Cadiz- a mermaid of the sea

A mermaid of the sea
Our fisch Market
The only watch tower you can get up
Our main park
The castle
Cadiz is a Paradise!
8 km beach of "golden" sand inside the town
160 EURfor a group of 1-5 people
Walking tour
3.5-4 hours
The start time of the tour is agreed upon with the tour guide

No booking fees at the time of ordering a tour. The tour guide will receive a request for this tour and will contact you.

Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Cadiz

Cadiz is the oldest port in the West Europe. The Phoenician founded it as Gadir in 1100 BC (meaning “an enclosure”). Its origins date back 3500 years. We are going to  visit the outside of the Cadiz City hall and the Cathedral, the market with about 50 fish stalls, go through the Moorish neighbourhood and understand what” La Pepa “means. 

The watchtowers of Cádiz are one of the most characteristic elements of Cadiz architecture. Of these 160 watchtowers, nowadays 126 are still standing. Tavira Tower,  boasts a unique tourist attraction -the first Camera Obscura in Spain. This projects a moving, live image of what is happening at that moment outside the tower. 

We don't just want to know about the history and traditions of Cadiz. We'd like to find out what makes this city so special and so different from the others. Is it the local people, the sea from all sides, the wind or the smell of fish?

Many people descouver this town being on the cruise, fall in love with it and come here next year of their own. I hope it'll happen to you too!

Sights that we will visit
  • Tavira Tower
  • The Cathidral
  • Genoves park
  • arabic Medina
  • The City hall
  • The fish market
  • The castle
  • Casino
  • Caleta beach- "Hally Berry" beach
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Meeting at the hotel
Transportation to the hotel
Transportation costs
Entrance tickets
Food and drinks
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Important notes

For groups of 6 people or more, the price is to agree. The time of the tour can be both in the morning and in the afternoon and, of course, on weekends.