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Best attractions in Montenegro

Montenegro is an ideal place for recreation, because it combines a mild climate, clean air, warm sea. All this cannot fail to attract tourists in huge numbers. Everyone wants to know what to see in Montenegro. And there really is a lot to see there. Attractions of Montenegro delight with their diversity and originality.

What to see in Montenegro first of all?

When planning a trip to this country, it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the list of places to visit. Then your journey will be unforgettable.

1. Savina Monastery

Savina Monastery on the background of Boko Kotorska Bay

A religious community of monks founded in 1030 by fugitive members of the religious community who left Trebinje, the territory of modern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not difficult to conclude that the shrine is ancient. The structure is surrounded by a deciduous coniferous forest. It is divided into neat trails. On the large-scale territory tourists meet banana palms, orange trees. What does the monastic complex include? It is the Assumption churches (large and small), standing side by side. The same applies to the two cemeteries, the kelelny building. The liturgical buildings display a Baroque style, as well as fresco paintings.

2. Sveti Stefan

Hotel City on a miniature island in Montenegro

It is a resort that is among the most expensive and is a full-fledged attraction of Montenegro. On its territory there are more than 50 luxury apartments, the total length of the beaches with pink sand is 2 km. It is interesting to know that the official name of the island is St. Stephen. Now his territory is mainly resting wealthy and influential people. Not far from the island there is a resort, rest on which ordinary people can afford. Reviews about it are mostly positive.

3. Budva - old town

The old town of Budva is on a small spit jutting out into the sea

This Montenegrin landmark is located in the heart of the Adriatic. The settlement is famous for its ancient history, warm sandy beaches and medieval architecture. Tourists who come here, all without exception, wonder about the main attractions of this place. Its historical center is the Old Town, which is still surrounded by a fortress wall. Its narrow streets are lined with medieval churches, decorated in the Venetian style. You can have a lot of fun here, for example, sunbathing on the beach, trying all the water attractions in the new water park, or a good nightclub dance.

4. Negosha Mausoleum

Njegoš Mausoleum on top of Mount Lovcen

This is the name of the tomb in which the spiritual ruler of the described state was buried. Its construction was carried out in the period of 60-70 years. The history of this place in Montenegro is interesting enough, but most of all we would like to tell about what it is today. It is a low-rise natural stone building with a gate, which is “guarded” by statues in the form of two black women. In the inner room is a statue of Peter II, it weighs 28 tons, the sarcophagus of the ruler is on the lower floor. The rating of this sight is quite high, a lot of people visit it. One of the reasons is the presence of an observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the whole country.

5. St. Trifon’s Cathedral

Facade of St. Trifon Cathedral

Where to go in Montenegro? As an option, you can visit the cathedral, named after the Christian martyr. The locals of Kotor consider him their patron, moreover, they keep his relics, considering them holy. The description of the site states that the relics were brought from Constantinople. As for the interior design of the shrine, it is marked by a mixture of styles. The carved canopy that hangs over the place where the gifts are kept is worthy of attention. It is a three-tiered structure held up by marble columns.

6. The Blue Cave

Entrance to the Blue Cave

Guides in Montenegro often suggest that visitors go to see a unique natural landmark. It is known as the Blue Grotto. At one time it was washed out by the waves, has two entrances, and you can get there only by boat. The described attraction of Montenegro is a 2 in 1. Once here, do not miss the opportunity to explore the Boka Kotor coast. As for the cave itself, it looks best before lunch, when a blue glow is provided by the refraction of sunlight on the water.

Feel the atmosphere of Montenegro in this beautiful video!

7. Ostrog monastery

A functioning male monastery carved into the steep rock

The best attractions of the described country are also represented by its main shrine. The uniqueness of the monastery is not only in the fact that it is 900 meters above sea level, it is located in the mountain, and in the literal sense of the word. Looking at the photos, you would think that the building has only a facade, and the mountain itself plays the role of the rest. In fact, it’s not like that. Pilgrims come here from different parts of the world, the goal is to draw water from the holy spring.

8. Lake Skadar

Lilies in Lake Skadar

This attraction of Montenegro is among the most popular parks of national importance. By the way, it does not all belong to one state, most of the lake is in the territory of Albania. There are suggestions that once the body of water was part of the Adriatic Sea gulf. What to see in Montenegro? Lake Skadar deserves attention, its flora and fauna is rich in unique species. Here you can see whole thickets of lilies, lilies. Attract attention and herring gulls, which are considered the largest in the whole country.

9. St. George’s Island

The old monastery on Saint George's Island

This attraction of Montenegro is also known as the Island of the Dead. It is located near the village of Perast, a piece of land has a natural origin. Officially excursions in Montenegro in this direction are prohibited. But! Many tourists, as well as locals, neglect the ban, wanting to touch the ancient walls, to see with their own eyes the famous cemetery. It is worth noting that the burial places on the island have been destroyed. Instead of the cemetery are made monastic yards, on the territory of which grow palm trees, cypresses.

10. Gospa od Skrpela Island

A top view of the small man-made island of Gospa od Skrpela

Continuing our review of Montenegro’s sights, let’s stop at a piece of land with an amazing history. It is considered to be the only man-made one, which was built on the basis of the reef, slightly rising above the water. At one time, a law was issued requiring every ship passing the reef to drop a stone. Two hundred years later, an entire plateau of 3030 m² was formed. To get to the island, you have to take a boat, which leaves from the pier of Perast.

11. Bay of Kotor

Scenery of the Bay of Kotor

In the entire Adriatic, the Bay of Kotor is considered the largest. It includes a deep, narrow valley formed after being eroded by the river. Locals are proud of this Montenegrin landmark because they believe all the love, the soul of the Creator, has been put into it. It will never take the last place in the rankings, because it impresses literally every tourist. For those who do not know, the described fjord in the Mediterranean region is the only one. It is located in the southwestern part of the described state. The area itself is very important, both in terms of history and culture. On the shores of the bay there are numerous temples and churches.

12. Crno-Ezero (Black Lake)

The vacation spot on the Black Lake

We are talking about two isolated reservoirs, which are connected to each other by a narrow channel. In the spring, you can see how the water overflows between them, which creates a kind of waterfall. In summer, the channel between them dries up, and they become two separate lakes. Now you understand what to see in Montenegro. If we talk about the shores of Crno Lake, they are represented by thickets of dense forest, they are reflected in the water, giving it a dark color. In fact, it is completely transparent, one can even see the bottom at a depth of 9 meters in calm weather.

13. Citadel in Budva

Complex of ancient structures - Citadel in Budva

What can be seen in Montenegro in 1 day? The attention of tourists deserves monumental complex of buildings, which is considered the pearl of old Budva. It is located on the rocky reef surrounding the settlement, namely in its southern part. What is included in the complex, you may ask? These are the fortress walls, buildings and squares, gates, also the ruins of St. Mary’s Church. Interesting places are also located near the citadel. We are talking about the church of St. John, which was for a certain period of time the seat of the diocese of Budva. Today tourists are invited to take a look at the library, with unique books preserved there, as well as a rich archive.

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14. Tara River Canyon

Panorama of Tara River Canyon

The reservoir is among the longest on the territory of the country, along it there is a gorge 1300 m deep, 80 km long. The rating of this attraction is quite high, which is due to its surrounding beauties. Mountains rise on both sides, making the canyon part of the Durmitor Park. The river water is well oxygenated, so it changes color from emerald to frothy white. Flora, fauna in the valley is rated as diverse, the average temperature never rises above 11 degrees Celsius.

15. Djurdjevic Bridge

Jurdjevic Bridge over the Tara River

It was built in the early 20th century of concrete. It is interesting to know that it is not named after its creator, but according to the name of the owner of the farm, which is located nearby. At the entrance of the bridge is a monument dedicated to an engineer who took an active part in the construction process. The bridge itself has five arches and is 170 meters high. Walking along it, you can admire the Tara River and picturesque views. It is best to come here during the period from June to September.

Montenegro sights: what else can I see in Montenegro?

Guided by the recommendations of experienced travelers, it is much easier to make a travel plan. Studying what to visit in Montenegro, you can count on a successful, interesting vacation.

16. Durmitor National Park

The mountain range of Durmitor National Park

This place is called the Olympus of the country, and UNESCO declared it the pearl of biosphere wealth. When you do not know where to go in Montenegro, staying in the city of Zabljak, go to admire the picturesque corners of the park zone. There are several ecosystems, of which there are 7. Another feature is a glacial cave, situated high above sea level. Its interior “decoration” cannot fail to impress with the abundance of stalactite and stalagmite compositions. The national park has a large number of cultural heritage monuments.

17. Kotor - old town

View of Kotor from the wall of Kotor fortress

Continuing the theme of what to see in Montenegro, we want to focus on the city, located in the southeastern part of the Bay of Kotor. Most of it extends along the coastline, also affecting the valley on the slopes of the hill. What to visit in Montenegro, namely in Kotor? Of course, its Old Town, which is characterized as very well-preserved. In the architecture of this place can be traced Venetian influence. The ancient part is surrounded by walls, they rise also on a rocky hill. The old town is special because it has many restaurants that specialize in serving fish or meat dishes. These institutions are located in old buildings, which adds to their atmosphere.

18. The Mountain and Park Lovcen

Lovcen Mountain and National Park

Moving on, what to see in Montenegro, specifically in Kotor? There, in the rocky area of the Alps, there is a park of national importance, this status he was awarded in 1952. The advantages of the described area include a variety of flora and fauna. A positive point is also a harmonious combination of two climatic zones. On the territory of the park there is a mountain lake, a village, a mausoleum, a building for religious services. You can get to the site by car, but it is strictly forbidden to pitch tents there. If you want to stay overnight, then it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the list of hotels in Montenegro. Using special services about them you can get detailed information and book a room.

19. The Monastery of Moraca

Buildings on the territory of the Orthodox Monastery of Moraca

It is located above a deep canyon, just a few kilometers from the town of Kaloshin. It is a complex that includes two churches, one large, the other a bit more modest. They consist of one nave, but it is topped with a dome. Also there is a residential complex and outbuildings. The walls of the buildings are decorated with ancient frescoes, which makes them even more valuable objects.

20. Beach Becici

Beach Becici is a popular vacation spot

It is a nationally famous resort. Don’t know what to see in Montenegro? Come here, where the climate is excellent, and the beaches are labeled “Blue Flag”. A positive feature of the beach area is that the water here is clean at any time of day, even if it is September. It is the pride of the village, at one time was even recognized as the best in Europe.

Using the information on what to see in Montenegro, you are sure to make your own guide. It is not necessary to pack a lot of things with you, as practice shows that some outfits do not even have to be worn during the holidays.

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