Best attractions in Kostroma: Top 25

If you want to see with your own eyes the most important and interesting sights of Kostroma, hire an experienced guide. A qualified guide will tell you what you should see in Kostroma.

What to see in Kostroma first

If you want to visit excursions in Kostroma without a guide, carefully study our rating. We will give you competent recommendations and tell you about the most interesting places of Kostroma - without seeing them, your journey through the city will be incomplete:

1. Fireplace

Building of fire station (as a part of Trade rows ensemble) in Kostroma Smirnov Vasily

No “best sights of Kostroma” review is complete without mentioning this 35-meter tall structure from 1825. In earlier times, there were water tanks, stables (and later garages for fire engines), service quarters for employees, and a fire department. The appearance of the majestic structure is reminiscent of the church bell tower in the Empire style. Today the object is no longer used for its intended purpose, but serves as a place to house the local museum-preserve.

Official site: http://kostromamuseu

2. The brig

Gauptwagh is an architectural monument of the 19th century on Susaninskaya Square in Kostroma A.Savin

The complex is located on Susaninskaya Square, and attracts attention with its solemn design. The architectural ensemble was erected in the empire style: formerly there was a library, the Wedding Palace, and now there is a museum of military history with battle-themed paintings, badges, uniforms, rare weapons and documents.

Official website: http://kostromamuseum.

3. Trading rows

The old Trade rows in Kostroma (Chalk Row) on the left bank of the Volga River User:MatthiasKabel

Like many other places of interest in Kostroma, this one has survived to our time in its original form. The construction of the present stone rows began after a fire destroyed the former structures - made of wood. Each merchant was allotted one standard shop - places began to be allocated according to branches of trade. Rather original is the rectangular shape of the complex with rounded corners. By the way, the square is still active. If you do not know what to visit in Kostroma, and want to make some successful purchases, come here. Best of all, in the daytime, when the flow of tourists and locals is not so great. On the territory there are several entertaining sculptures with installation - the figures of Bobka, the Sun Clock and the Snow Maiden.

4. Drama Theater named after A.N. Ostrovsky

The Ostrovsky Drama Theatre is the main theater venue in Kostroma and the region A.Savin

The main city stage was arranged in the 19th century. Until then the Drama Theater had no building of its own. The playground gives performances based on plays by such famous playwrights as Ostrovsky. If you are passionate about the world of art, your trip to Kostroma should definitely include a visit to this theater.

Official website:

5. Puppet theater

The building of the Kostroma Regional Puppet Theater in Kostroma A.Savin

The first performance of the theater was “Foxy Sister” in 1936. Only six people took part in the performance, who had never worked with puppets before. Initially, performances were given in a separate room of the Pioneer House. And only ten years later, the troupe managed to get its own building. Guides in Kostroma recommend that the whole family visit the Puppet Theater.

Official site:

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6. Monument to Yury Dolgoruky

Monument to Yury Dolgoruky on Sovetskaya Square in Kostroma Snekot

What to look at in Kostroma for lovers of historical sights? The 4-meter and 4-ton bronze sculpture, in the base of which there is a capsule with the earth from the burial place of Yury Dolgorukiy. In the hands of the prince is a sword, on his head - the hat of Monomakh.

7. Monument to Ivan Susanin

Monument to Ivan Susanin on Molochnaya mountain Liza vetta

Previously, on the territory of the current location of the sculpture was the chapel of A. Nevsky. By the way, this monument is not the only one for the city, but all other monuments ever created in honor of the hero were destroyed with the advent of Soviet power.

8. Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery

Trinity Cathedral at the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma Dirk Feldheim
Frescoes of the Trinity Cathedral of the Ipatiev Monastery User:MatthiasKabel

Approximate date of construction - 1330. Due to the goodwill of the Godunov boyars, the temple began to enjoy considerable power, and was one of the most famous and revered by the inhabitants of Russia. It was in it that Tsar Mikhail, the founder of the Romanov dynasty, once took refuge from his enemies.

Official website:

9. Church of the Resurrection on the Debra

Church of the Resurrection on Debra (Znamensky Temple) on the bank of the Lower Debra River in Kostroma Mvad

The area on which the church is located regularly suffered from fires. That is why it was decided to build the church from stone, and not from wood, which was usual for the 18th century. The three-apse cathedral has five domes at once, and the most famous masters painted the interiors and facades. As well as many other sights of Russia, this one was built with the money of a private individual, the merchant Isakov. It is believed that once the merchant found gold in a barrel of paint. Being a religious man, Isakov gave the money to build the church.

10. The Monastery of the Epiphany and Anastasia

Monument to Feodor Stratilat at the Monastery of the Theophany of Anastasia in Kostroma kikiwis

The stylistic solution of the church is Russian baroque. The nunnery for women, built in 1426, operates to this day. Originally the complex was built of wood, and only in the 16th century its economic and living quarters began to be completed in stone. In the 19th century, a large-scale fire severely damaged the landmark. However, later on, thanks to the efforts of Kostroma residents, it was reconstructed.

Official site:

11. Noble Assembly

The large three-story building of the former G Noble Assembly in Kostroma Smirnov Vasily

A building of the 18-19 centuries in the style of “provincial classicism of Russia”. Initially all aristocracy of the city gathered here - it was a center of culture and entertainment: the most important administrative meetings were held here, receptions and balls were organized. At the end of the 20th century the mansion was given to the reserve-museum.

Official site:

12. Borshchov’s House

The former late classicist mansion of General S. S. Borshchov on Susaninskaya Square A.Savin

One of the largest Kostroma houses of the early 19th century. Architectural style is empire. Key decorations of the building are the portico and the Corinthian colonnades. Nekrasov often visited the estate - here he created his great work “Who’s life in Russia is good”.

13. Romanovsky museum

Romanovsky Museum in the style of Russian architecture on Prospekt Mira in Kostroma Squirrel82v

The museum complex was opened in the early 20th century by order of Nicholas II. The building is an extraordinary architectural and historical masterpiece in the style of “Russian modernism”. Every tourist should visit the Romanov Museum, which is open daily for visitors.

Official site: http://kostroma

14. Planetarium

Kostroma Regional Planetarium - one of the oldest planetariums in Russia A.Savin

Special Olympiads, exciting events and shows are arranged here regularly. In the old building you can visit the exhibition of astronomical photos, look at the starry sky, hear a lecture on astronomy. If you don’t know what to see in Kostroma in 1 day, this option would be one of the best.

Official website:

15. Jeweller’s art museum

Dish of filigree work Bloger

Entrance to the museum-factory is open to all comers. The factory for the production of original jewelry was established before the Second World War. The tour guide will tell you about how various precious items are made - from the development of the sketch to the production of “jewelry” on the shelves. You can buy the jewelry you like, if you want. Molds and casting machines, specialized tools and materials are among the exhibits of the museum.

Official site: http://museum.ametist

16. Museum of flax and birch bark

Russian birch bark tuose (tuyesok) Paramecium

If you want to know how flax grains are transformed into snow-white and durable material, buy a ticket to this museum. You will be invited to make a piece of cloth with your own hands. You will see how linen is dyed and processed. In addition, you will be introduced to the skill of birch bark weaving. You can take souvenirs that you made by your hands and take them away with you. Ready-made linen and birch-bark products you can buy at an affordable price.

Official site:

17. Museum of “Kostroma Merchant”

Exhibition of antique samovars in the museum

Guests are invited to learn about how the merchants lived, what they did, and what they believed in through the examples of the Popov, Lavrov, Tretyakov, and other major members of the estate. The complex consists of three rooms, among others there is a courtyard, whose collections include various carts, carts and sleighs.

Official website: http://музейкупец.рф/

18. Museum of “Peter’s toys”

Master class on the potter's wheel in the museum of "Peter's toys"

You will get acquainted both with the Petrovsky toy and with the products of other styles. The master-classes for painting and making handmade crafts evoke rave reviews.

19. Museum of unique dolls and toys

In the funds of the Kostroma Museum of unique dolls and toys more than 2000 exhibits

The attraction was opened about 5 years ago. In fact, it is a private collection of dolls, housed in 2 rooms. The exhibits are constantly expanding, so it is interesting to come to the museum again and again. The pieces on display are not just from different years, but from different centuries. You can see dolls created back in the 19th century.

Official website:

20. The Terem of the Snow Maiden

The snowy beauty Snegurochka lives here and welcomes guests all year round Dmitry Sazanov

Ostrovsky’s play about Snegurochka was written not far from Kostroma. A movie about her was also created in the vicinity of that city. For this reason, the authorities decided to build a separate terem for the heroine. Buy a ticket and you will meet the granddaughter of Santa Claus and learn a lot of Slavic lore and pagan traditions. The complex includes an Ice Hall, entirely made of ice and a well with clean water. A visit to the Terem of Snegurochka is one of the best options for where to go in Kostroma together with your child.

Official site:

Kostroma sights: what else to visit in Kostroma?

If you have already seen all those sights of Kostroma, photos with the name and description of which we have provided you, go to see such objects as:

21. Nature museum of the Kostroma region

Exhibition of Ivan Mikhailovich Rubinsky's collection at the Kostroma Region Nature Museum Snipe301

The collections contain specimens demonstrating all the diversity and richness of the nature of the Kostroma region. The expositions are created by the local scientific community. Museum funds were formed during the whole 20th century.

Official site:

22. Museum-reserve “Kostromskaya Sloboda”

The wooden Church of the Nativity on the territory of the open-air museum Belliy

A protected area developed in the 20th century. The square contains masterpieces of wooden architecture of the 18th century removed from flooded areas. Later they were joined by structures from the 19th and 20th centuries. You can see temples, outbuildings and huts made of wood.

Official site:

23. Otrovsky’s gazebo

Ostrovsky's gazebo is one of the symbols of Kostroma on the bank of the Volga FHen

Quite an ancient structure with a surprisingly “weightless” and lightweight appearance. It consists of 7 columns, and opens unique panoramas of the Volga. You can see the pavilion not only after reserving Kostroma hotels and visiting the city in person. But also in the movie “Cruel Romance”, based on Ostrovsky’s work. The building has become a landmark because the great writer himself liked to visit it.

24. Sledovo Manor

Annual festival of floristry "Ball of Flowers" at the Ecological and Biological Center "Sledovo"

An old stone two-storey mansion with aquariums and terrariums, stands of invertebrates. Colorful adjacent territory (ecological and biological center with the same name) is landscaped and especially loved by tourists and locals: it grows all kinds of trees, shrubs and plants, there are spacious rockeries and flower beds.

Official website:

25. Sumarokovo Moose Farm

The residents of Sumarokovskaya Elk Farm live 8-10 years longer than their wild counterparts

The only moose farm in the world where moose are bred. The date of foundation is 1963. In those times two moose calves were brought to the farm. Now the number of inhabitants is 4 dozens of adults and cubs, able to walk around the farm and the surrounding woods. By the way, during all the years of the farm’s existence none of the pets has left the territory, trusting people and feeling no discomfort. It happens that in times when there is too little food in the woods, wild elks drop in here. There are organized excursions around the farm. Independent walks are not safe because the moose are a rather large animal. Among the popular attractions is the opportunity to taste moose milk, which is considered extremely healthy. Keep in mind that the attraction is not located in the city itself, but not far from it - in a small village.

Official site: http://www.loseferma.

We have told you about the main sights of Kostroma in brief, and we hope that this review will help you to compose your own sightseeing itinerary. Read also about Sights of Nizhny Novgorod and get inspired for your future journey around Russia.