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Dear tour guides, welcome to the tour guide search website We offer tour guides a place to list the information about themselves and their services. By creating a tour guide profile, you will be able to advertise your services and tours in up to 6 cities. We do not charge any booking fees for your tours and services and allow travelers to contact you directly. You only pay for the listing of your profile on Tripzaza.

Every day hundreds of travelers visit Tripzaza looking for a tour guide in your country. Write about yourself, talk about your tours and travelers will see your profile and will want to contact you.

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PLEASE NOTE: We don't work with travel companies and agencies. Such profiles will be removed from the website.

Tripzaza advantages

  • We do not charge any booking fees for your services and allow the traveler to contact you directly. You only pay for the listing of your profile on Tripzaza.
  • Advertise your tours
  • List your contact information (email, phone number, Skype)
  • Flexible payment system for profile listing (subscription plan or points)
  • Placement of tour guide and tour information in travel articles
  • Constant optimization and promotion of pages in you profile on the Internet
In the era of smartphones and tablets, it is important that your profile page is equally well displayed on all devices

Tour guides about us

Nina Lee
Tour guide in South Korea

"I want to express my gratitude for being able to advertise my services on your travel website! I appreciate your work very much. You strive to do everything possible to meet the needs of travelers and tour guides. I owe it primarily to your website for the numerous requests for tours. I do express my hope that we continue our successful cooperation for our common interests.
I wish you and your company success and prosperity!"

Yahya Bayramov
Tour guide in Azerbaijan

"I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful site Everything is convenient, easy to understand for both the tour guides and travelers. The search system is flexible, easy. Very nice design. Working with the website is a pleasure. For me your site has become a great help in my work. Thanks to your website, I have a significant increase in the number of clients. I am sure that our cooperation will be long-term and fruitful! Thank you very much!"


How does this work?

It's very simple. You list your profile on Tripzaza, specify in which cities you provide services and provide your contact information so that travelers can get in touch with you in a way that is convenient for them. Every day thousands of travelers come to Tripzaza in search of a private tour guide in the country they plan to visit. Having read the information about your services, travelers will contact you using the message form on the website or directly using the your contact information. We are not intermediaries and do not restrict your communication with travelers in any way.

What are the terms and conditions?

We don't charge a booking fee for your tours. However, there is a fee for listing your profile on Tripzaza. There are two ways to pay for profile listing: 1) subscription and 2) pay to open each traveler's contact information (using points). What is the difference between these two methods of payment?


The profiles of tour guides with a subscription plan are shown above the profiles of tour guides with points. The subscription plan is for a certain period of time, after which the subscription must be extended in order for your profile to continue to show on Tripzaza.
There are 3 subscription plans. Below is the pricing for each of them.

  • 3 months — 59 euros (*62 USD)
  • 6 months — 99 euros (*104 USD)
  • 1 year — 149 euros (*156 USD)

Pay for each message from travelers

You can choose not to pay for a subscription plan, but to instead pay only when you receive a new tour request. To do this, you need to buy points. One point equals to one tour request opening (you will be able to read the entire tour request message, but to open the traveler's contact information, you will have to spend 1 point).
Choosing this method, you are not "tied" to the subscription period, and your points are spent only when you actually receive a tour request from a traveler. However, the profiles of tour guides who chose to pay this way are displayed below the profiles of tour guide with subscriptions and the direct contact information of the tour guide (phone, email, etc.) is hidden one the tour guide's webpage. Travelers will be able to contact you only through the message form on the website.
You can buy 10, 30 or 50 points. Below is the pricing information.

  • 10 points — 50 euros (*52 USD)
  • 30 points — 135 euros (*142 USD)
  • 50 points — 210 euros (*220 USD)

Who are the visitors to Tripzaza?

Visitors of Tripzaza are English-speaking travelers who live all over the world: USA and Canada, European and Asian countries, Israel, etc. It is these users who come to Tripzaza in search of a private tour guide in your country. We give you the opportunity to communicate with travelers directly, without intermediaries and any booking fees for tours.

How do I get started?

First, sign up. After paying for your subscription plan or buying points, you will be able to add tours to your profile. Your profile will immediately be shown to hundreds of travelers who visit Tripzaza in search of tour guides and tours every day.

Tripzaza is

Tour requests from travelers

You get target clients who plan to visit your city/country

Without intermediaries

Travelers contact you directly, we are not intermediaries

Your own web pages

The information about you and your tours are listed on your own profile pages

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