the creation of the palace complex. In addition to the main building, the site includes a temple and a court theater. Even the best hotels in Naples cannot boast such a well-appointed adjacent territory and the same luxurious interiors.

18. Fontanelle Cemetery

The Fontanelle Cemetery, housed in caves on the slopes of Materday Hill Mentnafunangann

A gigantic cave crypt and the most ancient necropolis in the surrounding area of the city, containing the remains of poor inhabitants, victims of severe diseases and epidemics. The Fontanelle consists of three huge galleries: with the remains of the victims of the plague, those of the poor and those brought from holy places. Ancient rites are still held here today. There is a legend that the spirits here, unable to leave the cemetery, agree to help everyone in exchange for eternal rest. Improvised crypts and crypts made of wood, any of which are virtually indistinguishable from the other, create a mystical atmosphere.

Official site:

19. San Gaudioso Catacombs

Basilica Santa Maria della Sanita in the San Gaudioso Catacombs Peppe Guida

The catacombs, housed in the apartment of Sanita, also contain an extensive cemetery. The burials of the faithful are underground - directly beneath the temple. Tours through the ramified corridors will give you the opportunity to see the arcosoliums and loculae, the burial places of the poor and wealthy inhabitants of Naples, respectively. Of great historical interest are the wall mosaics and frescoes of the 4th-6th centuries, the altars and tombs. Among others, the ashes of the great martyr Sosius are preserved here.

Official website:

20. Bay of Naples

View of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius volcano

The best option for what to see in Naples in 1 day with the whole family. The natural landmark washes the west of the country. If you want to sunbathe and swim, you won’t find a better place. Your vacation will be surrounded by incredible panoramas of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Vesuvius volcano and the city itself. The climatic conditions of the Bay of Naples are recognized as some of the most favorable in the state. The number of sunny days per year exceeds 280 days. On either side of the bay are the flowering resort towns of Capri and Ischia, with Sorrento to the southeast. The views are especially beautiful during the hours of sunset and sunrise.

We hope that those sights of Naples, photos with names and descriptions of which you have now seen, will help you to create your own fascinating sightseeing itinerary. Read also about sights of Palermo and get inspired for your further trip to Italy.

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