Grand tour

Koruldi lakes
nature of Svanetia
town Sighnagi
Gorge on the way to Ushguli
the village Ushguli
 town Mestia
the city Batumi
puppet theater of Gabriadze
Wooden balconies hangs over the crag
Wooden balconies hangs over the crag
on the way to Qoruldi lakes
2,400 EURfor a group of 1-7 people
Car tour
213-220 hours
The start time of the tour is agreed upon with the tour guide

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Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Tbilisi → Batumi → Mestia → Kutaisi → Zugdidi → Kvareli → Sighnaghi → Tbilisi

The sea is restoring harmony. The mountains give inner silence. 

Meeting at the airport. Check in to the hotel. Leisure.
We will start our tour of Georgia with a tour of Tbilisi. You will visit Metehi Church and a monument to the legendary founder of Tbilisi, Tsar Vakhtang Gorgasali. Then you will climb the cable car to the fortress of Narikala, from where you will find a breathtaking panorama of Tbilisi. The fortress and its environs were considered the most important point of trade and resting place on the Great Silk Road.

Descending to the area of ​ ​ sulfur baths and passing by the only mosque in Tbilisi, you will find yourself among the cozy cafes and souvenir shops of the Sharden district. Narrow streets with wine cellars and art galleries keep the spirit of Old Tbilisi. They will lead you to the temple of Sioni (named after the Mount of Zion), the Royal Caravanserai (1672), the Basilica of Anchishati of the VI century and the unique clock tower of the Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater.
 * 3 days * *
Departure at 10:00.

Visit to the ancient capital of Georgia. Mtskheta, Jvari Temple, Svetskhoveli Cathedral. We visit the Jvari monastery, sung by M. Yu. Lermontov in the poem "Mtsiri." We will visit the current convent of Samtavro (XI century), in which King Mirian and his wife Nana are buried, who were the first to receive baptism by Christian faith from St. Nino in 337. The monastery itself was built in 1820.

Duration - 8-9 hours.

* * 4 day * *
Departure at 10:00. We're going to Kakhetia.

We will visit the Bodbe Monastery, the town of Signahi, the estate of the princes Chavchavadze, we will  taste wine in the winery or in the "Chateau Mere." Then we will arrive in the capital of Kakheti, the city of Telavi.

We're going back. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Duration - 9-11 hours, 300 km.

* * 5 day * *
Departure at 10:00.

We're going to Kutaisi. Prometheus Cave, discovered in 1984 as Kumistavi Cave, was opened to visitors in 2011. 
This open part is just a small piece from the entire cave complex, which totals a couple of tens of kilometers, but you can walk along this small route for a long time, about an hour. This is definitely the largest natural attraction in the Tskhaltubo district, and in all of Imereti.

Overnight in Tshaltubo.

Duration - 7-8 hours, 250 km.

** 6 day **
Departure at 9:00.

We're going to Okatse Canyon. A walk along the Okatse Long Path Canyon through the forest park is 2400 meters and all of it will need to be passed to get to the entrance to the suspension bridge. It is not difficult to overcome this distance, there are many leisure benches along the way.
 Now we go to the mountains of Western Georgia, to Svanetia

Duration - 8-9 hours, 240KM
Overnight in Mesteia.
Duration - --9-10h., 135km.
* 7 day **
Visit the most impressive places. High mountain village Ushguli

Svanetia is also known for its original architecture and is called the Country of Thousands of Towers, In Mesteia, dozens of such medieval stone houses with fire towers and populated towers remained, which were used to protect the valley and church (10-14 centuries). We will visit the ethnographic museum in Mesteia. overnight in Mestia

* * 8 day * * Etno village "sisatura" in Chhoria. (Master class of Georgian cuisine) overnight stay in Zugdidi
9 day We return to Tbilisi. Free time. 360 km
Airport transfer.

Sights that we will visit
  • Grand tour
  • Svanetia
  • Caves
  • Ushguli mountains
  • Wine and food
  • Churches
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