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Best attractions in Slovenia: Top 21

This article is entirely dedicated to those who are wondering what to see in Slovenia. This country is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Despite this fact, there are a lot of sights in Slovenia, and we will get acquainted with them.

What to see in Slovenia in the first place?

For the Russian traveler, the described country is exotic. Deciding to go on a trip in this particular direction, you will not regret, there are many interesting and unforgettable things waiting for you.

1. Prediamsky castle

View of Predjamski Castle

It is worth starting a sightseeing tour of Slovenia with this first-class and well-known tourist attraction far beyond the country’s borders. Its peculiarity is that it is located in a cave, literally. Its rocky cliff is a bearing element of the construction, and it closes a huge entrance to the cave. The castle came into state ownership only at the end of World War II and since then it has been restored. The building is among the best attractions, and today it is used as a museum for guided tours as well as weddings.

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2. Postojnska Jama

Postojnska Jama is a famous system of karst caves

Do you want to see with your own eyes one of the most mysterious places on the planet? Go to the labyrinth of karst caves. The description of this place says that it amazes with its vast halls, tunnels, corridors. Extreme lovers will also enjoy overcoming the various ascents and descents. The closest settlement to this attraction in Slovenia is the town of Postojna. The Pivka River was formed by a system of caves, it has been flowing under its arches for hundreds of thousands of years. Going there, do not forget that in the caves prevails constant temperature, it is +10 degrees Celsius.

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3. Lake Bled

The island with the Chapel of the Assumption on Lake Bled

What else is there to see in Slovenia? Do not ignore the mountain reservoir located in the Julian Alps. It is separated from the level of the world ocean by 500 m and there is a reserve of national importance. It is named after the highest point in the described area - Triglav. A trip here will be not only interesting, but also useful, because the lake is deservedly considered a balneological resort. It has a total area of 1.45 km² and attracts attention precisely because of its location. In the summertime there is a wide range of sports activities.

4. Miner’s Town of Idria

The Miner's Town Idrija Recreation Area sylaf

For more than a hundred years it has been known far beyond the country’s borders, which has made it a landmark in Slovenia. We are talking about the largest center of mercury mining. Despite the fact that the mines have long been closed, the town has carefully preserved the values of the region, both historical and cultural. This has turned it into an attractive tourist destination. What awaits you in the mining town? Here you will get acquainted not only with the objects of mining, but also taste the national cuisine, you can buy original souvenirs, visit unique celebrations.

5. Wintgar Canyon

Nature of Vintgar Canyon

All guides in Slovenia recommend visitors to the country not to ignore the beautiful canyon of natural origin, located just a few kilometers from the famous Lake Bled. This place never leaves anyone indifferent. Along the gorge there is a special path for tourists made of wood. Walking along it, you can admire the emerald river, natural mosses, beautiful trees, powerful whirlpools, there is even a waterfall. From the reviews you can learn that in the described area is very “delicious” air.

6. The city of Piran

Place Giuseppe Tartini from a bird's-eye view

The settlement is Slovenian, although it is 20 km from Italy. Its inhabitants use two languages at the same time, despite the fact that they are completely different. The founders were the ancestors of modern Italians, it can be seen even in the architecture of the old town. It implies an alternation of Roman gables, Venetian terraces, Florentine belfries. In numerous photos of the city we can see that it is characterized by narrow streets, they loop in the vegetation, which stands out for its picturesque. The main attractions here are two squares, one is a legacy of the Middle Ages and the other is part of the water space in the past.

Check out the wonderful views of Slovenia in this fascinating video!

7. Ljubljana Old Town

Medieval architecture of Ljubljana Old Town

We will talk about the capital of Slovenia, which is located between the Alps and the Mediterranean. Scientists have determined that the territory of the settlement began to be inhabited in the second century BC. Continuing the review, we would like to say that the Old Town is a pedestrian area. Locals and visitors can see such sights of Slovenia as the Church of St. James, the Annunciation, and the Franciscan Church. Also of interest are the Prešena Square, the Republic, and the Lontovž Palace.

8. Bled Castle

The former residence of monarchs on a steep cliff

In its appearance, it resembles the nest of an eagle. It deservedly belongs to the number of interesting places, because it is located on a rocky cliff, which is impregnable not only in appearance. And the castle rises to a height of 130 meters. Below the waves of the reservoir, formed by melting glaciers, which had happened a huge number of years ago, splash. In the old documents the fortress is mentioned as Feldes. These days, it is used as a platform to explore the surrounding area. Don’t know where to go in Slovenia? Go to Bled Castle, from where you can fully appreciate the views of the Triglav National Park, alpine scenery you won’t see anywhere else on the planet.

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9. Socha River Valley

Soca River Valley Landscape

This is an area that starts from the Triglav National Reserve and ends with the small university town of Nova Gorica. The rating of this attraction in Slovenia is off the charts because there is a lot to see here. The turquoise-colored river itself deserves special attention, originating deep in a valley surrounded by the Alpine Mountains. At one time, the valley was used as an important trade route, its expanse was home to large settlements. Proof of this are the numerous archaeological findings. If you are thinking about what to see in Slovenia in 1 day, if you are an adventurous person, the Soca Valley is the ideal place for you.

10. The stud farm in Lipica

The famous Lipica horses

Often excursions in Slovenia are organized in this very direction. A 60-minute drive from the city of Ljubljana is a factory, on the territory of which the world-famous Lipica horses are bred. It was founded back in 1580. The center of tourism, recreation, it became only after the end of World War II. Paying attention to the recommendations, it is better to come here in early June, when the events dedicated to the World Cup Dressage Horsemanship are organized.

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11. Ljubljana Castle

Stone Walls of Ljubljana Castle

Refers to some of the most famous, attractive sights of Slovenia, in particular its capital city. The castle is in its visual center, and stands on a high hill, completely covered with greenery. You can admire it from anywhere in the city, but it is best to climb up and enjoy the view of Ljubljana from above. The hilltop was once a strategically important site. The complex includes the Tower of the Whistlers, from which the inhabitants of the city were warned of danger. There is also the Watchtower, from which it was well visible when storms were being prepared, riots on the part of the locals.

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12. Limestone plateau Kras

Unique view of limestone plateau Kras

What to visit in Slovenia? Try to get to the limestone plateau in the northwest of the Balkan Peninsula, you won’t regret it. It consists of carbonate rocks, easily soluble by water. For this reason, we observe karst phenomena. It is worth mentioning that the vegetation in the described area is rather sparse herbaceous and grapes are grown on the fertile soils.

13. Triglav National Park

Mountain peaks in Triglav National Park

If you’re wondering what’s unique to see in Slovenia, check out the large park, named after the highest mountain in the country. It is considered one of the oldest protected areas. At the beginning of the park zone you can see a small pond formed by former glaciers. The landscape of the described area is considered ideal, it is not spoiled even by structures built by man. The expanses of the national park are inhabited by archaurs, and a monument to them has been erected on a large rock.

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14. Bohinj Lake

The breathtaking view of Lake Bohinjsko

It is one of the largest lakes in the country, with 318 hectares of land under its water surface. In its appearance, it somewhat resembles the Norwegian fjords. Like most other bodies of water in the area, it appeared due to the melting of glaciers. It is “fed” by karst springs and small rivers. The peculiarity of this attraction of Slovenia is that the lake is home to many fish of different species. If you like fishing, then a great catch is guaranteed.

15. Logar valley

Panorama of Logarska Dolina

This place is among those worth seeing in Slovenia because of the high mountain tourism and peaceful atmosphere. Given the poor accessibility of the valley, here you will not have to face crowds of tourists. Choosing this destination, keep in mind that the accommodation options here are limited. In order to book a hotel room in Slovenia better use special services. Wise approach to the organization of the trip, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the valley.

16. The Otocec Castle

Otocec Castle surrounded by nature

What else is there to visit in Slovenia? The answer is the most unusual castle of its kind. Its peculiarity is that it is situated on a small island in the middle of the Krka River. Freising bishops founded the fortress, and it belonged to them for more than two centuries, it performed exclusively defensive functions. Each owner sought to leave something of his own in the architecture, the changes were not always useful. Some of the most significant changes include the drawbridge, as well as the painting of the chapel. In the seventeenth century, the building was slightly altered to resemble a nobleman’s manor. Once it burned down and was abandoned for a long time. After a major restoration the castle was reopened to the public. It even opened a five-star hotel.

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Sightseeing in Slovenia: what else to visit in Slovenia?

Did you know that a large number of Slovenian movies were filmed in cities such as Ljubljana, Piran, Prekmurje. The attractions of Slovenia described above are not limited to the attractiveness of the country.

17. City of Kranj

Center of the Old Town of Kranj

We will talk about the old capital of the historical region of Kranj. It is located at the base of the Julian Alps, and its population is barely 40 thousand people. It was once an industrial center, including chemical and electronic industries. What makes the city even more valuable is its close proximity to the borders to Austria, Italy.

18. Celje Castle

Yard in the old castle Celje

It towers over the village of the same name and is its symbol. At one time the castle was subjected to reconstruction, since then it is divided into several parts - the square tower of Frederick, the buildings of defensive, economic purposes. Today the building is perceived not only as a large medieval fortress, but also as a great place to explore the surroundings. Often theatrical performances are held here, and knightly tournaments are organized. In a word, there is something to see in Slovenia, namely in Celje Castle.

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19. Tivoli Park in Ljubljana

Tivoli Park in Ljubljana is a vacation spot for city residents

In the entire capital it is considered the largest, which is not surprising, because the area of the park zone is 500 hectares. It was founded during the stay of Napoleon’s army. The park is laid out around the palace, which is a typical example of classicism. It combines a small garden around the castle itself and a park near the well-appointed Tsekin house. The modern version of the park zone was created under the guidance of renowned local architect J. Plecnik. It was he who designed the through avenue. Alleys, hiking trails, pavilions with fountains - all this appeared only in the middle of the last century. There are also many cozy nooks.

20. Guerrilla Hospital Fran

Franja Partisan Hospital Museum Exhibit Sl-Ziga

To conclude the topic of what to see in Slovenia, we would like to draw attention to the secret hospital from World War II. It is located in the western part of the country. Soldiers of both warring sides were treated there. Now the hospital is turned into a museum, it is protected by the state, because it is considered a cultural monument of national importance.

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21. Bohinj Ski Resort

Active recreation at the ski resort

The last thing to visit in Slovenia is a resort on the shores of a glacial lake. Its uniqueness is that it is surrounded by the Alps. In the summer in the area you can do mountain climbing, ride mountain rivers, traverse canyons, and fly paragliders. In December, the ski season starts. At any time of the year holiday here will be unforgettable.

Among the popular cities and resorts of Slovenia include not only Ljubljana, Bohinj, Bled and Bovec. There are also such destinations as Rogaška Slatina, Maribor, Cele. You can choose any destination, the main thing is to be prepared for acquaintance with a new country and then the rest will pass without unpleasant surprises.

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