Baobab avenue - Kirindy reserve - Tsingy de bemraha

Sunset at baobab avenue
Tsingy de Bemaraha national park
Tsingy de Bemaraha national park
Antsirabe city
Common brown lemur
900 EURfor a group of 2-100 people
Car tour
80 hours
The start time of the tour is agreed upon with the tour guide

No booking fees at the time of ordering a tour. The tour guide will receive a request for this tour and will contact you.

Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Antananarivo → Antsirabe → Morondava → Bekopaka → Antananarivo

When you are arrived at the airport, we will be there waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. After picking you 
up at the airport we will drive to our hotel in Antananarivo and give you a special briefing about our upcoming journey and 
answer any questions you may have about our upcoming adventure. 
Overnight in Antananarivo at Tripolitsa Hotel Tana or similar 
After breakfast at hotel we will visit the queen’s palace to learn the monarchy of Madagascar and visit the market where 
you will see colorful products and get better understanding about the Malagasy life style in general. After the visit we will 
drive towards Antsirabe. On the way we will have a quick stop at Ambatolampy to visit the Madagascar’s pot factory 
capital. Late afternoon arrival in Antsirabe. Opening a city tour around the city with rick Shaw riding along the city. This 
night you can decide to have dinner to your hotel or be taken to a restaurant in town. 
Overnight in Antsirabe at Flower palace hotel or similar. 
After morning breakfast at the hotel, we will visit the famous horn of zebu l miniature and half precious stone factories then 
drive to Morondava. Which is Located further in Western coast of Madagascar. On the way we will have several stops for 
getting a nice pictures and meet local people and admire amazing landscapes with mountain and zebus as well as villages 
and so on. In few kilometers before Morondava you are going to start to see some baobabs already. 
Overnight in Morondava orchidee de Bemaraha or similar. 
This morning after your breakfast at the hotel we will head to the Kirindy reserve to discover the amazing baobab avenue 
and watch different species of wildlife, like lemurs, birds, fosa (the largest carnivore of Madagascar) and meet several 
species of reptiles like chameleon, geckos etc. in Kirindy reserve. We will see different species flora like giant baobab, 
palissandre trees, bamboo and many more as well. Upon arrival we will head to the park for the visit which will last about 3 
hours spotting the wildlife mentioned above 
Overnight in Kirindy at Relais du Kirindy hotel. 
Today after breakfast we will drive to Bekopaka a village which is gate way of the Tsingy of Bemaraha national park, We will 
drive through the baobab alley. We will do some quick stop over here to get first feeling of this paradise place then 
continue to Bekopaka. After the visit we will driver through the forest of baobabs and see several villages and cross 02 
different rives on ferry boats. After the first ferry we will stop to have lunch to the town which called Belo sur Tsiribihina. 
After lunch we will continue our way further to Bekopaka and few kilometers before bekopaka we will cross another river 
again which is called Manambolo river. After the ferry we will drive about half an hour to reach our hotel by driving through 
the village of bekopaka. 
Overnight in Bekopaka Ochidee de bemaraha or similar. 
On day 5 we will spend a day with nature discovering the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park. The Bemaraha Tsingy is 
classified is a UNESCO world heritage site and the biggest protected area by the Malagasy State. At the Tsingy we will see 
the “cathedral”, the “view point”, the hanging bridge and see many of the indigenous animals that live here, such as, the 
Sifaka lemur and Common brown lemur. We will also see wild birds and the biggest carnivore in Madagascar called Fossa. 
We will also see different kinds of indigenous plants such as the “palissandre”. After lunch, we will continue our excursion 
into the smaller section of the Tsingy. 
Overnight in Bekopaka orchidee du bemaraha or similarDAY 07: BEKOPAKA - MORONDAVA 
On day 6 After breakfast we will travel south to the city of Morondava, on our way to Morondava we see the “In love 
Baobab”, which is the unique scene of two large Baobab trees that have grown together intertwined. These tree 
symbolizes the union of two lovers and many couples come here to renew their vows. After “In Love Baobab” we will 
continue our drive to admire the most popular sunset in all of Madagascar…the sunset at Baobab Alley. The Baobabs 
located in this region have been around for eight hundred years old and it is one of the most popular attractions in all of 
Madagascar. After our sunset experience at Baobab Alley we will continue our drive to our final destination for the day 
Morondava. Upon arrival into Morondava we will check into our hotel and settle in for the evening. 
Overnight in Morondava at trecicogne hotel or similar. 
After earlier breakfast we will head back to Antsirabe. On the way we will be enjoy visiting many village including schools 
and enjoying the half desert landscape. Or simply relax in our car. 
Overnight in Antsirabe at flower palace hotel or similar. 
After breakfast at the hotel we will drive back to Antananarivo. On the way you will enjoy nice sceneries and have lunch in a 
famous restaurant to taste duck leaver and have many other choices. 
Overnight in Antananarivo at Tripolitsa hotel or similar 
During day 09 of our journey, which is also our last day together, we will have a free morning for shop for 
souvenirs to bring back home. During our shopping tour we will look at Malagasy craftwork, local spices, 
vanilla, and much more. After shopping we will prepare for our departure to Ivato International airport. We 
will arrive at the airport 2 hours before your departure time

The cost of the tour includes
Meeting at the hotel
Transportation to the hotel
Transportation costs
Entrance tickets
Food and drinks
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Book tour at least 7 days in advance
Tour suitable for children
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Important notes

Ensure that you will come the following items and PPE (Persona Protective Equipment ) 1. Mosquito repellents 2. Rain coat 3. Sun scream 4. Warm clothes 5. Hiking shoes 6. Torch or headlight If you a person who has special medicines that you have to take everyday or sometimes, do not forget to take them with you.