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The Residence of the President
National Assembly
Amazing Blue Mosque
Republic Square
Opera Theatre
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Tour itinerary: Yerevan

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The Opera Theatre building, named after Alexander Spendiarov was built in 1933 by the legendary architect A. Tamanyan. Located at the crossroads of Mashtots and Sayat-Nova streets. On the back of the Opera there are the famous Freedom Square with children's entertainment, monuments of Hovhannes Tumanyan and A. Spendiarov, many beautiful cafes and a lovely swan lake, which turns into a skating rink in winter.

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The Republic Square began to be built in 1924 by the most famous architector of Armenia, Alexander Tamanyan, and was completed until 1977 (although most of the buildings were built in 1950). An area of ​​30,000 square meters of white and pink tuff is the main attraction and the heart of modern Yerevan. The project consists of five buildings: Government House, Main Post Office, Marriott Hotel, the former Foreign Ministry building and the Museum of History and the Art Gallery. And in the center are the famous singing fountains that turn on in the evening.

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The Blue Mosque or Heavenly Mosque (the old name) is the only remaining of the seven mosques in Yerevan, and inside the complex is the only minaret out of four that previously existed. It was built in 1766 by the Yerevan Khan and located on Mesrop Mashtots street. In 1996-1999, the mosque was transferred to the Government of Iran and with full funding, was completely renovated.

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The magnificent building of the National Assembly of Armenia was built in 1950 by the honored architect of Armenia, Mark Grigoryan. During the Soviet Union, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia was located in the building, and since May 1991, it serves as the building of the highest legislative body of the Republic. In 2018, after the Velvet Revolution, the gates of the beautiful Parliament's garden were open to all visitors. According to the British Independent magazine, in 2019 the building was included in the list of the most beautiful Parliaments in the world.

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The Residence of the President was built in 1951 by the same outstanding architect Mark Grigoryan and located in 100 meters from the National Assembly, on Marshal Baghramyan Street. During the Soviet Union, it first served as the building of the House of the Council of Ministers, and then as the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Armenian SSR. Inside the beautiful garden, you can take a walk, take beautiful photos, and also look at the walking of the honor guard.

Sights that we will visit
  • Opera Theatre
  • Republic Square
  • Blue Mosque
  • National Assembly
  • The Residence of the President
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