Upper Mustang Trek

Beautiful scene of Upper mustang Viilage.
1,620 USDfor a group of 1-15 people
Walking tour
330-336 hours
The start time of the tour is agreed upon with the tour guide

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Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Kathmandu → Kagbeni → Kathmandu

The Upper Mustang is a Northern part of the Mustang formerly known as the Kingdom of Lo. Upper Mustang was a highly restricted area and demilitarized area until 1992. The place has been recently popular and well-known among the people of Nepal. Upper Mustang is also called a “HIDDEN KINGDOM” which justifies the fact that the place is very isolated. The majority of people here still speak the Tibetan language and follow Tibetan culture. The place lies around the border of Nepal and Tibet. As the place has been discovered now, many developmental works are going on in this place. People of upper mustang or even lower mustang entirely depend on tourism. During the trek, you get to see so many amazing landscapes, very unique settlements of Sherpa people, Himalayan Yaks, Tibetan culture, festivals, and lifestyle. When you enter the place you feel like you have entered a different world. The place is so isolated and has an ancient lifestyle. You will be amazed at the people and culture there. Upper mustang still is a restricted area and requires a special government permit to enter. 


Best time to visit upper Mustang. 

The Upper Mustang lies in a rain shadow area which makes monsoon season the best for trekking. Spring and autumn are also very peak seasons to trek here. The temperature is very bearable and the atmosphere is very clean and fresh during these seasons. From March-June, the temperature of the upper mustang is around 16-22 in the daytime and can be about -2 to -6 in the nighttime. From July to September the average temperature is 20-33 in the daytime and 0 to -3 at night. From October to November, the average temperature is around 12-20 in the daytime and around -4 in the nighttime. 


Food/drinks and accommodation in Upper Mustang-

As mentioned earlier Upper Mustang entirely depends on tourism. Thousands of people visit the place these days. People here have been very successful to run a business. They have many teahouses and lodges here. Even though they are small and local they certainly meet our necessities. They have rooms with twin sharing beds, clean blankets, and pillows. They also have very good and delicious food in the teahouses. From basic Dal, Bhat, and vegetables to eggs, fried rice, chocolate bars, tea, coffee, hot drinks, soup, and many more are available here. You might not have any difficulties in terms of food and accommodation. 

Difficulties of Upper Mustang trek- 

 trek to upper Dolpa is all about walking 6-7 hours every day for at least 17-19 days. The trails are not so developed so you need to be well prepared for some rough roads and steep hills. Food and accommodation will not be a problem during this trek. The place of course lies at a higher altitude so climate change, cold weather, and mountain sickness can be a problem for people. Despite everything, if you are well prepared and have some experience in trekking then you can easily trek Upper Mustang. You can prepare yourself with light exercises and long walks before you start your journey. There are a few places you might want to go like Marang La at 4230m, chooser at 3900m, or Lo Manthang at 3810m. However, they all are quite high so it’s likely to have altitude sickness. You need to take some precautions like being hydrated throughout the whole journey, avoiding alcoholic beverages for a few days, and walking slowly so that you can adjust to the height.

Permits for Upper Mustang trek

- Restricted area permit- 500$ for the first 10 days. Additional 50$ for each other extra day. 

- Annapurna conservation area- 20$ per person. 

Guides and porters in Upper Mustang

Such kind of restricted areas always requires a professional guide. They have enough knowledge and ideas about the places and people. On the other hand, a porter is more than necessary on this trek. As the trail is very rugged and remote you cannot simply carry all your belongings by yourself. Porters will carry them for you. Guides might charge you around 30-40$ per day while porters might charge you around 20-25$ per day. 


 Step 1- Arrival at Kathmandu

Step 2- Kathmandu- Pokhara (25 minutes flight)

Step 3- Pokhara – Jomsom-Kagbeni

Step 4- Kagbeni- chele (5-6 hours walk)

Step 5- Chele- Zhaite (7-8 hours)

Step 6- Trek from Zhaite to Charang via Dhakmar and Lo Gekar

(5-6 hours walk)

Step 7- trek from Charang to Lo Manthang (explore the ancient

City, (5-6 hours walk)

Step 8- trek from Lo Manthang - Dhakmar via Lo Gekar, (6-7

hours walk)

Step 9-Trek from Dhakmar – Gelling, (4-5 hours walk)

Step 10- Trek from Geling - Chuksang, (7-8 hours walk)

Step 11- Chuksang - Jomsom, (5-6 hours walk)

Step 12- Jomsom – Pokhara (25 minutes flight)

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Important notes

While our crew is covered by our insurance, you are not. When you leave your house, please make sure you have the proper travel insurance.