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Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1998. Since that time, the city has undergone a noticeable transformation - it has become a symbol of progress and the beauty of modern architecture. About 900,000 people live in the city, and not everyone can afford the luxurious life that shopping malls and office buildings offer. The class disparity in the city is a serious problem for the government. The city’s climate is peculiar - it can be aridly hot in summer, and the thermometer can drop to 50 degrees Celsius in winter. Do not know what to see in Astana? Especially for you we have compiled a list of popular places of the capital of Kazakhstan, which included the most interesting sights of Astana.

The city of Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan Ninara

History of Astana goes back to 1830. At that time it was a Cossack outpost. Years later the outpost became a city, and later only in 1961 it changed its name to Tselinograd. In the 90’s, the city received its historic name of Akmola, which has not changed until 1998.

The city has no sights of antiquity, all the places of interest for tourists belong to the Soviet and post-Soviet era.

Let’s consider the most amazing sights of Astana, based on the advice of experienced guides in Astana, as well as on photos of tourists who have been in the city.

Astana sights: what to see first

Among the monumental buildings in it is difficult to single out a few of the most significant. Let’s try to describe the most popular and amazing places of Astana:

Baiterek Tower

The height of the construction is 150 meters. The tower is a symbol of the young and promising capital. At the top of the monument there is a golden ball, which reflects the color of the sky. The tower has several underground floors, where there are restaurants, aquariums and stores. If you are interested in photos and names of places of interest in Astana, Baiterek will be the first to come to mind. For its peculiar shape the tower is called “Chupa Chups”. Anyone can visit the 86th floor of the structure and enjoy the magnificent view;

Baiterek Tower - the symbol of the young capital of Astana Askar9992

Official website: http://astana-bayterek.

Palace of Peace and Harmony

This building is designed by the talented architect Norman Foster, who conceived the building in the form of a pyramid of glass. The palace symbolizes the freedom of the Kazakh people and Kazakhstan’s openness to the world. The Palace of Peace and Accord is rightly called the eighth wonder of the world, as it amazes even seasoned tourists with its grandeur and beauty. Inside the building are restaurants, galleries and concert halls. The palace opened its doors to the public in 2006;

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana, Kazakhstan Ninara

Official website:


The Duman family entertainment complex is known for its scale and interactivity. This is one of the main attractions of the modern city of Astana. In “Duman” you can visit the amazing 5D-attraction, visit the stores of brand clothing, shoes and accessories.

Duman - shopping and entertainment complex in Astana Alex J. Butler

To see the incredible size of the oceanarium, which is a few thousand miles from the sea. It is noteworthy that the largest aquarium has a tunnel through which you can walk and take amazing photos;

Khan Shatyr - Shopping and Entertainment Complex in Astana Ninara

Khan Shatyr

A huge and beautiful shopping and entertainment center Khan Shatyr is an embodiment of elegance and functionality in modern architecture. Externally it can be compared to the majestic tent, created of glass and concrete. Its design was created by Norman Foster, who introduced the Palace of Peace and Harmony. Looking at the photos with the description of the sights of Astana, you will certainly read the information about this amazing in its kind art object. It is noteworthy that inside the building there are not only restaurants, galleries, stores and recreation areas, but also a large water park, where you can swim in the wave pool. “The soul” of Khan Shatyr is a beach resort, where you can enjoy a holiday in the hot summer and walk on the sand brought from the Maldives;

Beach on the top floor of Khan Shatyr complex in Astana upyernoz

Official site:

Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

An interesting museum with many halls, will be an entertaining pastime for those interested in the history of Kazakhstan and Astana. Entrance is free of charge.

Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana Ninara

Astana is home to the most important sights of Kazakhstan, so if you are interested in not only a pleasant holiday, but also exciting excursions, then be sure to come to this futuristic city. We recommend choosing guides and tour guides who will guide you through the sights of Astana at the most reasonable prices and at a high level. Portal has been providing quality intermediary services between users and professional guides all over the world for many years.

See the beautiful places of Astana in this great video!

What else do you need to know when going on a trip to Astana’s attractions photos?

If you plan your trip in advance, and carefully choose the route that interests you, the trip will be exciting. You will save a lot of money if you book your flights and lodging well in advance. To get to Astana is not difficult, near the city built a state of the art airport, which takes tourists from all over the world. For those who want to combine the trip with a business trip, it is a good solution to order the presentation of the sights of Astana. You can book the presentation in a travel agency. The essence of the service is that you will be given a personal tour that lasts for several hours, during which you will visit all the amazing places of Astana. You will not have to spend several days to get acquainted with the iconic places of the city, and there is no need to select several guides, because one professional will show and tell you the story of Astana.

Lighting of the Khan Shatyr shopping and entertainment complex Alex J. Butler

When studying pictures of Astana sights, pay attention to the fact that some monuments and buildings are fascinating in the evening. This is due to the stunning illumination of some structures, on the creation of which foreign specialists have worked. Therefore, it is worth to take a walk not only in the daytime, but if possible, in the evening. By the way, there is very low crime rate in Astana, so you can safely go out into the city unaccompanied. Before the trip we recommend to mark interesting sights of Astana on the map.

Fountain in Kazakhstan's capital Astana Alex J. Butler

Oriental Bazaar

If possible, visit the Oriental Bazaar, which takes place in the city on weekends. It will immerse you in the atmosphere of the East and give you the opportunity to buy national spices and sweets. The Oriental bazaar is depicted on many photos of Astana sights. Another famous place is the State Circus. Its shape is reminiscent of a flying saucer. Opened a relatively new circus, so the performances are in high demand, and it is advisable to buy tickets in advance.

Circus of Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan Esgaltur

Official website:


In addition to futuristic buildings, Astana is known for its beautiful parks and bridges. These are favorite places for couples in love, as they are imbued with romance. Among the photos of Astana (Kazakhstan) sights, you can find an image of the three-level bridge on the Vodno-Zeleny Boulevard. Visiting it, you will get an aesthetic pleasure, the design of the bridge is laconic and functional.

Park in Astana, in the capital of Kazakhstan Sofi Kan

Local cuisine

Visiting the sights of Astana, relying on photos of seasoned tourists and travel magazines, do not forget to taste the national cuisine. Kazakh cuisine is not ordinary and may seem strange for the European. But the combination of unusual tastes will delight the gourmets with its novelty.

Days of Astana is an annual festival of the capital of Kazakhstan Ken and Nyetta

Going on a trip to Kazakhstan, be sure you will come filled with emotions, impressions and delight. This diverse country never leaves you indifferent. History is smoothly intertwined with the present day, and you find yourself on the central square of incredible Astana. Photos of Astana sights and the name of entertainment will not let you feel the soul of Kazakhstan, so come here at any time of the year and enjoy the beauty of this land. Hospitable people living in the country always welcome friendly tourists. Alma-Ata is another must-see city in Kazakhstan. Read our review article about sights of Alma-Ata and get inspired for further travel in Kazakhstan.

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