Best attractions in Corfu: Top 25

Do you want to know what every tourist should see in Corfu? Then we present you our detailed overview. We list all the sights in Corfu that can make your trip to the island unforgettable.

What to see in Corfu first?

In compiling our “best sights in Corfu” rating, we took into account the reviews of experienced guides and recommendations from locals. In our general opinion, the most interesting places in Corfu are the following:

1. The old town of Corfu

Panoramic view of the old town of Kerkyra and the New Fortress

If we talk about the most visited and popular attractions in Corfu, we should start with the main and only city on the island - Kerkyra. The capital is famous for its narrow streets, the Baroque style widespread here, manifested in its distinctive architecture, houses with cozy balconies and exquisite windows.

2. Spianada Square

Music Pavilion in Spianada Square Dr.K. (talk)

The largest square in the country, created in the 19th century. It is home to such historical and architectural sites as the Palace of St. Michael and St. George and the Maitland Museum. The area is divided into two parts by a street, but each is tucked away in neatly trimmed shrubs and flowering trees. If you do not know what to see in Corfu in 1 day, come here.

3. Liston Street

Lots of souvenir shops, jewelry stores and cafes on Liston Street Christian van Elven

A beautiful pedestrian street that used to be open only to aristocrats. Today, many visitors and residents of the island enjoy strolling through the local cafes, restaurants and stores. The experienced guides in Corfu tell a lot of entertaining stories about Liston. So it’s better to come here with a guide.

4. Palace of St. Michael and St. George

Statue of Frederick Adam in front of the Palace of Saints Michael and George Martin Falbisoner
Exhibits of the Asian Art Museum at the Palace of Saints Michael and George Jean Housen

Many tours in Kerkyra consider this site as a valuable point in tourist itineraries. The building was constructed in the early 19th century by the British over a period of five years. The castle is made of limestone imported from Malta. Originally the site was to be the home of the English High Commissioner Sir Maitland. However, it later came into the possession of the royal family of Greece. At present, the castle was given under the Museum of Asian art. The number of exhibits here is about 10 thousand specimens.

Official website: http://www.matk.

5. The palace of Achillion

The main entrance of Achillion Palace or the Palace of the Sorrowful Empress Marc Ryckaert (MJJR)
The main staircase of Achillion

As well as many other landmarks in Greece, this one is named after the Greek character Achilles. The palace square is decorated with busts of ancient Greek philosophers and sculptures of mythical creatures. The castle itself was erected in the 19th century on the orders of Elisabeth of Austria. Of particular interest are the interiors, which also tell the story of the heroes of Greek mythology, and the incredible hand-painted ceiling.

Check out the beautiful places of Corfu in this wonderful video!

6. St. Spiridon’s Cathedral

The bell tower with the clock of St. Spiridon's Cathedral among the historic streets of the old town

All guides in Corfu recommend that visitors to the island should not leave this temple unattended. Inside the cathedral are the remains of St. Spiridon of Trimiphunt, who helped the island’s capital miraculously escape captivity by Turkish troops and a terrible plague epidemic. The locals believe that when the sun goes down and the shrine is empty, Spiridon appears in his domain and protects Kerkyra. Moreover, the Greeks believe that the saint’s clothes wear out a lot because of this, and so they change him into another dress every year. Old clothes are crumbled into shreds and given in envelopes to those who wish, in the role of a kind of amulet. No other excursions in Corfu are as successful as the visit to St. Spiridon’s Cathedral.

7. Aqualand

An entertainment complex for fun activities for the whole family Alexander Saprykin

What to visit in Corfu with the whole family? A luxurious complex with attractions. There are attractions for both children and adults (including those with disabilities). The area of the water park is 75,000 square meters, which makes it one of the largest institutions of this nature in the whole state.

Official website:

8. Archaeological Museum

Leo Menecrates, late 7th century B.C. at the Archaeological Museum of Corfu Dr.K.

The best option for where to go in Corfu for history buffs. The date of construction of the complex is mid-20th century. The museum was erected to accommodate the numerous archaeological finds from the Temple of Artemis (previously the exposition was located in one of the schools on the island, but there was not enough space for it).

Official website: http://odysseus.culture

9. Banknote Museum

The Paper Money Museum in the building of the former Ionian Bank of Corfu Joanbanjo

In the collections of the complex you can see photos, ancient documents, checks, ledgers, coins and other items from ancient times. But most importantly, numerous banknotes from different eras, ranging from the first one printed in Greece in the early 19th century to the last of 2002, already withdrawn from circulation.

Official site: http://www.alphapolitismos

10. Vlaherna Monastery

A top view of the 16th century Vlaherna Monastery and the fishing schooners and boats along the concrete pier

The temple with the chapel of the Virgin Mary is located on a modest piece of land connected to the peninsula of Kanoni by a concrete pier. The date of construction of the site is 17th century. The monastery was erected in memory of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God that is still kept here. To get to the peninsula you can take a pleasure boat.

11. The monastery in Paleokastritsa

Flat bell tower and courtyard of the monastery in Paleokastritsa

The present appearance of the temple has been preserved from the 16th-18th centuries. According to historians, the first building was created at the beginning of the 13th century. At that time it served as a fortress, but was completely destroyed, and then it was reconstructed. Today in the building of the temple there is a museum with icons from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine era. Your trip to the monastery will be memorable, also because Paleokastritsa is considered one of the most picturesque and beautiful resort villages in the whole country.

Official website: http://www.monastiria

12. Fort Paleo Frurio

View of an old 18th century Venetian fortress in the Greek town of Corfu Marc Ryckaert (MJJR)

An old fortification that came into being thanks to the Venetians. The Greek authorities reconstructed it many years ago and today it is considered to be a landmark of Corfu. It organizes all kinds of celebrations and public events. The powerful walls and the panoramic views from the top make a huge impression on the guests of the fortress. Keep in mind that the ascent to the top is quite difficult. Therefore, it is best to start the journey in the morning hours, while the sun is not too hot.

13. Neo Frurio Fortress

The Neo Frurio Fortress on St. Mark's Hill near the old town harbor

Judging by the name of the fortress, one might assume that it was built quite recently. But it was not. In fact, it was built before the fortress of Paleo Frurio. Climbing the walls is also worthwhile for the amazing panoramic view of the island. Under the foundations of Neo Frurio are numerous underground passages for the military base of the Greek Navy. The land of the ancient site was chosen to protect national security. However, tourists can visit it freely.

14. British Cemetery

The area of the British cemetery in Kofrou Nikodem Nijaki

From 1815 to 1864, the island was under British patronage. It is for this reason that there is a British necropolis on the territory of Corfu. The oldest tombstones date from the beginning of the 19th century. There are graves of members of the British administration and the British military who took part in World War II.

15. Mouse Island

Lush greenery covers the monastery of Pantokrator on Mouse Island

In Greek, the name of the landmark Pontikonisi sounds like “Mouse Island.” It was given to it for the size and shape of the corresponding animal. According to ancient legend, the hill island was originally the ship of Odysseus, but Poseidon, being angry, turned the ship into a rock. From Kanoni to “Pontikonisi” regularly follows pleasure boats.

16. Kassiopi Castle

South entrance to Kassiopi Castle Dr. K.

Kassiopi is a modest village, with a population of 1,200 inhabitants, but with a rich history. It is believed that the first settlements here appeared in the 3rd century B.C., during the reign of King Pyrrhus. The current palace was built on the remains of a Roman fortress in Byzantine times. Subsequently the Venetians arranged the castle. The building is located on a promontory, and is best seen from afar from the harbor.

17. The fortress of Angelokastro

The old fortress of Angelokastro or "Castle of the Angels" on top of a steep slope

An ancient example of the Byzantine era. An imposing structure built in the 13th century by order of the ruler Michael the Second. Near the fortress there is a small church of the Archangel Michael. At one time the fortress had a great strategic importance. In 1997, archaeological finds were discovered: several Christian tombs indicating that the area had been inhabited as early as the 5th-7th centuries AD.

18. “Canal of Love” in Sidari

The "Canal of Love" in Sidari - Corfu attractions The “Canal of Love” in Sidari is a small bay, squeezed on both sides by rocks_.

If the sights, resorts and hotels in Corfu interest you for the sake of a romantic trip, include a visit to Sidari in your sightseeing itinerary. Here is the famous “Canal of Love”, crossing which with your other half, you can keep your feelings for centuries.

19. The Terraquarium

Crocodiles and turtles at the Terraquarium in Corfu
Some of the inhabitants of the Terraquarium can be touched and photographed with their hands

The inhabitants of the terraquarium are numerous fish, lizards, iguanas, and snakes. The employees tell everything visitors want to know about the inhabitants. Some of the reptiles are allowed to be photographed, touched and even picked up. Literally every day a new species of fish or reptile arrives here.

20. The tasting room of the Mavromatis Distillery

Kumquat liqueurs produced at Kofru Edal

The tasting room began its work on the island almost two decades ago. Both then and today, guests can sample the entire range of drinks from the legendary brewery. During the tour, visitors watch a short movie about the making of Kumquat, as well as the original desserts based on the liquor. At the end of the program they are offered a trip to the store, where they can buy any Mavromatis drink they like at the manufacturer’s price.

Official website:

Attractions in Corfu: what else to see in Corfu?

We have listed for you the main attractions of Corfu in brief. In addition to them, you should visit:

21. Monument to Admiral F. Ushakov

Stela in memory of F. Ushakov, Admiral of the Russian Empire Navy in Corfu Leningrad Sergey

An imposing sculpture created in memory of F. Ushakov. The famous admiral of Russia is a very revered personality not only on the island, but also in the whole country. Thanks to his efforts in the late 18th century, Corfu was liberated from the French troops. In addition, Ushakov managed to return Orthodoxy to the island, despite the fact that this faith was not present here for about five hundred years.

22. The beach of Agios Gordios

The beach of Agios Gordios in a beautiful bay surrounded by picturesque cliffs

A beautiful 1.5 kilometers of coastline on the west of the island. It is surrounded by citrus trees, pine trees and hills. The area is covered with both sand and pebbles (the latter in order of magnitude). Vacationers are offered all kinds of entertainment. Including paragliding, boat rentals, bungee jumping, and rental of water equipment of various kinds.

23. Paleokastritsa beach

The stunning scenery of Paleokastritsa Beach

The location of the line is northwest of Corfu. The picturesque area is perfectly landscaped: in addition to the coves and the beach itself, there are cafes and tavernas, rentals. Arriving here in the evening, you can climb to the top of the hill and meet the sunset. There are buses to the point where the beach is located. Among the popular tourist activities is an underwater boat ride. Other types of marine programs are also offered.

24. Mount Pantocrator

View from the top of Mount Pantokrator to the sea and the Albanian coast

This landmark is the highest point of the resort. It is the highest point of the resort and it is worth the climb for the incredible views over Corfu and even neighboring Albania to Greece. If you are lucky, and it is a sunny day, you will be able to see even Italy, 130 km away. The height of Pantocrator is just over 900 meters, but it is not easy to climb to the top. Because the way is a serpentine.

25. Kaiser’s Throne Lookout

Kaiser's Throne Lookout on top of the cliff above the village of Pelekas Lucian Duma

The observation deck is equipped near the village of Pelekas on the cliffs. In former times the Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany often came here for recreation, which gave the place its name. The views are: the green Ropa, the east and west of Corfu, the shores of Albania, the top of Pantokrator. If you want to take incredible photos, be sure to go here.

We hope that those popular attractions of Corfu, photos with names and descriptions of which you have now viewed, will help you spend your holiday on the island with fun and benefit. Read also about sights of Crete and get inspired for your next trip to Greece.

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