Best attractions in Girona: Top 18

After reading our review, you will learn about the sights that every tourist should see in Girona. We have compiled our rating, taking into account the reviews and recommendations of qualified guides and Catalans themselves. If you do not know what to see in Girona, but dream to make a trip to this wonderful city, we can help you plan an informative vacation.

What’s the first thing to see in Girona?

It would take a long time to list all the interesting things to see in Girona. Your trip should last at least a couple of weeks to see at least a small part of the local historical, architectural and cultural treasures. Therefore, in this review we have included only the most popular excursions in Girona:

1. Fortress walls

The fortress walls of Girona's Old Town Casuarez85

The construction of the structure began during the prosperity of the Roman Empire, in the first century. The walls were part of a defensive fortress that protected the route from Seville to Rome. Today only a few restored remains remain of them. The perimeter of the walls are equipped with observation decks from which you can admire views of the whole of Girona.

2. The “Girona Lioness” sculpture

Copy of the 12th century Girona Lioness Sculpture Tallaferro

The date of the composition, installed near the temple of San Felio, is the 11th century. Like many other attractions of Girona, this one has its own legend. According to it, kissing the figure of the animal in the tail, you can count on the fulfillment of all secret dreams. To get to the back of the lioness, you need to climb a special ladder. By the way, in fact, the sculpture is a heraldic symbol of the city.

3. Jewish Quarter

The narrow alley with stairs in the Jewish Quarter pimpilipausa

If you don’t know what to see in Girona in 1 day, be sure to come here. In this unique quarter you can feel the unique atmosphere of the time when it was created. In the 9th century Jews began to move here en masse, but in the 15th century they were evicted by the locals. The area was settled by the impoverished Spanish, who simply couldn’t afford to change the general style of the European neighborhood and the appearance of the buildings already towering there.

4. Independence Square

The Monument to the Liberators of Girona in Independence Square on the banks of the Oñar River Florent Pécassou

It is named after the history of the Iberian War. It was formerly the site of the monastery of St. Augustine. The square is surrounded by classical buildings in the same architectural style with cafes, restaurants and boutiques on the first floors. One of the main attractions is a sculpture in memory of the defenders of Girona.

5. Rambla de la Libertad

Many stores and cafes on the Boulevard Rambla de la Libertad in Girona muffinn

When listing the best attractions of Girona, many guides and experienced travelers begin with this ancient street. In the 19th century it was ennobled: beautiful trees were planted and small cottages with arcades were built. In the evening hours all over the colorful illumination is turned on. On the boulevard there are many stores and restaurants, as well as the best hotels in Girona.

See the beautiful spots of Girona in this great video!

6. St. Philip’s Church

The 14th century Church of Saint Philip in Girona Tournasol7

One of the best options for where to go in Girona for fans of architecture. The stately 14th-century building replaced an early Romanesque church that housed St. Narcissus and St. Philip (patrons of the city). In the 16th century, a tower was added to the church, and in the 17th century extensive measures were taken to decorate the facade. The interior decoration cannot be called opulent or festive. The interiors have a strict Romanesque appearance. There are early Christian and Roman burials on the site.

7. Girona Cathedral

View of the facade of the cathedral from the ninety-step penitential staircase (17th century) Georges Jansoone

Even if the purpose of your trip is shopping rather than sightseeing, be sure to make time to see the Church of Santa Maria, or in other words, the Cathedral. The most impressive building in the city was built from the 11th century to the 18th century. Elements of various architectural styles are seen in its appearance. Including a nave characteristic of Gothic, as well as a Romanesque cloister. Inside the building is now a museum, whose guests can see valuable examples of religion and culture.

Official website:

8. St. Peter’s Monastery of Galligans

The Monastery of St. Peter Galligans on the banks of the Rio Galligans in Girona
Exhibition of the Archaeological Museum at the Monastery of Saint Peter Galligans in Girona Joan301009

Catalonia is famous for its majestic churches and temples. If you come to Girona, you can see it for yourself. The monastery of St. Galligans is small, with only five monks serving at a time. However, the building, located on the coast of the river of the same name, has a rather unusual history. Built in the 12th century, it was never rebuilt and managed to preserve its original look until now. There is a museum of archeology on the church grounds, which guides in Girona also recommend visiting to all tourists. Most of the exhibits now in the popular museum center were discovered during excavations of the ancient city of Herunda. The items belong to different eras, from the prehistoric era to the Middle Ages. Other museum objects include ancient sarcophagi, lavishly decorated with jewels and inscriptions in an ancient dialect.In addition to permanent collections, the museum often has temporary exhibitions, with specimens brought in from various parts of Spain and around the world.

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9. Girona Museum of Art

Museum of Girona Art in the building of the 16th century Bishop's Palace in Girona Eboix
Artworks at the Girona Art Museum Kippelboy

The complex is located in the former bishop’s palace, and is close to the Cathedral, so the sightseeing can be combined. At one time the palace served different purposes: it hosted receptions for the royal family, and also held prisoners, having been equipped with halls for prisoner’s cells. The exhibitions of the modern art center include treasures created during the last centuries. Guests can view manuscripts with illustrations, numerous artistic paintings and wooden figures of Christ. Of great interest are a 12th-century wood block decorated with figurines of monks and a 10th-century silver altar brought to the museum from the temple of San Pere de Rodes.

10. Film Museum

The private collection of film objects by Thomas Mallol at the Film Museum of Girona J.M. Oliveras

What to visit in Girona for film lovers? This is a relatively new and amazing museum that you won’t find similar in any other city in the state. The collections contain two tens of thousands of specimens in one way or another related to cinema. The exhibits were provided by T. Malela. In addition to permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions are organized. In addition, a wonderful acting school is opened at the museum. There are also master classes, introductory lectures and seminars on various, but always related to the film industry, topics.

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11. Museum of Jewish History

Exhibit at the Museum of Jewish History in Girona Xinstalker

The museum complex consists of 11 exhibition halls, the objects of each of which demonstrate the cultural traditions, history and everyday life of Catalan Jews. By visiting this center, you can learn how the Jewish community came to be in the city, what religious holidays it has and had in former times, and how it celebrates them. Separate attention is given to the trials endured by Jews and the work of synagogues.

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12. Agullan’s Palace

The Baroque building of the Agullana Palace above the beveled archway next to the church Emvallmitjana
One of the facades of the medieval castle - Agullana Palace in Girona Enfo

An unusual architectural masterpiece in form, which was erected in the 14th-17th centuries. As we said above, many sights in Spain and Girona have their own legends. The Castle of Agullana is no exception: the locals assure that its owners were vampires and there are secret rooms in the palace.

13. Arabian baths

The dressing room or apothecary in the 13th-century Arab baths in Girona Yearofthedragon

You can compare this 12th-century bathing complex to the Roman baths of the Thermae. Once inside, you will see a beautiful entrance hall with impressive high columns and a huge pool.

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14. Parque de la Devesa

The picturesque corner of Parque de la Devesa in Girona Teresa Grau Ros

The landscaped park area covers an area of 40 hectares. There are giant trees over 150 years old. Residents and visitors of Girona love to come to this oasis of coolness, not only for a pleasant rest. But also to stroll through the banana grove and visit the local botanical garden.

Girona sights: what else is there to see in Girona?

We have told you about the main attractions of Girona in brief. If you have already seen them before, go to see such popular tourist sites as:

15. Gustave Eiffel Bridge

The Gustave Eiffel Metal Bridge over the Onyar River in Girona Andrew Bone

The legendary Eiffel worked on the design of the pedestrian bridge. The design was built in the late 19th century, and was considered very advanced, because in order to increase the strength of the bridge were used in the creation of metal ties (a very unusual decision then).

16. Onyar embankment houses

Multicolored houses on the banks of the Onyar river in the oldest part of Girona Infernalfox

Colorful cottages with facades painted in different colors and shades. The picturesque buildings are considered symbols of the city, you can see them on souvenirs and postcards. Houses began to be built on the remains of the city wall, many years guarding Girona from enemy attacks. The cottages did not gain their original appearance immediately - they were repeatedly rebuilt, reconstructed and renovated. Due to the proximity of the buildings to the Onyar (river), it is difficult to view them from all sides. The best way to admire them is to walk over the bridges over the river.

17. Flower Time Festival

Stairs decorated with flowers on the day of the "Time of Flowers" festival Alberto-g-rovi
The corner of the Old District is filled with floral arrangements during the Festival of Flowers Xavier Forcadell
Traditional festival of floral decorations of all shapes and sizes in Girona veronique gresse

If you are lucky enough to arrive in Girona during the festival celebrations, your vacation will be truly unforgettable. The city attracts tourists from all over the world for the “Time of Flowers”. As for the Catalans, they are busy decorating their cottages with flowers: they decorate facades, balconies and porches. Participants of the festival are offered not only to walk, but also to get acquainted with the cuisine of each region of the country.

18. Dali Museum Theater

View of the Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres from the top of Pujada del Castell Olivier2000
Cadillac de Gala in the courtyard of the Dali Theatre-Museum Jean-Pierre Dalbéra
Portrait of a Hollywood actress in the May West Room LANOEL

The famous artist’s center includes three zones that are separate from each other. The first zone is Gala’s Galatea Tower (Gala was the lover and muse of the genius). The second zone is the exhibition gallery, samples of which are unique values created from Dali’s sketches. The third zone is the museum, which is located in the former theater. The museum building, built in a surrealistic style, stands out from all other buildings with its extraordinary façade. Exhibition specimens: numerous compositions, original sculptures and unique paintings created by Salvador Dali himself.

Official website:

We hope that those attractions of Girona, photos with names and descriptions of which we have given, you will want to visit personally. Read also about sights of Cordoba and be inspired for your further trip to Spain.

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