Best attractions in Mexico: Top 20

Mexico’s sights showcase the country’s rich historical heritage. It provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the times of ancient civilizations, such as the Maya, Aztecs. What to see in Mexico - you ask. In a nutshell, it is better to get acquainted with the rating of local beauties.

What to see in Mexico first?

This country is a mix of Spanish, Indian and Caribbean culture. This means a trip here will be remembered for a lifetime, and you, for your part, try to get the most pleasure and benefit. Moving on to the main point, what are the main attractions worth seeing?

1. Mexico City Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mexico City

Located in the heart of the country, the temple is so majestic that no one can walk past it. The tall basilica can be seen even from a distance, and from different directions. Separately I would like to mention the ringing of the bells, it is not confused with any other sound. At one time the cathedral was built in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it took the place of an unremarkable monastery, which could not accommodate all believers. Tourists who have been to Mexico City note that seeing the temple from the outside is not enough to fully appreciate its grandeur. Looking into the inner halls, which anyone can do, you are sure to be very impressed.

2. Chichen Itza

The Pyramid of Kukulcana in Chichen Itza

This landmark in Mexico is a grandiose center of the Maya-Toltec civilization in the form of one of the largest ancient cities. It is unique in that it demonstrates how the ancient peoples imagined the universe, the world around them. The settlement itself is listed as a World Heritage Site and the Kukulkan pyramid, which is located on its territory, belongs to the wonders of the world. Still there are various objects of everyday life, statues of gods, a sacred well deep 50 m, in some places there are even rock paintings.

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3. Chapultepec Palace

The former residence of the Mexican emperors is the Chapultepec Palace

It is deservedly considered the most famous in all of North America, and it is known for being the former seat of the country’s governors, presidents, and emperors. It was initiated by the former King Bernard de Galvez. In the process of construction, it became clear that the state did not have enough money, it was decided to sell the castle under the hammer. The result was achieved in 1806, the buyer was the administration of Mexico City. When the building was completed, it housed a military academy. Nowadays excursions are held there, they are organized every day, according to reviews, are not tiresome.

4. National Museum of Anthropology

Aztec Calendar at the National Museum of Anthropology Michael McCarty

Considered to be the most famous not only within the capital city, but throughout the state. The described attraction of Mexico is still considered one of the most visited, because at least 2 million tourists come to see it every year. The museum itself includes two main departments. The first floor houses the anthropological section, the second - the ethnographic section. There are 11 exhibition halls on each floor. Many tours in Mexico include a visit to this museum because it introduces visitors to the country to the life of the ancient peoples that once existed on its territory.

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5. Copper Canyon

Natural beauty of Copper Canyon National Park

We are talking about a Mexican national park that is often compared to the Grand Canyon in the United States. It is really worth going there because it impresses with deep dangerous gorges in the middle of the hot desert, picturesque rivers. It is interesting to know that the canyon got its name because its slopes are overgrown with greenish moss, which at one time the Spaniards mistook for copper. The description states that the temperature at the tops and bottoms of the narrow valley is different because of the large differences in altitude. The area is home to one-third of all the mammals of Mexico, as well as many birds, and there are plenty of plants as well.

6. Acapulco

The Pacific coast with a sandy beach in Acapulco

This is the name of one of the port cities of the country, which has become famous far beyond its borders for the presence of picturesque bays, an abundance of ancient sights. The trip there promises to be interesting, because the village is rich in places for entertainment, such as clubs, bars. Acapulco is located in the southeast of the country, namely in the bay with the same name, stretching along the Pacific coast. What to see in Mexico, namely in Acapulco? The Chapel of Peace castle, the historical museum, Papagayo Park, and the Cathedral deserve attention. If you are traveling with children, then you should visit the water park “Acapulco Magico”.

Feel the atmosphere of Mexico in this beautiful video!

7. The Pyramids of Teotihuacan

The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan

Mexico’s landmark is located in the oldest city, and in the entire western hemisphere of planet Earth. Its remains are located about 40-60 km from the state capital, and the name literally translates as “the place where people become gods”. According to scientists, the city was founded by the Indians, which took place in the period of 100-500 years AD. The rating of this place is simply off the charts because it represents a huge archaeological complex, which includes such famous buildings as the Pyramid of the Sun, the Moon. The city itself has a temperate climate.

8. Skaret Park

The eco-themed park area of Schcaret

In translation, the name of the park area means “little cove,” which describes the place as aptly as possible. It is located on the country’s Caribbean coast. The official description is that an architect once purchased land on which he wanted to build a house for his family. In the process of its preparation there were found failures, it was found that they were formed because of the collapse of the arches of limestone caves. The presence of underground rivers was also noted. After some thought, the architect and his friends decided not to build a house, and opened a park. Today there are beautiful monuments of ancient culture, magnificent beaches. A special feature is the tropical nature, animals that live almost in the wild. Keep in mind that often on the territory of the park are organized bright evening performances with the participation of professional artists, they are devoted to historical themes.

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9. Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula

The bottom of a natural limestone well in the Yucatan Peninsula

This landmark in Mexico is an amazing formation of natural origin. The secret is that the entire peninsula is permeated with underground rivers, lakes, and from the inside out. Cenotes are commonly referred to as naturally formed wells and tunnels that contain clear water. Such areas are formed when limestone soils fall through. It is believed that if you dive into a cenote, you can swim out into the open sea.

10. Mescaltitan Island

A top view of the picturesque island town of Mescaltitan -- BASS --

The name of this Mexican landmark translates as “teeming with mescal.” According to the latest data, the inhabitants of the island of land are a little more than 800 people. Legend has it that the Aztecs once left it in order to find a better place to live. The island itself is located in a swampy area, and its diameter does not even exceed 400 m. In giving an overview, we would like to point out that during the period from August to September, which is the rainy season, the settlement literally turns into Venice. Through the streets filled with water, it is possible to move only by boat. A positive feature of the small town is the complete absence of crime.

11. Palace of Fine Arts

Facade of the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City

This is available in many countries, Mexico is no exception. The recommendations of this place are positive, not surprisingly, since it is one of the main symbols of the capital. The interior space is mainly occupied by the concert halls of the opera house, which means that in the palace you can enjoy opera and ballet performances performed by local artists. The photos will turn out great, do not doubt, because the interior decoration of the majestic building is simply amazing.

12. Palenque

Ruler's Palace in Palenque

Don’t know what to see in Mexico in 1 day? Here are the largest ruins of one of the most ancient cities, located in the northeastern part of the state of Chiapas. These are hundreds of structures placed on a total area of 15 km². To date, only part of it has been studied and restored to the maximum detail. There is also the modern Palenque which is a few kilometers to the east. The history and culture of this place are very interesting, guides in Mexico know a lot about it, it is worth using their services.

13. Mayan City of Tulum

The ancient ruins of the city of Tulum on the high bluff of the Caribbean Sea

This place, too, was once inhabited by the ancient Mayans, and it was erected in the pre-Columbian era. All along the coastline, this city is considered well-preserved. It was first told about it by travelers from America and England, which happened in 1843. A little later, research was carried out, which was able to determine the approximate date of the city’s origin. By the end of the XVI century it was gradually deserted and was completely abandoned by its inhabitants. The town is now open to visitors to the country and is included in the list of top attractions.

14. San Fransisco de Campeche

Night lighting of the Campeche Cathedral Jiuguang Wang

The city is the capital of the state of Campeche, as well as the administrative center of the municipality of the same name. It used to be an ordinary Mayan settlement, but after it was conquered by the conquistadors it became an important center in the transportation industry. Due to the fact that trade developed in the city, it quickly became rich, which allowed the construction of more than a thousand buildings of magnificent design in pastel shades, the style was chosen Baroque. They were able to preserve them to this day. As you can see, with where to go in Mexico, there is no problem, there are enough interesting and beautiful places.

15. Museum of Underwater Sculptures

Complex of sculptures located on the seabed

This attraction in Mexico is sure to appeal to divers. Its peculiarity is that numerous sculptures are installed at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. To visit the museum you have to wear a scuba gear; without it you will only be able to enjoy a small part of the beautiful works of art. Today there are 403 three-dimensional works of art collected underwater at a depth of 8-10 meters. One gets the feeling that civilization has suddenly gone to the bottom. This is one of the best places to visit in Mexico.

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Mexico sights: what else to visit in Mexico?

Interesting places in the territory of the United Mexican States is enough, intelligently planning your trip, you will not lose sight of anything important. Also, do not forget about hotels in Mexico, you can book rooms using online services, but proven.

16. Island of the Dead Dolls

Enterrifying exhibits of Dead Dolls Island Emmanuel Eslava

Its area is small, but in spite of that, it attracts a lot of attention. Don’t know what else to see in Mexico? If you are a horror lover, then go to the island of dead dolls, where all the trees are covered with them. We cannot say that this tourist attraction in Mexico was created by a fully adequate person. The author of the idea was a hermit who lived on the island. Once he found a doll in the river, as it turned out, it belonged to a girl who had drowned. Since then, he began collecting toys and put them around the island. Mind you, this is just a legend.

17. The Cave of Giants Crystals

Inside Giants Crystal Cave julie rohloff

This landmark in Mexico is of natural origin. It is no exaggeration to say that it is unique. It is an interweaving of huge transparent crystals of selenite, and they reach just unbelievably huge sizes. There is no doubt in the beauty and uniqueness of the cave, and it was discovered in 2000, during the study of a new dried passage. The research showed that the selenite crystals began to form half a million years ago.

18. Cancun

One of the picturesque beaches in Cancun

What to visit in Mexico? The perfect resort, of course, with its snow-white beaches, turquoise water, and emerald-topped palm trees. By the way, from the plane window Cancun looks like a seven, a kind of squiggle. The resort can not only sunbathe on the beach, but also fishing, shopping, diving, and spend time at the spa. Tourists can enjoy jungle walks, swimming with turtles and much more.

19. Xplor Amusement Park

Extreme fun at Xplor Park Darci Bee

Do you like outdoor activities and extreme sports? Prefer not to sit still? Then Xplor is the perfect place to have a great time. What to see in Mexico, specifically in an amusement park? There is not to watch, but to do: fly on a bungee jump, swim in an underground river, ride a jeep through the caves. This is not a complete list of extreme activities, during the rest you can also enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine. You can get to your destination from any hotel in the Riviera Maya coastal tourist area.

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20. Leo Trotsky House Museum

Leo Trotsky's grave in the yard of his home in Coyoacán Adam Jones

At one time it was the haven of a 20th century revolutionary figure, part-time leader of the Red Army, a political activist. There he spent the last months of his life. The museum was officially opened in 1990, and now there is a public library. The personal belongings of the politician have been preserved intact; the same goes for the hen house, where Trotsky raised his poultry. It is worth paying attention to the wall with traces of bullets, which were left after the first unsuccessful attempt on Lev. The revolutionary and his wife are buried in the yard, it now looks like a garden.

Now you can confidently recommend to others what to see in Mexico. Don’t forget to take advantage of the information you receive yourself.

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