Best attractions in Pattaya: Top 30

If you do not know what to see in Pattaya, but have already decided to spend your vacation here, carefully study our review. We will tell you about the attractions in Pattaya, which every tourist should see.

What to see in Pattaya first

We compiled our rating of “interesting places to see in Pattaya”, focusing on the reviews of travelers and recommendations of experienced guides. If you want your trip to be unforgettable, be sure to book tours in Pattaya such as:

1. Big Buddha

A wide staircase with mythical snakes and dragon heads leading to the statue of Big Buddha

Few landmarks in Thailand are as imposing and huge as this giant statue of a deity on Mt. The large reinforced concrete Buddha took 18 years to erect. The monument is generously gilded and inspires involuntary admiration for its grandeur and size. To see it with their own eyes recommend absolutely all guides in Pattaya.

2. Wat Yang Temple Complex

Religious structure on the territory of Wat Yang temple complex

The date of construction of the giant monastery complex is 1970. The monks hold daily meditation lessons in Thai here. In addition to the temple buildings, there is a beautiful lake and an equally beautiful park. If you are interested in attractions in Pattaya, such as Wat Yang, then note that there is a strict “dress code”. You should not visit the legendary shrine of Buddhists in open clothes and behave inappropriately (talking loudly, drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.).

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3. Temple of Truth

A wooden temple of Truth surrounded by a park

A grandiose Buddhist structure on the coast of Siam Bay. According to a unique design, the temple is made of wood without the use of nails or other similar fasteners. If you don’t know what to visit in Pattaya, be sure to come take a look at this stunning monument of ancient architecture.

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4. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

General view of the picturesque Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

For half a century, this marvelous park complex has been growing and developing. In its early years, Nong Nooch was an ordinary orchard, but later the owners decided to equip it for tourists. The unique area is divided into thematic zones. There are areas with aquatic plants, birds, Versailles landscape, cacti and orchids. If for some reason you are not satisfied with hotels in Pattaya, you can rent a bungalow here. Operates several cafes and folk theater, there are “rentals” on an elephant.

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5. Mini Siam and Mini Europe

Exhibits of Thai and world sights at Mini Siam Miniature Park

At Mini Siam you can look at mini-copies of the country’s most famous cultural and architectural treasures (1 to 25 scale). Mini Europe offers exhibits of key symbols of other cities and countries around the world, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, etc. The quarters of European capitals are of great interest. All expositions are located in the open air, and occupy a gigantic area of land.

Check out the wonderful views of Pattaya in this fascinating video!

6. Three Kingdoms Park

View of Three Kingdoms Theme Park

Where to go in Pattaya for fans of Feng Shui? To the Oriental Park, based on the work “The Three Kingdoms”. The territory of the park complex is arranged in Thai and Chinese style. In addition to the flowering greenery, there is a museum of petrified trees and a gallery of paintings.

7. Million Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

View of Million-year-old stones park and crocodile farm Alx R

The best option of what to see in Pattaya in 1 day for those who want to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. You will see artificial waterfalls and lakes, beautiful clubs and flower beds, boulders of original shapes and stone installations. You are allowed to rest and have picnics on the lawns. The Crocodile Farm is located in the park, and regularly puts on extreme shows with the predators. Guests at the farm are also offered extraordinary fishing for dangerous animals with a chicken carcass and fishing rod. Plus, breakfasts and dinners in a small restaurant, with fried crocodile meat among the treats.

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8. Underwater World Pattaya Oceanarium

Tourist looks with interest at the shark in the tunnel of the Underwater World Pattaya Oceanarium

An oceanarium worthy of inclusion in any “best attractions in Pattaya” list. Despite its relatively modest size (compared to its main “competitor” in Bangkok “), it is still of great interest to people of all ages. In a hundred-meter tank swim a variety of sea creatures: stingrays, sharks, numerous fish. The tunnel itself resembles the configuration of the bottom of the Gulf of Siam, and is divided into several thematic sections. Guests are also offered a contact pool with starfish, stingrays, and other animals that can be touched. It is possible to feed or just watch the feeding of the oceanarium inhabitants.

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9. Ramayana Water Park

Water rides at Ramayana Water Park

In addition to water rides, there is a unique entertainment infrastructure for adults and children. Ramayana is a new water park that opened about two years ago. Buy a ticket, and your kids can go to the mini-town, and you yourself can visit the Mysterious Island or the Green Labyrinth, walk along the coast or on the improvised floating market.

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10. Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Cartoon Network Amazone Zone for kids featuring cartoon characters Trainity14
Surfing machine at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark Trainity14

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark is a new water entertainment facility with both safe and extreme slides. The area is divided into a dozen themed zones. Every day here are organized performances of famous cartoon characters.

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11. Art in Paradise 3D Gallery

Three-dimensional interactive paintings at the Art in Paradise Gallery nabuhunso

Exhibitions of artistic “canvases” created with 3D technology. There are quite a lot of objects to consider. Visitors can take photos in such a way that in the pictures they appear to be real participants in the events. You can grab a huge bird by the wing or run away from a dinosaur.

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12. Cat Cafe

Cute tailed pets at the Cat Cafe (C Cat Cafe)

The original version of the cafe, whose guests are offered not only the menu dishes, but also communication with cats - photos and games. In Eastern countries such places are a huge success, since in high-rise buildings it is forbidden to keep pets. The owners of “pets” can only be private sector residents.

13. Alangkarn Theatre

Great spectacle show featuring real elephants at the Alangkarn Theatre

Animals, musicians and actors in theatrical productions. The shows tell the story of Aboriginal life, arts and traditions from ancient times to the present. The venue is a theater only in words. In fact, it is an open area with souvenir shops, elephant trails, and lavish decorations. A gala dinner is offered in the restaurant before the show begins.

14. Gems Gallery Jewelry Factory

The Gems Gallery entrance Jerome Bon

The factory produces jewelry made of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and Thai pearls. The company, which has been open for several decades, employs over two thousand people. The company has a large store, the staff which speaks to guests in 17 languages.

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15. Beach Road

Beach Road Walking Street Ilya Plekhanov

The pedestrian boulevard stretches along the city beach line. The tourist street is famous as a rather “hot spot”. There are a lot of “night butterflies” and Thai massage parlors, there are transvestite shows. During the daytime, Beach Road looks more respectable. Travelers stroll among the palm-lined avenues, store, and relax on the beach.

16. Woking Street

Woking Street is the center of nightlife in the city Roman Lashkin

If you come to Pattaya for nightlife, head to Woking Street, considered the local “citadel of debauchery.” On the boulevard there are cabarets with drag shows, brothels, strip clubs and other adult hangouts. From 6 p.m. the roads are closed to cars, and it’s time for illuminations, music and call girls.

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17. Pattaya Park Tower

Pattaya Park Tower at Ulf Schneider

The city’s tallest and most famous building erected at the Pattaya Park Hotel. Here you will find extreme recreation options, restaurants and cafes with panoramic windows rotating around their axis, observation decks. However, the main attraction is jumping from a height of 170 meters in an open cradle or in a bandage. Many tourists are attracted by the cable car that stretches to Jomtien Beach from the highest level of the high-rise.

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18. Wongamat Beach

Wongamat Beach Khaosaming

The length of the beach line is approximately 4 km. Thanks to the distance from the stores, the lack of noise and clamor, and relatively clean water, Wongamat is deservedly called one of the best Pattaya beaches. There are several five-star hotels and a large volleyball court.

19. Jomtien Beach

The white-golden sandy shore of Jomtien Beach

A city beach that is a success for visitors and residents alike. Keep in mind that it is always noisy, crowded and fun. There are restaurants and boutiques. The only downside is quite dirty water. Instead of swimming, vacationers sunbathe on sun beds and walk among the palm alleys on the waterfront.

20. Floating Market in Pattaya

The stalls of vendors are located on boats in the floating market in Pattaya Roberto Faccenda

Date of opening - 2008. At the bazaar you can buy both national food and souvenirs. But it’s worth mentioning right away that the cost of the offerings is elevated. Transportation is offered by various methods. You can rent a small boat made of wood, and sail on it. Or you can buy an entrance ticket, and walk on land - the outlets stand over the water on special supports, and bridges are thrown between them.

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Pattaya sights: what else to visit in Pattaya?

We have told you about the main sights of Pattaya briefly. If after visiting them you have some free time left, take it to visit such wonderful places as:

21. Khao Kheow Zoo

Behemoth underwater at Khao Kheow Zoo

The most famous and largest zoo in the state. In its area animals and birds are in huge open aviaries. No locked cages you will not see here. For safety, the areas with predators are surrounded by ditches with water or fenced with grates. To explore the vast area it is recommended to rent an electric car.

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22. Siracha tiger zoo

An aviary with tigers at Siracha Tiger Zoo Participant:Pescov

The opening date of the complex is 1997. About half a thousand Bengal tigers live in the zoo. Besides them, there are giraffes, crocodiles, donkeys and elephants. Guests are allowed to pick up baby animals and even feed them, including crocodiles and tiger cubs.

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23. Snake Farm

A snake show at the snake farm

The attraction is known for its extreme performances. The hosts of the show narrate and demonstrate poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. At the end of the show, the trainers offer healthful snake bile and blood cocktails and snake meat treats.

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24. Elephant Village

Exotic elephant ride Greg Johnson

The opening date was 1973. At first, the sanctuary operated to care for sick and old animals. Later on, however, young specimens appeared in the village, and a tourist center Elephant Villa was organized. If you want to communicate with elephants as close as possible, be sure to come here. You will have the opportunity to have a photo shoot with them, feed and wash them, ride on the back of the jungle.

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25. Sheep Farm

The Sheep Farm is a park with a mini zoo for a peaceful family vacation

An incredibly cute attraction located a dozen kilometers from Pattaya. In fact, it is a zoo and park, combined into a farm and designed for a cozy vacation for the whole family. There are funny sculpture groups, alleys and benches in the square. The local residents are not only sheep, but also turkeys, parrots, peacocks, turtles and rabbits.

26. Golden Buddha Mountain

A laser-engraved Buddha image decorated with gold leaf on Khao Chi Chan Mountain

Your trip to Pattaya should definitely include a visit to the rock with the image of the Buddha. The hill is lined with tiles of “gold” outlining the recognizable figure of the deity at a scale of 70 m. and 100 m. wide and high respectively.

27. Silver Lake Vineyard

Great views of the lake and the vineyard

A landscaped park complex and a giant grape plantation belonging to the Lake family. Although the number of tourists here is minimal, a visit to Silver Lake is a must. The square is decorated with flowerbeds, pavilions, gazebos, and windmills. Cafes and souvenir shops are open.

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28. The Tiffany and Alcazar Show

The Alcazar Show - famous transvestite shows Andyindia
Actors of the famous Tiffany show in bright costumes pose for photos John Shedrick

A popular performance by transvestites, performed exclusively at night. The performers in colorful outfits and wigs perform against a backdrop of stunning scenery. An interesting point is that the “workers” of Tiffany and Alcazar look much better than the local Thai women. Keep in mind also that the Alcazar actors can afford liberties. If you’re interested in a show with propriety, go see Tiffany’s.

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Official site:

29. Ko Lan Island

A top view of Ko Lan Island in the Gulf of Thailand

One of the largest islands in the Gulf not far from the city. You may also hear of Ko Lan as the Coral Island. You can get to it by boat or by boat. The area is covered with hills and dense tropical forests. There are also many beaches with white sand, cafes and hotels. It is offered to rent bungalows overlooking the sea and visit a Buddhist monastery.

30. Pratamnak Hill Lookout

Pattaya and Gulf of Thailand panorama from Pratamnak Hill Lookout

The hill with the observation deck stretches upward almost a hundred meters above Pattaya. The ascent is not too long, but quite steep. At the top there are several points that allow you to see the whole panorama of the city. It is here that the most remarkable photos of the blue waters of Siam Bay are taken.

We hope that those Pattaya attractions, photos with names and descriptions of which you have now seen, were of interest to you. Use them when planning your own sightseeing itinerary. Read also about Landmarks of Phuket and get inspired for your future trip to Thailand.

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