World's Most Beautiful Places: Top 45


Our immense planet is full of places of unspeakable beauty, which can take more than a lifetime to explore. In order to capture all the amazing beauty of the earth, made this compilation, which presents the most beautiful places of the world, located in different parts of our world. It has found a place and natural attractions, and man-made objects, and famous resorts and extreme attractions. Stormy waterfalls, majestic forests, clear reservoirs, breathtaking views of mountains, original ancient settlements, ancient castles, mysterious valleys - all this and much more worth seeing at least once in your life.

1. Yosemite Valley, USA

Lovely Yosemite Valley with mountains and the Merced River on a sunny day in Yosemite National Park

The top most beautiful places opens a truly heavenly place on earth - the most picturesque valley of glacial origin in the state of California. The valley’s mountainous terrain is adorned with an abundance of crystal waterfalls, clear lakes, and lush vegetation. For tourists in the vast territory of the valley there is a mass of hotels, campsites and other benefits of civilization.

2. The Colored Rocks of Zhangye Dangxia, China

Rainbow Mountains of Zhang'e Danxia National Geological Park

A geological park in China’s Gansu Province is known for an unusual natural treasure - colorful rock formations of colorful sandstone and conglomerate rocks dating mostly to the Cretaceous period. About a hundred million years ago there was a natural basin on the site of the mountains, which later dried up and its sediment oxidized, taking on an unusually beautiful variegated coloration.

3. Bamboo Forest, Japan

A walkway of bamboo trees bordered by a railing of dried bamboo stems in Arashiyama Park

At the heart of Kyoto’s urban landscape sits a picturesque corner of nature - a dense bamboo grove consisting of countless bamboo trees. There is plenty of room to roam, so the forest has become a favorite resting place for citizens and visitors. At nightfall, the park is illuminated by hundreds of small lanterns and mesmerizes with its fabulous view.

4. The monastic complex of Meteora, Greece

Monasteries of Meteora on top of huge steep cliffs

The unique monasteries literally grow out of the rock, crowning the tops of the cliffs. The cliffs themselves are part of the ancient mountain system of Thessaly, located in the historical region of Greece. About 60 million years ago there was a sea on the site of the rocks, and today Meteora is one of the most valuable and sacred historical sites, in terms of the Christian religion.

5. Salar de Juni, Bolivia

The reflection of the blue South American sky on the mirror-like surface of salt lake Yuni

To the south of the high mountain desert, on the Altipano Plateau, there was once a salt lake. Later it dried up, exposing its salty bottom. The thickness of the salt layer is from 2 to 8 meters, and during the rainy season, when the surface of this layer is covered by a layer of water, the Yuni salt lake becomes like a giant mirror: the smoothness of the lake merges with the blue of the sky, and the surrounding landscapes acquire a truly unearthly beauty.

6. Tianji Mountains, China

Great cliffs rise above the rainforest in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Asked what is the most beautiful place on earth, many travelers opt for one of China’s natural parks, Zhangjiajie. On its territory are “soaring” mountains. It is these landscapes that became the prototype of the landscapes in the world-famous film Avatar. The mist-covered mountain peaks against the green abyss make a truly stunning impression.

7. The ancient city of Petra, Jordan

The rock mausoleum temple of El Khazneh or the Pharaoh's Treasury at night

One of the seven new wonders of the world is in Jordan, the ancient city of Petra, whose history goes back nearly three millennia. The city, whose name comes from the word “rock,” is indeed carved entirely out of the rock. Numerous temples, colonnades, tombs, baths and much more are skillfully carved into the rock - there are more than eight hundred historical monuments.

8. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Leaved tunnel along the railroad tracks in the forest area

A beautiful green corner in the Ukrainian village of Klevan has become a popular place for romantic walks and photo shoots quite recently. The green tunnel, “wrapped” with rich vegetation, was created not by some master-designer, but by nature itself and an ordinary train, which three times a day passes by the rails laid here and transports timber, making its way through the thick vegetation.

9. Bagan, Myanmar

Sunrise with many balloons over Bagan in Myanmar

The Valley of a Thousand Pagodas is one of Myanmar’s famous historical landmarks. There are thousands of Buddhist temples, and more, spread over an area of only about 4 square kilometers. It is a priceless archaeological area with thousands of centuries-old historic structures, many of which are richly decorated with gold and other precious materials.

10. Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan

Tunnel of hanging garlands of fragrant wisteria flowers in Japan's Kawachi Fuji Garden

Not far from Tokyo, an extraordinary fairy-tale garden is drowned in millions of flowers in every shade of the rainbow. This is a common flower in Japan - wisteria, which lianas, garlands hanging from specially constructed skeletons. Stunning waterfalls of flowers flow from above, forming a colorful, fragrant tunnel. In addition to wisteria, a host of other, bright but more familiar flowers can be found in the garden.

11. Li River, China

Pure and clear Li River among the green hills and quaint mountain peaks of China

China’s cleanest waterway, the Li River is also famous for its beauty. Cruises are regularly organized on the waters of the river, and as you sail through its calm waters of yellow-green, you can contemplate the stunning scenery - the silky ribbon of river cleverly winds among the green hills and vast fields of rice, creating a wonderful, mysterious and enigmatic landscape.

12. The island of Santorini, Greece

Churches and monasteries white with sky-blue domes on the island of Santorini in Greece

The romantic island in the Aegean Sea is a real archaeological find, steeped in legend. Everyone who comes to the island will find something to their liking: those who are interested in archaeology can visit numerous excavations, history lovers - look in museums and ancient temples, and fans of active recreation will find in the coastal waters excellent places for diving.

13. Inca City Machu Picchu, Peru

View of Mount Huayna Picchu and the ruins of the "lost Inca city" Machu Picchu near Cusco, Peru

The most beautiful places on earth are complemented by the ancient Inca city, lost in the high mountains of Peru and shrouded in clouds. The entire city consists of several hundred structures arranged in a clearly structured order. The impregnability of the city, situated among the high cliffs, is even more fascinating, its mystique attracting millions of tourists every year.

14. Sea Cave in the Algarve, Portugal

Tourists in one of the most beautiful sea caves in the world - Benagil Cave

One of nature’s most evocative creations is near Portugal’s popular Praia de Benagil beach. The amazingly shaped cave was formed by natural processes - the effects of water and wind on the rocky rock. Regular cruises to the cave are organized by boat, speedboat or rowing mini-boats - kayaks - along the azure waters of the sea.

15. Grand Canyon, USA

The spectacular landscape of the Grand Canyon from the south side

The world’s most beautiful places continues with the deepest Grand Canyon, the views of which are stunning at first glance. Along its reddish stony walls, as you go deeper down, there is a gradual change of climate zones, and significant variations in temperature and humidity are created. At the bottom of the gorge flows the Colorado River, which has made its way through the stony rock for millions of years.

16. Monument Valley, USA

"Martian Landscape" of red sandstone rocks in Monument Valley

Monument Valley has become one of the national symbols of the United States. As one wanders across the monotonous landscape of a lifeless desert, the fantastic outlines of rock formations on the horizon are vividly evocative. It seems as if you are transported to an ancient country, and red-yellow rocks suddenly turn into ancient castles, temples and stone sculptures.

17. Rice terraces in Mu Can Chai, Vietnam

The unique beauty of rice terraces in Mu Can Chai in Vietnam

The people in this northern province have done the impossible by building terraced rice fields on the steep hillsides. The “thresholds” created by the inhabitants, on which rice is planted, create a horizontal plane while at the same time trapping water coming down the slopes from the tops. The bends of the terraces formed do not disturb the harmony of the natural landscapes in the slightest, and are even a kind of decoration.

18. Pamukkale, Turkey

Natural travertine pools and terraces at Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) in southwestern Turkey

Castles are not only built by architects - sometimes nature itself does the job better. A striking example is the cotton castle of Pamukkale. The combination of snow-white salt formations and azure of the purest thermal waters, which fill the salt baths, creates a delightful view. In addition to admiring the beauty of these places, it is possible to improve your health by taking a dip in one of the warm thermal pools.

19. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

An aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The largest and most beautiful coral reef sits in the Pacific waters off the Australian coast. The structure of the reef is formed by billions of tiny microorganisms that have created the world’s largest coral ecosystem. Against the background of photos of the most beautiful places in the world, a photo of a coral reef stands out for its brightness, originality, and an amazing riot of colors.

20. Cinque Terre, Italy

The beautiful coastline of the village of Vernazza with brightly colored houses in Cinque Terre

There is one place in the Italian region of Liguria with amazing views of the sea and mountain landscapes. Cinque Terre is a green area along the rocky coastline and includes five coastal settlements that date back to Roman times. Among the architectural monuments of the region there are medieval palaces, shrines and ancient mansions.

21. Venice, Italy

Gondoliers at the old cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute on the Grand Canal in the Dorsoduro area of Venice

Not only beautiful, but also one of the most romantic places on earth is in Italy, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The world-famous Venice is a corner of majestic ancient architecture, an atmosphere of freedom and eternal feast. And the incessant splash of water, flowing through the city’s canals, makes this place recognizable among thousands of other places on the planet.

22. Plitvice Lakes - Croatia’s national park

Majestic view of a waterfall with turquoise water in the sunlight in Plitvice Lakes Park

Another of the planet’s natural paradises can be found in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes is a magical natural creation, which the Croatians themselves call the eighth wonder of the world. The lakes, located at different levels of height, flow from one to another and create unique water cascades, amazing with their views. There are a total of 16 such lakes in the national park area.

23. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The romantic Neuschwanstein Castle against the backdrop of snowy mountains in southern Germany

In the Bavarian Alps, on a hilltop, right above a deep, mysterious ravine, rises an unusually light, as if floating in the air structure. It resembles a fairy tale castle, as if descended from the pages of a romantic tale about princesses, knights and brave feats. The extremely beautiful castle Neuschwanstein is surrounded by equally beautiful surrounding scenery - impregnable mountain peaks and crystal lakes.

24. Navagio Cove, Greece

The famous Navagio Bay with a wrecked rusty smugglers' ship on white sand

In the clear waters of the Ionian Sea sits the small Greek island of Zakynthos. Green pine trees, emerald waters, blue sky, golden sands - all this attracts a flood of tourists and vacationers. It is here, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, which is famous not only for its beauty, but also for its wrecked smuggling ship, which washed ashore in a violent storm back in 1982.

25. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

A beautiful view of the turquoise lagoon and the extinct volcano Otemanu on Bora Bora Island

The most beautiful places of nature are organically complemented by a paradise pearl in the waters of the Pacific Ocean - the island of Bora Bora. This island has long been fancied by honeymooners and couples in love - a small, remote from civilization microcosm of emerald clear lagoons, whimsical flowers and bright tropical birds creates a perfect atmosphere of romance and coziness. Plus, it’s the perfect service for a serene vacation.

26. Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, Zambia-Zimbabwe border

Splash and fog from the tremendous force of falling Victoria Falls mid-stream on the Zambezi River

On the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa you can see one incredible natural phenomenon - the waters of the Zambezi River in a colossal wide stream, with a roar collapse into a gorge, and then rush into a narrow crevasse, creating clouds of tiny water spray. Victoria Falls are not the highest, but undoubtedly in beauty and grandeur it has no equal in the world.

27. Provence, France

Summer sunset and endless lavender fields in Provence

One of the coziest and most beautiful French provinces is nestled on the Mediterranean coast, right at the foot of the Alps. This fabulous place generously endows with its warmth, beckons with the abundance of vineyards, olive groves, fields of sunflowers, heather, and of course, the delicate lilac lavender, which has become a kind of visiting card of this region.

28. Glacial Lake Moraine, Canada

Rassumption on Lake Moraine in Banff National Park, Alberta

In Banff National Park, in the so-called Valley of 10 Mountains, there is a mysterious and mesmerizing body of water - Glacial Lake Moraine, whose waters do not freeze even in severe frost. Unreal in its beauty landscapes - majestic fir trees, relief slopes of the mountains - frame the lake, reflected in the smoothness of its crystal azure waters.

29. Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

A magical landscape with sunrise over a tulip field in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is world famous for its flowers, and tulips have become a beautiful symbol of the Netherlands. Every year hundreds of thousands of travelers take a trip to the colorful flower fields to admire the explosion of color and floral splendor. From a distance such fields look as if divided into even motley stripes, all this splendor creates tulips, which bloom in the springtime.

30. Geiranger Fjord, Norway

The emerald blue of Geiranger Fjord among the cliffs with lush greenery and snow-capped mountain peaks

Norway is known for its fjords, giant mountain corridors filled with sea water. One of Norway’s most famous fjords is Geirangerfjord, whose serene waters reflect the canopied cliffs and the lush greenery of the forests. On its banks are nestled small villages, towns and farms, and in some places directly from the rocks into the abyss streams of waterfalls.

31. The Big Blue Hole, Belize

The Blue Hole is the most popular dive site for recreational diving off the coast of Belize

A large sinkhole of karst origin is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast in Central America. Its depth reaches 120 meters, and the perfectly round shape of its edges is best seen from a height - for example, from a helicopter, where you can see all the beauty of this natural phenomenon. According to one of the versions, the crater is a collapsed limestone cave.

32. Caves of the Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland

The Blue Cave of Vatnajokull Glacier in Iceland

In Iceland, the cold realm of snow and ice, you can also find the most beautiful places on the planet, one of them being the glacier caves. When you enter their depths, you feel as if you are in a fairy-tale kingdom of cold: everywhere there are ice walls, through which the light is streaming, refracting at different angles. The process of cave formation is due to the movement of meltwater, which forms bizarre cavities inside the glacier.

33. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Panorama of the three Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau

The Egyptian pyramids are the only surviving among the ancient wonders of the world: several pyramids at Giza, protected by the Great Sphinx, are part of an ancient necropolis that is still the focus of archaeological attention today. In the largest pyramids are buried ancient Egyptian pharaohs, in the smaller structures - their wives, as well as priests and officials.

34. Gasadalur Village, Faroe Islands

Bosdalafossur Waterfall and the Danish village of Gasadalur on the picturesque island of Vagar

This village with its pristine nature lies on the western side of one of the Faroe Islands in the Kingdom of Denmark. The small, toy-like cottages of the village lie over a cliff, from which a waterfall falls directly into the ocean. This quiet and comfortable place is a true paradise for those who like a combination of beautiful nature, peace and quiet.

35. Antelope Canyon, USA

Inside Antelope Canyon

A unique creation of nature and an iconic landmark of Arizona in the United States, Antelope Canyon is a mystical place in the form of long crevices in red and yellow sandstone rocks. Amazing views inside the canyon open up at rare moments when the sun is at its zenith and its rays hit the crevice, and then the canyon begins to play with new, unusual colors.

36. Iguazu Falls, Argentina, Brazil

A spectacular view of Iguazu Falls from the Argentine side

A colossal complex of rushing waterfalls is formed at the intersection of the Iguazu and Paraná rivers. About three hundred small waterfalls form the cascade. On the opposite side of the crevasse into which the water falls, there is a viewing platform from which you can watch the stunning spectacle: a huge mass of water, forming a myriad of water splashes, sparkling and shimmering in the sun, comes crashing down with a roar.

37. Batu Caves, Malaysia

Sacred Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One of India’s most revered shrines and a true wonder of nature is the Batu Caves. The caves are about 400 million years old and used to be rock formations which have been washed away by water over time. Thus, several long caves were formed, walking through which you can see the amazing formations of stalactites, or visit a cave temple.

38. Mc Way Falls, USA

Mc Way Falls flies off a cliff into a bay with sandy beaches in Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park

The World’s Best Places continues with another of the world’s most unusual waterfalls, which is located in the U.S. state of California. Mc Way Falls is considered a perpetually living waterfall because it never dries up, and its waters fall off a cliff right into a picturesque cove. And the very vegetation surrounding the falls always stays green-the secret is that the trees in this county are fed by the waters of the underground river.

39. Cappadocia, Turkey

Flying in a hot air balloon over colorful cliffs in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is called the heart of Turkey - this historical region is located in the heart of the country. Once here, you can feel like a guest of another planet - so unusual local landscapes: there are snow-capped peaks and extinct volcanoes, and low mountains, and Cappadocia has become a popular place to conduct sightseeing flights in large balloons.

40. Mount Roraima - located on the border of three countries: Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana

Fantastic view from the top of Mount Roraima

South America has some of the oldest rock formations - unusual mountains with flat, truncated tops. The highest of these mountains is located at the junction of the three South American states, and the area of its top is impressive for its size - about 34 square kilometers. Approximately one-fifth of this area is occupied by bodies of water, which, pouring down from the mountain, give life to the Amazon, Essequibo, and Orinoco rivers.

41. James Bond Island, Thailand

The beautiful surroundings of Ko Tapu or James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay in Thailand

One of the “star” sights of Thailand, the island of Tapu, has become famous thanks to the famous film back in 1974. Since then, a small island has become the starting point of tourist development in Phuket. This area captivates with its beauty: against the background of emerald sea waters towers limestone cliffs covered with greenery. Regularly from Phuket to the island of Tapu organized excursions by boat.

42. Troll’s Tongue, Norway

Troll Language and the landscape of the blue waters of Lake Ringedalsvatn, surrounded by mountains

Sometimes the most beautiful places in the world, their photos with names conquer already from the first distance acquaintance with them. A striking example of this is the mesmerizing natural landmark of Norway - Troll’s tongue rock. The dream of almost every traveler here - to make a photo from the top of the same rock, namely from its ledge, which offers a dizzying view of the mountain landscapes and the azure of the quiet waters of Hardanger-fjord.

43. The giant temple complex of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Giant Hindu temple complex in Cambodia, dedicated to the god Vishnu

The world’s largest religious structure, built in the 10th and 12th centuries in Cambodia, was dedicated to the supreme Hindu deity Vishnu. Angkor Wat is a giant 3-level temple complex, which for about a millennium keeps the secrets and legends of the capital of the Khmer Empire. The complex, built of sandstone, is 65 meters high, and its colossal area of 2.5 square kilometers contains magnificent towers, terraces, galleries and gardens.

44. Lensoires-Maranhaense National Park, Brazil

Tourists walking to the lagoon and dunes in Grande Lenqua in Lensoix-Maranhanense National Park

The fantastic scenery of Brazil’s Lencoix-Maranhañez Nature Park makes a lasting impression. The park’s vast territory of white sand dunes is occupied by small turquoise lakes that create a magnificent contrast of colors. Despite the desert views, Lensois-Maranjenses is not essentially a desert; it rains regularly and fills the spaces between the sand hills with water.

45. Valley of Geysers, Russia

One of the landscapes of the Valley of Geysers in the Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve
A stunning view of the green rocky slopes and swirling jets of steam in the Valley of Geysers Robert Nunn

One of the most interesting geyser fields is located in the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve in Kamchatka. In fact, the valley is a volcanic canyon, on the territory of which there are several dozens of gushing hot springs. The whole area resembles a bubbling cauldron - everything here flows, hisses and boils, steam jets gush out and pulsates hot thermal water.

So, where is the most beautiful place? The answer to this question still can not be unambiguous, but the rating of the most beautiful places in the world, of course, will be a useful tool for travelers to choose the most impressive sights of our planet.