60 USDfor a group of 1-15 people
Walking tour
9-11.3 hours
The start time of the tour is agreed upon with the tour guide

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Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Zanzibar City → Zanzibar

Stone Town is the old town and cultural heart of Zanzibar, .It is a place of winding
alleys, bustling bazaars, mosques,churches
and grand Arab,Indian and African Houses with carved wooden doors
,there are more than 500 different examples of this handwork. Now Stone town is World Heritage site. 

This is a walking tour that takes you through fabled Stone Town, where
history appears to stand still. With visits to the House of Wonders, the former Slave market for East African Slave  trade .
Arab Fort amongst  others, it is a fascinating look at the essence of
Zanzibar.The architectural style of Stone town buildings is a unique
mixture of various influences and culture

A guided walk through this colorful and alternating town with tour
knowledgeable tour guides, who knows not only funny of Stone town, but
also cruel stories to tell about life of the old times in Stone town

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Important notes

I welcome you to zanzibar Islands, spice Islands in the Indian Ocean .A tropical paradise .Zanzibar is an archipelago of two larger Islands with 50 small islets. Over many centuries back many different cultures have influenced zanzibar to be it is today the major part of zanzibar culture is a blend in the Indian Ocean. summerians, Assyriains, I ndian, Chinese, Persian, Portuguese, Oman Arab, Dutch and the British have all settled in Zanzibar at one time or another and influenced the local culture of the island. Zanzibar with it's rich history and a fascinating Stone Town a labyrinth of narrow winding street, built more than two centuries back is a World heritage site .With coral rag houses, coconut palm, Cloves trees ,sparkling white sand beaches and clean blue sea, In tradition , beneath the Indian area the most remarkable treasures of Zanzibar, the coral reefs which are the habitats of many species of fish and countless other living organisms, offering visitors of safe and wonderful place to swim during their holiday in these spice Islands, welcome to zanzibar to explore the flora and fauna, the Zanzibar festivals, Tarrab Music, zanzibar coved doors, zanzibar chests. .This is golden chance to experience the Zanzibar life and amazing mix of Oriental and African culture