A day tour in Bukhara

Kalyan Mosque
60 USDfor a group of 1-10 people
Walking tour
5-6 hours
The start time of the tour is agreed upon with the tour guide

No booking fees at the time of ordering a tour. The tour guide will receive a request for this tour and will contact you.

Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Bukhara

A one-day tour of Bukhara will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the main sights of the old city. This walking tour lasts approximately 6 hours.

  The tour starts at the historical complex Lyabi Hauz and ends at the other end of the old city - at the ancient gates of Karakul, located on the outskirts of the city.

  During the tour you will plunge into a fascinating journey into the world of the past. See the magnificence of oriental mosques and appreciate the grace and beauty of the Madrasahs, visit the Ark Citadel - the palace of the rulers of Bukhara and walk along the ancient streets of the city. You can also visit artisan centers and be able to participate in the process of making any product, get acquainted with handmade silk carpets and see the famous Damascus steel knives in the blacksmith workshops. Under the ancient trading domes, you can buy memorable handmade souvenirs of wood or ceramics and buy silk robes while briskly haggling! This is a bazaar! It is accepted here! And of course, you will hear a lot of Bukhara legends and true stories of the past years...


   The excursion lasts about 6 hours (duration depends on the number of people in the group).



Sights that we will visit
  • Labi Khauz complex and Jewish neighborhood
  • Trading Domes and workshops
  • Magoki Attori mosque
  • Qosh madrassa
  • Poi Kalyan architectural complex
  • Registan square and the Ark citadel
  • Bolo Khauz mosque
  • Samanids mausoleum
  • Chashma Ayub mausoleum
The cost of the tour includes
Meeting at the hotel
Transportation to the hotel
Transportation costs
Entrance tickets
Food and drinks
Additional information
Book tour at least 7 days in advance
Tour suitable for children
Tour is suitable for the elderly

Important notes

Entrance fee can be paid by guests themselves at the spots. As we visit functioning Muslim architectures during the tour , better to have covered shoulders and knees.