Pikey Peak trek

Camping on top of mountain.
1,000 USDfor a group of 1-14 people
Walking tour
144-239.5 hours
The start time of the tour is agreed upon with the tour guide

No booking fees at the time of ordering a tour. The tour guide will receive a request for this tour and will contact you.

Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Kathmandu


“Sunrise from pikey peak is a lifetime experience, favoring the truth sun rises from behind Kangchenjunga, illuminating the peaks to the north one by one, even as the valleys below are shrouded in fog. Pikey peak is located at the height of 4065m in the lower Everest region also known as Solukhumbu of Nepal. This newly opened trekking route in Solukhumbu deeply invites us to explore the lower Khumbu region and the most esteemed Himalayan ranges in the world like Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse, etc. you can discover a unique and beautiful culture of Sherpa people living there. Pikey peak is undoubtedly the best hilltop destination for those who are under limited time but want to taste the beauty of Nepal. In a blink of an eye, pikey peak has gained a lot of popularity with its awe-inspiring beauty.


Temperature and weather

The average temperature in spring is 10-20 degrees Celsius. It can slightly fall during the nighttime but some warm clothes will do well. Rainfall is quite low at this time of the year. The temperature in autumn is very favorable ranging from 9-15 degrees Celsius in the daytime. The average temperature in winter can fall below zero and can be extremely cold. 

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Pikey peak is early spring (March, April, May) as you can see pink, white, and red blooming Rhododendrons everywhere along with the dazzling view of mountains against deep blue skies. Another best time to visit is autumn (September, October, and November). Even though the winter season offers very beautiful scenery it is not considered the ideal season to visit pikey peak. There is heavy snowfall and extreme cold in this place. Monsoon season (June, July, August) is a season of rainfall so you might find the trails wet and slippery which actually can be very risky. 


 Accommodation and food

Trek to pikey peak is a teahouse trek. However, you cannot expect the tea houses to have many facilities. The teahouses there meet your necessities. It provides you with a small room with a twin sharing bed. They also give clean blankets, pillows, and bedsheets. You might have to share your bathroom and toilets with your friends. Some teahouses also offer you a hot shower and laundry but you have to pay some extra money for it. Depending on the facilities provided by teahouses the Price ranges from $2-$15 for a single room. 

Food- food is not much of a problem in the Pikey peak trek. You get enough options to choose like traditional Nepali Dal Bhat and curry, Indian foods, eggs, pasta, noodles, bread butter, etc. you can also get pizza, momos, chow Mein and many more. The meals might cost you 2-5$ including breakfast. 



Guides are someone who will help you with navigation. They will have a better idea about the places, directions, foods, and accommodations. They may also help you with your medical emergencies. They might charge you 25-30$ per day. Porters are available and are very happy to serve you. You can give them your belongings to carry. It must not exceed 25 kilos. They may charge you around 15-20$ per day. You can always share your porter if you don’t have many belongings

 Communication and electronic

 Even though an internet facility is available the speed is not high enough. But it will help you connect with your friends and family. Electricity is available throughout the journey in the teahouses. They might charge you extra for charging your electronics and some might offer you for free. Mobile coverage is also available properly in lower altitudes however it might get slightly difficult to find one as you move higher. Satellite phones are commonly used there and you can also use them by paying 3-4$ extra per 3 minutes. 


 Airplane- the only flight we can take is up to Phaplu. Our starting point can be Kathmandu, Jiri, or Rumjatar. The price range from 150-165$ per person. And we should start our trek from there.

Bus- those who have enough time and want to go slowly exploring the beauty of routes can certainly go by bus. You can reach Kathmandu to Phaplu by bus in around 8 hours. 


Pikey peak trek doesn’t need your past experiences. However, any kind of trek is challenging in terms of physical and mental stability. You need to be fit and healthy enough to walk for 5-6 hours per day. It is always better to practice running, jogging, and simple exercise before you start your trek. This will help you a lot with your trekking journey. It is sometimes likely to suffer from altitude sickness but you do not have to worry much about it. You can talk to your guides or friends and take some rest or come to some lower altitudes. Walking slowly is the best option whenever you trek to high altitudes. 

 Clothing and equipment 

· Lightweight trainers/shoes for lodges.

· Waterproof jacket.

· Waterproof trousers.

· Fleece jacket.

· Down jacket.

· Fleece/sweater

· Light-weight fleece or wool vests.

· Long or short-sleeved shirt; 

· Warm hiking trousers.

· Underwear.

· Warm hat 

· Wide-rimmed sun hat.

· 2 – 3 pair’s good quality walking socks.

· Warm gloves

· Large rucksack or Duffel bag. 

· Rucksack liner or thick bin bag.

· Daysack

· Dark sunglasses.

· Lip balm preferably with sunblock

· Head torch/torch and spare batteries.

· Water purification kit

· Toiletries.

· Small hand towel

· Toilet paper/trash bag

· Sleeping bag

· Safety kit

· Camera

· Charger/adapters


Other requirements 

Insurance policy- high mountains are not the kind of places you want to travel to without an insurance policy. Travel insurance has become part of trekking requirements. If you ever have some medical emergencies your travel insurance will have to bear it and that is why you need to mention the details about the places you are going to and the altitudes you will be reaching. 


Valid visas/passports – all foreigners except Indians are required to have valid visas and passports to enter Nepal. The visa application will need the passport having a minimum of 6 months of validation along with your passport-size photo. You will receive your visa upon your arrival at Tribhuvan international Airport


 Routes to Piaky peak trek

Route 1.

  Step 1- Arrival in Kathmandu

  Step 2- Kathmandu-Dhap – Japre (4-5 hours walk)

  Step 3- japer- Pikey base camp (6-7 hours walk)

  Step 4- pikey peak base camp-Chaulakharka via pikey peak (6-7 hours walk)

  Step 5- Chaulakharka- Shivalaya (7-8 hours walk)

  Step 6- Shivalaya- Kathmandu


 Route 2. 

Step 1- Arrival at Kathmandu

Step 2- Kathmandu-Shivalaya (8-9 hours’ drive)

Step 3-shiva laya- Bhandar (7-8 hour walk)

Step 4- Bhandar- Namkheli (7-8 hours walk)

Step 5- Ggamo Gompa- pikey Danda (8-9 hours walk)

Step 6- pikey Danda- Junbesi (6-7 hours walk)

Step 7- Junbesi- Sete via Lamazura La pass (6-7 hours walk)

Step 8- site- Bhandar (6-6 hours walk)

Step 9- Bhandar- Shivalaya (6-7 hours walk)

Step 10- Shivalaya- Kathmandu


Sights that we will visit
  • lower khumbu region
  • Everest and Kanchenjunga
  • hospitality of Sherpa people and their culture
  • Ancient monasteries and stupas of khumbu
The cost of the tour includes
Meeting at the hotel
Transportation to the hotel
Transportation costs
Entrance tickets
Food and drinks
Additional information
Book tour at least 7 days in advance
Tour suitable for children
Tour is suitable for the elderly

Important notes

This whole journey may take you around 12-13 days and cost you 950-1000$.