classic circuit on rn7

isalo window on rn7
2,280 EURfor a group of 1-4 people
Car tour
312-360 hours
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Description of the tour

Tour itinerary: Antananarivo → Antsirabe → Ifanadiana → Manakara → Fianarantsoa → Isalo → Toliara → Antananarivo

The RN7: the great classic of Madagascar. This national road which connects Tulear to Antananarivo will take you to the most famous cities and parks of Madagascar.

In the program:
Antananarivo- Antsirabe- Ambositra and its marquetry- The Ranomafana National Park- Ambalavao and the Anja- Tsaranoro community reserve and its valley- The Isalo National Park and its western style- The Sapphire mines in Ilakaka- Ifaty ses beaches and its baobab forest.
You will discover the culture of the highlands of Madagascar but also that of the coasts bordering the Mozambique Channel.
Ranomafana Park will show you its treasures such as lemurs, chameleons and other birds.
Isalo Park and its western-style landscapes will hold no secrets for you.
Crafts will also be on the program with artisans of zebu horn but also marquetry, not to mention the workshops of wild silkworms.
The discovery of the Sapphire mines, the largest deposit in the world, will also be in the spotlight.
You will stop for 3 nights on the beaches of the Mozambique Channel in the village of Ifaty. You will discover the flora and fauna of this arid and wild region, before resuming your flight to the capital.
A program where you will not miss anything of the essence of this part of Madagascar.

Sights that we will visit
  • MNP Ranomafana
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Important notes

Due to its geographical location, the island of Madagascar, also called the red island, is an astonishing mixture of the two continents which are close to it. Separated from Africa on one side by the Mozambique Channel and Asia on the other by the Indian Ocean, the island is full of breathtaking landscapes. Whether on the banks of the Pangalanes Canal in the east of the country, on the highlands in the center or on the beaches in the west, everything here invites discovery. Starting with the incomparable biodiversity of the island, a large part of the flora and fauna is endemic. It is here, among other places, that you can observe many varieties of iguanas and lemurs.