First date with Tashkent-Love at first sight

Khazrati Imam
Khast Imam
Kukeldash medresa
Chorsu bazaar
Amir Temur museum
130 USDfor a group of 1-4 people
Car tour
5-6 hours
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Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Tashkent

I will introduce you to the soul and heart of the city - the square of Amir Timur, from which the construction of the new Tashkent began. During the day, the young people relax at the fountains, enjoying the aromas of Chinese lilac and magnolia, and in the evenings are often street concerts. I will tell the history of the park and its significance, and after we will go to the main square of the capital and memorial complex «Courage», erected in memory of the earthquake of 1966. During the walk you will enjoy magnificent buildings of the late XIX century: ancient gymnasiums, hotel «Uzbekistan», reminiscent of architecture open book. You will see the Tashkent clock and the monument to the national hero, whose personality I will tell in detail during the tour.

The next stop will be the complex of memory of victims of repression «Shahidlar khotriashi». We will talk about the dark pages of the history of Uzbekistan - Stalin’s repressions and arrests, and see the shore of the Bozsu Canal - the last thing thousands of people saw before they died. You can take a walk around the museum and rotunda park, admire the ensemble and the weeping willows and honor the memory of the dead.

Oriental cuisine
In the middle of the tour there is a time for lunch. I will bring you to the «Center of Plova» - a modern chaikhon, where the traditional types of legendary dishes are cooked in large casanos, and the menu abounds with a variety of oriental salads.

Old town
Next you will find yourself in the old part of Tashkent at the historical and architectural complex Khozrati Imom. In the walls of the Madrassah there is a unique folio of the 7th century Qur'an of Uthman written on thin leaves of deer leather. Having examined this and other relics, we will go for a walk in the narrow streets of the old town. I will tell you about the rites and customs of local residents and I will show you the ancient oriental bazaar Chor-su, where you can enjoy the best sweets, fresh fruits and delicious pastries.

Sights that we will visit
  • Amir Temur Square
  • Memorial complex «Courage»
  • Memorial complex of victims of repression «Shahidlar khotriashi»
  • Khazrati Imom’s historical and architectural complex
  • Chorsu bazaar
  • Besh kazan - real uzbek pilaf
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Food and drinks
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