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Best attractions in New York: Top 30

It is advisable to explore the many attractions of New York City with experienced guides. If you do not want to hire a chaperone, study our review carefully. We have compiled a detailed ranking of architectural sites, cultural monuments, entertainment complexes, and all the things every tourist should see in New York City.

What’s the first thing to see in New York City?

Which excursions in New York are most successful? Let’s try to answer based on guide recommendations and traveler reviews:

1. Statue of Liberty

View of the Statue of Liberty in New York Bay from afar

The world’s most famous statue is a gift to the United States from the French authorities. The monument is located on Liberty Island, which can be reached by boat. If you want to see it in person, go to Battery Park. There is an official ferry departing from here, and you should book your tickets well in advance. You can also take advantage of private carriers, but in that case you will be overpaid for the trip. On the sculpture is an observation deck, from which you can enjoy the panorama of the entire city.

Official website:

2. Manhattan District

Many skyscrapers, financial offices and cultural institutions in the Manhattan District

An elite borough that is home to New York City’s key cultural and financial institutions. You can stroll through Central Park, Fifth Avenue or, say, Broadway, stop by Times Square or Wall Street. The sights of Manhattan are as varied and numerous as all the interesting places in New York City, despite the fact that the borough has a rather “compact” size.

3. Central Park in New York City

The picturesque corner of Central Park of New York

A huge parkland that transforms the metropolis from a “concrete jungle” into a beautiful blooming island. You can see the park in a huge number of movies and TV series. The most famous points within this green space are the Lake, which in the wintertime gathers many skaters, the Zoo and the Strawberry Fields. You can walk around the area on foot as well as on a rental bike. If you don’t know what to see in New York City in 1 day, come here.

Official website:

4. Times Square

Times Square is a major commercial intersection and neighborhood in downtown Manhattan Sam valadi

“Heart” of the theater district, which fell into near total disrepair during the Great American Depression (the theaters in the square were closed). Fortunately, the authorities were able to restore the landmark, and today it is home to such great corporations as Disney. In addition to company offices, the square is home to numerous restaurants, theater venues, and stores. Times Square is also included in the list of “New York City’s top attractions” because of the huge billboards that burn neon day and night.

Official website:

5. Fifth Avenue Street

A view of Fifth Avenue from the Metropolitan Museum of Art A. Balet

Not sure where to go in New York City for a grand shopping experience? This chic avenue is home to boutiques and showrooms of the world’s most famous brands, including the Apple Store, Goodman, Tiffany, and Cartier. Shopping at the TOP outlets is optional. Even a walk or drive down a luxury street itself makes for a great experience.

Check out the wonderful views of New York City in this fascinating video!

6. Broadway Street

Offices of major U.S. and world corporations on Broadway Street Alex Proimos

A site that is included in all the “U.S. landmarks“ rankings. If you want a visit to the city to be an outstanding experience, go to a classic or contemporary Broadway show. The theater district on Schubert Lane is home to two of the most famous theaters formerly sponsored by theater baron S. Schubert, as well as Sardi’s Restaurant, where the world’s selebrities love to visit, and the Music Box Theater.

7. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach Avenue - "Russian Island" in Brooklyn Alexander Klyuch

Another name for the place (because of the huge number of Ukrainian immigrants and immigrants from the former Soviet Union living here) is Little Odessa. Previously the area was interesting for its established transport links with other parts of New York and affordable housing options. Today Brighton Beach is a local landmark of great cultural and historical significance.

8. Macy’s Mall in Manhattan

The famous Macy's department store in New York City on 5th Avenue Ian Gratton

If you want to save time and money on shopping, head to this giant mall. Macy’s was New York City’s first major mall, created back in the 19th century by Roland Macy’s. The building of the department store occupies 10 levels: accessories, clothes and shoes here for every taste and purse. There are luxurious boutiques of fashionable designers, as well as outlets with budget goods, designed for a wide range of consumers. On the eve of Christmas, the “real” Santa Claus walks Macy’s, and the storefronts shine with thousands of lights. A grand celebration is also held on Thanksgiving Day (as well as its canon).

Official website:

9. New York’s Grand Central Station

View of New York Central Station's main terminal Diliff

Many guides in New York City recommend starting your introduction to the metropolis with a tour of this train station (the largest on Earth). The facility is located in Manhattan and consists of a beautiful main building, a colorful central concourse with a chic interior and stately columns, 44 platforms on several levels and 67 train tracks. You can also admire it by watching various movies, such as Harry Potter.

Official website:

10. High Line Park

High Line Park at Night

An unconventional park complex built on the site of an abandoned railroad track. The square was shaped by the efforts of architects Joshua and Hammond. Enthusiasts collected donations from citizens, and brought their own project to life: a stone jungle turned into a real green oasis. The park is located 10 meters above the ground, and every year it attracts millions of visitors: both citizens and guests from around the world.

Official website:

11. Battery Park

An aerial view of Manhattan and Battery Park

A public park area in the southern part of the metropolis, dating back to the 18th century. In former times this site was home to defensive structures protecting the city from the water. From Battery Harbor, you can see ships departing to Ellis and Liberty Islands and Staten Island. If you don’t know what to visit in New York City for a quiet time and outdoor recreation, go here.

Official website:

12. Bronze Bull on Wall Street

A bronze bull statue, between Wall Street and Battery Park in New York City Victoria Catterson

The main symbol of Wall Street, rendered in shining bronze. There are always so many people wanting to take a photo with the huge statue that a whole line of people gathers on the street. It is believed that by taking the bull by the horns or muzzle, you can become a financially successful and prosperous person.

Official website:

13. The Empire State Building skyscraper

The Empire State Building skyscraper among the city's buildings

The Empire State Building is nearly 400 meters tall and has 102 stories. The 1931 building is crowned by a mooring mast. The skyscraper complex has a high-speed elevator and several glass-enclosed vantage points, including on the top floor of the skyscraper. From a bird’s eye view you can see not only all of New York, but also the neighboring states: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc.

Official website:

14. Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building's Art Deco skyscraper Misterweiss

Despite the skyscraper’s name, it has never been the offices or offices of the Chrysler Motor Company. The building is in the Art Deco style, and yet connected to the famous car company: its spire is shaped like a radiator grille with numerous triangular windows. The facade is adorned by the Gargoyles.

Official website:

15. Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center Viewpoint Tomás Fano

A giant mall in Manhattan that also houses the offices of various media outlets, including you can skate here in the winter, or walk to restaurants and stores any time of year. The 24-hour Top of the Rock observation deck is open. The main part of Rockefeller Center is the 70-level RCA high-rise.

Official website:

16. Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building is a row house in Manhattan

A building with an original shape that is often referred to simply as an “iron” (the facades of the house diverge in different directions, the structure has a sharp frontal angle). Look at the 82-meter structure from different angles and you’ll see a ship or a column in front of you. In the 20th century, the building served as the seat of the Russian Consulate.

17. Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge over the East River Strait

The construction date of the structure is 1883. The steel bridge is decorated with towers of stone connected by Gothic arches.

Official website:

18. The Metropolitan Opera House

The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Ermell

Chaliapin, Domingo, Caruso, and Caballé once gave concerts here. On today’s stage of the greatest opera in the United States, there are also only internationally renowned stars.

Official website:

19. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Art Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Tomás Fano

The short name of the complex is the Met. The permanent collection holds more than 2,000,000 objects of art: photographs, musical instruments, outfits, weapons, armaments, and ancient artifacts.

Official website:

20. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The Solomon Guggenheim Museum on Fifth Avenue in a modern cylindrical building Sam valadi

The exhibits are housed in the original cylindrical structure. The exhibits are works of contemporary art. The museum was founded by Guggenheim, a famous gold miner. In the collections you can see the creations of such masters as Chagall, Léger, Mondrian, collected directly by the founder of the complex, and then his followers.

Official website:

New York sights: what else to visit in New York City?

We have listed for you the main sights of New York in brief. In our opinion, of equal interest are also such sites as:

21. Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden - New York City Sports Arena Rich Mitchell

The sports center of the city, and home of its hockey and basketball teams. It’s not easy to get tickets here on game days. In addition to sporting events, it hosts politicians, public worship services, and circus shows (including Cirque du Soleil).

Official website:

22. American Museum of Natural History

Facade of the American Museum of Natural History Smart Destinations

One of the most visited museums in the American city, made famous, among other things, by its library, which has descriptions of every expedition ever undertaken in the world. Guests can go to the movie theater (showing science movies) and the planetarium.

Official website:

23. The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

Monumental building of the Cathedral of John the Theologian Andrew Dupont

A Christian church owned by the Protestant Church. One of the activists in its creation was F. Roosevelt (then not yet head of the United States). The date of its opening was 1941. The size of the complex, which can accommodate 5,000 parishioners at a time, is equal to two soccer fields.

Official website:

24. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral, surrounded by the skyscrapers of Fifth Avenue

One of the most beautiful neo-Gothic churches in the metropolis, with a sculpture of the Pieta, a bronze canopy, huge windows, an organ, giant spires and a white marble facade. Also of interest are the large bronze doors - each weighing more than 20,000 pounds. The capacity of the 1879 complex is 2,400 parishioners and the number of visitors per year is about 5,500,000 worshippers from around the world.

Official website:

25. 9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial commemorates the victims of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers Ron Cogswell

The former site of the Trade Center skyscrapers that were destroyed by terrorists in September 2011. The former foundations are now home to fountains, commemorating the many victims of terror. In addition, there is a museum whose exhibits detail the history of the great American tragedy of the 21st century. Nearby on the Hudson Riverfront is a monument to the starving.

Official website:

26. The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel is a five-star hotel in New York City Robert Cutts

Few hotels in New York City are as famous as this five-star establishment on 5th Avenue. The building dates back more than 110 years and houses not only standard rooms but also private apartments. The property is on the list of cultural and architectural heritage, but free entrance to the complex is open only to guests. Accommodation rates are consistent with the history of the Plaza.

Official website:

27. Ellis Island

Ellis Island in the middle of the Hudson River

Ellis Island is now home to the Museum of Immigration History. In earlier years the island served as a refuge for immigrants from various European countries.

Official website:

28. Coney Island

Amusement parks and ocean beaches on the Coney Island Peninsula Charles Kyriazos

The name of a peninsula in the southern part of Brooklyn. It used to be home to the largest entertainment center in America. Today it is also home to not only ocean beaches, but also numerous attractions, an oceanarium, and a Ferris wheel.

29. The Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry operates regular flights between boroughs of New York

The crossing between Manhattan and Staten Island on this ferry is completely free. The average number of passengers per day is 70,000. A trip on the river will allow you to take great pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

Official website:

30. NYC Taxi

Yellow NYC Taxis on the Busy Streets of Manhattan Pascal Subtil

Yellow cars plying the streets of New York City can be seen in many movies and TV series. As a reminder, these cars have the special right to “pick up” customers right on the street. You can’t call a yellow cab by phone or online. Every year, these cars bring over 200,000,000 passengers to their destinations.

We hope that those sights of New York City, photos with names and descriptions of which you have now seen, have aroused your interest. Making a walk in the American metropolis, you should visit them in person.

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